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Will Trump scare voters from Bernie Sanders by constantly calling him a communist?

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    Bernie IS a Communist!

    Lv 7 5 months ago 3 4
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  • Bernie IS a Communist!

    JetDoc 5 months ago 3 4
  • Moderates and Conservatives are very ignorant as to what Universal Healthcare is. They keep saying he will steal peoples Healthcare but fail to realize the trade off is better than the current system. You get a better Healthcare system and higher wages instead of working for your Healthcare and losing it if you get fired. As a Canadian , I know this.

    Anonymous 5 months ago 0 0
  • if Sanders gets the nomination,out will come the socialist attacks, but, I don't believe he gets the nomination.

    Annonymous 5 months ago 0 0
  • He's not a communist, not even close. 

    TheGOPHateAmerica 5 months ago 2 3
  • Trump doesn't scare me away from Bernie.  Bernie is scary in his own right and a bit off his rocker.  His plan if elected:  Free health care and education; a national rent control program; no more ICE, border control or customs;  adopt the Green New Deal (banning fossil fuel energy production, cars, meat, air travel); plans to write an executive order to make climate control a national emergency; remove the cap on the number of refugees coming into the country and raising the minimum wage.

    He will bankrupt this country.  His agendas will cost 97 trillion dollars over ten years.  Everyone's taxes will be raised significantly and even then it won't be enough to cover all of these costs.  You better not get sick and you really shouldn't believe that this is even possible.  It is NOT possible unless we give the government 75% of our income which he will gladly take from you.  Please be careful who you vote for.  I pray every day those of you who hate Trump so much will at least understand he is not the worst of them.  You could have much much worse.

    TexasStrong 5 months ago 1 1
  • Bernie scares away voters by promising to strip hard working Americans of their benefits they had to fight for, like employer health insurance. Bernie has a fantasy that without the expense of health insurance, employers would just hand over higher wages to employees. If that's true, I have an ocean view condo in Tucson I want to unload to the first cash buyer.

    Bubba Ray 5 months ago 2 3
  • You would rather elect Bernie, and THEN find out?

    Chris 5 months ago 2 2
  • Not the members/supporters of the US Communist and/or Socialist parties that Sanders has become the spokesperson for and whose platform/s he has adopted to run on.

    - but there might be some moderates he wakes up to what they are selling out to and how far left the Democratic Party is moving.

    TomB 5 months ago 4 3
  • Yes, he will continue to paint socialism as evil and won't debate Sanders because of it - which is sound strategy on his part because why give Sanders a chance to calm people's fears about socialism.

    Plus, of all the candidates running Sanders is least likely to accept Bloomberg's billion dollar pledge to the winner of the democratic nomination.

    Trump can beat Sanders - doesn't mean he will but he definitely CAN.

    If the Democrats continue to be petty about certain issues then Trump can definitely be re-elected. It's the Democrats election to lose and as we saw in 2016 they are more than capable of losing it.

    BOOM 5 months ago 2 2
  • I'm a Democrat but not a socialist so I'm voting for Trump.

    Anonymous 5 months ago 7 3
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