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  • I'm 4'9 and I could be considered a legal midget. Do I get any actual benefits or just bragging rights?

    87 answers 7 days ago United Arab Emirates
  • Which girl name do you like best?

    Best answer: Laura; this is the best. I love it because it's my name. Also my great grandmother's. I love that it means crown of Laurel. 10/10

    Veronica: stunning name. Very pretty. 9/10

    Davina: it's pretty, just not my style 6/10

    Gemma: I really like it 8/10

    Kristen: beautiful, like every Kristy as a nickname 10/10

    Amaila: Amelia is better 5/10

    Scarlett: one of my favorites. Beautiful 10/10

    Felicity: sophisticated and beautiful 9/10

    Sofia: really boring. Any variation of Sophia is Overdone, too popular 2/10

    Lucy : sweet and adorable 10/10
    79 answers 6 days ago Ubon Ratchathani
  • Name 10 kids using these names?

    First & Middle Names *optional ages & nicknames* Girls: Arden, Alex, Aubree, Blakely, Blaire, Brighton, Callie, Caroline, Cecilia, Dylan, Delaney, Daniella, Emerson, Emma, Elle, Greer, Gianna, Gemma, Haylee, Hayden, Harper, Isabelle, Ivy, Ireland, Jenna, Jacquline, Jordyn, Kinslee, Kamryn, Kenzie, Logan, Lucy, Leighton, Maggie, Mia, Madyson, Nina, Nicole, Nancy, Olivia, Ophelia, Olive, Paige, Piper, Polly, Reese, Rylee, Rayna, Sage, Shae, Skye, Teagan, Taylor, Tessa, Willow, Whitney, Wimberly Boys: Austin, Andrew, Aidan, Bryce, Braden, Brandon, Connor, Caleb, Charlie, David, Daniel, Dalton, Eaton, Ellis, Evan, Gage, Gavin, Garrett, Hunter, Henry, Harrison, Ian, Isaac, Ivan, Jackson, Jared, Jeremy, Kaden, Kyle, Kieran, Luke, Landon, Landry, Mac, Matthew, Marcus, Nathan, Nicholas, Nolan, Owen, Oliver, Oscar, Parker, Preston, Paxton, Richard, Ryan, Reed, Samuel, Seth, Shane, Thomas, Travis, Tyler, William, Wade, Wesley
    63 answers 7 days ago Udon Thani
  • Today in Church, my Pastor told us that Liberals don't got no moral values. Do Y'all agree?

    Best answer: Well, most Liberals are atheists, & atheists believe in subjective morality, so yes, it sounds correct.
    48 answers 7 days ago Religion & Spirituality
  • Are you happy with what Donald Trump has done so far as president?

    86 answers 7 days ago Tata
  • Create a large sibling set, using popular names from various countries?

    1) Boy (Russia) Dmitri, Dimitrios, Alexei, Roman, Nicholas 2) Girl (Ukraine) Viktoria, Veronika, Sasha, Angelina, Teodora, Polina, Aleksandra, Vasilisa, Milana 3) Boy (Argentina) Santiago, Leonardo, Matteo, Maximilian, Sebastian, Nicolas 4) Girl (France) Camille, Madeleine, Zoey, Margaux, Gabrielle, Ava, Eleonora 5) Girl (Finland) Elsa, Klaudia, Ida, Stella, Matilda, Emma 6) Boy (Norway) Theodore, William, Elias, Kasper, Tobias, Christian, Erik 7) Girl (Colombia) Camila, Ariana, Luciana, Catalina, Julieta, Salome, Violeta, Clara 8) Girl (UK) Darcy, Phoebe, Annabelle, Georgia, 9)Girl (Brazil) Mariana, Selena, Maria, Sofia, Yasmin, Raquel, Adalina 10) Girl (Italy) Alessia, Aurora, Arianna, Serena, Carlotta, Caterina 11) Boy (Germany) Noah, Lukas, Luis, Raphael/Rafael, Noel 12) Girl (Greek) Anastasia, Theodora, Cassandra, Octavia, Cleo, Demetria, Odessa 13) Boy (Australia) Mason, Thomas, Levi, Hunter, Elijah, Beau 14) Girl (Ireland) Aoife, Saoirse, Roisin, Ciara, Cara, Eve
    43 answers 7 days ago Trying to Conceive
  • Why is Hillary not being investigated for obstruction of justice?

    45 answers 6 days ago Ubon Ratchathani
  • How can you legally keep a dog that you found?

    Best answer: with that said let me tell you first that you are already the legal owner of the dog. A person can't throw away trash and then cry it was stolen. The dog was abandoned and showed signs of abused, and you are a hero because you nursed that dog back to full strength. now the abuser wants the dog back so they can abuse he/she all over again
    60 answers 6 days ago Dogs
  • Did you have a nickname in the military?

    Best answer: I knew a guy in the marines named Ninefinger. Guess there are a lot of guys with nine fingers. Maybe some with this nickname. Probably because they lost a finger in the factory or something.

    But this guy in the marines didn't lose a finger in a factory. He lost it because he was clueless. That's right. He had his finger up his @SS so many times that it became infected. They had to cut it off.
    38 answers 1 week ago Military
  • Do you think president Trump will be re-elected after his first 4 years r up?

    64 answers 7 days ago Buying & Selling
  • Baby name game - name this family?

    Best answer: Cordelia Jade Willows (39)
    Micah Josiah Willows (38)

    Clover Juliette Willows (15)
    Fleur Imogen Willows (14)
    Atlas Everest Willows (13)
    Lux Elisabeth Willows (11)
    Finn Orion Willows (10)
    Poppy Catherine Willows (8)
    41 answers 1 week ago Baby Names
  • What does the word "OCTOPUS" make you immediately think of?

    Best answer: A 1940s era coal furnace.
    63 answers 1 week ago BMW
  • Why do cops hide behind bushes when checking for speed?

    I was driving and didn't notice the cop was checking for speed until I'm about to pass him and squad car was hidden behind the bush. Why won't he appear in view so that whenever I see him, I would check my speed and slow down when needed before driving pass him? :-)
    101 answers 1 week ago Egypt
  • The GOP does not care about anybody. Can you name one good thing the Republican Party has done for you?

    42 answers 7 days ago Entertaining