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  • Liberals worship the ground that Kaepernick walks on but have respect for law enforcement. Why is that?

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  • Why did I dream my ex boyfriend beat me up and raped me ?

    We was in a hotel room (me and my ex boyfriend) and he was chasing me round the bed then eventually he grabbed me and started to hit my head off the headboard on the bed, then he started to choke and hit me. I broke free and ran for the door. When I escaped the room he ran out after me and grabbed my feet, I was trying to scream but I couldn’t. I yelled help under my breath and no one heard me, he continued to grab my feet trying to pull me into the room. I screamed and someone came and hit him. I ran to a local salon and started to put makeup on to disguise my bruises, then 3 men came into the salon asking for me. I stood up immediately and ran towards the fire escape which where I was caught. I was taken to a house (I have dreamt about this house in another horrible scenario involving abduction), I was sat on the couch with several different people and a man walked in he was whispering to me to come into the other room he had a surprise, I messaged my mum telling her my location and I went into the other room, my ex was there. Then I woke. What does this mean ??? Strange right ?
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  • Disembodied voice saying my name?

    The other night me and my friend were in my living room, no one else was home. We were having a conversation and all of a sudden we both heard my name being called. We thought it was my sister, but checked and saw no one was home. He then brought up stating maybe its my grandmother who has passed away a few weeks ago, but I’m not too sure. Sounded like a female saying my name clear as day, and we both heard it with no one in the house. Sounded like it was in thr same room as us, not outside. Any thought? (No we dont drink or do drugs)
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  • Have you seen any dream about World War 3 ?

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  • Are you aware of the CIA Project MK Ultra?

    Best answer: Yes, my mom’s uncle went crazy after getting LSD given to him unknowingly when he worked at the groton sub base. He later commited suicide.
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  • I have a real life friend whom has been missing over a month. In my dream I received what looked like a package from them.?

    Best answer: This will likely mean you believe your friend has met with foul play and has likely passex on so I would recommend to contact law enforcement agencies though, in the meantime I would recommend to pray to a supernatural higher power

    ----- also noticed the other answer as well
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  • Why are white women sadistic scumbags?

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  • What is your dream job?

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  • What's your position on foreign affairs?

    Best answer: All other civilisations and racial groups (Scandinavians excluded, as well as maybe the Irish, depending on certain circumstances) should abandon all efforts at continuity and just allow themselves to die out. This would end nearly all pointless misery, international complication and bloodshed permanently. The remaining types should intermix and establish a New World Order.

    There is no logical reason for any of the world's other tribes to continue existing, as they have no uniquely desirable attributes (e.g having general physical attractiveness that is at least at a significantly high level, which only specific European racial compositions can bestow) and, as a general rule, the fewer civilisations and tribes in existence, the lower the proportions of rivalries, tensions and wars. Maximisation of global peace achieved, if executed properly. Human advancement.

    Islam and nearly all other hostile ways of life eliminated.
    Nearly all threats to desirable human attributes permanently eliminated.
    No more European wars.
    No more Israel-Palestine violent revanchist nonsense.
    No more pointless Middle Eastern conflicts and atrocities.
    No more wars, widespread deadly diseases, famines and other horrors in Africa.
    No more criminality, squalor and dilapidation in Latin America.

    And several more.
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  • Do you find that this anti-European (racial type) mentality has become tedious now?

    Best answer: Yes, apparently it is desirable to be of third world stock, worked out well for the third would didn't it?
    All this race mixing is doing is creating thousands of unwanted feral gang fodder.
    Any one who disagrees should look at the kids dead by stabbing across the country, the number in care, the number in prison.
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  • I dreamed about a creature that is half woman half serpent. What does it mean?

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  • Dreaming about shooting and killing lots of people. What does it mean?

    It was horrifying ... i used an automatic gun, people were brainwashed and lots of them mindlessly stood in the middle of the large living room i shot everyone. I never had thisnkind if dream before what does it mean
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  • When was the last time you had a nightmare that was beyond horrible?

    I had one this morning. It was morbid, horrible, cruel and frightening.
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  • Girlfriend cheating on me in dream?

    Best answer: To dream that your mate, spouse, or significant other is cheating on you indicates your fears of being abandoned. You may feel a lack of attention in the relationship. Alternatively, you may feel that you are not measuring up to the expectations of others. This notion may stem from issues of trust or self-esteem. The dream could also indicate that you are subconsciously picking up hints and cues that your significant other is not being completely truthful or is not fully committed in the relationship.
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  • I had a dream about being with another guy, but I have a boyfriend. Does this mean anything?

    Best answer: It means you went to bed a bit randy and your mind filled in the blanks with one it thought would do the trick. More then that, it means nothing. We are all at one time or another emotionally or sexually attracted to someone other then the one we are with. That is normal biology, we are smart enough to override those urges and act accordingly. Some do, some don't, goes more to who one is then anything else. If you are finding yourself thinking about or looking forward to seeing this person, you may want to start arranging you day so you see them less.
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  • What could soldiers hear in the trenches?

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  • Have you ever had such a beautiful dream that you cried when you woke up because you never wanted it to end?

    Best answer: Lots of water symbols in your dream, which typically represent emotion. Wind and sea can represent changes or transitions in your life. The rain may symbolize that you believe transition you're about to make will make you sad. This guy is something that will never be. Perhaps the dream is representative of you holding on. or perhaps saying goodbye, to what can never be or is no more, even though it's beautiful.

    I've for sure had dreams that I didn't want to end. Sometimes they became lucid dreams because I realized I was dreaming and that I liked it. But never cried when I woke up.
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  • Can you please help me interpret about a dream wherein an invisible evil spirit tries to get a baby girl?

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  • Is this normal?

    I know they’re just dreams and they’re harmless, but I’m curious as to why I’ve been dreaming about being pregnant for like 3 nights in a row. I’m only 17, so it’s not like I’m planning a baby or pregnant at the moment, so I’m just lost. The dreams are always a bit different, for example, I’m pregnant and don’t know who the father is, I find out I’m pregnant with twins, etc. Are these dreams just random or do they have some sort of meaning behind them?
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