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  • Questions about bullying?

    I'm going to perform a speech touching on this subject by the next week and I want to do some research. I don't feel like just googling it all through because the amount of articles out there is really overwhelming. 1. Does bullying have to be aggressive? Most sites say so, but then there's a couple or so that say that bullying can 'take the form in subtle actions' 2. Can bullying be simply because the bully doesn't like the victim? 3. What if the bully intends to make the victim feel bad by offending him/her, but not realizing that it's bullying? Can that still be considered bullying? I've seen some kids constantly making fun of someone else and they know that the person doesn't like it, but it wasn't until later when someone scolded them that they realized they were bullying 4. Can sexual/non-sexual harassment also be called as bullying? (Idk, maybe it's just me being stupid but the two sound like different things) If you want to let me know some other things about bullying that I should take into account, go ahead. If you also have any personal experiences with bullying, either as a victim or bully, you can tell me that too. This is absolutely optional though. There is no need to share your personal problems f you don't want to Thank you to anyone who answers (properly)
    10 answers 14 hours ago Psychology
  • Since FOX denies Climate Change, aren't they fake news?

    31 answers 2 days ago Politics
  • If people walked around naked wouldn't females be constantly looking at male penises??

    47 answers 3 days ago Gender Studies
  • I can t help but dislike most men?

    I was raped by my father when I was born to around 7-8. He would do it regularly and he took advantage as my mother didn t know and since I was young and in a way thought it was normal. My two brothers are usually nice and caring but every time I see statistics of rape and domestic violence that women and men endure as a result of a man, I get sickened. (I am perfectly aware women can be abusive too, and I think that should be more acknowledged) I am 14 and I regularly get cat called. I do not look older than I am and I was cat called when I was 11. I unfairly assume every man is like this and my anxiety levels go crazy when alone with a man. I want to trust men but it s just so hard. A taxi driver tried to touch my leg which obviously didn t help. That was only a week ago. Every time I restore my faith in men, an incident occurs. At school a boy said he wanted to rape me to his friend. I just hate being objectified when I don t dress revealing (even if I did, I would not be responsible for his control and actions) I went to therapy but that didn t help.
    21 answers 1 day ago Gender Studies
  • How old are people throughout college?

    Honestly, I am sick and tired of being a year older than everyone in my grade. It gave me depression, stress, and the fact that my crushes won't even consider to date me because of my age is killing me. When I go to college, how old is everyone? (My mom said that there are various groups of ages in college, and I hope she's right) Thanks you ;)
    31 answers 2 days ago Higher Education (University +)
  • Why are Trump supporters o.k. with all of his lies. They called Clinton a liar, but embrace Trump's lies. Why is that?

    Best answer: Republican voters have been taught that party is the most important thing. They hate the Democrats so they believe it's okay to just make up lies about them and repeat them over and over. They'd rather have the most dishonest, least competent president in American history than a pretty good Democratic president. In fact, during the Obama administration, Congress was effectively paralyzed! They didn't want to get anything accomplished that Obama might get some credit for. This policy is sometimes called 'scorched earth'.

    And this is partly because there's really not that much difference between the parties these days. They're both sponsored by the same special interest, and the influence and importance of money in elections continues to grow. Neither party can say 'They want to do -this- but we want to do -that-', because they both really have the same agenda. It's all really about who runs things, who's in control. The Republicans DESPERATELY want to be in control, and they don't care what damage they might have to do to the country to get into power!
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  • Chemistry questions?

    Sometimes I find chemistry quite challenging so I have a few questions: 1) what are the differences between "ite" "ide" and "ate" like how do I know which one to use 2) what the heck are oxidation and reduction reactions (redox), I just don't get it like how can you tell if it's lost electrons and is an oxidation or if it's gained electrons and is a reduction?!?!? Please help and try to answer as simply as possible :)
    7 answers 1 day ago Chemistry
  • HORSE RACING:What are your Top 3 Selections for THE FAIR GROUNDS HANDICAP @ Fair Grounds Race Course?

    Fair Grounds H. Fair Grounds / Sat. Feb.25,2017 1 1/8 Miles | Open / 4 Year Olds And Up | G3 STAKES | Purse: $125,000 Surface:Turf/ Race 10 / Post:5:33 Est. / TV: TVG Post / Horse / Jockey / Trainer / ML Odds 1-Bullards Alley M. Pedroza 116 Lbs T. Glyshaw 12-1 2-Greengrassofyoming R. Albarado 118 Lbs M. Maker 4-1 3-Blame Angel R. Santana, Jr. 115 Lbs B. Barnett 20-1 4-One Mean Man M. Gutierrez 116 Lbs B. Flint 12-1 5-Granny's Kitten M. Mena 121 Lbs M. Maker 3-1 6-Enterprising J. Leparoux 118 Lbs M. Maker 6-1 7-Golden Soul J. Velazquez 115 Lbs D. Stewart 20-1 8-Western Reserve S. Bridgmohan 118 Lbs B. Cox 7/2 9-Oscar Nominated F. Geroux 120 Lbs M. Maker 7/2 Ultimate PP`s / Saturday / Enterprising / Race 10 ***The Blue Jay Factor*** Win ( 1 ) Bullards Alley Plc ( 8 ) Western Reserve Shw ( 5 ) Granny`s Kitten Alt: ( 2 ) Greengrassofyoming ( 9 ) Oscar Nominated "May the Horse be with You"
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  • Etiquette: Why is it bad etiquette to stop a couple kissing in a movie theatre?

    Hint: It's like talking to people during a movie screening.
    7 answers 5 hours ago Etiquette
  • Why don't conservatives realize that Hillary was just a bad candidate?

    It wasn't that Trump won, it's just the Dems didn't have a good candidate this time. She was similar to Romney in that she said too many ignorant words like "deplorable" which could be comparable to the 47 percenters. If the Dems had a better candidate they would have won.
    19 answers 12 hours ago Politics
  • I forgot my password. I dont have access to my recovery email or number. I know what they are I just can t get into them. What can i do?

    14 answers 2 days ago Password and Sign In
  • Heterogeneity report 15: Do you appreciate the enrichment? (News section. Right-hand side) Three schoolboys arrested after alleged acid attack at Dagenham. Alien community members most likely responsible, given the method used. school Man loses hand in Halal shop. I am sure you have all heard about that racist man spitting in that 'white' woman's face by now. Mental illness is not an excuse.
    10 answers 2 days ago Dream Interpretation
  • How did Hitler able to tell who was a Jew and who was not?

    Arent all Jews white and look the same as regular white people? How was Hitler able to look and point out who was Jewish or not? They are the same race that Hitler was trying to create as the master race. You cant just point out a Jew by looking at him as if he was black or asian. How can Hitler tell? Has he ever captured the wrong person who he thought was Jewish? Was Hitler possibly a Jew himself? Why did he want the master race to all have blue eyes and blond hair when Hitler had neither? Is that why he killed himself?
    11 answers 16 hours ago Genealogy
  • Do people still like to read books?

    I have a huge passion for writing, and I was wondering if people still like to read for fun? It would be fun to write a novel sometime in the near future.
    141 answers 5 days ago Books & Authors
  • Weight training to lose weight?

    Hello! So I m trying to lose weight & when I ve done it in the past I took classes. I m now going to be doing it on my own at a gym, but my question is, should I also use the weights after my cardio workout?? I need help with a routine.
    17 answers 1 day ago Diet & Fitness
  • What is your comfort food?

    After a hard day, or a difficult day, when you're tired and a bit sad or down...what's your ideal comfort food?
    48 answers 3 days ago Diet & Fitness
  • Is it true that the best man always screws one of the bridesmaids?

    Ours did and I am so mad my husband laughs and says it's a tradition!
    39 answers 2 days ago Weddings
  • Why don't atheists get that God doesn't care if they believe in Him or not, because He sends them to Hell anyway?

    Best answer: But they do matter to Him. Jesus died for these atheists and their biggest regret in hell will be the fact that they rejected the love of Jesus for the freedom to live their lives according to their own rules
    31 answers 2 days ago Religion & Spirituality
  • Shouldn't our landlords lower our rent by taking away the garage?

    Recently we have had moisture & water get into our garage at the house we are renting. The landlords have now told us the garage can not be used anymore because a new foundation has to be put in to stop the problem. Meanwhile it sounds like they may even be knocking the garage down, and perhaps building another one, but also adding on a bedroom and bath next to the new garage. We have a lot of stuff, and also have a storage shed. The storage shed is filled to the brim & the garage is filled to the brim. We have no place now to put our stuff. PLUS, there hasn't been one mention of the landlords saying they would lower the rent now that we won't have a garage. How fair is that? Shouldn't they legally be made to lower the rent while we have to put a lot of our stuff in storage, or go buy another storage shed? If all this work starts, I have a feeling we will be asked to move, because I can't see how they could do it with us living here. Advise please!!!! We have to deal with a management place, and it's very difficult to get them to return calls. They have pretty much actually told us there is nothing we can do but move our stuff from the garage.
    20 answers 13 hours ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Is MGTOW Even a Thing Anymore?

    Best answer: MGTOW is nothing but a small group of 25 and 30 year old virgin men and butthurt whiney guys crying about women either not petting them on the head enough or burned them and hurt their feelings. Those weaklings are getting old and irrevelant.

    Us bad ******* are back and running shyt again. MGTOW is dead and dying and never was relevant with men. Just femi-males.
    7 answers 1 day ago Gender Studies