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If men suddenly got pregnant, would abortion be more accepted?

I feel like a lot of men who are against women having abortion, don't know how it feels like to be pregnant.

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    Some men would change their mind about it once they give birth, yes

    Lv 7 3 weeks ago 2 0
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  • Some men would change their mind about it once they give birth, yes

    Zirp 3 weeks ago 2 0
  • They have and are still doing so, trying to stop all abortions. Which to plays devil advocate, I understand being upset by irresponsible people make babies they do not take care of.  The man who has 2,3 or  more babies by 2,3 or more men. And men who have 2,3 or more babies by 2,3 or more women.  But people who are irresponsible and to not use protection and sleeps around a lot make up maybe 2% of women have an abortion.  over 90% of abortions are done within the first few weeks in the 1st trimester, after doctors find out the life of the mother is too high to have the child., meaning it is a 70%  or more the mother will die if she carries the baby to term.  and  30% or more chance the baby will not make it.  80% or more the mother is a diabetic, has past heart, or stroke medical issues.  And at I can imagine saying if you had sex without protection, you might be willing to say force them to carry the baby, and give it up for adoption.  The problem I have with this, is the same people who want to out law abortions, have also been working hard to end or remove totally sex ed in our schools, and pushing law makers not to allow some forms of birth control included in people insurance.  True some medically ill people who should not have gotten pregnant, knowing it was not healthy for them or the baby.  But every birth control method, is 100% works.  Since recorded stats, over 70 yrs, 50% of men and women from 13-25 do not know how to correctly use a condom.  from getting them too big or too small, keeping them in the frig, your car, or your wallet, and sitting on it for weeks or months at a time.  Using an oil based lube. As for women and the pill, which is used most often, can be canceled out by anti-biotics, and cough over the counter drugs. or a woman can forget to take a pill for a day or two,.  If either of these happen, a woman needs a full cycle to be protected.  which means if she is in the middle of the month, she has to wait the rest of that month, and the whole next month to fully be protected.  Most people do not know this.  So allowing a person who had unprotected sex, can take a pill with in a 3 days and another pill can be taken for the first 3 months, of maybe getting pregnant, sounds like a good idea. with by the beginning the egg is less then a size of a grain of rice.to the size of a raisin at the end of the 1st trimester. I do not see this a murder, or even abortion.  we can prevent 90% of all abortions, just by educating the people young enough.  and giving unrestricted access to birth control.  As for your question, if everything was the same, and a man had to give birth, our planet of people would end with in 50 yrs.  

    papasteve 3 weeks ago 0 2
  • Yes, of course.

    nineteenthly 3 weeks ago 1 1
  • Anti-abortion has little to do with the gender of the pregnant person and more about the fetus getting killed.

    Dymabase 3 weeks ago 2 1
  • Nope. One must know before getting pregnant. One must know their capability of raising the child. If a man or woman don't have the ability to nurture, the couple shouldn't think of having a child

    Anonymous 3 weeks ago 0 1
  • My female doctor, a lady who had two children and who suffered with a kidney stone told me the pain was just the same as giving birth. My kidney stone lasted for two years. Many men get kidney stones too. By the way, you brainless female worrier.  The majority of women work in shops and offices because they have not the wit of men to devise. When their cars break or their other machines breakdown. Who do they call upon for help? Men should Refuse them help. Tell them to fix it themselves. In a thousand years females will still be helpless maidens. Ha! Rise men, Rise!

    GIVE ME A BREAK! 3 weeks ago 1 4
  • Perhaps, but what of the women who want their partners to bring their babies to term and instead their men abort them?  Would women be LESS in favor of abortion knowing that the babies being aborted could be theirs?

    I'm pro-choice for both women and men (paternal surrender), but it is incredibly difficult for either gender to understand the issues of the other.

    Elana 3 weeks ago 4 1
  • Yeah, probably. That doesn't mean abortion is moral.

    If the U.S. accpets and legalizes a literal rape culture does that then make it ok to rape? We once used this bigoted book called the bible to draw lines at what is moral and immoral. (Thou shalt not kill.)

    We live in strange times when you have to say, "Rape is bad" and "Murder is wrong."

    Servus 3 weeks ago 0 4
  • That is almost a certainty, yes. Even if child support orders were more readily enforced you'd find more guys supporting pro choice causes.

    Foofa 3 weeks ago 3 3
  • not necessarily

    Pearl 3 weeks ago 1 0