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  • Why did Trump rudely walk in front of the Queen?

    Best answer: Disorientation is a hallmark symptom of dementia...He just didn’t know where he was for a moment. He thought he was back in the hotel room with Stormy Daniels
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  • What’s your unpopular opinion?

    Best answer: Capitalism must be replaced with something better.
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  • Trump says Putin "is very insulted" when accused of meddling in our election. Don't Democrats know he has feelings TOO?

    "He (Putin) said he didn't meddle. He said he didn't meddle. I asked him again. You can only ask so many times," Trump told reporters "Every time he sees me, he says, 'I didn't do that,' " Trump said. "And I believe, I really believe, that when he tells me that, he means it." "I think he is very insulted by it," Trump added.
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  • What does Sarah Palin look like? Can somebody describe it to me?

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  • If a 40 year old man dates an immature 21 year old girl who looks 13-14 is he a closet pedophile?

    She is incredibly immature. She cannot spell to save her life and she is from the suburbs, lives in her parents nice home yet she talks in slang terms. Her grammar is awful and she talks like she is in a gang despite living in an affluent neigborhood with her 2 married parents who dote on her. She complains that life is too hard and she shouldn't have to do her own laundry or work part time while in college. She is obsessed with memes and facebook and writing long rants about how life is so unfair and she has the hardest life of anyone she knows. The girl is spoiled rotten, her parents baby her and gave her a car, free rent, free college. All she has to do is pay for her car insurance and her food and she thinks its the end of the world. She looks like she is 14 years old at the very oldest. She listens to trap music and the horrible artists that do nothing but swear and say words that rhyme and she is the type that makes snapchat vidoes of her making duckfaces with those songs playing in background. A typical phrase for her is something like "im so sick of life lol, when ur parents tell you have to pay insurance, now wonder people drink or commit suicide, i work just to hand my money to bills, thank god for weed and beer, ugggh" To reiterate she looks 14, she could pass for an 8th grader, she's 4'11 and wears childish clothes as well
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  • Why are liberals calling Trump treasonous for meeting with Putin?

    Best answer: And of course when Obama made a deal with the Iranians, to try to build better relationships with them, that was not an act of treason. Any time a President tries to establish relations with someone who was/is an enemy, there will those who applaud it and those who think it is treason.

    It becomes difficult to every reach peace or form new allies if we never do anything to try to build relations with other nations. So there is nothing treasonous about meeting with someone.

    For it to become treason, Trump would have to reach some kind of a deal with them that knowing will bring harm to the US. As no deal was made, no treason could have been committed.

    To be mistaken about something is not the same as treason. To believe that Trump won the election by working harder, being smarter and winning more votes that his opponent, and not because someone somehow hacked the system and got him the votes, is not treason. Obama himself stated that because of the decentralized way that elections are done in the US, it would be impossible for anyone to hack in and alter the election. They would have to have done it thousands to time, each on a different system, including some that are "paper and pencil" and not computer is involved.

    So to meet with Putin is not treason. If he were to make an agreement or turn over that secrets that would harm the country for personal gain, that would be a different issue. At this time, there is no evidence that he did that.
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  • Who was the best James Bond and why?

    Barry Nelson, Sean Connery, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, or Daniel Craig
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  • 'Papa John' Schnatter evicted from company headquarters in Louisville?

    I am sure that this man has enough stock in his own company to never have to worry about money or a job again. People seem to believe they can erase history by taking down a statue or taking someone’s photo off of their marketing materials. Unless you start a new company called (insert name) pizza, Its always going to be Papa Johns pizza. And if we tolerate people stepping on other people’s rights to freedom of speech, we are just as bad as those who has said the slurs. I don’t remember the constitution saying you have freedom of speech until someone else is offended or doesn’t like it! What a bunch of hypocrites we have in our country today. The biggest offenders of racial slurs are coming from the ones supposedly offended by them and they use them referring to their own race! And I can tell you for sure that Papa Johns pizza is still in AT&T stadium home of the Dallas Cowboys because Jerry Jones owns his own franchise of Papa Johns Pizza and the NFL can’t make him take his Pizza out of the stadium.
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  • Does Obama regret not doing anything productive or good for America while he was in office?

    I think he sees how Trump is getting things done, and he regrets just parading around the world as a celebrity. Instead of actually doing something for America.
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  • Reasons to sign a man up for child support. Should I sign the papers.?

    My child's father left me BC we got into an argument. When he left he got an apartment. Me and my one y.o. daughter had to move to a shelter. He said we couldn't live with him. We are basically homeless after he left me. I told him I was going to sign him up for child support and he got angry and said he takes care of his child if I bring her to him. Which he kept her for two days and I supplied her food, diapers and clothes to him BC he had nothing for her. I'm trying to give him a chance to show that he is supporting her without the court involvement but wondering am I being a push over at this point? I feel like if I do he may never want to deal with me or his child again. Comments?
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  • Are conservatives more upset about Trump being a Russian agent and traitor, or?

    the NRA gun fanatic's union being a Russia spy organization
    18 answers 15 hours ago Politics
  • I was molested by another girl?

    Me and my this girl used to have sleepovers when we were both little and i remember i woke up onetime in my bed touching me i asked what she was doing and she said nothing and kept going i told her to stop but she kept talking about how it'll help me and stuff, another time i went to her house and she did it again. she kept taking advantage of me because she was older telling me things making me think it was fine and everything it wasn't until months back i realized what it was and ever since then i just feel so dirty and gross i don't know how to deal with this because i don't want to tell anyone because im scared they'll look at me different. i mean i told my only friend what happened but she didn't really help me at all and it didnt seem as she'd care. i'm losing my mind over this i can't stop thinking about it and i don't know what to do.!
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  • Would it be illegal to throw a bucket of wet shlt on Trump's face?

    Best answer: Can they really prove it was you? Fake news.
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  • Why there was never a black prophet in Islam?

    10 answers 1 hour ago Ramadan
  • Why don't liberal's admit Muhammad was a child rapist?

    13 answers 13 hours ago Politics
  • 💋What is something that easily turn you on?

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  • Has any U.S. President been disrespected and slandered as much as Donald Trump?

    Best answer: I have not seen any other U.S. President disrespected and slandered as much as Donald Trump. But I'm happy to see it.

    Trump was elected because he has the ability to expose this type of partisan politics that is overtaking our country.

    Fake news media, establishment Republicans, deep state Democrats,,,,(the swamp) have been controlling U.S. politics, putting themselves first for many decades.

    Trump is the first president in 100 years to fight back and actually do the right thing for America.
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  • Why do some people deny the holocaust but nobody denies slavery?

    Somebody brought up this point and it got me thinking. Why are racists so willing to deny the holocaust despite a wealth of evidence that proves it's existence but nobody denies the reality of slavery?
    28 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies
  • Why do liberals think Africa is a country or race of people?

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  • How can i go about getting a warrant and charges dropped in Illinois and i live in texas?

    I have a baby on the way with my fiance, i cant afford to go to jail and these out of state felony warrants ars destroying my life. They are for non-violent drug charges. What can i do in my situation to get this taken care of? And should i get a lawyer in TX?
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