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  • Is the Earth still flat according to Christians.?

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  • Why did the Jews think seeking knowledge was such a crime against God?

    Genesis 1
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  • Chicken or the egg, Adam and Eve or Noah?

    Best answer: Adam and Eve .Noah came after 2000 years after Adam
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  • Is it normal to be this sick by age 30?

    a) I have 3 disabilities: slight autism, sleep apnea and stage 2 live-failure (steatohepatitis). I appear to be normal to most people but have a very low tolerance level for stress. Almost everything wears me out. In the morning I wake up, feel shaky and nauseous for a few hours. Then it goes away. b) I consider myself an intelligent person. Would it better to become a bookkeeper or work 20 hours/week at Starbucks and have disability pay my rent? They also give me free healthcare. My concern is: I may not be able to work in 10 years. Advice Please
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  • At what age are intellectual disabilities diagnosed?

    Best answer: It depends on the severeity of the intellectual disability,the cause of it, and the family environment.

    Some intellectual disability is assumed at birth given the nature of the disability, but this may not be completely accurate. Some intellectual disability is cause by poor nutrition or exposure to certain chemicals - like lead in the city of Flint's water. Some is caused by severe deprivation - like the younger Turpin kids were held hostage for years. In general most intellectual disability is known by the age of 5, earlier than that they might be developmentally delayed.
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  • Do Christians have Christian privilege?

    SOME Christians make it seem like non-Christian beliefs are amoral, immoral, sinful or misguided, that Christian beliefs are the social norms, and the neglect of outsiders' cultural heritage and religious practices, what do you think?
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  • Is belief in God self-actualizing?

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  • Is psychosis a disability?

    My doctor said since I've reacted badly to meds for schizophrenia then it means I'm probably suffering from psychosis which has some of the same symptoms of schizophrenia like hallucinations and sounds and displacement from reality but the cause may not be the same. or something. I'm going through a disability review now, am I going to lose it? Idk. I also have depression anxiety and fibromyalgia and ODD.
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  • How come people lose respect for a guy when he starts talking about hiring an escort for a date?

    So I am running into problems here and everyone is turning against me for no reason. I have to go to my sister's wedding and I don't have a date and don't wanna go alone cause I am gonna have a meltdown and start throwing chairs and yelling and screaming. My family for years have been trying to set me up with someone and we've had no success. The first woman was 10 years older than me and according to U.S immigration officials it is not ok to sponsor a woman who is 10 years older than the man. The woman agreed to everything in regards to marrying me and we had to scrap it. The second woman which they tried to set me up in 2014 agreed to it and backed out at the last minute in 2016 as I was about to buy the plane tickets to my native country stating she isn't thinking about marriage right now and wants to focus on her career. My sister is younger than me 7 years younger and she's getting married already and it is just not fair. I'm thinking about getting an escort to go with me and I told my therapist that idea. My therapist started acting weird after that and wanted to find a way to get rid of me. She used the excuse of me calling her a weekend ago and screaming into her voicemail when she didn't pick up as an excuse to kick me now. She's transferring me over to a state clinic. The reason why I screamed was cause I was frustrated. Everyone else lost respect for me. Why did everyone lose respect for me for wanting to hire a hooker as my wedding date ?
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  • Any success stories of people with disabilities?

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  • Do you think Trump would have more supporters if he was not clinically retarded?

    Don't get me wrong Trump is a very amazing leader who will get the Mexicans, but sometimes I like to wonder what it would be like if Trump was good at think just like Einstein except he finished school? Does anybody else ever sometimes experience this?
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  • Xtians, are you so desperate to make this god thing work you'd ignore your sensibilities & accept phenomena that are physically impossible?

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  • Can moving kill a disabled person?

    Best answer: Can moving - as in moving house? Not generally unless they lose their family or support network, go to a riskier environment, or are extremely psychiatrically or intellectually impaired and are traumatized by moving.

    Moving their body - in certain circumstances , yes. If a person has a cervical spine injury and their neck is moved, it could cause immediate death. Some brain injuries could cause a brain hemmorage Far more likely is to cause extreme pain and injury.
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  • Why can people who never worked a day in their life get SSDI while people who work are more likely to end up on SSI?

    Best answer: Because some people have disabilities in life that bothers them at work. Some people have a hard time having to deal with the white man at work, and theres nobody tougher to deal with. Trust me
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  • If god existed he would still be evil?

    Best answer: If the god of the Bible was real, he would be literally the most evil being in the universe.
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  • Does anyone know a good service that helps the disabled down staircases?

    My dad is in a wheelchair. And it’s been about 4 years since he’s been outside. We live on a 3rd floor apartment so it’s very hard for me and my mom to do anything. Is there a service we can call to help him down the stairs? For the first time he goes out I just want to walk with him around town a bit and see old stores and friends no need for transportation. Just help down the stairs.
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