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  • If I try to kiss a woman who doesn't like me, am I guilty of sexual harassment?

    Best answer: Unfortunately, in today's world, both the try to kiss and the attempted hug would qualify as harassment. Times really have changed in America. Women's lib and Feminism have entered a real era of power. People are predicting it will go all the way to the Supreme Court so that they can lay down the law carefully explaining what is and what is not harassment.
    22 answers 2 days ago Law & Ethics
  • Losing weight help?

    I am 5'8 I weigh 280 lb people say I'm unattractive I don't look good and some people say I look like a man and it does hurt me a lot I wanted to know what is the best protein shake and I want to try it better I'm trying really hard to leave the junk food alone and pop candy I need some advice I just moved into my new apartment and I cannot go to the gym right now I cannot afford to go to the gym so I need some advice and I got me a treadmill
    13 answers 22 hours ago Diet & Fitness
  • Is pedophile Roy Moore going to win in Alabama?

    19 answers 10 hours ago Politics
  • Is it true that most republicans don’t believe the women accusing Roy Moore and Donald Trump of sexual harrassment?

    22 answers 20 hours ago Politics
  • Should i sue after dog attack?

    Neighbors 8 month old golden retriever (very large dog) attacked my 2 month old dog. He was bloody and bite needed to be cleaned by vet. They paid for bill. I never reported it. Dog was on leash but their 10 year old son could not control him and he ran off after him. One month later he attacks my puppy again same situation child couldn’t control leash he ran and attacks my puppy and my son. While my teen was walking our dog outside. My sons pictures are attached he needed 9 stitches. I reported it this time and dog was taken away and dog was euthanized. I filed an affidavit and we went to court today they plead not guilty because their dog was on leash so they did no wrong. Anyhow judge finds him guilty and fined them $200. My sons arm still hurts him and this happened in July. Should i sue for pain and suffering? I’m upset they think they did nothing wrong!
    19 answers 12 hours ago Dogs
  • Do I neglect my pet?

    I have a pet dog and it's usually locked up in a cage and I feed it very often, clean his cage, etc. I never pet the dog though, hug it, or hold it, neither does my parents. My parents originally bought my dog for my older brother who now moved to college, and he usually let the dog out and let him roam around or stay in his room (my mom disliked this because my dog isn't trained). Recently I've noticed my dog tends to bark a lot, like a ridiculous amount, like it makes me stay up all night, I did research and I'm assuming the dog is trying to get our attention, he's loaded with food and water, and his area is clean, I'm thinking he's just barking out for our attention expecting affection, instead our mom lashes out at him and our dad tells us to ignore him and he'll be quiet. Honestly I feel like we should give him to another family.
    25 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • Why are women so materialistic?

    I am not blaming women for being so. I am just curious to know what makes women so materialistic?
    25 answers 1 day ago Gender Studies
  • Poll is it snowing where you are?

    Best answer: just a light dusting......its very pretty though
    89 answers 4 days ago Newborn & Baby
  • Poll: What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of?

    301 answers 6 days ago Movies
  • How much does a half a gallon of milk weigh?

    11 answers 20 hours ago Diet & Fitness
  • AMERICANS: what do you think of Ann Coulter?

    Do you think she is right or wrong on most issues? She is often depicted as far right in international press, do you consider her an extremist?
    20 answers 17 hours ago Politics
  • What name sounds better, Sutton Hastings or Sutton DiLaurentis?

    33 answers 2 days ago Baby Names
  • What does Trump mean in saying “Gillibrand will come to his office, begging for money & will do anything for it”?

    Is it sexual innuendo? Is he wrong?
    18 answers 11 hours ago Politics
  • Do all men hate feminists?

    21 answers 21 hours ago Gender Studies
  • How long should I work at McDonalds until I quit?

    Okay, sigh.. I HATE THIS JOB OH MY GOD GET ME OUT OF HERE MOM PLEASE IM SORRY CAN I TAKE CARE OF YOU AGAIN SO I CAN BE LAZY AND GET IHSS MONEY?? okay really though I hate this job and I don't want to be here anymore! coworkers aren't bad or anything, but the environment and workload is yucky and nasty! People may be able to deal with it but I cant! they have me on grill with no protection and I get small burns sometimes and that may not seem like a big deal. like steve foreal just stop being a pu$$y and take it like a man, be a man and just do it for the f*cking money but NO I CANNOT DO THIS. Im not going to put my body on the line for a mcdonalds! my back hurts, my feet hurt, I go home and barely get to do anything anymore and when I am home I just soak in a hot tub and shower then sleep! then the next day I wake, i TRY TO WAKE UP. I try to wake up early but now that ive been working in that dam environment i feel so pessimistic all the time now and i don't to wake up to go to a place i don't want to, even if its for money anymore! I CANT! Its driving me crazy, I have a little brother i have to take care of and my mom is ill and i need to be a man and take care of them but i.. tsk nvm.. whos gonna help me anyways.. i always feel alone.. f*ck this, f*ck that.. i just want to go away I was thinking about applying for Alorica (call center) and just working there. its a call center that helps people over the phone. stupid answers yahoo wont let me type more than this.. smh
    15 answers 1 day ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • Your favourite Guns n Roses member old or new?

    10 answers 19 hours ago Rock and Pop
  • Why do liberals hate tax cuts ?

    19 answers 15 hours ago Politics
  • What is the "Blockbuster Trivia" answer and other Radio Trivia answers for Monday, December 11, 2017?

    Best answer: Monday December 11th

    B95.5 WYJB Albany NY
    6:25am: flurry
    9:25am: nutcracker
    Back to work perk: Carpenters
    4:25pm: drummer

    Blockbusters Trivia: Michael Bay
    Bookworm Trivia: Outlander
    Classic Rock Challenge: The Smothers Brothers Comedy
    Country Music Trivia: Taylor Swift
    Get Your Game On: Subway Surfers
    Healthy Knowledge: Abalone
    Home for the Holidays Trivia: Red
    Music Challenge: The Beastie Boys
    Music Pop Quiz: John Mayer
    Sports Trivia: Miguel Sano
    TV Trivia: Hawkins, Indiana
    4 answers 2 days ago Radio