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Car Battery is less than 4 volts?

I havnt driven my car in 2 months. The battery measures 3.6 volts. Can I charge it or is it completely dead and can no longer be functional?

Also, as far as chargers, are there portable chargers that dont require an outlet? My car is in the middle of a street

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    Yes it can be charged. You can also get a battery pack to jump start your car.

    Lv 7 3 weeks ago 1 0
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  • Yes it can be charged. You can also get a battery pack to jump start your car.

    KayleenR 3 weeks ago 1 0
  • In the middle of the street for 2 months? It won't hurt to try a re-charge. Disconnect the battery first & recharge it for a couple of hours, then re-test.

    Anonymous 3 weeks ago 2 0
  • That sounds Bad, like, 4 dead cells. You may have a bad meter.

    If battery is over 5 years old, left dry and discharged, may be toast.*  IDK, I cant SEE the date code. Give it 6 amps overnight, try it. Also, you may have a parasitic drain. Try putting a volt meter from one terminal to  cable after charge, should read zero if all loads off, doors closed. Some newer cars draw 30 ma  memory keep alive current. Put meter on 10 Amps and try it. More than 30 ma,might want to pull alt. fuse and see  if leakey rectifier. If not, pull fuses; One by One, and see what branch is drawing.

    Portable chargers?  Just those jump start things. Won't really "charge" just start car (hopefully). Battery may also have  P. D.   as said, also  poor charging system on top of it. Again, I can't See it.

    * I've had brand new batteries sit 4 years, water ok , then fine after an overnight charge. 

    Anonymous 3 weeks ago 1 0
  • The battery has dead cells.  It is junk.  Buy new battery.  It won't come back.  Battery should always read 13 Volts.

    Anonymous 3 weeks ago 0 5
  • Have the battery tested cell by cell. Try to charge it on a slow charge with a conditioning, automatic charger to try to undo sulfation  damage. You might have to charge it for 2 or 3 days.

    The Devil 3 weeks ago 0 1
  • But usually are destroyed in 2 months. You can try to slow charge it who knows.

    doctortruth 3 weeks ago 0 2
  • They can do a load test on it at an auto parts shops after they recharge it. Likely it has a dead cell or two if the voltage is that low but we have no idea how long it has been sitting dead and where it was spending its life before you tested it. 

    CactiJoe 3 weeks ago 2 0
  • yes , they are called li batter chargers/ starters . Small easy to carry around ans strats all dead cars

    Bill 3 weeks ago 1 2
  • Get another meter.  If reading is the same, the battery is dead.  Do not waste your time.  Push the car to the side and get the battery replaced.

    Anonymous 3 weeks ago 0 3
  • Leaving a lead acid battery in a discharged state leads to sulphide deposits on the battery plates. These deposits reduce the battery's capacity and eventually make it fail under load. Recharging only partially reverses the process. You could use a portable jump box to start the car and drive it someplace to connect a proper charger and slow charge it to see if it has been damaged.

    L.N. 3 weeks ago 3 1