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  • Can you help me identify this rodent in my bedroom?

    Every night it hops on to my shelf to find some food. It's not a mouse or squirrel. It's grown comfortable around me. How should i catch it? It's kinda cute.
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  • Should i kill my hamster?

    Best answer: thats like really awful for the hampster just give it to someone secretly lol
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  • Do i have to pay rent?

    the owner will not get the rats out now. one of the rats did bite me. i like to sue him for all that he haves
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  • What sized wheel should I get for my Winter White hamster?

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  • My hamster is climbing on the bars. The cage is very tall and I’m worried he is getting hurt. I can’t get a new cage for him though.Plz help?

    Best answer: Oddly enough, because of aerodynamics, your hamster can probably fall farther than you can without getting hurt. Just make sure he has some soft bedding to fall on, and he should be just fine, unless the cage is, like, 6 feet tall or something.
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  • Should I sneak a hamster into my dorm room?

    Best answer: I didn't know smuggling hamsters into college dorm rooms was a thing.
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  • How do I stop hamsters/mice from eating their babies?

    I have them in a 17 inch long cage by 12 inches wide.
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  • What should i have to work with 7 rats?

    I have 2 rats and im taking 5 from a friend. I have a 2 level cage. Will that work for them?
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  • Have you ever had a pet hamster?

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  • My guinea pig has a fairly large hard lump on its rear end, a bald patch has formed around it too, does anyone know what this could be?

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  • How to get my guinea pigs to not mate?

    I just got a female guinea pig, I don’t know exactly how old she is but she’s definitely young. My older male, Nugget, keeps trying to mate with her! How can I get him to stop? She clearly doesn’t like it too. I don’t want to get him neutered and I also don’t have another cage. Help?
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  • How to get my hamster out of this hole?

    Best answer: Towel with nap, wide flat piece of wood about two inches with notches in the side to help it climb out. Mosquito netting or nylon screening piece.

    From the picture the floor looks like chip board and it's been chewed larger than the original hole, using a serrated knife carefully saw the hole bigger to the darker outer ring arouhd the hole, it may take about 30 to 45 minutes but the hole will be bigger. Later you can repair it with a piece of wood, and string, drop the wood through the hole, pull to the surface with the string. Use a fast drying glue or hot glue to bond it to the floor from the under side. Take 4 flat head screws and pre drill 4 small holes then screw in the flat head screws to holad the wood underneath that's glued in place to make it permanent. Fill the remaining gap with plastics in bonds or wood filler till level with the floor, no more dangerous hole unaddressed the carpet. Chances are if there's one there may be several the carpets hiding. You can check it out using a carpet needle and going around the whole room pushing the needle into the carpet and seeing if it goes downpour deeper than the carpet. Fix the found new hole like you die for this one so your pet cannot escape again.

    Good luck.
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  • What precautions do I need to take with rats and roach foggers?

    Best answer: Of course you don’t leave the cages there. Is this even a real question? You obviously move them someplace where poison won’t be.
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  • How to stop parent from getting angry when i ask for something?

    i’ve ben wanting a guinea pig for over a year now, and i live with my stepmom and dad. stepmom loves guinea pigs, my dad, not so much (but he loves ferrets). space was a problem, but i made room for a cage, a ferret cage would be too tall. i have a 7.5 sqr foot cage from a friend, but my dad doesn’t want another living thing in the house. he won’t explain, claiming he’s told me before, and gets pissed off whenever i bring it up. i know if he hears me out i can convince him but he just shuts me down immediately, help?? i have a job and can pay for everything, he wouldn't have to care for it or anything, and having one would benefit my mental health. i’d usually write a letter or text to him for this, but he had a stroke a couple years ago and has trouble reading, so please help me come up with ideas to start the convo without him getting immediately angry. -nico
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  • What to add to my rat cage?

    Best answer: If the cage smells, the cage is dirty, and needs to be cleaned. If it smells that badly to you, consider what it smells like to them, with their noses being half an inch from it at all times. Fix it.

    The great thing about rats, is that everything is a toy to them. You don't need to spend money on Habitrail nonsense. Rats LOVE cardboard tubes and boxes. Empty tissue boxes are great, as are paper towel and toilet paper tubes. Tubes are much more enjoyable if they can fit through them. If you need to, buy a chunk of 3" PVC pipe and a couple of elbows. Yeah, it'll get soiled, but just throw it in the shower.

    Rats love to pull things into their cages. Drop paper towels, bits of ribbon, or scraps of cloth on top of and around the cage where they can get to them. Balls and bells are also popular. My rats enjoyed ping pong balls, which are too big for them to pick up with their teeth, but are easily batted around.
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  • Can Guinea Pigs Be gay and if so how do you tell if they are?

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  • Can a hamster kill a giant centipede?

    Best answer: Potentially yes, perhaps if the centipede was very weak. Extremely unlikely. The giant centipede is considerably larger than a hamster. And hamsters are not very aggressive (the exception being, towards other hamsters, as they can be quite territorial), especially towards things that are bigger than them. When attacked, hamsters generally run away and do not try to defend themselves. Again, the exception being other hamsters, though they will sometimes flee without putting up a fight with other hamsters as well. They do eat small insects though, but again, unless the giant centipede was wounded to begin with, and the hamster was extremely hungry, it's unlikely it would try to eat it much less attack it. Unless it was already dead of course.
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  • I cry thinking about my hamster dying....?

    Best answer: It can be a sad thought, but you have to face tis at some point. 2 years, 3 maybe at best is all they live, but the dying is what makes their life complete. Just a rodent perhaps, but you share a bond with this little animal, so not just any other rodent. You are doing fine with your pet, just share the happy now together, but be minful it will someday cross that rainbow bridge. Aware of this, makes it a lot easier to live with. My mouse I just never pictured being without him even knowing at 3 years old he wouldn't last and for the strong bond we had, devastated me when he passed quietly in his sleep. Brings to mind, maybe your hamster is just in sleep mode, they are mostly nocturnal, maybe just let her sleep as she wants, and likely be in much better mood when she is awake.
    Yea, I see a movie like 'the green mile' stars a mouse,'Mr. Jingles',,all I see is my little Yogi and hard to hold on to emotions,,Yogi died, April 1963, same day Kennedy was shot. You won't forget your pet. The story of Yogi is far to long to elaborate here, He was a week old fuzzy when I rescued him.
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  • Why do Trump comrades disagree with science?

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