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  • I notice that EVEN IF a con is Racist, they still hold minorities to The Same Standard as Everyone Else. It is Liberals who Treat Minorities?

    Best answer: Not only that. It was the liberal anti-Trumpsters who attacked innocent people, left many bleeding, stole clothing and signs and burned them, shouted incessant obscenities, smashed windows, set fire to buildings and machinery and crashed police cars...ALL to do ONE THING: Silence free speech.

    Why would they do that?

    Obviously: because the truth is painful: They're racist. .

    They're everything they try so hard to prove they're not.

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  • Is a race war inevitable in the US?

    Best answer: Maybe? But there will definitely be a religious war.
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  • Has Marxism ever worked?

    Best answer: The people interested in implementing the principles of Marxism have always been anarchists and murderers, not to mention that it is too weak a system to be implemented by anyone but anarchists and murderers. Lol! And THAT is why I volunteered to go to Vietnam.
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  • Why is it so controversial to state why Hitler chose the targets he did for his holocaust?

    we all know he was a bad guy. But it seems some seem to attribute his choice of targets to sheer randomness. It isnt. Its a well known fact he was an ultra-nationalist who believed everyone had a ethnicity, every ethnicity had a homeland, and that you should stay in your homeland and act as others in your ethinicity do. Hitler killes jews, gypsys, gays, and others because he viewed them as borderless people who either had no home country or were not content to have one. Wanderers who are as good as traitors to their homelands. He viewed those without patriotism as less than human. Thats why he killed who he did. For his ideology of nationalism against the borderless globalists.
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  • Why do gay men use condoms during sex?

    They can't get each other pregnant so why do they use them?
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  • Do you want diversity?

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  • Should heroin addicts be allowed to vote and collect welfare checks?

    Best answer: Most people are addicts not by choice, but by circumstance. Also, most heron addicts don't even vote, so what is the point?
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  • Why is California such a liberal state ?

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  • Is Chicago a good place to live?

    Best answer: You're joking ?
    Chicago has a higher crime rate than Canada !
    Over 400 murders a year , 3,000 + shootings a year .
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  • What would you Name this Family?

    Family Name: Kincaid, Lansing, MacRae, Fairbairn, Grier Father (41): FN: Seamus, Graham, Lachlan, Alistair, Scott MN: Alexander, James, Matthew, Bryan, Douglas Mother (39): FN: Anya, Mila, Nadia, Eva, Natalia MN: Abigail, Leah, Elisabeth, Marie, Luz Daughter (18): FN: Harriet, Alaina, Bonnie, Maisie, Blair MN: Alastrina, Diana, Blair, Marin, Wynne Daughter (13): FN: Lena, Sasha, Aubrey, Claire, Victoria MN: Ava, Valentina, Haven, Josephine, Faye Son (11): FN: Adrian, Roman, Russell, Lennox, Rory MN: George, Logan, Nikolai, Marcus, Lukas
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  • Why would anyone want to be racist?

    Best answer: Prejudice is, of course, a universal trait. We all prejudge others: this probably evolved from our survival instinct, which required early humans to make instant decisions when assessing external threats.

    But to prejudge is to make a decision about someone based on minimal information – and despite the obvious flaws in this thinking, research shows that it endures. Some studies even show that we form a strong opinion about others within 15 seconds of meeting them. Last year, an investigation into employers’ impressions during job interviews showed that they were heavily swayed by eye contact, personal appearance, quality of small talk, and strength of handshake. All of these may have a racial or (race-related) cultural dimension.

    The interviewer makes judgments based on his or her own experiences, but these could well be incorrect if the interviewee has a different background: the appropriate strength of handshake, eye contact, or even personal appearance is entirely subjective. And that’s even if they don’t make a direct judgment on the interviewee’s race.

    To pre-judge is to make a decision about someone based on minimal information

    So what do we mean by “racist”? This is contentious: what do we even mean by race? Does “race” even exist – is it an artificial construct?

    For practical purposes, I’ll define it as the visible physical difference between people based on their geographical background (skin tone, curliness of hair, eye colour, for example). And I’ll define racism as prejudice based on race, combined with power.

    In its purest sense, a racist is someone who believes another person is inherently inferior due to the biological fact of their race. This belief drove the centuries-long enslavement of Africans by Europeans, and also the colonial era that followed, in which Africans were deemed incapable of running their own lands. Part of this discourse involved associating Africans with a plethora of negative personality traits: they were supposedly primitive, simple-minded, lazy, aggressive and sexually uncontrolled. This became a convenient way of justifying a system of exploitation that created massive wealth throughout the western world.

    And it’s there in the way Muslims are commonly perceived as a threat – be it from terrorism or grooming, despite the numbers committing these crimes being relatively tiny – because their religion is considered, by some, to be primitive. And although Islam is a religion rather than a race, these attacks are often racist in essence, because of the religion’s strong association with people from a Middle Eastern or Asian background.

    Many people are aware only of overt racism: the kind displayed by the Chelsea fans who were caught on video chanting “We’re racist, and that’s the way we like it,” or by people who take to the streets to demand that those who look different be eradicated from society.

    This kind of person could correctly be labelled a bigot – though in their own mind, their beliefs could be a rational response to a perceived threat to their own ethnic group by outsiders. It could be their local neighbourhood changing in appearance, or a sense of unfairness that help is being given to another group. Whatever the case, it’s quite clear that policies can be put in place to prevent those who hold such views from discriminating against others directly.
    Out in the Night: New York City's racism and anti-gay bias plays out on screen
    Read more

    More difficult to tackle is covert racism: either by individuals who have subconscious prejudices or by institutional structures that discriminate indirectly by default. In any given organisation, successful qualities are seen as those possessed by its leaders - in the UK those could include, for instance, an Oxbridge degree, excellent grammar, membership of a golf club. Different personal qualities are overlooked, effectively excluding large swaths of people who may be perfectly able to do the job in question, but have a different cultural background. Wilfully or not, there’s a strong pull to recruit “people like us”, who “fit in”.

    This kind of racism is far more prevalent, and far more damaging, than the overt type – yet because it doesn’t have the dramatic impact of, say, cameraphone footage or a celebrity gaffe, it’s little reported.

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  • Religiously, what does defeat of India in cricket final at Oval show?

    Best answer: "If she was part of Pakistan, she could have also celebrated victory over India?"

    Actually, the majority of Bangladeshis (my family members, posts on cricket pages on facebook, etc) are celebrating because nobody can stand the Indian national team and their fans and Bengalis are happy that a Muslim nation won. The Pakistani cricket team, despite the political rifts between the 2 nations, has a huge fan base in Bangladesh.
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  • What is the "Blockbuster Trivia" answer and other Radio Trivia answers for Sunday, June 18 2017?

    Best answer: Sunday June 18th

    B95.5 WYJB Albany NY

    Blockbusters: Jonathan Taylor Thomas
    Bookworm Trivia: The Louvre
    Classic Rock Challenge: John Densmore
    Country Music Trivia: When I Call Your Name
    Father's Day Trivia: Mufasa
    Get Your Game On: First-Person Shooter
    Healthy Knowledge: Oil pastels
    Music Challenge: Billy Ocean
    Music Pop Quiz: Carrie Underwood
    Sports Trivia: jammer (NOW WORKING 10:05am EDST)
    TV Trivia: Albuquerque
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  • Why isnt being racist illegal?

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  • To me the Donald the President has earned his name from now on, Il Duce. Mussolini had his underlings praise him the way the Donald did at ?

    Best answer: So when you posted this "question," did you peak out the window to see if the FBI our CIA was watching.
    I'm guessing you did not. If you did not, I rest my case.

    If you did, I will not insult your intelligence by thinking you believe that.
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  • Not counting Trump who is funny but pathetic by default, why do Republicans lack a sense of humor?

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  • Do you think Donald Trump is a sexist and racist?

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