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Serious question!?

So i have jaundice and ive already seen my doctor. Ive gotten my blood tests, my ultra sound/xrays ect. I saw him again today and he told me to stop alcohol completely because i have hepititis liver, i would drink HARDS everyday of last year and its kind of hard and im trying, ive been driinking WINE NOW though. Is WINE atleast safer to drink for now or completely stop. I had an addiction.. and im slowly tring to quit. What do you think? 

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    My suggestion would be to quit altogether. The doctor said no alchool.

    Lv 7 4 weeks ago 0 0
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  • My suggestion would be to quit altogether. The doctor said no alchool.

    blank 4 weeks ago 0 0
  • If you’re jaundice you need to abstain from alcohol for the sake of your long term health.

    If you’re worried this is a bigger issue with addiction you need to speak to your doctor about this and seek support through this.

    I know it’s difficult but your liver is already struggling fighting the illness

    yvonne0509 4 weeks ago 0 0
  • Alcohol is alcohol, whatever form it comes in.  Whatever it is, it's alcohol and that damages your liver.  Hepatitis means a liver inflammation ("hepatic" means to do with the liver and any -itis is an inflammation).

    Keep going and you'll end up with cirrhosis, in which the liver becomes scarred and damaged.  Eventually it could stop working completely and you'll need a liver transplant.  So follow the advice and don't drink ANY alcohol.

    This will also help your heart.  I have heart failure (diagnosed from very high blood pressure) and have been warned off alcohol.

    Clive 4 weeks ago 0 0
  • Sorry, but it sounds like you should flat out quit yesterday. There are support groups available that will help you with the effects of quitting cold. Alcoholics Anonymous is one.

    CrustyCurmudgeon 4 weeks ago 0 0
  • what about the words no alcohol that you don't understand . Wine is alcohol same as beer and spirits . What the doctor was saying to is this --keep on drinking and you will kill yourself --get the message or die

    Bill 4 weeks ago 0 0
  • Alcohol is alcohol and will affect your liver no matter what kind of drink it comes in.

    The only difference between something with a lower alcohol content and something with a higher alcohol content is that you have to drink more of the lower one to get the same amount of alcohol. Your doctor told you to stop drinking alcohol completely. You're still doing it. I think you either have an alcohol addiction and can't stop, or you're rather stupid. You can get help for the first one. There isn't much help for the second one.

    Karen L 4 weeks ago 0 0
  • Drop the alcohol and get some weed. 

    Anonymous 4 weeks ago 0 1
  • Wine is not safer. Your doctor told you to stop alcohol completely. That means no beer, wine, hard cider, spiked seltzers, nothing.

    Eva 4 weeks ago 0 0
  • Wine is not safer.    To your liver, alcohol is alcohol.

    You need to tell your doctor you're having trouble stopping drinking because there is medical treatment for that. 

    Anonymous 4 weeks ago 0 0
  • Jaundice is generally a sign of a liver infection or problem. That is what hepatitis means. The liver processes over 90 percent of consumed alcohol. You can kill yourself with any alcohol. It is your life to risk, but if I were you I would stop drinking alcohol. Your liver is sick, and you are making it try to work.

    A.J. 4 weeks ago 1 0