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Just denied from college with a 4.0?

I have an overall 4.069 and I’ve taken 5 honors classes and 4 AP classes. Passed all my tests but I got rejected from CSU Long Beach whos GPA average is a 3.5... Am I really just that stupid??? 

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    That felony charge of stalking your last professor on your record might not have helped.

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  • That felony charge of stalking your last professor on your record might not have helped.

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  • If you have a 4.0, you're definitely NOT stupid! Colleges sometimes reject qualified applicants because they simply do not have anymore seats available. This is why it's a good idea to apply to multiple schools because even schools with higher acceptances rates may reject you if they are running out of space. Good luck with your other applications! You can do this :)

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  • No, you are NOT stupid. They simply do not have a seat that term fir you. If they have rolling admissions they might be willing to put you on a waiting list so .someone who has been accepted decides to go to a different college, they admit you. You can apply for admission in the academic term. Some colleges and schools will only let you start in the fall term.

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  • Grades aren't everything. There are so many factors that go into it, some that are beyond your control. Colleges look for diversity, they would rather take someone with a lower gpa and who participated in many extra circular activities. Like if you played sports for your HS or were part of different clubs. A factor thats out of your hand is your ethnicity, colleges need a diversity for races. I think it's wrong, but they can't just accept all white people because that would make them look racist towards other races even though they never considered their race and they just so happen to be white. A final factor I'd like you to consider is the department you're trying to join. A lot of my "dumb" friends got into the college I wanted to go, but I had to work a lot harder than them because I was trying to get into their engineering department whilst they were going into business and the school is the best engineering school in the state not business, therefore it was a lot harder for me to get in. Don't stress it man, hope you applied to different schools. There's a story of a Harvard graduate not getting into a job because he had no work experience, which btw is way more valuable than some fancy college name on your resume. 

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  • Welp I hope you kept your stripper bod intact!

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  • CSULB is the eighth most applied to university in the country, just behind NYU and the UCs. Only 28% of students get accepted.  I would be concerned if you applied under Sociology or History, but not so much if it was for any STEM degree, which is notoriously competitive.  Also, CSULB might reject a student because they will are slated to be accepted to a higher ranking school - maybe you got into Cal Poly or CSUF.

    While GPA is the most significant factor in admissions, you have also given your weighted GPA as opposed to unweighted.  A 4.0 weighted usually reflects a 3.0 unweighted, so that could be an issue (there are multiple variables that affect this, so I am just ball parking).  Also, your SAT or ACT matters.  If you took the SAT and got under a 1250, that could be why you were rejected.  Extracurriculars also count.  

    I would not worry, you should be fine.  You will get in somewhere good.  I had an unweighted 3.2 and got into Cal Poly, several of the UCs, and USC.  

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  • 1. Did you complete your a-g requirements in, and are you eligible to graduate from, high school?

    2. Was the 4.069 GPA in your a-g requirements? You say "overall" GPA; what was your a-g GPA (GPA of all a-g requirements taken after grade nine)?

    3. Do you live in the "local preference" admission area? (http://www.csulb.edu/admissions/local-preference-a...

    4. Are you sure your application was completed in a timely manner? Not just from your end, but did your high school send your transcript on time, etc. 

    5. Did your “Eligibility Index” ([GPA of a-g requirements taken after grade nine times 800] + [SAT Critical Reading score] + [SAT Math score]) meet or exceed the 3,200 minimum to be considered for a non-STEM major, or a 3,300 for a STEM major? 

    If the answer to all of the questions above was "yes" then you should definitely appeal; you should have been admitted. 

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  • Many universities will want you unweighted cumulative gpa.  Over a 4.0, that is your weighted gpa. What is your unweighted cumulative gpa? 

    What was your SAT/ACT score.

    Did you have any leadership positions 

    Competition for incoming freshman can vary from year to year. Some years there are more HS graduates applying.

    On occasion  if you call admissions they will tell you a reason why or send out a letter. 

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  • Sometimes a university will reject a student who is unlikely to accept because they will get offers from better universities.  That is because each offer that is not taken up is a negative statistic for them.

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  • Not stupid. You're just not the student they need for the time being. It's not always about grades. Sometimes, it's about something else and you just didn't fit in. Try other schools. Why bother going to a place who obviously doesn't want you?

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