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  • I keep having dreams of seeing Whoopi Goldberg in a thong bikini. Is there some underlying reason for this?

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  • I'm Brazilian and my dream is to join the American Air Force, can you help me?

    Best answer: Step 1--immigrate to the US
    Step 2--get a Green Card
    Step 3--go see a recruiter
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  • Why do I always dream about getting jumped and stabbed, etc?

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  • Dream premonitions and sharing the same dreams with another?

    Best answer: I had a shared dream only once with another person. Yes it can happen. Why, I have no clue. The only thing I can think of is our brains are like radio stations and are on different frequencies. Sometime 2 people are on the same frequency. As for the dreams they don't mean that much as they are a mash up of tv shows, things we heard, read or did and things we worry about or think about. Mix that with our insecurities and worries and you end up on a sinking boat when you supposed to be in charge.
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  • Why did i have a dream about my head teacher (same sex) coming on to me?

    i've had this dream a few times, and has been the exact same each time and each time i didn't prevent it happening. what does it mean?
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  • Why do I keep having dreams about my old school?

    Best answer: Your dream is using your last school as a symbol. It is telling you to move on, just as you moved on from your former school. Think about it and ask for guidance before you remove yourself from a stable and happy Life.
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  • I had a dream with the devil please answer and help me please?

    I had a dream that the devil told ,e he wasn t going to take me with him because I wasn t the right weight and that he was going to give me five year? What does that mean I m 15 no does that mean I will die when I m twenty? Someone please explain
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  • I had a dream I had sex with one of my teachers what does this mean?

    Last night I had a dream I had sex with one of my teachers and I don’t know why. He’s not attractive so I’m not attracted to him and I was really disgusted when I woke up. I have been watching my mad fat diary over the course of this week and in an episode one of the characters Chloe has sex with one of her teachers so could it be linked to that?
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  • I had a dream please look at the details.?

    I had a dream that my legs had piercings on them it went straight down my leg. And I also had some on my face. And I was wearing all black. The black part makes sense because I always wear black clothing. But there's a deeper meaning behind it because usually I don't have dreams of myself wearing black. And for the piercings I despise them but I have no idea why they were on me and that has to have a meaning too. And I also went on a plane with a bunch of girls and even the pilot was a girl. So what does this dream mean? And yes I am attracted to women and I been very confused about what my sexuality if I am into men or women. But I am aware its women because for men no but honestly its confusing.
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  • Please answer!! A humanoid lobster raped me in my dream??

    I'm full serious, in the dream i was in my house in my bed and and a lobster came in me? i woke up and i have ejaculated in the bed? Help?????? What does this mean?!?!!?!?
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  • What is the meaning of this dream?

    I recently have a dream of my snapchat being hacked by a group of people and a bunch of embarrassing videos being released on my story. I couldn’t do anything about it either, even trying to reset my password in the dream did not work. Does it mean something? If so, what?
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  • What does my dream mean?

    A very long time ago. I think when I was little. I had a dream. There was a crow that was sitting on a cross and then it flew away. And that's it's. That's all I remember.
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  • What does my dream mean??

    So I just woke up from my dream and it was a very interesting one. It started off where I was pulling up the road to my grandparents house and the house was up in flames. It kinda looked like the house that was burnt down by Cheryl in Riverdale but not a mansion. Anyway we were all out front and safe but the house was still burning and there wasnt a single firetruck or ambulance anywhere. So we all called 911 and asked where they are and the person was like they are in route. They finally got to the house but didn t do anything to put the fire out and left. It was night time as well. Toward dawn another person came, I didn t recognize them, and me and her started to waterbend(I watched something that had Avatar: The Last Airbender in it before I went to bed so thats probably why I had this part of the dream) water into the house to put the fire out. We finally got the fire out by the time the sun was up and the house was still standing. I then used the roots from the tree in front of their house (again Avatar) to make sure the house was stable enough to go in. We went inside and the fire had basically destroyed nothing but everything was covered in water and roots and we went down into the garage and found out that the garage light had caused the fire and then I woke up. Anybody know what this dream means? or is it probably just a random dream that has no meaning.
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  • What does a dream of a dog eating you mean?

    I keep having dreams about my Asshole dog biting my face and like taking the whole thing off like eating my whole face really disturbing and like a bit more gorey than your average dream and that’s a pretty frequent happening for me idk what to do or if this means something like maybe I’m a genie
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  • Seen the grim reaper walk by in my dream?

    I was sleeping and out of nowhere i started dreaming of my bestfriend telling me “My friend ship with ivory is almost dead so we’re trying to be friends again” it was something along those lines. then in the dream i look out the window and see the grim reaper walk by. it wasn’t a dark day or anything outside. it looked actually rather bright and sunny in the dream and he came out thru trees. I’ve been trippin and thinking “wow must mean i’m going to die” but maybe it was my friend speaking of death in a relationship that triggered that? not too sure. hopefully i don’t die hahaha.
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  • Has anyone ever witnesssed a loved one’s death in a dream?

    Best answer: To dream of the dead warns that you could be surrounded by too many negative individuals, and that you are staying in touch with the wrong people. You could lose things because of this. This dream may also be a way to help you deal with the loss of your brother. It suggests that you are longing for them and attempting to revive the times you shared. As you move through life, dreams offer an opportunity to deal with issues involving loss and grieving.
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  • What do you think this dream means?

    Best answer: You feel on shaky grounds without the love of your girlfriend. So when you finally found her the ground becomes peaceful, as your inner soul also becomes peaceful. Dwell on the beauty of your relationship, rather then on a anything negative. Be positive about Life in general.
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  • What is the meaning of my dream?

    Best answer: I can't at this time come up with anything more profound than the obvious literal translation to reality that the dream is basically the same as reality ... you probably miss that beautiful ring and would like to have it back.

    But obviously you seem to be a very good, and human, person for returning the ring ... and for having tried to hang on to it for a while. All very normal. I'm left with the feeling that you really deserve your ring back, and hope you get one as good or better in the future.
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  • In my dream I always try to get somewhere (plane, train etc) but I never manage to reach the goal. I often have that dream.?

    Best answer: you are trying to reach your goal but you can't reach it
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  • I keep having the same dream of one of my friends killing me and other friends? What does it mean?

    I’ve had this dream two other times months ago and just got it again last night. What does it mean?
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