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What is your opinion of Trump defense team?

After listening to the President’s lawyers opening arguments, I have three observations:

They don’t contest the facts of Trump’s scheme.

They’re trying to deflect, distract from, and distort the truth.

And they are continuing to cover it up by blocking documents and witnesses.

  • Best Answer

    They will win. Winning is all that matters. Trump wins. America wins. Liberals lose.

    Lv 7 1 month ago 1 0
  • Other Answer
  • They will win. Winning is all that matters. Trump wins. America wins. Liberals lose.

    RockIt 1 month ago 1 0
  • And they all have glorious futures in the food-service industry.

    the cheese whisperer 1 month ago 0 4
  • They have and will continue to shoot holes in all the made up charges that the House put forth.  Much better than Rep. Schiff who stated for over two years he had "proof" of the collusion with Russia and Mr. Trump.

    Former SSgt.

    fatboysdaddy 1 month ago 3 0
  • not so at all. defense team pointed out that democrats denied due process to the President, they specifically omitted facts, and the few times when facts came into play they asked people to ignore the facts because democrats have the power to read minds.

    The Taxpayer 1 month ago 3 0
  • They demolished the Dims team with the truth. The case should be dismissed and the Democrats on their team should resign in disgrace. Nobody will ever believe them ever again.

    Justin Thyme 1 month ago 3 0
  • You feel that way because any result that does not include Trump losing the Presidency is unacceptable to you.

    That is exactly the way the House Democrats *want* you to feel, submitting a sham impeachment that they knew wouldn't fly.

    Btw..if you wanted witnesses..why did the "innocent" Bidens do everything in their power to avoid taking the stand, including whining enough to Nadler that he said he'd rather have no witnesses than make a deal where they had to testify?


    Desolate the Incomparable 1 month ago 2 0
  • I'm waiting to see the black lawyers and the female lawyers. So far, all I have seen is old white men. They keep telling us there is more to the GOP than old white men.... right? 

    But here is what I got:

    "Yes, the House Team went thru 95% of the facts, but, let me cherry pick the 5% that's inconsequential and ask "Why did they leave this out?"

    1 month ago 2 3
  • LOL... THAT is what you get from today's session? The first hour, especially, point-by-point the Democrats' case was shot full of holes. Maybe you ought to listen to it again.

    kathy_is_a_nurse 1 month ago 4 1
  • They annihilated the democrats in less than 2 hours.

    Anonymous 1 month ago 3 1
  • Rock stars. Each and every one of them

    Ninefinger 1 month ago 3 2

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