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  • What are the top international famous places I should see before I die?

    Best answer: Angkor Wat, Cambodia
    Tiger's nest, Bhutan
    Statue of Liberty, NYC NY
    Eiffel Tower, Paris France
    Big Ben and Buckingham palace, London UK
    Auschwitz, Poland
    The White House, Washington DC
    Machu Pichu, Peru
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  • Evolution is a fact, God made humans evolve from a common ancestor, T or F? Why?

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  • What pet should I buy my autistic teen?

    My son is 18 and he has HFA. He is not good at caring for himself and he still cannot drive. I read that pets can help autistic people with their struggles and can act as a companion. I don’t want to care for the pet. I have other kids at home and my autistic son requires a lot of reminding to care for himself. What pet should I get him? And what responsibilities should I make him do? The pet has to be something he can cuddle with and that isn’t super tiny like a mouse.
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  • Can you finish this analogy?

    Best answer: Insulation, in that they keep the meat and seasoning of society from being scorched by the heat, and both tortillas and religion are essentially flavorless with no real meaning other than to add structure
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  • Do you think an elderly person with disabilities can live on their own with help?

    Such is the case with my mother. She's in a skilled nursing facility and is so depressed. All she wants is to come home, but she she can barley stand let alone walk. I don't think she can be on her own. Her social worker says she knows of people who can't do anything, but manage to live on their own. I kind of don't believe her. Does anyone know someone like that who lives on their own? Also, I myself am looking for a place and is thinking about just bringing mom with me, but I can't give her all the care she'll need. I know she can get nurses to come to the house, but I feel it won't be enough. I know I've left out a lot cause there's just too much to get into on this platform. The whole thing is such a mess. I'm not sure what to do.
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  • How come people with disabilities can make fun of themselves but we cant make fun of them/?

    Best answer: Same reason white people can't can't call black people the N word. It's a new disease called "snowflake-itis". It causes thin skin and lack of common sense.
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  • I'm confused about how to treat disabled people?

    I've always heard people say don't pity disabled people, don't treat them differently, they are just as capable as non-disabled people I've grown up listening to disabled school speakers claiming the same thing, "don't treat us differently, we are just like you, we are just as capable. we also like being independent and help can come off as condescending and = we can help ourselves with the disabled aids most buildings already provide." But I was in a library and this woman in her 30s, in a wheelchair was trying to get a book on a shelf she was not able to reach. I was the closest person to her and I could have got it for her but I thought to myself that I shouldn't treat her like a disabled person and to just let her find a way for herself. I figured either she would go to the front desk to ask for a pick stick book grabber disabled people use to grab books. And she got mad at me and was like "Do you not see me struggling, the least you can do is help me" And I apologized to her explaining I assumed she didn't want to be treated differently and to let her find her own way and get a pick stick. she told me "why would I push myself across this library when someone can simply get it for me in a second, let me guess you assume all disabled people are inspirational? Please, you fetishize us, and you'll never understand us and our suffering because you're privileged. I just apologized and walked away. But now I'm confused, how exactly am I supposed to treat disabled?
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  • There are walls around Jerusalem, there are walls around the Jewish temples and the Christian churches. Are they immoral?

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  • Do you think JESUS was anything like Pastor Anderson?

    Best answer: No---Jesus mingled freely with those considered the outcasts of his day, a lesson---among many---lost on Anderson.
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  • Atheist. What about this peace in reference to Charvaka and your Atheist book of pages?

    Best answer: It turn them on.
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  • Why does God say math is for Gaylord's?

    Best answer: Gr8 b8 m8

    I r8 8/8
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  • My 20 year old daughter refuses to apply for SSI?

    My daughter is 20, got dismissed from community college due to low GPA. She has been volunteering at the library since April, and volunteered somewhere else before during college. She is frequently late to her volunteer jobs, and even in high school came late to school frequently. How will she be able to maintain a job if she can't come on time and maintain her appearance? The therapist she used to go to also suggested she apply for SSI She tells us she won’t be approved but we tell her you never know unless you try and it won't hurt to apply. I think she will get approved. She was in special ed and another mom whose son was also in special ed and receives SSI told me I can give SSA her IEP and special education records and she will be approved. Problem is she won’t sign record releases. My therapist said we can sign for her online. Every time I talk about SSI she gets mad. My ex is also against SSI. He gives her money but is afraid if she's approved it will discourage her from looking for a job. I disagree. She can always apply for a job while on SSI. Doesn't him giving her money also discourage her from applying for a job? He also thinks SSI is a "road to poverty". I have friends who are on SSI and they get section 8 housing, food stamps, and their own money without the stress of working a 9-5 job. They have a guaranteed income without worrying about being fired. Why wouldn't my daughter want this?
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  • Are people with Aspergers psychopaths?

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  • This might be a cheap trick, but isn’t the universe coming into existence on its own perfectly fine considering there were no laws prior?

    The laws were formed with the universe, so it wouldn’t be breaking any laws for it to just come into existence on its own, right? There were no laws to break
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  • How long until scientists can bring dinosaurs back?

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