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  • Is Reddit the worst public forum site ever?

    Best answer: Absolutely.
    11 answers
  • Why would my husband have a secret hotmail account?

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  • I want to cancel just answer account?

    8 answers
  • Is it ok for me to post thrice a day on Instagram?

    13 answers
  • My instagram account has disappeared without warning?

    My instagram app logged me out of my account with the message “someone may have changed your password” then i tried to log in again and it said “sorry there was a problem with your request” i tried to send a log in link and it said “user not found” and it said the same with i tried to search for it with the url on the internet. Usually if instagram disables your account it lets you know right? Now my app wont let me log into my other accounts either and both of my phones. I can log into my other accounts on the website but the app wont let me. Is this the result of a hacker? My other accounts arent connected to my main one that disappeared however.
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  • Survey: about internet?

    1. How often do you use the Internet to search for specific information? A. Most of the time B. Sometimes C. Seldom D. Never 2. How many time should teenagers be allowed to spend using the Internet? A. Less than 1 hour B. 1 to 5 hours C. 5 to 10 hours D. 10 to 20 hours E. 21 to 40 hours/week 3. How many hours do you spend on the Internet a day? A. Less than 1 hour B. 1 to 5 hours C. 5 to 10 hours D. 10 to 20 hours 4. How often do you use the Internet to express yourself or convey the right impression to others? A. Most of the time B. Sometimes C. Seldom D. Never 5. Which of the following Social Networking sites do you use the most? A.Instagram B.Facebook C.Twitter D.Tumblr 6.Dose the internet distract you from doing your work? A.Yes B.No
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  • Why don't people have internet/cable after moving?

    Best answer: For a home DSL modem / router to do anything, the far end of the telephone line must be re-connected in the telephone exchange (or a street cabinet) via the telephone company equivalent of a modem, to put the DSL signal on the phone line.

    That equipment must also be set up for the same internet provider as the home router, else it cannot connect.

    With cable, it would have to be the same provider at the new address as at the old and probably the same exact service package, to have any chance of working without things being re-installed.
    Even then it would likely need re-enabling by the company, as many still only allow one device one connection and the moved router would not be recognised.
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  • Is there a way to contact the GPS company? When anyone uses the GPS to our location, it goes blocks away from our house. What can we do?

    about it? Details are helpful. Thanks.
    5 answers
  • Can i email my cousin from Brazil?

    Best answer: Emailing is a world wide thing, works everywhere with any address as long as you know the person's email.
    4 answers
  • One day, the biscuits will end?

    Best answer: No, no !

    Not that, never
    10 answers
  • What is firefox?

    19 answers
  • Will the photos go on cloud?

    Suppose someone clicks nude photos while turning off wifi and then deletes in and then on the wifi..will the photos go on Mi cloud? And if someone just turn on the camera and dont even click a photo will anything go on cloud? Help plz..im worried about my sister
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  • What is the fastest internet service for a rural area in the year 2019?

    4 answers
  • Now that G+ is dead what can repleace it's service?

    6 answers
  • DNS level blocking of Porn on my computer blocks Rapture Ready Radio podcasts? Why?

    Best answer: You would have to ask the operators of the DNS block what the critera is. The podcast is distributed by several aggregators in addition to the main web site, so unless someone did it for a laugh there's a chance your source is on the list for another podcast they distribute.
    5 answers
  • How do I fix my computer so I get rid of the following problems I am having when using the internet?

    When I am using the internet on my home computer I am have the following problems with using the internet. How would I go about fixing these problem so I can use the internet without any problem. 1) The connection has timed out when using the internet on my computer 2) We’re having trouble finding that site
    6 answers
  • My internet exploier i s not working?

    18 answers
  • Why am i barely getting Instagram likes?

    Please no rude answers. I’ve noticed that most of my followers are getting 800+ likes on their pictures. I have a good amount of following (6k) followers & the most I get is 500. Not to mention that they have less followers than I do. Does anyone know why this may be the case?
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  • What is a good social media platform that supports free speech?

    I've stopped keeping track of the accounts that I've had banned. All I did was criticize Leslie Jones and the cancer of feminism, and BOOM - my account was locked for good.
    4 answers

    My family use to be with virgin media but my mum and dad did a silly idea and changed to sky and now the internet is bloody awful iv gone from 134mbps download to less then 30 with the Ethernet plugged in. Now what I wanna know is can I get virgin put in to my room my mum dad and brother can all use sky while I use virgin solely for my self so I can carry on with the good download speeds for my gaming and downloading
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