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Isn’t it good more nations in Africa are legalizing killing poachers?

High profile trophy hunters are not exempt from being put down for hunting either. 

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    I am very pleased to hear it. About time.

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  • I am very pleased to hear it. About time.

    Sparky 1 month ago 1 1
  • Which country in Africa? The whole continent didn't make a law. Where's your source for this? I don't even know if this is true. But your reaction to believing this says a lot about you. That shows you put more value on an animals life than on a humans life. If a human is being cruel to a dog and even kills the dog in a terrible and painful way, that person faces jail time. The state doesn't execute him. Why are we going to use execution if he kills a giraffe? The vegans and other animal rights organizations say we should not be specist. Yet they are putting a giraffes life above a dogs life. And they put the giraffes life above humans. The rich, white man did not hunt the giraffe all on his own, did he? He had help from locals. Impoverished locals who are desperate to make some money. Desperate enough to risk their lives and time in prison. So instead of recognizing this root cause of the poaching and showing compassion for some suffering humans, you want to murder them. Once again, you are the one that's being specist. And I bet you're a liberal, the side that is always giving itself an undeserved pat on the back for being so enlightened and benevolent. 

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  • What a lot of folks don't realize is that the High Profile Trophy Hunters are actually helping conservation. Counter-intuitive I know...but hear me out.

    The rich folks who want to go out and bag a critter are paying a lot of money for the privilege to do so. That money goes to helping out the villages near the preserves, pays for the security that keeps the poachers from killing everything with a marketable commodity and a pulse, and keeps down the population of nuisance critters.

    So Rich hunter wants to bag a lion for a trophy. They contact the preserves, they pay a large sum of money, the preserve looks through their records and notes that there's a lion that just won't stick to the preserve and is hunting people and/or their livestock. The preserve sends the hunter with a guide to find that nuisance lion and the hunter blows the bugger into oblivion.

    The money spent pays for the upkeep of the preserve, pays for the security, and other conservation efforts.

    So in a weird way...hunters are saving the African Wildlife.

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  • If this is true, its poetic justice that there's a permanent hunting season against trophy hunters.  Of course, they have the choice to opt out of being targeted by stopping their cruel sport.  Their animal victims never had any choice.  

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  • Yes.................................

    Here Comes Sunshine 1 month ago 1 2
  • Though it's counter intuitive , revenue from big game tags goes toward perpetuation of those animals .

    Not so unlike how US fishing licenses pay to maintain fish populations in American rivers and lakes .

    Ryde,0n 1 month ago 2 0
  • Good...bad...what's the difference, hon?


    Please share (some more! lol).

    EdWinter 1 month ago 2 0
  • I hadn’t heard about this, and I doubt it’s actually true, but I don’t condone killing other human beings even under a circumstance like this. Why not just throw them in jail forever?

    Bye 1 month ago 2 0
  • Maybe the people who used to go on hunting safaris would be willing to go on poacher hunting safaris instead. You know...kill two birds with one stone.

    David S 1 month ago 1 2