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  • Is my sister being fair? (Read details)?

    Hi I'm 16 and my older sister who is 21 is getting married soon. She has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids and of course I said yes, but she won't let me choose the dress that I will be wearing on the day? I've found what I think is my dream bridesmaids dress but she said "no it doesn't go" what does that even mean!? I'd obviously pair it with shoes, hair and makeup that "Go" with the dress!! ­čśí
    47 answers 4 days ago Weddings
  • With the Republicans Trump and Republicans controlling all, how soon will America fall into another great and devastating depression?

    Best answer: First, there will be several congressional investigations. We need to know if there is any truth to the allegations that Trump's campaign team was secretly working with the Russians. Putin's hack succeeded beyond anything this country has ever seen. It will take about a year before Trump starts a war and destroys the US economy. The republicans will fulfill their dream of the next great depression by 2020.

    Our pro-Kremlin president-elect is now at war with our seventeen US intelligence agencies and he is hard at work insulting our strongest allies. Washington is in chaos and now our democracy is being threatened. The rumor is that Putin said, "this was like winning 17 jackpots all at once".
    21 answers 3 days ago Politics
  • What are Repubs going to do to end the practice of women having kid after kid out of wedlock?

    Best answer: Well, they want to outlaw abortion, and they want to defund planned parenthood and they do not think medical insurance should cover birth control. So clearly that are doing nothing and trying to roll back what is available to women. It is proven that when birth control is readily available, women don't get pregnant as often.
    23 answers 3 days ago Politics
  • Do you think Trump will gas Muslims like Hitler gassed the Jews?

    Best answer: Just gas the Jews and the Muslims will go away
    22 answers 3 days ago Politics
  • Why are we being forced to learn evolution and not creationism?

    I don't get the education system. While I am a strong believer in evolution, currently majoring in biology, shouldn't we learn about creationism as well? Evolution has obviously not been proven yet, nor has adam and eve, so if we are going to teach evolution, shouldn't we teach creationism as well in all fairness? No one knows how life began unless you time travel, but shouldn't the corrupt school system educate us with both sides? Or at least give religious students the right to opt out?
    91 answers 7 days ago Teaching
  • Was Hillary Clinton presidential material?

    Best answer: Much more so than Trump, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State.
    23 answers 5 days ago Politics
  • Which JR boys' name combo do you like best? Jensen Ross? Jake Reid? Jared Ryan? or Jagger Riley?

    28 answers 3 days ago Baby Names
  • What souvenirs do you bring back from the places you visit.?

    Best answer: I like finding a local art market and buying a small original piece that is indicative of the place but not like the mass market stuff
    27 answers 3 days ago Other - Australia
  • Why aren't Liberals upset about?

    HILLARY'S RACIST comments towards Blacks?? Just a YEAR ago??
    26 answers 5 days ago Politics
  • Are Most Suicidal people Water Signs?

    Best answer: There have been studies done on suicides and sun signs and yeah all of them show Pisces and Cancer topping the list. Next Taurus and last Virgo on top of the list.

    "There's a very interesting research result on this question available. Gunter Sachs, a mathematician (and playboy) who actually himself committed suicide in the end, wanted to find out whether sun sign astrology could be shown to have statistical significance in a number of life issues. He used huge data samples that were openly available and had them processed in a thorough manner by a renowned statistical research institute. For the topic of suicide, he used official population statistics for the entire population of Switzerland. In that country, between 1969 and 1994, altogether 30.358 people whose birth data was on file were listed as having committed suicide. Taking into account the fact that the sun signs are not evenly distributed in the population, the result of the statistical analysis was that Taurus, Cancer and Pisces Suns were significantly more likely to have committed suicide. Most other signs (including Cappy) showed a neutral (non-significant) result. Libra and Sag, however, were significantly less likely to have committed suicide.

    The book is called The Astrology File: Scientific Proof of the Link Between Star Signs and Human Behaviour by Gunter Sachs."

    Also... more studies showing pisces and the same signs...

    An extensive study examining 60,000 unnatural deaths revealed that a person's astrological sign not only effects the way they live, it also influences the way they might die. Looking at suicide in particular (as one of more than 10 methods of unnatural deaths reviewed), there is a clear connection between the method used and the probability of killing oneself and the star sign involved.

    I'm trying to link the source to the website but it keeps getting blocked on here. Here's a screenshot of it.

    These signs don't like it, and will thumb this down, but these studies have been done proving it.
    24 answers 3 days ago Horoscopes
  • Do we have aliens from other galaxies already here on earth? Walking amongst us????

    42 answers 5 days ago Astronomy & Space
  • Is Donald Trump misinformed ?

    Best answer: Donald Trump is a very insecure and thin-skinned little boy in a man's body who can't handle criticism. It probably has something to do with the fact that his father was such a hard-*** and that he didn't really achieve his own wealth, he inherited it. His knee-jerk response to criticism is to lash out instantly, to insult whoever has criticized him in any way possible, whether or not he's in possession of any facts, any real knowledge.

    I've been amazed by his immaturity. If he doesn't grow up quickly, we're in for some real problems, especially on the international relations stage.
    27 answers 6 days ago Politics
  • How do you get married when you cannot afford a wedding?

    Hello! I'm in need of some Christian advice.. My boyfriend and I are moving to a new area for jobs, family, school, and other opportunities. We are moving into an apartment together and I'm worried because we are not married. We both want to be married and are serious about marriage, but we've ran into some obstacles. First of all, we have no money for the wedding my boyfriend and his family wants. So we thought, "Let's go to the courthouse and get married" because neither of us want to live in sin. But my boyfriend is very traditional, wants a traditional wedding in a church with our friends and family, and wants to give me everything he thinks a wedding should be. So we are stuck.. I do not want him to marry me in a way he is not comfortable with, but the most important thing is that we do not live in sin and that we get married. So we thought about going somewhere to get married now and have our wedding at a later date, but my boyfriend says it may not feel as real for him if we do that. What are our options? Is there a way to dedicate our lives and our marriage to God but then have a ceremony later like my boyfriend and his family want? We aren't sure if we just want to get married under God that we have to still get a marriage license or if there is a way to do all of this without one. We basically want to get married under God right now and then get married legally and traditionally at a later time. I'm lost. What are our options?
    84 answers 7 days ago Weddings
  • Suggest me a good movie?

    62 answers 5 days ago Movies
  • Have any of you been getting "best answer" in the hunting section?

    For years I haven't gotten a best answer- I think Yahoo has still been trying to "punish" my conservative attitude. But all of a sudden- last few weeks....I seem to be getting 4 or 5 every day- some are a couple years old. Wonder whats going on???
    24 answers 5 days ago Hunting
  • My 15y/o cousin just told me that she's pregnant?

    My younger cousin has only just turned 15 and had been acting really strange the last few weeks, I asked her multiple times what was wrong and she just wouldn't tell me. Eventually she broke down in tears and told me everything... She's 9 weeks pregnant, doesn't want an abortion, doesn't want to tell her parents and her mum hates her boyfriend. She's so scared and stressed out and my heart literally broke for her. She's so young, too young to be dealing with something like this. She's tiny too, she has like AA sized boobs and hasn't even finished going through puberty. Will her body even be able to handle having a baby?? I tried to discus the abortion idea with her a little more but she said she definitely doesn't want to do that and doesn't want her parents to know about her pregnancy because she feels like they will force her into it. I really don't know what to do... She wants me to come with her to all her appointments but I feel bad doing this behind her parents backs but I definitely can't tell them either because it's up to her to tell them. Please help, I need advice!!
    43 answers 4 days ago Family
  • What's for dinner?

    Best answer: tuna salad sandwich and chili
    37 answers 5 days ago Cooking & Recipes
  • Will liberals ever figure out that constantly accusing people who disagree with them as being racist/sexist/homophobic doesn't work anymore?

    When liberals realize they need to actually debate issues and stop the childish and hurtful name calling?
    13 answers 4 days ago Politics
  • I hear liberals are so mad, they are getting off the couch over Trumps victory?

    19 answers 3 days ago Politics
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