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  • How to keep a calm mind during meditation?

    How do I keep a calm mind during meditation? I find it buzzing about and thoughts cannot be pushed away. What is the trick to clearing the mind and focusing on breathing? I tried to do it, but I get easily distracted. Sometimes I want to cry because I can't concentrate on it. I'd like to reduce stress during work, but I can't meditate properly. Any ideas?
    9 answers 3 hours ago Psychology
  • Do you still watch VHS MOVIES?

    30 answers 1 day ago Movies
  • Poetry. Comments and critiques on my poem?

    My time on Earth`s accruing Some dreams lived and some are ruined I can sense some change a -brewing Cos my brain is slowly stewing While ideas which always flew in Get stuck . What am I doing? There`s a just-contained disaster Held by strips of sticky plaster The mistakes and shocks land faster Worse, I`m just not more aghast-er Than when I thought life some good master Plus - I got no alabaster. No-one to kiss my ageing toes Did I remember to turn off the hose? The trail of `Wish I cared!`s fast grows, Life like a river by me flows Who is harder, friends or foes? I do believe none really knows. Once thought of as some soiled go -getter I can`t even be fa**ed to post that letter. My eyes, my prizes, ain`t getting better Too cosy, I don`t strain my fetter. I guess I`m a rebellious critter If I don`t delay - I might get better! ........................................... ]
    7 answers 24 hours ago Poetry
  • Who is better tyga , soulja boy, immortal technique, lil wayne, gucci mane or hopsin?

    5 answers 4 hours ago Rap and Hip-Hop
  • Do you think City have a chance of winning the CL this season?

    Best answer: city look very good, but champions league or any kind of trophy is not won in October, they need to be this good in march, april and beyond.

    Its far too early to say anything at this point really.
    12 answers 3 days ago English Football (Soccer)
  • Loving the name Luna for a girl?

    Best answer: I literally am in love with that name. But since Luna Lovegood made her debut in Harry Potter literally every new born girl child I meet has been named Luna! I don't know if it's because of Harry Potter but it's no longer unique as it seems like the new generation of people having baby girls name them Luna :/ If you don't care about your daughter growing up with a common name then name her Luna! Such a great name.
    21 answers 10 hours ago Baby Names
  • Should scientists hurry up and develop something to eliminate whatever causes homosexuality?

    It is so revolting and the culture surrounding it is such an affront to societal decency.
    15 answers 21 hours ago Biology
  • Why Hasn't NASA Returned To The Moon?

    33 answers 2 days ago Astronomy & Space
  • What are some cute middle names that goes with Paige?

    31 answers 1 day ago Baby Names
  • Why in the world would liberals choose Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders?

    I find it especially funny that they actually thought Hillary would win the election. A yardpost would have beaten Hillary. Doesn't every democrat know that she would had absolutely no chance of winning? Bernie would have actually had a better chance against Trump. All you American liberals are so butthurt about Trump winning, it's ALL YOUR FAULT for electing the wrong person in the democrat party!
    37 answers 2 days ago Politics
  • Do you have friends that you have never met?

    39 answers 2 days ago Friends
  • My parents are away on holiday, do you think my older sister is being cruel and mean for not getting me out of a school punishment ?

    my parents are on holiday and my older sister is in charge she is 23, she is a secondary teacher ( NOT AT MY SCHOOL ) on Monday I had an after school detention for bad behavouir it lasts for 1 hour 45 minutes, my friends were going bowling so I skipped it ( DETENTION IS FOR LOSERS ) the problem is it states that any student missing a detention will go straight into a FULL Saturday detention. today the headmaster gave me my timetable for Saturday detention it is HORRIBLE. 845am registration and FULL school uniform inspection, 9am-- 12 am punishment essays 12 am-- 1pm lunch we have to bring in a packed lunch, we can go into the playground if we want, 1pm-- 3pm copy out punishment essays 3pm--315pm break, 315--5pm write an essay on what we have learned from Saturday detention, 5pm --515pm tidy classroom hand in punishment essays, go home. it states quite clearly that the only way a student can get Saturday detention postphoned is in an emergency and guardian signs a letter saying they have a wedding or doctors etc. tomorrow is my friends 16th party and I am invited it is at a TOP theme park, MY QUESTION, I asked my sister to lie and sign the letter so I could get out of punishment, she said NO WAY I have broken the rules and MUST be punished, I think she is mean and cruel what do you think ?
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  • Should liberals bring up things like increased deficits caused by Trump when they passed Obamacare?

    Isn't that hypocrisy of the highest order.
    11 answers 12 hours ago Politics
  • Just quit my job due to being bullied..?

    Hi I'm 22 and unfortunately have just left my job due to being badly bullied by a co worker, and management doing absolutely nothing about it. I am currently looking for a new role in the same industry. However, my mind has now conjured up a new worry. The co worker that was bullying me was also looking to leave and find a new job doing the same thing (we both did the same job). The problem is, where I live there are only really 40-50 places you can work doing what I do, so the chances of running into someone you already know is reasonably high. I'm worrying now that me and my ex co-worker will unknowingly apply at the same company and become co-workers again. This co worker was throwing food at me, so I'd really like to avoid them if possible, as I'd probably end up leaving again, is this my anxiety creating these worries. The thing is, they are perfectly fine out of work, I.e. Work night outs, so I guess I could message them on Facebook and see what they're up to before I accept a new job offer. I know there is a small possibility of this happening, but am I over thinking/exaggerating it all?
    31 answers 2 days ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • Have you ever tried an Indian taco?

    32 answers 2 days ago Ethnic Cuisine
  • What is the "Blockbuster Trivia" answer and other Radio Trivia answers for Friday, October 20, 2017?

    Best answer: Friday October 20th

    B95.5 WYJB Albany NY
    6:25am: brandy
    9:25am: nurse
    4:25pm: fruit
    Back to work perk: Adele

    Blockbusters: Baywatch
    Bookworm Trivia: Exit West
    Classic Rock Challenge: Brimmed Hat
    Country Trivia: Thomas Rhett
    Get Your Game On: Amy
    Healthy Knowledge: Dental implant
    Music Challenge: England
    Music Pop Quiz: Miley Cyrus
    Sports Trivia: Ryan Zimmerman
    TV Trivia: Dr. Robert Ford
    Word Play Trivia: Chidlren

    B95 Email Blast Bonus Code (by 10pm Friday): Enter THANK YOU at for 1500 points. (Find the link under Bonus Codes on the site)
    4 answers 21 hours ago Radio
  • I’m seeing less and less fervent Trump support. Are the rose colored glasses finally coming off?

    18 answers 4 hours ago Politics
  • What is the best thing to do when it is raining?

    153 answers 5 days ago Other - Entertainment