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  • Why are leftists like bada buttbanger and goatnuts openly calling for the execution of the POTUS and other Republicans?

    God bless President Trump and the United States of America!
    17 answers 7 days ago Politics
  • Using repuke rhetoric against the repukes?

    Best answer: I couidn't find your question. In my opinion, you're proposing great policies, but for the wrong reason. You'll never get any Repubs to vote for this if you're mainly trying to mock them.
    11 answers 1 week ago Politics
  • America has 5x the murder rate compared to Australia (on a per capita basis). Is it because Americans are always scared so they buy guns?

    Best answer: Having access to guns increases the murder rate. This is an indisputable verified fact. Having said that, Americans love guns, so if they love guns, that's how it is. Each country can choose it's own laws and decide what they feel is most important. In America, people feel that the increase in deaths is an acceptable trade-off.
    17 answers 7 days ago Politics
  • What goes with bratwurst?

    Best answer: anything cabbage: cole slaw, sauer kraut, brussel sprouts, or steamed cabbage wedges.
    28 answers 7 days ago Cooking & Recipes
  • If Congress keeps on refusing to pass any of President Trump's legislation should he dismiss Congress and govern by executive order?

    Best answer: Yeah he can declare martial law and claim himself dictator of the realm. Cool, we can post giant photos of him on the White House and at all public squares. He could have a military uniform made with a million medals and always wear sunglasses. Cool.

    He could burn the Constitution and rule by tweet saying " It will be better, believe me". But then you and I would join the underground revolution and fight for our nation. We really don't want to have to do that.
    15 answers 6 days ago Politics
  • Name my future family?

    Okay, imagine I were to have 4 children - all 4 girls! Please can you mix-and match these names, and include any others that you think I'd like, include pictures if you want! (this is just for fun - i'm not pregnant or anything!) Ava, Rose, Jade, Iliana, Anna, Julia, Mila, Sierra Mia, Isabelle, Katerina, Daniella, Gabriella, Natalia, Lourdes, Claudia Sophia, Brooke, Victoria, Camila, Carolina, Nina, Cecilia, Marissa Olivia, Serena, Nicole, Arianna, Alexis, Raquelle, Lauryn, Madelyn
    27 answers 7 days ago Other - Games & Recreation
  • Can people choose if they don't want blood donation from non-whites?

    Best answer: OMG! If you strip away the skin of a human you cannot tell what 'race' they are because we are ALL the 'Human" race and nothing else! Ethnicity doesn't matter when it comes to blood and, believe me, I don't think the blood banks note what 'race' the donor was.
    14 answers 7 days ago Politics
  • Is america dying?

    20 answers 1 week ago Politics
  • Favorite Egg Dish? What is your favorite egg recipe?

    38 answers 1 week ago Cooking & Recipes
  • Would it be worth sacrificing a human life to save the Mona Lisa?

    30 answers 7 days ago Painting
  • What do you think of the name Greer for a girl?

    I just saw this name in a question I answered and I think I like it, just curious what others think of it.
    29 answers 7 days ago Baby Names
  • Have you ever broke a pair of sunglasses?

    Best answer: Yeah, and it wasn't even my fault. I think everything is made to eventually break down, and you can eventually wear things out. I broke my first prescription glasses by accident. Got a second pair that I don't even use laying around. (Eh, who needs glasses). I bought 3 pairs of 30 dollars sum glasses, which broke from wear, so yeah...
    26 answers 7 days ago Polls & Surveys
  • Why do a lot of people think Obama was a bad president?

    He ended the 2008 Recession, he got the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, he killed Osama Bin Laden, he created 11.3 million jobs, he supports gay marriage, he revolutionized healthcare (which, for some reason, is controversial, despite meaning that 95 percent of Americans could get health care. It also would have reduce the budget deficit $143 billion dollars by 2022).
    19 answers 1 week ago Politics
  • Why don't we blame all whites for trump? Isn't it their fault?

    If those smelly, filthy white f-*ks never existed, there would be no trump. Just imagine that for a second. :D It doesn't matter if you've voted for him or not. You white filths are all at fault. Mostly for being born.
    15 answers 7 days ago Politics
  • Why do republicans oppose any and all forms of regulations on corporations, is it out of ignorance or malevolence?

    Republicans shouldnt deny it. They are against all regulations on corporations, if they could they would eliminate all workplace safety, child labor, environmental,fraud, and consumer protection regulations. They would make it legal for employers to work employees 80hrs a week, allow children as young as 5 to be put to work in coal mines, allow employeers to pay 1 cent an hour or to just flat out enslave people through a new dlabe trade market when they want more cheap labor. Arw Republicans ignorant or just evil when they hold this mentality? Are they really so stupid to think that evil corporations, who care nothing about anything but profits would actually behave ethically or morally without government regulations? Do they really believe the idiotic idea that the "invisible hand" of the market will keep corporations honest? The in isible hand dictates profit at all costs; if its cheaper to risk 1000000 people dying then corporations will risk it. If killing 100 people increases profit, they will do it. republicans are even against laws preventing brinery of foreign governments by our coprorations Republicans hate unions- unions along with government regulations are the only thing keeping corporations from stealing candy from babies and harvesting people and employees organs in their sleep or from paying people economic slaver wages So do republicans belive this out of sheer ignorance or isbit out of genuine malevolance selfishness and greed?
    15 answers 7 days ago Politics
  • Complain to Petco?

    Best answer: Yes. This is irresponsible. In fact, these could even be considered to be illegal animal welfare violations, depending on where you live. For the sake of the chameleons, the other animals and, perhaps, even for your sake, please report this to your local SPCA or equivalent.
    If you are concerned about the animals being killed unnecessarily, providing you have the correct knowledge, environment, location, equipment and supplies, and providing that everyone else who lives with you or visits regularly are all okay with this, you could consider adopting one or two. You could also help promote the animals whilst they are up for adoption. You could also offer to donate or sponsor one or more of the animals, make sure that the money will benefit them and will not go towards the killing or mistreatment of them or any of the other animals.
    Best of luck.
    8 answers 7 days ago Reptiles
  • If someone writes you a check, do they need your routing number?

    37 answers 7 days ago Personal Finance