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What makes Trump evil?

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    Donald erwin  Trump or trump a hand at cards?

    Depends if your gambling on the second but on the first wail, 'ol Donald is a weapons of mass destruction retailer and manufacturer apparently along with being a polluter of water air and land, he is apparent land rapist, he might even want child labour back legal, he tries to get rid of labour regulations and wants labour labouring in mass producing factories instead of crafting their own brands.

    He appears to support mass slaughter of herds of animals building up roads and parking lots, he wants to destroy paradise continuely by putting in parking lots.

    Instead of supporting american agriculture for producing food for Americans he wants it to produce ethanol and microchips.

    Instead of rebuilding our lives as cowboys Indians and rustlers he wants us labouring in factories.

    Instead of us panning for gold and silver and being lumberjacks he wants us labouring in factories or serving food for his rich friend

    john of the round
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