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  • In what way can a gay male , become a biological father?

    I am a single gay male. I am not married nor do I have a partner. I live in the household alone. I wish not to adopt. Even if I wanted to adopt, given the circumstances, I am pretty sure that this would be a difficult option for me. Given the hurdles and obstacles I described above. I would much rather become a biological father .What options do I have? How do I proceed to find a surrogate mother? Will there be out of pocket expenses for the mother  to carry out the pregnancy? Most importantly : Will I be given full custodial rights? Or will the mother be granted visitation / custodial rights as well?
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  • If I want to foster can I foster permanently?

    I have heard stories where the child is in foster care and leaves soon. Is there such a thing as fostering permanently? Also do foster moms have to go to court like adoptive moms?
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  • Is what I’ve been reading about gay guys true?

    My son is gay. That’s something I’ve struggled a lot with, but have come to accept. If that’s how he wants to live his life, fine.  However, him and his boyfriend are now in the process of adopting a child. I’m supposed to be a character witness who’ll be interviewed by the adoption agency. In recent weeks though, I’ve been reading about how gay guys are more likely that any other group to be paedophiles and abuse children. I don’t want a child to suffer at their hands. I’m wondering if I should mention my suspicions of paedophilic behaviour to the agency.
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  • Is it legal to adopt another adult?? My wife has n older child that has become like a daughter to me..What are my instructions?

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  • I am trying to persuade my husband into adoption even though we already have four kids. What are some reasons to adopt. ?

    We have 3 boys (10,6,4) and a girl (8). I plan to adopt a little 2 year old boy. 
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  • Should I tell my parents I'm adopted?

    they have been living on a lie for to long, I think It's time I tell them the truth
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  • Is age 26 too young to have 2 kids?

    Best answer: Not if you can support them
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  • Dear moms!Are you ready to adopt orphans?

    Best answer: I have enough on my plate with my own 2 kids.
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  • Why have states adopted residency requirements for voters?

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  • Can I foster/or adopt my ex husbands baby that has gone into care? ?

    My ex husband and I separated 3 years ago due to DV. I already have 4 children that he fathers. He is not in the picture, doesnt know where I live and I'm about 4 hours away from where he lives. He got into a relationship shortly after I left and had another baby with the girl. They broke up and she the baby got taken into care. The baby is about 2 and half now and as far as I know she is still in care. My question is can I apply to foster or adopt her as I feel that I could give her a loving and stable home along with her brothers and sisters so that she remains with her family?  Thanks in advance for your answers 
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  • Moms!Do you really love your adopted kids or not?

    Best answer: I chose my adopted kids.  I was stuck with my biological kids.
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  • After I legally adopt embryos from another country (USA) can I have them transported to a different country (Mex) for implantation?

    Best answer: Hypothetically - yes. Embryos from one clinic can absolutely be moved by cryotank to another clinic, and I've done it myself. My husband borrowed a cryotank from our first fertility clinic for moving our last two "snowbabies," and drove them ourselves to the new clinic we were working with. One of those two embryos became my youngest child. That was only a cross-city drive, though.

    As far as the logistics/legalities of moving embryos between countries when those embryos aren't even genetically yours, I couldn't begin to guess. You'd have to discuss it with both clinics involved. However, if you're able to produce viable embryos yourself, I *highly* doubt any RE is going to let you combine your own embryos with adopted embryos. There's not really any good reason for doing so, so while it's technically possible, realistically it's unlikely that you'll find clinics and doctors willing to do what you want.
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  • I´m adopted do you think i might have been a failure  to my real parents (tell your honest opinion)  ?

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  • Is adopting a good idea?

    Best answer: I'm planning to adopt as well and have done a bit of research so some of the things I've found are: 1. Yes, the expense can be significant, however, there are ways to decrease the cost of adoption. For instance, adopting from the United States, becoming foster parents and doing foster-to-adopt. 2. It really depends, again, on where you are wanting to adopt from and how old the child is that you would like to adopt. Waiting lists for newborns and infants are going to be longer than a foster-to-adopt situation with an older child. 3. Expect that an adopted child will have some sort of attachment-based needs that you will need to be aware of at different times in their lives. There are lots of resources for families with adopted children and ways to help adopted children overcome attachment disorders as well as other issues that can be related to the adoption process. Not all children who are adopted have "bad biological parents"; some may have parent who have passed away and do not other family to care for them, some have parents who decided that they couldn't meet their child's needs... there are lots of reason for children to wind up in the foster care or adoption system. 4. There's a concern, of course, to a degree. But in whole this statement is false, biological parents generally cannot reassume parental rights on a whim. I believe this happens primarily with local, newborn adoptions and there are things you can do to protect yourself.
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  • I was adopted a while back, my family won’t let me see my real parents. What can I do if I want to see them? ?

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  • Why would a women create five children?

    Best answer: There could be many reasons; however we are unable to answer. The main focus is on raising these children to be decent human beings. There is hope for the children. They need a positive role model in their lives. Some one who is going to be in their lives until they reach 18 years of age and go off to college. I commend the person for stepping up to the plate.
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  • Can I give a child to someone who wants to be a single father.?

    Can I give a child to a dad who wants to be a single father. I do want to be involved in the child's life. But I mean I wouldn't mind giving a child to a man who would want to be away from relationships.
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  • Process of adoption ?

    How old do you have to be to adopt a child? And what’s the process like and how long does it take? 
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  • Why do many mothers beat their adopted children very often?

    Best answer: About 12.5% by my estimation
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  • Hello. If cps is involved and the grandma of child is adopting him when can birth parents have contact with the child?after it's finalized?

    This is very heartbreaking so please keep your mean comments to yourself. So I had a one night stand with a woman. I later found out I had gotten her pregnant and she had an addiction. She asked her mom to adopt baby so he can stay in the family. She was unable to care for a child obviously. She believed this was the best option. We both want to be in our sons lives. She believed having the mom adopt him would speed up the process so we can be in his life without CPS involved. I had a stroke a week after finding out about pregnancy. I lost majority of my vision and had no parapheral.  both sides of my brain were affected so I was in no position to care for a baby. I would forget where the bathroom was in my house. It was bad. Things are getting better. Anyways So our parental rights were terminated on December 1st. So when can we see our son? Do we have to wait for adoption to be finalized? Who can we contact to find out what's going on in the adoption process? Social worker won't reply and grandma who raises the baby was told no contact so she won't answer the phone or have any contact with us. We are left in the dark. Please can someone tell us any information on how to get answers and to be able to see our son. Please and thank you!! 
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