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  • Could trump make america look weaker?

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  • Which languages would you like to learn ?

    From most to least
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  • How ashamed are you to be American with trump in office?

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  • Anyone who owns a 2015 VW Passat? Or this is also an auto insurance agent question?

    How much would a 2015 VW Passat 1.8 Wolfsburg edition car insurance cost monthly? Even if it’s a roundabout answer. Any and all help appreciated
    7 answers 3 days ago Volkswagen
  • Are Republicans proud they elected the first female President in American history?

    You know, since Trump has no balls as proven by his lack of courage in standing up to Putin like a real man? Being President requires you to not be scared of confrontation, right?
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  • If you had no job and needed money would you work at a fast food restaurant for 11.30 an hour?

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  • Why do I own a dog?

    Best answer: Because Doge go woof
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  • Hillary Clinton says everybody wants her to run for President in 2020 again. Do you all?

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  • What is the ugliest name in your opinion?

    Best answer: Beatrice

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  • What do you suggest that I have for dinner tonight?

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  • Men are hotter deal with it.?

    Men have muscles/curves on their arms, forearms, stomach, back, shoulders everywhere. Women only have boobs, while their arms, stomach, back are plain and boring. And no women with muscles don't count. that's just gross
    13 answers 18 hours ago Gender Studies
  • What is the most beautifully written book you’ve ever read?

    Beautiful, not as in story, but as in the way the author structures and writes his sentences. For me it would have to be Lord of the Rings. What about you?
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  • Is Russia primarily a Christian country like the US?

    Best answer: Christianity in Russia is by some estimates the largest religion in the country, with nearly 50% of the population identifying as Christian. The largest tradition is the Russian Orthodox Church.
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  • Would you consider this $1200 worth of damage?

    I had an accident the other day and I was told it would cost $1200 to fix. The plastic came off the left blinker but it still works, the left headlight is dented in but not broken, the grill is also dented inwards but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with duct tape, and finally the hood of the car is slightly raised but it can be opened. I know there’s no picture but I don’t see how that’s $1200 worth of damage on a 200-something Toyota Camry. There’s nothing wrong mechanically, it’s all cosmetic damage.
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  • Can I be sued for defamation for true but exaggerated hurtful comments I wrote on Facebook but deleted within 30 minutes?

    I commented some very mean but true things about my ex on facebook. at least a dozen public comments under the review section of his business. I exaggerated slightly out of the heat of the moment. I did this from a fake facebook account. I felt bad and saw the error of my ways and deleted the comments and the profile so its all gone and has been for 24 hours. some of his friends took screen shots of the reviews. He doesn't know it was me but when I was talking to him he told me he was hiring a lawyer and bringing in the screen shots to show them. He plans to get the court to subpoena facebook for the ip address of the person who made the profile, Will this hold up if the comments have been deleted and its only screen shots? Will facebook likely reveal my ip address under these circumstances and will a judge pursue this or drop the case?
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  • Do republicans hate MacGyver?

    A bleeding heart liberal who won't carry a gun but can still singlehandedly take down any terrorist organization in the world.
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  • Hate him or love him, Ronald Reagan was a patriot. What would you call Trump?

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  • I think Trump's tariff war will slowly make people in the United States of America poorer. Do you think so?

    Best answer: True. In 1929 the same thing happened! Outcome the rise of the dictators. Outcome WW2.

    Maybe that's the plan! Start a nuclear war, ZAP the competition! Job done! The neocons have been testing out "winnable nuclear war". Given their ghastly real life record since 2003, and never having experienced the grim reality they have subjected others as a consequence of their policies....

    The neocons plan is to put an end to the rise of China, Russia, etc, to stop a multipolar world emerging.
    Win or fail, their aim is sit on top of the perch.

    Why tariffs don't work @19.01 "China called on all countries of the world to join forces against trade protectionism and to support multilateralism. The Asian giant claims to have wanted to avoid the trade war that the United States has provoked, but has been forced to fight this war as much as necessary to protect the interests of the nation and its people.
    In retaliation, Beijing announced the introduction of an identical tariff rate for the same monetary value for several U.S. goods, some of which would begin to be taxed as of the date set by Washington.
    A trade war between the US and China, the two largest economies in the world, could affect not only both nations, but the world economy as a whole, according to a projection by economists at Pictet Asset Management in London, one of Europe’s leading independent asset and wealth managers.
    ...........immediate effects that are predicted in the war that is just beginning for U.S. consumers are the 25% increase in the price of products imported from China. These include technological products such as semiconductors and chips that are assembled in China, needed for the manufacture of consumer products such as televisions, computers, cell phones and vehicles, not to mention a wide variety of other products, from plastics to nuclear reactors.
    Obviously, the US and Chinese economies will be the hardest hit, but they won’t be the only ones." "Mexico is already talking about retaliatory tariffs on U.S. pork legs and shoulders, of which it imports close to a billion dollars’ worth annually. Add to that the $4 billion worth of corn and soybeans Mexico imports from the U.S. and pretty soon we’re talking real money — and real pain for the ag producers of those commodities, which may be just the first of many more to come.
    Canada has likewise retaliated, slapping new tariffs on $12.5 billion worth of U.S. exports. The list is long and growing, but includes a 25 percent tariff on 40 steel products in direct proportion to those levied by Trump, as well as 10 percent on another 80 American products including agricultural commodities.
    The European Union, meanwhile, slapped new 25 percent tariffs on motorcycles, orange juice, bourbon, peanut butter, cigarettes and denim. That list, too, is expected to grow as the trade war heats up.
    Then there’s China, the proverbial “800-pound gorilla in the room” with the second largest economy on the planet. It’s poised to overtake the U.S. in the near future with an economic growth rate more than twice that of the U.S. The tit-for-tat retaliation against Trump’s tariffs on $34 billion in Chinese goods means new 25 percent tariffs on U.S. goods including soybeans, pork and electric vehicles.
    But that’s just the start. Trump has already threatened to slap additional tariffs on $500 billion worth of Chinese imports, bringing a promise to retaliate in what the Chinese government has declared “the biggest trade war in economic history.” "It is hard to see how other countries have been robbing the American piggy bank and taking its savings. In fact, the U.S. takes in savings from other nations: it must borrow to make payments on what it owes abroad.
    At the beginning of 2018, the U.S. owed the rest of the world about $7.7 trillion. This is the difference between U.S. investments abroad of $ 27.8 trillion and U.S. assets held by non-nationals of $35.5 trillion.
    U.S. borrowing to cover current debt payments is only a sidebar to the main story. The rest of the world routinely holds U.S. dollars and owns debt securities denominated in U.S. dollars. By accepting the U.S. dollar as world money, the rest of the world is lending to the U.S.
    This lending has given the U.S. the ability to spend abroad without having to worry about earning foreign currency to pay for its overseas investments and consumption.
    This "exorbitant privilege" was acquired by the U.S. because its currency has been the main "reserve currency" since prior to the end of the Second World War."

    Russian and China have launched the petroyuan to challenge the bloated overrated U.S.petro$.
    Transactions with Iran won't be done via U.S.$ to benefit U.S. financial institutions, for doing zilch!

    America is writing its own obituary.

    If China cashes in American treasury bonds, plummets the American stock market bubble!

    Due to how "fiat" paper money works, it won't be the billionaire class wiped out! "working class wages been stagnant for decades, the average real weekly earnings of all production and nonsupervisory workers remained $312.18 in early 2018 compared to $315.44 in 1972, but have in fact been falling over the past year."

    Study shows tax cuts don't boost the incomes for the majority of Americans. "least two problems with this scenario: China is now the world’s largest economy on a purchasing power parity basis, and the Russians have the nuclear capacity to make a wasteland out of the US. Russian weapons systems can also be superior."
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  • Why aren't Debbie Wasserman and Hillary in prison for colluding against Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary?

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