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  • Does an author have to match J K Rowling or Stephen King's level of sales to be considered 'successful'?

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  • Why don’t my coworkers like me?

    Best answer: Coworkers often hate when others do their jobs right. It's all about competition to a lot of people. I even have people often tell me to do my job wrong if they see me do it right, to try to steer me the other direction
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  • Is this discrimination in the workplace?

    I am a college student who just applied for a part time job at a habachi sushi restaurant. I have worked ONLY at habachi sushi restaurants since I was 16 in two different restaurants so far. I just got the job at the new habachi in college. Here’s the problem. The manager told me before I accepted the job that I will stay as hostess then be a server in three weeks. It’s my second week and I’m doing great bc I already know how to manage a habachi restaurant given my experience and I’m still a host and he now tells me he’s not sure if I can be a server anymore. The only reason he won’t let me be a server is bc he knows nobody likes being a host there and they’re desperate for hosts. However, he has since hired two new servers and they didn’t even have to start out as a host first? He told me everyone starts as a host first so I don’t understand. I questioned him this and he claims it’s because they have server experience. ?? I had actual HABACHI server experience so I don’t understand. I said this and then he goes “oh bc I don’t think you can handle it” even though he made me start out as a host and not the others? I don’t find this fair whatsoever and it’s hard to find jobs in this city so this is why I’m so mad. He would later tell me I’m too short (5’1) Is this discrimination? Should I say something or just leave because I actually like the staff there :/
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  • Do female restaurant workers need someone to be with them when taking out the trash?

    This girl was helping me close lobby and I asked if she could take out trash. She said yes but asked if someone could go with be because technically she’s not supossed to go alone ( it was night). I’m assuming because someone could harm her but is this an actual thing? Btw I went and helped her
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  • How much would I get monthly average?

    Best answer: Assuming 24 hours per week

    11 * 24 * 52 / 12 =>
    11 * 52 * 2 =>
    11 * 104 =>

    You'd make $1144 per month, before taxes.

    1144 * 12 = 12000 + 1200 + 480 + 48 = 13200 + 528 = 13728

    That's what you'll make in a year. In 2019, your first 9700 will be taxed at 10% and the remaining 4028 will be taxed at 12%. You'll also pay 6.2% in for Social Security and 1.4% in for Medicare

    9700 * 0.1 + 4028 * 0.12 = 1453.36. That will be your Federal Income Tax for the year.
    13728 * 0.062 = 851.14. That's your contribution to Social Security
    13728 * 0.014 = 192.19. That's your contribution to Medicare

    1453.36 + 851.14 + 192.19 = 2496.69

    You'll clear, after 1 year: 13728 - 2496.69 = 11231.31

    That works out to $935.94 per month, after taxes. This doesn't include state or local payroll taxes that may be applied.

    On the plus side, you'll have a 12200 standard deduction on your tax return, which means that your tax burden will be 10% of $1528, or $152.80. Your return should be $1300.56. You may even get it all back if you have to pay state or local income taxes.
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  • What would be a good reason to populate a castle with this creature?

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  • What makes someone a loser?

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  • As an Applebee’s employee am I allowed to dye my hair an unnatural color?

    Like Green, Blue, Pink etc.
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  • How long should someone work at Mcdonald’s for?

    I have been working there for a few months and so far it hasn’t been too bad. How long should someone stay there before quitting? Just wondering.
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  • My business partner stole money off me I have no proof, he never bothered to pay me back, now he has a kid to a random women n he's giving?

    He's giving the kid all this money that's probably mine I'm so angry n jealous what can I do, a court case would take ages why do kids get priority payments over everyone else
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  • Job where I clean dishes.?

    Best answer: Gloves are basic PPE. Most employers expect you to provide your own.
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  • Would it be bad for me to return to my job at Dunkin Donuts?

    i quit my job at Dunkin Donuts about a month ago because i was scared whenever I worked at night because I was alone all the time and its a sketchy neigborhood. I’ve applied to many jobs but all of them either have rejected me or never contacted me. I was thinking about asking my old manager if they need any help on the morning shift and I would work on the weekends since I have school.
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  • How should I quit my bussing job?

    Hello, I’m a bus girl who has worked in the same restaurant for over a year now. I have grown very close with some of the people there but others have not treated me the best. Basically, I’ve been a doormat to these people because they have learned that I work hard and pick up their slack if they want to be lazy. I have another job waiting for me, a bussing job that pays more. Should I give two weeks notice or just quit? Part of me feels like they don’t deserve the two weeks notice, and I know it would be very awkward to work with them after them knowing I quit. However, I know that quitting without notice will really screw them other big time and I don’t know if they deserve quite that. How should I quit? through text, call, in person? Give notice or not?
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  • Can I buy a chipotle visor hat instead of wearing the regular hat ? Will they allow it ?

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  • Does Golden Corral have a flexible schedule for part time underaged workers?

    I am looking to get a job at Golden Corral, but take off work for maybe a week or so every month or 2. Are they flexible with my schedule or do they expect me to be there all the time with no time off flexibility?
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  • Appropriate shoes for cafe work experience?

    Best answer: You need to visit places like this and see
    What shoes those employes use. Learn
    From people working in that profession.
    I would suspect a comfortable shoe with
    A good arch support and a gel insert to
    Stay comfortable while standing for long
    Periods. Use a solid color brown or black
    Or white Tennis shoe or something like it.
    Not a Loud colorful shoe like pink or orange
    Or yellow or red or purple.
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  • Are fast food employees low intelligence or just lazy?

    They keep getting my orders wrong. I ask for bacon cheeseburger and they forget the bacon I ask for double filet-o-fish and I get one patty only. I ask for spicy taco and they give me plain. I ask for drinks with no ice and they fill it up with ice. Are they dumb or just lazy?
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  • How to quit my job at Dominos?

    Best answer: did you sign a contract.
    if no then just walk out or tell you will not be back, that is what people in my work do all the time.
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  • Waitressing tips?

    I just got a job at a bar and restaurant and my first shift was terrible I got there at the dinner time rush and was thrown in at the deep end with no help and ended up dropping two plates. My problem is I don’t know the menu so when food comes down from the kitchen I don’t know what is what for the tables and the tables are also not in number order they are scattered all over how can I know what food is what and where each table is with no help I’ve only done one shift and I’m already dreading my second which is tonight as I don’t want it to go the same
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  • How can I learn to cook/improve my cooking without culinary school?

    Best answer: Food network has a lot of good shows, but if you want to improve your skills without culinary school, head to youtube and start searching. There are many chefs and amateurs who will show you carefully new skills and new ideas and the neat thing that the TV shows won't do is closeups, tips, tricks and yet, replays. Most youtube videos are shorter than a tV show and you can more easily digest what is going on, and practice on your own.

    The best thing that ever happened to me is getting a job as a cook when I knew nothing. I lied to get the job and when I showed up, told these culinary graduates the truth and also told them I am a quick study. They taught me what they knew and what I needed to do the job and I learned a lot.

    There are a lot of professional cooks out there who have never stepped into a classroom, but this doesn't mean you don't need to know anything. Every chef, even gordon Ramsey will tell you that there is always something new to learn.
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