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  • Is it legal to be involved in a road rage?

    Say someone cuts me off, can i get out of my car and throw something at the persons car who cut me off
    18 answers 1 day ago Law & Ethics
  • What do you do with the book after you finished reading it?

    15 answers 17 hours ago Books & Authors
  • Would it be cruel to kick my son out?

    My son just graduated high school a few months ago and isn't going to college. He also refuses to get a job. He stays home and plays video games all day and all night.It's been like that for the past 3 months. Should I tell him that unless he gets a job, he will have to leave my house?
    49 answers 3 days ago Family
  • Can Robert be short for Robin?

    My son's name is Robin but we want to start calling him Robert because there's a girl in his kindergarten class named Robyn.
    16 answers 22 hours ago Baby Names
  • 22-Year-Old Hanging Out With A 5 Year old?

    I'm 22 years old and i like to hangout with my 5 year old best friend! we play fortnite on the ps4! Is it okay or it is strange to hang out with him?
    55 answers 4 days ago Friends
  • Why won't my dad let me hang out with ANYONE?

    for years ever since i had to move in with him all i have to do is stay inside my room drawing, reading, writing, & watching TV. i don't have anything to do outside except walk and run since i don't have anyone to do anything with. i'm not allowed to spend the night with anyone, not even my grandma. i'm a good kid, i make good grades and i'm in lots of clubs. every time i ask him to hang out with people he ends up screaming at me because when i give him reasons as to why he starts yelling and says i'm accusing him of doing something wrong. he drinks twice a day everyday. he gives me scenarios and makes me feel dumb. i'm not allowed to even go out of my front yard without letting him know where i'm going and he has to make sure i'm not going with anyone. he acts like all of my friends are looking for sex or to do drugs and i hang out with super christian people. it hurts to see everyone from school except me hanging out with people and having fun on their snapchat stories. i'm lonely and wonder why my life is different than everyone else's.
    5 answers 18 hours ago Family
  • Do Trump supporter clowns know that Ilhan Omar's house is in the Middle West, not the Middle East?

    12 answers 2 hours ago Politics
  • J Witnesses. What actually is their belief regarding the Holy Spirit, do they regard it as an entity or person? Answers please!?

    14 answers 13 hours ago Nantes
  • Why are sodomites not put to death?

    Best answer: You are a meanie bobeanie :(
    60 answers 4 days ago Teaching
  • Is Tom Cruise still being a pilot in the new Top Gun movie at his age unrealistic?

    18 answers 1 day ago Military
  • Why is my landlord still trying to evict me ?

    Ok so I’ve been living in this one bedroom apartment for almost 2 years. Landlord forgot to make me sign a lease in the beginning and then tried to have me sign it two month after I already moved in. I denied and ever since he’s hated me. Anyway I got myself a pet cat which he found out about and told me I had to get rid of which i did. EXCEPT after getting rid of my cat I noticed mice. All the time. It wasn’t just me noticing them but my neighbors as well. I had enough of it and got another cat and the mice problem went away. ( I think mice just avoid anywhere near the apartment where there’s a feline) well he happened to see my new cat at the window sends me a text telling me I evicted I said you’ll have to take me to court. Fast forward a month and I go the official eviction notice from his lawyer telling me I had to be out by the 16th of June. June 16 passes and I’m still here waiting for a court date. Now I’m that time I’ve gotten a letter from my psych claiming my cat is an emotional support animal and I’ve told him but he refuses to reply to my texts. He’s stopped accepting my payments since May and it’s really confusing me. Is he going to still try and evict me because of my cat? I’m also a model tenant I clean around the building , hallways everything
    12 answers 3 hours ago Law & Ethics
  • Do you agree that the USA should have this kind of law in every state. Every food manufacturer that produces a food product that is?

    unhealthy (Pizza, Sausages, or foods overloaded with sugar, salt oil etc) Should have to write a warning label on their product explaining what can happen to people who eat to much junk food. (Diabetes, Blood Pressure Problems, obesity etc)
    12 answers 3 hours ago Politics
  • How come the USA hasn’t switched to the metric system?

    12 answers 3 hours ago Politics
  • How do you be successful on the first day of work?

    Best answer: Show up early. Better to be 15 minutes early than 10 minutes late. Give yourself plenty of time for when your shift starts, and how traffic is normally at that time, and prepare for alternate routes as needed.

    Listen. Bring a notepad if you need to write things down. They may have you shadow a co-worker for a while until you get the hang of it. Watch and learn. Ask questions on procedures, or if anything comes to mind.

    They hired you for the job. So they obviously think you are capable of doing it. Keep that in the back of your head. There's always a learning curve though when starting any new job, but it will get easier as time goes on.
    7 answers 1 day ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • How much are people willing to pay for used computer parts?

    I have a laptop that doesnt boot up properly but i have some good parts. The laptop in question is a Dell Latitude e6410
    16 answers 2 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Why do the British hate the Argentine so much, isn't it time to turn the page?

    Best answer: It's silly to claim that all Britons hate the Argentines. But they did go to war with them, and there are still some pretty strong feelings held by SOME Britons about that. It's important to note that Argentina didn't invade the Falklands because they really and truly felt compelled to claim them for themselves - they went in because Argentina was going through a very difficult time economically, and the sitting government thought that going to war would distract from that situation. They were very wrong in thinking so.

    Secondly, the Argentine government mistakenly believed that Britain would not opt to defend the islands with full force, which was obviously not the case. Many Britons died defending the islands and many died in the fight to reclaim them. Public opinion on the war in Argentina was divided with some people - mostly ultra-nationalists supporting the invasion, but many Argentines never wanted to go to war with Britain, and the issues that led to the fighting were only exacerbated by the invasion and subsequent conflict, so in the end, the few Argentines who were for it began to see things differently.

    Though located much closer to Argentina than to Britain, the islands have never belonged to Argentina. The Argentines never had a legitimate claim to them, and even if the islands had belonged to Argentina at some point in the past, the vast majority of the population consider themselves to be British and feel very strongly about remaining part of the UK, so what Argentines might think is irrelevant. Going to war with Argentina was mostly seen as righteous in the UK as Britain was defending its territory and its people, and as happens with any war, the enemy aggressor was viewed unfavorably and a lot of that has yet to disappear. Perhaps in the decades to come the animosity that some Britons hold for Argentina will fade until it completely disappears, but because the war occurred relatively recently, many people in both countries continue to have strong feelings about it.
    9 answers 1 day ago History
  • What do you think of my vision for America’s future?

    Best answer: Everything except a war with Iran. Thanks to Trump, there WAS no nuclear agreement for them to violate. He withdrew from it first.

    I'm glad you mentioned green energy. To those who don't believe it: believe it or not, climate change is a serious threat, and has in large part been caused by us spewing too much Co2 in the air. You can choose not to believe carbon dioxide absorbs infrared reflected back from the earth, but science/reality doesn't care what you believe.
    16 answers 23 hours ago Politics
  • Is President Trump a veritable genius when compared to AOC???

    Best answer: Heck, AOC even makes Democrat Congressman, Hank Johnson, look like a genius.
    19 answers 1 day ago Politics
  • R Leftists or Right Wingers more Peaceful?

    8 answers 1 day ago Politics
  • Bernie Sanders is a multi-millionaire, yet he has never done an honest days work in his life. Is that how socialism works?

    Because if it does, I'm ALL IN !!!
    12 answers 4 hours ago Politics