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  • Would you describe yourself as assertive?

    28 answers 2 days ago Newborn & Baby
  • Name these sibling sets?

    Set 1 - Girl: Lucille, Clara, Sophia, Rosalie, Ella, Madelyn Boy: Leo, Miles, Elias, Carson, Michael, Adam Set 2 - Girl: Kylie, Avery, Eden, Grace, Hailey, Kaitlyn Girl: Alayna, Charlotte, Julia, Lena, Melanie, Saige Set 3 - Boy: Holden, Lucas, Dylan, Owen, Kyle, Mason Boy: Jackson, Jordan, Drew, Bryce, Finn, Issac Boy: Kai, Alex, Cooper, Blake, Nicholas, Jasper Set 4 - Boy: Jeffrey, Hunter, Zachariah, Joshua, Daniel, Grant Girl: Ashlynn, Sienna, Valerie, Zoey, Gabrielle, Brooke Girl: Ivy, Layla, Kristen, Savannah, Caroline, Elisa
    20 answers 18 hours ago Baby Names
  • My maid smokes around my child?

    Best answer: I only read the first half, and that was more than was necessary.
    Fire this woman, and go through an agency to get a respectable housekeeper who doesn't smoke, and doesn't lie.

    Check with a lawyer first, before you do anything or say anything.
    Since she is living in, you may find you need to legally evict her now.
    If she were not doing anything for rent, it might take 3 days, but in her case, she is earning it, so it may be 30 days. That could be sticky.

    Go speak to a lawyer about getting rid of her. There have been cases where nannies have refused to leave, and they legally had to be allowed to stay, while they dragged the parents into court. If she is not in the country legally, that gives you leverage, but also pouts you at risk- and so does paying her under the table.

    As I said, talkto an attorney first, and in the future, be more careful.
    11 answers 24 hours ago Law & Ethics
  • My family can't afford Christmas, what should I do?

    I know I am lucky to have a house, computer, and be fed and all that. But I was really excited for Christmas and a piece of me just died when I found out my family couldn't afford it this year... It's not that I am greedy it's just that I am in need of some new clothes -.- I go to school and at my school everyone is so privleged and go home to their pools, tanning beds, and saunas, and they come to school all dressed up meanwhile I sit there awkwardly feeling like crap for wearing the clothes I wear. I know it sounds silly but I've never had very high self esteem anyway. On top of that all my friends are telling me how they are getting tons and tons of things for christmas and it is horrible to hear about. But who I really feel sorry for are my little siblings who are 6 and 9. Both whom are equally as poorly dressed and depressed as I am. What should I do? P.S Don't tell me to go call child services because even though my family can't provide for me I still love them and don't want to be taken away from them.
    10 answers 21 hours ago Christmas
  • Survey : Do you eat snacks at night?

    Best answer: Yes I do Nina, it's a bad habit of mine, I must give it up somehow.
    52 answers 4 days ago Newborn & Baby
  • How long can a family member carry on a feud that happened 60 years ago?

    Best answer: Sounds like a silly childish feud between people which carried on to the next generation. If your cousin isn't grown up to talk to you like an adult, why bother worrying. Some people are just big babies at heart (and not in the good way either).
    19 answers 3 days ago Family
  • Can you name a Politician who kept his promises?

    174 answers 6 days ago Politics
  • What color are your eyes?

    Best answer: Mine can be really weird. Sometimes they appear like a bright blue(ish)-grey, however I've been told then can be a mixture of blue and hazel. It kind of depends on the lighting I guess, lol.
    For the sake of simplicity though, I just say they're blue.
    271 answers 6 days ago Newborn & Baby
  • How do you dodge a military draft?

    Best answer: Put a scarf on or close the window.
    23 answers 1 day ago Military
  • Can a landord force us to give him 2 months notice before we leave ?

    We signed a lease until June 25. He said we must tell him by apr 25 if we are leaving or will add another year lease. and on april 27 we told him we were leaving after June 25th. He said we waited to long and now are responsible for the month of july. Can he do this? Isn t it 30 days?
    21 answers 1 day ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Why do some feminists claim feminism is not about discriminating against men and boys?

    When large feminist organizations have continually fought for and won policies that favor females and discriminate against men and boys.
    13 answers 3 days ago Gender Studies
  • Are you conservative or liberal?

    22 answers 1 day ago Politics
  • Leaving dog home alone for 2 days?

    My family is going on a short trip and bringing a dog is not possible. Our neighbors are all unavailable for the days. How to leave my dog home alone? Advice? Tips? Thanks~!
    37 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Be honest, do you judge others based on how they look?

    Best answer: Honestly no I don't because I know that people can not help the way they look.
    20 answers 2 days ago Other - Society & Culture
  • I live in a townhouse, so I share a lawn, and my neighbor s kids are constantly on our lawn and driveway. How do I stop this?

    13 answers 1 day ago Garden & Landscape
  • Do you libs understand as long as you balk at President Trump ....... NOTHING will get accomplished?

    19 answers 16 hours ago Other - Politics & Government
  • You Learn from experience?

    I'm 24, my first real job was when I was 21, I was very well liked till I started drinking a lot, my performance went way down, nobody liked me much anymore, I was no call no show after 8 months, 3 months later they let me back, walked off the job after a month, the supervisor was a dipshit, after being unemployed for a few months I got a job at planet fitness on the weekend night shift, left after 4 months cause I had an entitlement issue, a full time job opened up, they didn't give it to me, I as academically suspended from college as a result from drinking heavy, I after planet fitness, I got a full tank me job, I was slacking a lot, but I was completely oblivious, I got my job done at the end, the boss whom I have a ton of respect for spoke to me, and helped me, I left that job after 11 months to go to school, but that was an excuse, I could've made it work, after about 6 months I got a job at the Olive Garden as a dishwasher, been there for 8 months now, and I am a phenomenal employee, the best st what I do, Ive been taking one class a semester, but that's taking forever, this summer, I'm going full time and in the fall while I work as much as I can while I get my degree, do you think Ive changed, since I was 21
    11 answers 22 hours ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • Hey libbies, who's still President?

    15 answers 4 hours ago Politics
  • IS BRANDY a great singer?

    43 answers 4 days ago Celebrities
  • Poll : What use to be cool but is now frowned upon?

    36 answers 3 days ago Newborn & Baby