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  • Why dont people like trump?

    i dont see anything rong with him
    21 answers 7 days ago Words & Wordplay
  • Would you report an illegal alien to ICE?

    Best answer: I know illegals and I would only finger gang members and criminals, but I'm neither a gang member or criminal and have nothing in common with them so I don't know any.
    I'm very angry that an illegal rear-ended me and had no insurance, but I couldn't press the issue no matter how angry I was, rather I felt sorry for the dumb SOB and I'm still really angry about it!
    Though I don't believe in illegal immigration and they at large aren't any more special than anyone else other than those that are my friends. America must protect it's borders. Most illegals won't tell most Americans they are illegal just as most can't really speak to Americans who don't speak Spanish.
    15 answers 6 days ago Politics
  • Can you think of any boy names?

    My boyfriend and I are having a hard time picking out a boy name. We don't agree with each other.Him and I are having our very first child. A boy. I am 19. He is 20. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to who ever answers. No negative commentss please. Thank you.
    42 answers 6 days ago Baby Names
  • Which boy name do you like best?

    Best answer: David.
    32 answers 6 days ago Baby Names
  • Should older black Americans who suffered racism in the 1950's be given reparations?

    Best answer: Yes
    At least $1 million
    17 answers 6 days ago Politics
  • Do 'tards know i used to sniff my moms underwear?

    Best answer: Ha ! Nice ?
    8 answers 7 days ago Politics
  • Why do blacks and Muslims smell bad?

    Best answer: Trump cannot get that black muslim smell out of the White House.
    16 answers 7 days ago Politics
  • Do you love the taste of rainier cherries?

    Best answer: I love rainier cherries, much sweeter than bing and other varieties.
    27 answers 7 days ago Vegetarian & Vegan
  • What is your favorite classical movie? Musical, funny, drama etc?

    34 answers 1 week ago Movies
  • Why hasn't ISIS attacked Israel?

    ISIS has attacked America, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Belgium and many more countries yet it hasn't attacked the supposed SWORN ENEMY OF ISLAM??
    19 answers 7 days ago Politics
  • What do white people think of black people?

    I"m just wondering but what do white people think of black people? I'm black and the reason I'm asking this is because traditionally blacks were oppressed in the united states through Jim crow and in south Africa through apartheid and can't understand what blacks did to make white people hate us so much.
    18 answers 6 days ago Politics
  • The quadratic x^2 - 4x - 21 can be written in the form (x+a)^2 +b Find the values of a and b?

    I tried googling it but I have no idea how to solve it. Could someone please answer it for me and explain to me how you got it? Thankyou
    21 answers 7 days ago Mathematics
  • If rear wiper is not working is it against the law?

    25 answers 1 week ago Law & Ethics
  • Why do women choose clothes that are sexually enticing?

    So, there was the question about why women's clothes are so perverse, and one of the replies made a point which I want to steal and tailor a bit. Why, when given the freedom to choose any clothes they wish, do women seem to favour highly revealing clothing that leaves little to the imagination and is the most sexually provocative? Sure, we have this clothing in our society, but it's hardly the only look available and society looks more favourably on you if you don't dress that way, so why do you all choose it?
    51 answers 7 days ago Gender Studies
  • Name Game - What would you call this Family?

    Best answer: •Cross•
    Father: Russell Thomas Cross "Russ."
    Mother: Natalia Francis Cross "Nat."

    •Daughter: Lilias Claire Cross "Lily."
    •Son: Maxim Isaac Cross "Max."
    •Twin Daughters: Lottie Kate Cross & Lydia Elle Cross "Lou & Leigh."
    46 answers 6 days ago Baby Names
  • Why my puppy eats other dog poop while doesnt eat much of his food ?

    Every time i take him for a walk to the park or near river side he eats other dog crap while at home he doesnt eat his proper grain free dog food ( dry and wet mix with home made ) much . What could be wrong ?
    35 answers 1 week ago Dogs
  • Why do people assume you are a Dem if you oppose Trump?

    Best answer: Many Republicans and conservatives don't like Trump. Trump’s approval ratings have never been high. He experienced lower initial approval ratings than former Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan.

    He’s a pathological liar.

    He’s a fake, a fraud, and a con-man.

    He convinced 81 percent of white evangelical Christian voters to throw Jesus under the bus to vote for a man who bragged about grabbing women “by the pussy.”

    He fired the acting Attorney General because she determined that the president’s executive order on immigration was constitutionally indefensible.

    He disrespects duly-appointed, Senate-confirmed federal magistrates: “so-called judges.”

    He’s offended our friends and allies, treating the Mexican and Australian governments in much the same way he’s treated John McCain and Megyn Kelly and a disabled reporter and Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz and the Gold Star Khan Family and Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio and Rosie O’Donnell.

    He hasn’t, as far as we know, paid federal income taxes in years, bragging that it’s smart on his part — meaning it’s dumb on our part to do so, thereby undermining citizen investment in shared governance. Nor has he released federal tax returns, as other presidential candidates have for the last 40 years.

    His wife in New York City, his weekly trips to Mar-a-Lago, and his gallivanting children are costing us a fortune.

    He’s sloppy with national security. Proof: Michael Flynn.

    He’s given us a Secretary of Education who was born into and married into a billionaire family, has never attended a public school or taught in a public school, never taken out a student loan or applied for a Pell Grant, or even much supported our public schools.

    He nominated a labor secretary (now withdrawn) who took advantage of an undocumented worker, pays his fast-food employees a shitty wage, and wants to replace humans with robots because they don’t take vacation days.

    He’s put together an administration of the wealthy, by the wealthy, and for the wealthy.

    He said he’d negotiate lower drug prices from pharmaceutical companies. Now he says he won’t — but will give big pharma tax breaks and lift certain regulations on their industry.

    He turned the nomination of a Supreme Court justice into the finale of a prime-time reality-show.

    He knows little about the history of the United States, about our constitutional system, or about our institutions of government.

    He has left millions of Americans who acquired health insurance via the ACA worried sick that this great benefit will be stripped from them.

    His closest advisers have added to the chaos of the first weeks of the new administration: Kellyanne Conway and her universe of “alternative facts” — like the Bowling Green Massacre; Steve Bannon, who wants to play war with our military; Stephen Miller, who yells at the American people that the president’s views “will not be questioned!”; and Sean Spicer, period.

    He uses Twitter to harangue and berate and demean individuals and journalists and companies that question his infallibility.

    He uses fear and anxiety to bring out the worst impulses that lurk just beneath the surface to pimp for votes and deepen the crevasse between his America and the rest of us.

    He has not drained the swamp, as he promised. It’s deeper. It’s wider. It’s even more dangerous.

    Conservative Republicans would have crucified our former philosopher-president, Barack Obama, for behavior that even resembled that of our schoolyard bully president, Donald Trump. Where is their outrage now? President Turmp is not making America great again. He’s making America ugly again.
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  • Do you think there is more civil unrest now than in the 60's and 70's?

    Best answer: There were thousands more protests during 60-70s, 50x the engagement, and throughout the 70s thousands of (mostly radical left wing) domestic terrorist attacks every year. To a much lesser degree, I do sense some familiarity to the 70s. I was reading Jeffrey Toobin's Patty Hearst book in November and got spooked. I think average people have been pushed to the edge by betrayal of the social contract. Plus the spectre of illegitimacy around the election, an unretaliated attack by Russia, the Nixon parallels. People are frustrated, losing hope of legal solutions, and I think, going to snap in violent ways. It's worrying.
    37 answers 6 days ago Politics