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Why do so many Americans deny climate change?

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    long record of proponents of human cause -- being liars. or cheats

    Spock (rhp)
    Lv 7 3 days ago 1 2
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  • long record of proponents of human cause -- being liars. or cheats

    Spock (rhp) 3 days ago 1 2
  • Weather changes have been misconstrued.Basically not having understanding how weather changes. Carbon dioxide is not the real problem. What affects the weather is forestation which have being destroyed for many years.

    Temperature changes are due to underwater volcanoes as well as mountain volcanoes.

    goring 3 days ago 0 0
  • There is too much contradictory evidence. And since China and India have no intention of reducing their pollution, America could disappear and nothing would change. And if we were to agree on climate change, then it is no longer a political issue, it is and economic issue. What is the only cure for climate change? $12 per gallon gas. Outlawing gas engines. Tripling the cost of utilities. Doubling the cost of food. I mean, what do YOU think the cure for climate change was going to be?

    The Oracle of Omigod 3 days ago 0 2
  • Out of fear that they won't be able to use a straw anymore.

    melouofs 3 days ago 1 1
  • the Paris Accords openly encourage first world exploitation of third world countries via the relocation of heavy industries to nations designated as "developing" and thus allowed to pollute virtually at will....

    considering our roots as a nation, I'm guessing many Americans still have an understanding about the ills of colonialism....no matter how much it promises to "advance and civilize" the people being colonized...

    u_bin_called 4 days ago 1 1
  • No one denies weather patterns . The question lies in the cause .

    Being that our current warming trend began 10 -15 thousand years ago it's a bit difficult to blame it on the industrial revolution ( 100 years + or - ) .

    Ryde,0n 4 days ago 2 3
  • I don't deny that humans are some the cause of climate change. My problem with Democrats is that the US could go completely green energy and it wouldn't impact the climate at all. You would be much better off protesting against China and India. The US has already done more than most countries. Why the fvck are you talking to us and not China or India? No we will continue to be the number 1 power in the world. Take your bull$hit somewhere else.

    Anonymous 4 days ago 1 2
  • I need it to make California cold forever.

    ThreeOlives 4 days ago 0 1
  • i deny the version theyre trying to sell to us .. basically they want to tax YOU and label you the problem and get you to fckin beg for it .. thats some pure horsesht there and fixes absolutely nothing .. in a nutshell, theyre trying to foist the biggest scam in human history on the global population ...

    Dze 4 days ago 3 3
  • "So many" AMERICANS don't.  The US government (well, part of it, anyway) does.

    Mark 4 days ago 3 3