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  • Does anyone else NOT particularly like the Deadpool movies?

    Best answer: I was a fan of Deadpool upon his first inception: he was a parody of Slade Wilson, Deathstroke the Terminator. Later on, though, he became more of a comic relief type character, and pretty much what you see on film. I'm not sure what "real powers" another answer mentions is missing, but later in his timeline, his super-strength has been way scaled-back. In that vein, I did like the film more than I thought I would since he isn't meant to be taken too seriously anyway, but the character himself in the comics I agree is over-hyped. He's sort of like one of those SNL skits that is funny for the first five minutes but then drags on too long. I don't feel the movie is "forced" or too contrived at all - it's just more of the same from the comic. At least they didn't throw in an over-abundance of chimichanga jokes!

    Imagine what your 14-year old self would think is cool: the movie pretty much delivers!

    But no, I won't be standing in line to see part 2. Maybe I'll buy it later on and enjoy it more than I expected, like the first one (I saw it for the first time after Christmas last year).
    6 answers 1 day ago Movies
  • What would be a healthy, portable side for pork roast?

    We're taking a meal to a homebound friend this evening. I've planned pork roast and a salad, but need a vegetable side. It needs to be healthy-ish. It needs to be sturdy enough to travel without turning to mush. And, it needs to be easy to reheat. She can't eat spinach and spouse doesn't care for sweet potatoes. Suggestions?
    54 answers 2 days ago Cooking & Recipes
  • Melania travels solo again amid new Trump affair allegations. Your thoughts?

    20 answers 1 hour ago Politics
  • Does the 2018 Toyota Camry come in both cloth and leather seats? how much more are the leather seats?

    Best answer: Call a dealer. Leather is standard on the premium trims and option on the lower priced trims.
    5 answers 3 days ago Toyota
  • Do you think the Houston rockets will win the championship this year?

    I think so, they've only lost 1 game when James harden, Chris Paul, and Clint capela is in the starting lineup.
    4 answers 9 hours ago Basketball
  • Why was Angelina jolie called ugly in High School when obviously she was not?Because she didnt have the money?

    Best answer: Because people like to attack and bully other people. Welcome to the rest of the world, it's full of douche bags and BS.
    6 answers 1 day ago Celebrities
  • Have you forgiven Mark Zuckerberg?

    He said he was sorry but he really hurt me
    95 answers 1 day ago Politics
  • Do you think global warming exist?

    Best answer: Yes, and I also believe man's pollution is causing a climatic change that is destructive and unnatural. The first order of things is to know and understand the difference between weather and climate.

    Have we not polluted rivers, lakes and streams? Have we not poisoned lands? HOW much more harm can we do to our earth before we realize the harm we're causing to ourselves and our children's children?

    Throughout the history of mankind every time mankind caused an imbalance in nature, disasters occurred in the way of floods, land erosion, drought, pollution to water bodies, extinction of wildlife and plant life. We are a destructive form of life.

    HOW soon we forget how scientists warned us back in the '50s and early '60s of the harmful effects of certain commercially popular aerosol sprays and the damage and harm these chemicals caused to our ozone layer; yet, the corporatists, industrialists making lots of money (of course) refuted the findings of the scientific community without evidence, proof or even theories or logic to support their claims. Didn't the scientific community also warn us against the use of certain dangerous insecticides, too, that we NOW know were indeed harmful and dangerous? I find it impossible to believe profit-making deniers.

    It wasn't until man was able to send man-made satellites into space and take photos of the Earth's ozone layer that the scientific community was finally vindicated. The corporatists and industrialists then turned around and wanted taxpayers to help them maintain their businesses, profit margins and exorbitant lifestyles... what greedy, shamelessly selfish "bassturds," eh? So, they recruited their paid crooked elected officials to stall passage of laws outlawing the use of those harmful chemicals here in the USA and internationally, and they tried getting public funding for those companies to make the transition to non-harmful aerosols. That was over 50 years ago, and just recently our ozone layer that protects us from strong harmful UV rays and other solar and space radiation has finally started showing slight but noticeable signs of healing/repairing itself... after more than 50 years!

    Curious how it is once again huge profit-making corporatists and industrialists that are contradicting the scientific community while using their crooked elected officials to stall and delay passage of laws to help protect us all... this time with global warming that can wipe out humanity and all life form on Earth! HOW much longer are they going to continue amassing wealth they can never spend in 3 lifetimes before they stop endangering us all?

    Let's examine this. we've polluted and ruined rivers and streams once containing water that wildlife used for drinking, and some farmers used for cultivating crops. We have "dead zones" in oceans throughout the world... miles and miles of areas in the oceans where no life, no fish or microscopic lifeforms can live, caused by pollution and industrialist wastes... where the sunlight cannot penetrate, where not even sea vegetation can survive. We've seen polluted water bodies with higher temperatures that translate to higher evaporation rates that feed humidity into our airs, and form water goblets that become rains... with higher temperatures that create storms with clashes of hot and cold winds... translating into higher rainfall (that produce flooding and land erosion, property damage and loss of human and wildlife) and higher snowfalls that melt and also cause flooding... the proof is there yet the same avarice corporatists and industrialists are using the same arguments they used regarding the ozone layer decades ago. The damage and harm to the Earth's ozone layer was man-made; how can we argue against man-made harm causing global warming when the evidence and proof is there for everyone to see?

    I learned about weather and climate when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade in the mid-50s. Isn't this still taught in our schools? Or has everyone forgotten?
    207 answers 3 days ago Global Warming
  • Is Trump worse than Bill Clinton?!?

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  • What is a food that you dislike intensely, that everyone else seems to love?

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  • As a lower middle class person, am I supposed to hate those more successful and richer than I am?

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  • Is Trump the most hated man alive?

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  • Is Russia a threat to National Security?

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  • How come Hillary lost?

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  • The majority of humanity do not believe in a christian god. Is the majority wrong?

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  • Poll: Is it better to rent an apartment or own a home?

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  • Are women who go to the gym in their 40s having a midlife crisis?

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  • Do you think the fbi is corrupt?

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  • Where does God live?

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