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Why is Trump putting everyone on welfare?

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    Warren T
    Lv 7 3 weeks ago 1 0
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    Warren T 3 weeks ago 1 0
  • It seems as you have your data reversed here. Trump is taking actions to reduce the number of people on welfare as there are many receiving it who are not entitled to do so.

    Ron Akia 3 weeks ago 1 0
  • that would be Moron Obama 21 million people on his watch POTUS has takes 19 million people OFF welfare and have them work, Try ito

    John 3 weeks ago 1 0
  • On the contrary. He is doing what he can to clean up the system...getting deadbeats off the roles.

    regerugged 3 weeks ago 1 0
  • He is making everyone need welfare, but he’s cutting welfare programs for everybody who isn’t a farmer. 

    Anonymous 3 weeks ago 1 1
  • the economy is doing so well, and there are so many jobs, people are leaving welfare and food stamps. where ever you get your news, they're grossly misinforming you. probably Trump haters like most of the media. try OAN network for the truth, and to keep from posting asinine and embarrassing questions.

    Sandy 3 weeks ago 2 3
  • Oh contrare. Many states have started requiring healthy welfare recipients to do something to get their welfare. Such as some type of part time study program to gain skills or community service. And it was a MIRACLE! The welfare rolls started dropping. I guess they figure if they have to get off their butt and do something, they might as well find a job

    MesquiteBeans2018 3 weeks ago 2 1
  • His ego-driven tariff war has put a record number of farmers on a record high amount of government assistance, due to the fact that his actions spurred retaliation by China that directly affected American farmers to the point of bankruptcy.

    And for the most part they (1) love him for it and (2) continue to criticize those dependent on government assistance while they deposit their checks.

    Bye 3 weeks ago 1 4
  • Exhbit B: democrats posting this , proving they are willfully ignorant.

    Anonymous 3 weeks ago 4 1
  • if i was as uninformed as you, i would not get on here and prove it.

    Justin Thyme 3 weeks ago 5 1