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  • Should Donald Trump hire Pele to test out the wall height with a swift kick?

    Best answer: Ohhhhhh man u got us my friend. Soccer reference! Well played!
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  • What is wrong with my cow?

    So we had our cow since she was born we grew her up everything last month she had her first baby but the little bull was born dead, we were very disappointed..since then she has not been eating good or anything she just stands their and moo s all day long and we have tried special foods and everything , she is loosing weight and we are very worried
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  • Would domesticated livestock animals survive if everyone went vegan and stopped needing them as a food supply?

    Best answer: They are an artificial entity, who are strange and alien to this planet. Most of them (species) would not have even come into existence if it weren't for humans bending the laws of biology with gene mutations and other environmental manipulation. At the end of the day, if they were let out to survive in the wild, they would be at a terrible disadvantage, having lived in close proximity to humans all life long along with all of their biological needs being met directly without any kind of interaction with their environment. It would be nightmarish for them at first, but even for those who survive the initial shock, they wouldn't last too long as predators roaming the forest have years of experience doing that and this is their hunting ground. Not to mention, they would also transfer whatever diseases and infections they would have got by living in intense confinement and concentration camp conditions to wild animals and could possibly wipe out the entire wild population of most forests. They would not know how to fend for themselves. Also, they do not possess the armor ready to take on the wild. They have lost their connection to the wild world and would not know how to fit in in the immediate food chain. They would also disrupt the existing food chain in the jungle.

    Also, the way you phrased your question, is inherently wrong and is an extremely improbable scenario. The world isn't gonna give up meat overnight, just like it didn't start eating it overnight too. All change in nature and in human societies is slow and gradual. That would be the way to go. It would have to phase out.
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  • Best organic milk for toddlers?

    I heard Horizon organic and organic valley brands but people have said organic valley is better? Why is that? And I've heard Horizon is not really organic?????
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  • What is the proper humane way to slaughter and gut a bunny rabbit for consumption?

    Best answer: You break the neck. Looks like using a broomstick or a hook on the wall are the easiest options. You can google it. You can also google how to clean a rabbit.
    If you are not sure whether or not you can do it you might want to rethink it or have a backup plan like keeping the rabbit as a pet or if you manage to kill it but cant clean it, give it to someone else so either they or their dogs, cats or ferrets can eat it.
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  • What would a cow do if I put a tray of hamburgers in front of her?

    Best answer: What would you do if someone put a tray of hamburgers in front of you, but you didn't know they were made from human instead of beef?

    You would probably take a bite and id nothing seemed odd about it, you'd probably keep eating.

    It would probably be easier to get you to unknowingly eat human than it would be to get a to this eat beef because cows don't eat meat on a regular basis like you do.
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  • Did you know that animals that graze on grasses can have their output of Methane reduced by?

    Best answer: I did not. However, I did know that animals that graze on grasses, which primarily draw their carbon from the atmosphere, do not significantly add to the total amount of carbon gasses cycled within the environment with their methane. The true culprit for global warming is humankind and their tendency to dig up fossil fuels from deep underground and burning them for energy.
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  • How does geography affect agriculture?

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  • Tomatoes are fruits prove me wrong?

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  • How does agriculture affect water quality?

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  • How much weed can a person get for $80?

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  • Is factory farming a necessary evil for the survival of humans?

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  • Are Sheep common in the United Kingdom, just like Cows and Horses are here in the United States?

    Is the Sheep Wool industry, in general, common over in the United Kingdom, in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, just as the Beef, Dairy, and Meat Cows industry, and as well as Horses are here in the United States, and are Woollen Sheep farmers that wear Tweed Wool Tartan caps and sweaters who use walking canes and whistle to dogs for their dogs to herd the Sheep flock, who also smoke Pipes sometimes and use Sheep herding dogs like Boader Coloies and Pembroke Welsh Corgis to round up the Sheep in places like the Cotswolds, Wales, and Yorkshire, the equivalent of Beef Farmers, Cattle Ranchers, Cowboys, Rural American Angus and Dairy Livestock farmers, and Horse Stables farmers, and Horse and Cattle Ranchers are here in the United States?
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  • I just got a 20 acres farm from my dead grand pa and im not a farm guy im thinking on selling a the farming machines and the animals?

    and i want to put it as a creational place to party and have fun but some of the family are mad because of the im doing the right thing?
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  • Why does Juan Willams go on all those Fox News shows and pretend to be a liberal when it's obvious he's a Conservative Uncle T?

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  • Can a cow be ridden?

    I hate horses they are evil but I like cows. can I ride a cow instead of a horse?
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  • What is killing my ducks?

    Best answer: Well it is not being done by an animal (dog, cat etc) otherwise all you would see is a pile of feathers.

    Take a sick or dead bird to a vet. The vet of course will give you advice on the general care of the ducks. But of course you pay for that advice.

    You say "free range" but don't say how much land the ducks have access to, nor how many ducks you have.
    Perhaps consider fencing off an area and confining the ducks.
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  • What is the best animal to raise on a farm in texas?

    Best answer: chickens, cows, dogs, cats, ferrets, crocodile...
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  • What happens when u **** a goat?

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  • How do people back then (before science) if a plant is dangerous?

    How do people back then (before science) if a plant is dangerous? Do they eat them and just ******* dies and others be like 'yup we shouldn't eat that'??
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