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Why is more women attend colleges on average than men do in western culture ?

What is the biggest reasoning

Is it because of men want to stay away beacuse of Title IX rules against them ?

Is it because colleges are far to expensive and you cant get a good job after ?

Is it because more men are finding trade schools are cheaper and quicker ?

and who in percentage get better degrees from colleges

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    Big Mouth
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    Big Mouth 3 months ago 0 0
  • Girls have a lower infant mortality rate and lower rates of birth injury. This makes it easier for girls to cope with education.

    Men are under more pressure to actually earn money, which means that boys cannot afford to go to university just for its own sake...

    cool 3 months ago 2 0
  • In some programs, it's because men get better paying jobs with lower degrees than women. I was in a doctoral level business seminar, and all the students were women. The professor (a man) said it was because men with an MBA could earn high salaries, while women needed a higher degree to be competitive. 

    I have to add that women have also outnumbered men in law school and medical school for several years. 

    Gypsyfish 3 months ago 0 1
  • because us woman work hard for ourselves instead of asking stupid questions like this one .

    Anonymous 3 months ago 2 2
  • Men make other choices in life. Some of them go into the military and make a career there. Many can find jobs in the skilled trades such as carpentry, welding, masonry, electrical work, etc. Some become fireman or policemen. Some become truckers and spent their lives doing local or long distance hauling. Some of the jobs that men do don't appeal to women and others require physical strength that women may not have. So women have a greater incentive to go to college because it provides greater job opportunities for them.

    Amaretta 3 months ago 1 0
  • First, none of the 3 reasons you list are valid.  Your fourth question is not answerable, without defining what a "better" degree is.  

    Those issues aside, the male to female percentages at US colleges have reversed over the past 50 years (from 58% male to 56% female).  Those numbers reflect a fundamental change in the roles of women in society.  Most families today have 2 wage earners, and the roles of women as housewives and of men as the sole wage earner has almost vanished.  Consequently, women seek careers in the same way men do.  For many, that means going to college.

    John 3 months ago 1 0
  • Girls are getting better grades in high school.  IMHO it is because girls mature faster than boys so they are more responsible as teenagers, and tend to study more and complete assignments more.

    Bear The Dog 3 months ago 1 1
  • They don't, that is not a true fact.

    Tavy 3 months ago 0 3
  • nonsense. all types of manual work such as building trades are mostly men. and they don't need college

    Spock (rhp) 3 months ago 0 0
  • looking for husbands ???

    Rick 3 months ago 1 2
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