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  • The Russia thing is pretty much a ruse, right?

    Best answer: The "Russia thing" as you call the widespread interference by Russia in our democratic process and election, is a threat to each and every American, so it should not be seen as a one-party issue.

    Hard-as-nails former head of the ruthless KGB (now GRU Russian military intelligence) Vladimir Putin is a short man, like Trump (who wears lifts), and like many short men, his ego is gigantic and he has a deep-rooted inferiority complex for which he overcompensates (also like Trump). The question to ask yourselves is: If power-lusting Putin could undermine the United States and democracy in general, would he? If yes, what is in it for Putin? To get to know this tiny tyrant, I recommend that you find "The Kleptocracy of Putin: Who Really Owns Russia?" available online, and realize you are dealing with a power-mad, cold-hearted, completely ruthless little bugger who has "visions of worldtakeover" running through his mean-eyed head.

    Now, folks...get a copy of the 2016 book by David Cay Johnston, "The Making of Donald Trump" and read it with an open mind. Trump is corrupt to the core, raised by an even more corrupt slumlord dad who died in 1991 of Alzheimer's. Trump has no social conscience, and only cares about Trump, and this is shown in each well-documented page of the Johnston book. In terms of ties to Russia, look for the name Felix Sater, who was given offices on the 22nd floor of Trump Tower by Trump in 2002 when Sater became CEO of of the Russian-owned Bayrock Group development corporation after first getting caught by our FBI while a stockbroker in New York setting up a $40 million stock fraud scheme that was designed to open new inroads into Wall Street for LA COSA NOSTRA crime families, some of whom Trump has done business over the years. Sater's job as partner was to prospect for potential building sites for Trump buildings, and Trump gave Sater the rights to negotiate in his [Trump's] name for sites in Moscow and all over the Russian BLOC (Johnston, 2016). How is this related to the campaign year "Russia thing"? Felix Sater is the Russian-born son of the Russian MAFIA CRIME BOSS operating here in the U.S. Sater is also awaiting a sentence for having laundered money for the Russian MAFIA---maybe while working as Trump's "Senior Business Consultant"---something an investigation of the "Russia thing" will surely show.

    For those of you who wish to dig further and have some techie skills, look up the website for Tea Pain (full name Thomas Addison Pain), at, and the article entitled, "Jared Kushner's Stealth Russian Data Machine." Throughout most of the 2016 election, there was a three-way covert data swap uncovered by @LouiseMensch and @Conspiratoro on Twitter that was built upon by data analyst Pain, where three different servers were used to funnel data to (and from) Russia's ALFA bank, the DeVos-owned Spectrum Health in Michigan, and Trump Tower. Pain saw the data patterns analyzed by Conspiratoro and recognized "Data Base Replication" which he charted in detail, showing periods of "PING" activity, then long periods of "sleep" (perhaps to avoid detection). The charting of this PING activity helped Pain formulate a much clearer working model to explain what was going on during the election: "SQL SERVER DATABASE REPLICATION. Basically, from May 4th to September 23, 2016, a Trump Tower server transmitted directly to Russia's ALFA Bank. In the same time frame, identical DNS Traffic was ongoing between Trump Tower and the DeVos-owned Spectrum Health in Michigan. This should most definitely be investigated for collusion and possible racketeering, but it should also be determined whether the DeVos family involvement has anything to do with quid pro quo appointment of the utterly unqualified Betsy DeVos (sister to Erik Prince of mercenaries-for-hire Prince Group and founder of the evangelically right-wing murderous no-bid contractor Blackwater) to the position of Education Secretary. There is a lot to investigate here.

    A total of 39 states have been victims of Russian hacks, to include phishing e-mails sent to multiple counties in these 39 states that would have taken over election officials' computers. Both Bloomberg News and the Rupert Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal have verified that the hacking took place, and you can look up other examples yourselves. Try the recent hacking of our slot machines by a multi-state very well-organized Russian gang led by Razhden Shulaya, a Russian MAFIA master thief (like a crime boss), called a "vor" in Russia, who hooked up with right-wing Republican Aaron Nevins, a GOP political operative, in Florida.

    There is no "ruse" about the efforts of Putin and Russia to destroy our sovereignty, undermine our economy, and interfere with our elections so that Putin can get his long-time puppet incompetent and sociopathic Trump into power. Hillary won the election. Just the GOP-governed states' voter suppression in key swing states would have given Hillary the real landslide of Electoral College votes. By having the GRU Russian military intel unit and its "lieutenants" (Gucifer 2.0, for example) hack into our voting machines (which there is some evidence they did), into the DNC headquarters (proven), into the private company VR Systems used to tally votes, and any phony right-wing voter registration tampering due to white nationalist Kansas AG Kris Kobach and his insane CROSSCHECK computer program that has registered voters with Hispanic, foreign, or Black names removed if those names show up on other states' registration rolls---based on the nut-job theory that if the name is spelled the same in multiple states (but only for "Black, Hispanic, or Asian" names), that this is one person trying to vote in multiple states at the same time. See? Russia is not the only one messing with our elections or colluding with the Trump campaign---the GOP appears to have done so as well.

    I hope we can just oust the Nincompoop-in-Chief and all of his Russia-colluding cheat-to-"win" folks and start over by putting the LEGITIMATE #45 President in power: Hillary Rodham Clinton.
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  • When will the impeachment proceedings for Trump take place?

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  • Elizabeth Warren says she is nasty. Should we keep her away from our children ?

    Best answer: I'd say take her at her word.

    Yes, keep her away from children.
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  • This or that?

    Aubrey or Audrey Lauren or Laurel Makenna or Makenzie Hayley or Hadley Emerald or Jade Isabelle or Ivy Brooklyn or Brooke Emma or Emory Jamie or Jess's Raelyn or Reagan Sage or Selene Vivian or Victoria Wren or Willow
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  • Right wingers: what do you think of hate speech/hate crimes against Muslims?

    I'm talking about someone who looks Muslim or someone wearing a hijab minding their own business on a subway/train/bus/etc and someone randomly comes up and starts doing things like calling them terrorists, verbally attacking them, and other forms of hate speech?
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  • Which cars out of these are the best?

    1. Honda Civic 2. Honda Accord 3. Honda CR-V 4. Toyota Camry 5. Toyota Prius II 6. Toyota Prius V 7. Nissan Sentra SV 8. Nissan Altima 2.5 SV 9. Nissan Rogue
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  • Scale of 1 to 10 communism is a threat to American way of life ?

    Best answer: 0. No one is trying to spread communism any more. You're about 50 years behind the times.
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  • Why don't conservatives and liberals just have a war and get it over with?

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  • Will the Trump Administration preserve all documents relating to Russia as the DoJ has instructed?

    An email sent to workers on Donald Trump's presidential campaign instructed them to preserve all documents related to the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and campaign officials like former campaign manager Paul Manafort, advisers Carter Page, Rick Gates and Roger Stone, and former national security advisor Michael Flynn.
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  • If the West is so racist how come Africans are clamouring to come here, and not the other way around?

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  • Can you tell me why Obama is not in jail?

    Best answer: Well lets see.
    It's already been proven Barrack Hussein Obama is an illegal muslim immigrant.
    Fake ID
    Fake Birth certificate.
    illegal presidency.
    Supporter of isis
    letting in all his muslim brothers.
    supporting treasons Hilliary
    I could go on and on...
    He's not in jail because the US government is promoting the new world order.
    I have no F*cking idea what Trump is doing.
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  • If liberals hate millionaires, why do they suck up to celebrities?

    Best answer: Their attention spans are so low anything that looks shiny will peak their interest.
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  • In your opinion, what is the point of life?

    Best answer: To enjoy family and friends while we still can.
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  • Should liberals stop making unfounded claims about Trump (such as he's a rapist)?

    If liberals want to have the moral high-ground and truely want the electorate to make fact based decisions, shouldn't liberals lead by example and not say things about Trump / Republicans that are not true?
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  • If Trump Repeals ObamaCare What will happen to all of the people that need Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) to keep healthy?

    Best answer: They won't be able to get insurance and will probably die sooner.
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  • Why aren't energy companies building new coal-fired power stations in Australia?

    Best answer: Because burning coal to make steam is a two centuries old technology that has run its course. Jeez, steam powered cars went out a hundred years ago.
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