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  • Coworker is living embodiment of the term butterfingers?

    Best answer: Why worry about it? She will make you look good by comparison.
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  • If you had no job and needed money would you work at a fast food restaurant for $11.35 an hour?

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  • Does burger king allow small tattoos?

    i have a tattoo on the inside of my wrist that's about 1.5 inches in length and half an inch in width. i just got hired today and have yet to go to the face-to-face meeting, should i cover it? or should i tell them about it? would i lose the job? ( this is also my first job and i'm very nervous)
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  • How do I quit my waitress job after just two weeks?

    Hey y all I m 15 and I just started my first waitress job about two weeks ago and I hate it, I haven t been myself since I ve started, when I come home from work I lock myself in my room and just cry ive been extremely stressed and anxious all the time about work even if I don t work that day or work until later. I ve been diagnosed with GAD since last year and I am tired of this constant work anxiety. My managers are nice and most of the co-workers are friendly except this one older woman who stresses me out to the max and it s eating me alive, I ve been told multiple times to just wait and I ll soon get adjusted to the job but I don t know if feeling constantly depressed and sad and anxious is even worth it. Should I give a two weeks notice or just quit on the spot? thanks!
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  • Is working in the service industry ever awkward?

    Knowing you have to be super nice to complete strangers just because they're paying customers, you don't know if they're a wife beater or if they're not paying their kids child support, all you know is that they're paying customers at a place you work and you have to be super nice to them for that
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  • Am I really obligated to find coverage for a shift that I'm scheduled for?

    Best answer: imo no. why? you've stated it in writing you are NOT available on thursdays. if they do not cooperate with your request then why even ask what days you are available?

    i always find it funny when people say your replaceable that is true but so are employers. never settle for less. know your worth and move onto better things. you could find a job with better pay, more hours, or in your case someone that actually complies to their damn contracts.

    there is a reason why people put they are not available on certain days as some people have important things to do on those days like maybe they have another job, maybe that is the only day they can spend time with their wife/kids due to same days off, etc.. it shouldn't be explained why you need that day off they should work with you on that and have someone else switch if they are willing too.

    from what your manager says seems like they clearly give no fks about you and imo your better off just finding another job OR if you like that job then simply talk to some coworkers and ask them hey could you switch your X days with me and you can have thursdays since i can't work thursdays. but it really isn't your job this is the managers job
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  • I'm in college right now, but I think I just want to be a waitress?

    I just finished my freshman year at college and I'm working in a restaurant over the summer as a hostess but I want to move up to be a waitress. They won't let me because I'm going back to school in the fall and they think it's a waste of time. I'm studying to be a social worker. I am interested in that, but honestly, I don't think any traditional job could compare to the excitement of working in a restaurant. I'm so excited to go to work everyday, not only because I love the people I work with but also because I really think I have a passion for this industry. I love interacting with the customers and there's something about serving people and just getting paid to be really over the top nice to people all day that's really fulfilling. I'm not doing well in school. I got a 2.6 last semester and I'm under my parents' thumb because they pay for my school, apartment, and car note. The servers at the restaurant I work at make thousands of dollars a month. I could be out of my parents' house in a little while with that kind of money. I could have a job I love and my independence. Of course there's the stigma. "Just" a waitress. My dad actually felt the need to point out no college educated main would be interested in me. Which, is probably the least of my problems but true. I might be cutting myself off from some options, but I don't know, that's just how I feel right now. I feel silly for my dream to be a waitress, but it is. What should I do?
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  • Can a dishwasher in a restaurant ask for a pay raise?

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  • How to get through the work day.?

    I am 17 and I am working at Wendys. I work 6pm-12am then go back to work at 12pm-8pm. Anyway to make this not as stressful. I get very stressed at this Job. I started a few weeks ago and its so draining. I just need a few pointers on how to not get overwhelmed and want to kill myself over these hours.
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  • How do I list "wrongful termination" on a job application?

    I leave these details off my resume but every job application I've filled out asks for "reason for leaving" Would it be okay to put something like "Wrongful Termination"? I was fired because management found several open containers of alcohol in my locker while conducting a search for stolen company property. They did NOT find any stolen property. Somebody else put the bottles there, they weren't mine, I tried to tell them but they wouldn't believe me and I was told I would need to start an alcohol treatment program. When I told them "No", I was fired. They said I identified the padlock they cut off my locker as my personal lock and since nobody else would have had a key, it would have been impossible for anyone else to have put the bottles in my locker. They found an open bottle of vodka and I don't drink vodka, I might drink an occasional beer and sometimes wine with dinner, but that's about it. Normally, I would only have a beer or 2 if I know I'm going to be home for the evening. I had not had a drink in the past week but they did not do any kind of drug/alcohol test before I was terminated. I had a lawyer speak with them and they did offer me another position in a different town which I declined - they wanted me to relocate for $10/hr. What I need to know is how I can list this on a job application so I can get an interview. I think I could try to explain myself if I could get an interview.
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  • Should I ask for a better hourly rate?? Minimum wage job?

    Best answer: Sounds like the waitresses ought to be tipping you if you're doing a good job and helping them out. That's the typical procedure. . It's very unusual for a new worker to get a raise from management after only 3 weeks on the job.
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  • Is waitressing hard?

    Im thinking of going into it soon since I ive been working at a frozen yogurt shop for about a year now and I enjoy it and its fine now in the summer but once it hits winter it gets really slow and i barely get any shifts and i need to save for college. I am 17 and my responsibilities at my job arent specific but when im there, its a small place so im either by myself and am with one other person and im simultaneously offering samples, running the registers, filling candies, cleaning stuff, doing dishes, and whatever needs to be done. Im not sure if that experience will make waitressing easier but I know I can deal with asshole customers since Ive gotten alot more positive in my job. Also i can deal with running around for several hours since ive heen doinf that in my job. I just am worried about the actual serving and remembering orders and if my tasks will be much harder since my current responsibilites are simple.
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  • Is it ok to apply for a job at McDonald’s (in person) on a Saturday?

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  • Is working as a chef easy and fun?

    Best answer: as someone who works in the field as a line cook ( i don't consider myself a chef but realistically i am one, just due to my skill level thus why i don't call myself a chef until i get confident in my skill level )

    easy? lmfao no it's hard work and a stressful field when you get slammed and or backed up on prep.

    Fun? if you enjoy fast paced work field and cooking yes it is fun; varies on the restaurant though as a line cook regardless you NEED to be fast.

    pay- it isn't great

    hours- hours can suck. yesterday i worked my first shift at a new job 9-3 wasn't bad i ended up leaving at like 3:20/3:30. which is pretty normal as you rarely leave on time anyways unless they force you to leave due to payment ( over time).

    days off- you'll be lucky to even get most holidays and weekends off, more so lucky if you had 2 consecutive days off meaning you have 2 days off in a row. usually my days off are like monday then friday or tuesday and thursday so it really doesn't feel like i had the day off if i got to work the next day.

    it's not for everyone basically and as stated it is kind of like being a nurse tbh. weird hours, weird days off, working holidays, crappy pay, etc..

    im not trying to discourage you just telling you how it is from my experience. today is a holiday and since the restaurant i work at is right across the street from a fireworks show going on tonight it is likely going to be busy all day long. one tip i can give to you is DON"T be afraid to fk up. this field is ALL about making mistakes and learning from them. i cannot tell you how many times i've fked up and got my @ss chewed out despite working at an establishment for 1+ years. just gotta pick your nuts off the ground get back to work fix your mistakes and go on with your day. nobody is going to look at you like oh you a shetty chef because you fked up an order. if they have that type of mentality then fk um. trust me i've had people look down on me because i screwed up and im just like "shrug" makes me a better chef in the end i don't know everything when it comes to cooking thats why i learn and only way to learn is by doing and improving upon mistakes when they are made or asking for advice and trying it.

    like yesterday on my first day i burnt 2 flat breads cause everytime i check on it they say it's not ready then when i do check on it then it started to burn but you can still serve it. it just looks unpleasing to me but today is a new day imma try my best to remember i got shet in the oven and if my mentor tells me to leave it in imma leave it in slightly longer and take it out before it gets burnt. give me about a month -3 months i bet you i will have it down but a day? forget about it we just started learning.
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  • How long did it take for you (as a new employee) to get the hang of the menu?

    Best answer: a couple weeks. people learn differently some learn faster at things then others where as those same people who might seem to be slower actually learn faster at other things.

    im in the same boat. started a new job on tuesday went in for 2 days now all be it i only worked for 6 hours for both shifts due to one day closing early on a holiday. first day obviously i didn't expect to know everything. 2nd day was a lot better i got the hang of a few appetizeres and dishes on my station given 1 got sent back for being too oily so i need to work on that which is an easy fix but it was just that 1 order i've made others prior to that order that were fine. it was my 2nd day but another persons 3rd day and he seemed to have it down really good. think his main focus is just main courses where mine is appetizers and pizza's.

    my 3rd day im being confident in myself going to try my best o remember what i learned in the past 2 days and work on it learn more. not expecting to know everything yet but yea give it a few weeks before you get good. try your best and simply own up to your mistakes after maybe a month if you don't get it down then i'd worry. usually the bigger the menu the harder it is to learn it thats why a good restaurant never really has a huge menu in the first place.

    at my other job i was good at what i did but i've worked their for 3 years. took me about 6 months to be good
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  • Can i lie about my age on a McDonalds application and interview?

    I’m 13 but the age for working at McDonald’s is 14. Can I lie or USB there any loop holes to get a job there??
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  • First day of orientation at McDonald’s today?

    Today is my first day of orientation at mc Donald’s, I wanna know if after orientation when do I start working? Also should I bring a notepad? Also could I choose what station I wanna work at? I’m so scared for my first day of actual work, it’s my first job too! Can you guys give me some tips please. Also I think I’m gonna be the only one there cause I was suppose to have orientation 2 weeks ago.
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  • Is it hard to work at subway?

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  • I m 16 years old in Vic Australia, I work 2-2.5 hr shifts but only get $11 per hour. I m a waitress/barrister in a busy restaurant. Fair?

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  • Is working 3pm-11pm better than a regular day shift like 10am-6pm at McDonald's for a 16 year old?

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