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Can you get arrested for feeding meat to a vegetarian?

I mean seriously, vegetarianism is a choice, it’s not like your feeding them something they’re allergic to

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    Yes it's called assault 

    Ana 6 days ago 1 0
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  • Yes it's called assault 

    Ana 6 days ago 1 0
  • For forcing. If a cop finds out somehow. Or if the vegetarian tells a cops. Vegans are even more illegal.

    Xinthar 2 weeks ago 0 0
  • I'm not sure. But, I think they'll know it.

    Emerlita Jumawan 2 weeks ago 0 0
  • they very well might be allergic.. or sensative.. for me.. I wouldnt say im allergic, but eating meat causes extreme gout in my ankles , knees, and hips.. the joints swell up.. and red meat caused a lot of kidney stone issues with me.. so I just stopped eating red meat and eat fish and chicken occationally.... so seriously.. you dont know.. if someone doesnt want it, DONT BE AN **** AND FEED IT TO THEM OUT OF SPITE.. (not you, but anyone who deliberately thinks its funny to try to trick them)

    Mintee 2 weeks ago 2 0
  • You can't FEED someone forcibly unless you've tied them up, propped open their mouth and forced the food down their throat--which is not feeding--it's ASSAULT. 

    A person has a right to refuse to eat whatever they don't want or don't like. If you're just complaining that someone is being served food they aren't comfortable eating, then do something---BACK OFF. It's none of your business. If you continue to serve someone food they don't want, you're just being an asshole. 

    You eat like you want--and let other people alone to eat how they want. 

    Christin K 2 weeks ago 2 0
  • Can you get arrested for feeding meat to a vegetarian?

    I don't know what law says about this but feeding meat to a vegetarian against his/her will is punishable. The vegetarian may feel that you have broken his longtime virtuosity and made him sin, further you have affected his body. Mentally they may become unpeaceful and bodily uncomfortable. That's very bad. 

    Raja 2 weeks ago 1 0
  • Yes. Feeding a vegeterian meat will result in capital punishment without trial. Once the cops find you, they hot glue your mouth shut and take you to the electric chair.

    Sarcasm. No, it's not illegal, but it can damage your relationship.

    Anonymous 2 weeks ago 0 2
  • More than a dozen questions just like this one in the past week-all from Anonymous posters. Probably the same one. 

    kswck2 2 weeks ago 2 1
  • Depends on the circumstances.

    If you are a commercial restaurant and SELL something as vegetarian, you might be open to a lawsuit or fine for false advertising.

    But if you're talking about slipping your vegetarian friend, neighbor or acquaintance soup containing meat, etc, then no,you are not likely to be arrested.

    Daisy 2 weeks ago 2 0
  • It depends upon the context as well as the relevant local laws.  If you are a restaurant and you deliberately serve meat to a vegetarian (or pork to an orthodox Jew or Muslim) without their knowledge, that has been considered both a hate crime and a form of assault.  Restaurant workers have been arrested, and restaurants have been shut down as a result.  In a social setting, for example if you are having friends over, the same laws do apply.  The use of deliberate deception is the key.  You'd need to look up relevant laws in your area.  

    However, having a cookout and giving a vegetarian a burger (or a Jew or Muslim a pork chop) and telling them they need to eat meat/pork isn't illegal.  It's just rude.

    Anonymous 2 weeks ago 4 0
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