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Can I go on a Private jet with my savings of $3,000 ?

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    we used to get $ 10,000 AN HOUR !!!

    Lv 7 2 months ago 1 2
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  • we used to get $ 10,000 AN HOUR !!!

    Rick 2 months ago 1 2
  • $3,000 isn't even close to being enough to hire a private jet.

    STEPHEN 2 months ago 1 0
  • Yes, if you have a credit card to pay the balance.

    Kaz 2 months ago 1 0
  • You will not go far.  A commuter hop across Los Angeles would be about that much per person.  And you will have to share the plane.

    Last time I flew on a corporate jet was with Pennzoil staff to go from Houston to Miami to drop off execs for South America connection.  Then it was back to Houston with just myself and the pilot's son.  He was a USAF fighter pilot on leave.

    The jet was the very same plane from "Goldfinger" movie, Puzzy Galore's Lockheed Jetstar.  Very comfy.  Nice extras--drinks, goodies, cards, etc.

    When we cruised into Hobby Airport (the new one up  north was not there yet) it was late afternoon.  ATC gave us some headings, then asked if we could see runway.  Pilot Curly Corbes cussed and complained that ATC should know if we could see it.  Copilot leaned far right and said "It is below us."

    Curly said he was not going around so he dove down at 45*.  I was in companionway behind cockpit, standing next to the younger Corbes.  We zipped into the approach at over 200 kts. We set down at a high speed and braked hard.  The USAF fighter pilot said "That landing was a swinger!"

    Quite a memory.  And yes, that trip cost much more than $3000 in 1967.

    Starrysky 2 months ago 0 2
  • Yes, that should be enough to taxi to the end of the runway and back.

    Anonymous 2 months ago 3 0
  • My neighbor ''down the highway'' is reasonably wealthy man with a much older Citation parked in a hanger at the local airstrip.

    If he's flying down to Vancouver he calls me up to see if I want to go, and I fly for free.

    In an '''average''' business jet your $3,000 would get you about 1.5 hours of flying time.

    ----------------- HOWEVER -----------------

    You have to pay for the time it takes the plane to get to you plus the time it takes to return to their home airport.

     So, if they are an hour away you aren't flying today.

    Anonymous 2 months ago 1 1