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What's the greatest Country in the world. ?

I think the greatest Country in the world is the United States. I'm a proud American I love my Country.

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    USA all the way!!

    Greeneyes 2 weeks ago 2 5
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  • USA all the way!!

    Greeneyes 2 weeks ago 2 5
  • How do you define "Great"?

    I'd say the Roman Republic and Empire were far superior to anything we've seen before in terms of influence and their effect on humanity over a very long period. I say this bearing in mind the huge influence made upon them by Greek culture and all the swathe of advances they made in all manner of areas.

    I discount the USA as they've only been dominating as a culture since 1918. If they still persist in this way in 4-500 years, I might reconsider.

    David 2 weeks ago 0 0
  • America, New Zealand and Ireland. 

    NPG Starlett 2 weeks ago 0 2
  • Antarctica. There’s no people there to screw it up.  😄

    Michael F 2 weeks ago 1 1
  • Canada. Similar to The US, but with less guns. You can still buy them-- but more controled.

    Also an awesome Prime  Minister Justin Trudeau. Just hate the cold weather.

    robert2020 2 weeks ago 4 2
  • Probably Japan. A feudal country, beaten into submission by WW2, to the point of their populations starving, the economy ruined, and in just one or two generations became a world power and now has enormous influence in the world. 

    kswck2 2 weeks ago 2 1
  • Israel and United States of America 

    eva 2 weeks ago 1 7
  • Great Britain, hence it’s name

    Amy 2 weeks ago 3 3
  • The United States is certainly the greatest at electing the dumbest people into government...

    Richard 2 weeks ago 9 0
  • SHOUT IT PROUD !......................

    NEVER SUBMIT... to evil 2 weeks ago 1 1
  • Canada is the greatest

    mike y 2 weeks ago 4 5
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