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Whats the big deal that Trump said he wanted to fire an ambassador?

Aren’t the ambassadors his responsibility?

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    Any President may fire any ambassador at his pleasure.

    Anonymous 4 weeks ago 7 1
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  • Any President may fire any ambassador at his pleasure.

    Anonymous 4 weeks ago 7 1
  • Because of the REASON why he wanted to fire her.

    StephenWeinstein 4 weeks ago 0 1
  • Trump is allowed to fire ambassadors but the big deal is that this seems to be part of a larger operation which he was engaged in to fire her because she was seeing as obstructing his effort to improperly influence Ukraine. Although, the recording here was apparently created in 2018 before Joe Biden enter the election and so before Trump began this plan.

    There's also at least two other issues with this. The way that Trump talks is notable in that it's much more like a mob boss than a president. This isn't just a matter of style. In another instance Trump said that Ambassador jovanovic was going to go through some things. The discussion around her among Trump and his cronies sounds less like a firing and more like something else is going to happen. Of course it's Trump's prerogative as present to Fire and replace ambassadors. But there's something of a possibility that he and his goons were planning something more, something which likely would have been illegal or at least improper. And speaking of their Goons oh, there's the issue that this recording seems to have Trump addressing left partisan Igor fruman the two goons who Rudy Giuliani had working for him. If Trump wanted the Ambassador Ukraine gone he could just fire her. Why is he relying on these goons try and get this done? Trump himself told the reporter that he was probably talking to Rudy Giuliani in the clip. But this doesn't make it much better since Giuliani is his personal attorney, and at the time of the taping may have only been a private citizen. A lot of this might just be explained that's Trump bullshiting around with some of his friends. But it's still an interesting piece of audio which could potentially be significant. It also highlights one of the things that Democrats, and others, have been telling Republican senators from the get-go. The Republicans in the Senate really seem to want to get this impeachment out of the way as quick as possible. But the danger they run is that more evidence will come out later. If that does then they will own the results

    Anonymous 4 weeks ago 0 1
  • Trump allegedly said "take her out", in a conversation with two Russian gangsters who were not government employees and would have no authority to fire her.

    Bill 4 weeks ago 0 3
  • Actually diplomats are Pompeo‘s responsibility and he’s demonstrated what a sh!tty boss he is.  And while Trump may be able to fire ambassadors, it doesn’t make him free from the consequences of it and it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be investigated.

    See issue isn’t so much that Trump wanted to fire an ambassador- it’s why and how.  She was interfering with his attempts to get the Ukraine to help him discredit a political opponent.  And he did it with men who have been arrested for foreign campaign interference and campaign finance law violations.  And the recoding shows that Trump was clearly lying about when he said he didn’t know them.

    It’s just another example of how Trump puts his personal interests above those of our country, how he believe he’s above the law, and how he refuses to take responsibility for his actions.  

    But his cult is unwilling or unable to face that so they have to downplay the issue and pretend it doesn’t matter.  

    Anonymous 4 weeks ago 2 2
  • they get fired all the time...

    Anonymous 4 weeks ago 2 0
  • Democrats, as usual are lying about the President in an effort to influence the 2020 election.

    Ro 4 weeks ago 6 1
  • It's just that he does it over drinks with Lev Parnas, which nobody in Washington ever remembers meeting. Kind of strange, don't you think?

    Also, listen to wise old man Parnas. Keep your receipts.

    Yavan 4 weeks ago 1 5
  • Aren't our public officials required to act rationally and with good judgement rather than whimsically, arbitrarily? 

    Anonymous 4 weeks ago 1 5