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  • Why are fast food workers so unprofessional?

    Ok so I went to Wendy’s a few days ago to order food. After I placed my order, I sat down and waited for them to bring me my food. I was wondering why they were taking so long. A couple minutes later it turned out that my food had already been prepared and was already at the front and the lady was standing at the desk searching around for who the food belongs to. How was a supposed to know that was MY FOOD? She didn’t even bother to take my name and call out my food when my food was ready. They do that at other restaurants! Why can’t they do that at Wendy’s??? Why are workers there so rude and lack so much Common sense? There needs to be more professionalism and INTELLIGENCE in the fast food industry. Kindness and intelligence ALWAYS matter, especially when you’re an employee.
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  • I want to quit my new job. I've only worked three days so far?

    Best answer: "that I could be getting next year." Two key points there. "Could" be getting... and "next year." That's over eight months away, and it's not guaranteed.

    For everything, there is a first time. The employees working there right now didn't just walk in knowing all of the coffee flavors and donut varieties and every bit of product in the shop. They learned it. My advice: cut yourself a little slack. You just started there - so it will take some time to learn the ropes.

    Make a video of yourself today - this moment - describing how you feel and what you know about the job. Then save that video and watch it again three or four months from now. It will surprise you how nervous and upset you 'were' about nothing. Kick a** at this job. Make it a goal right now to not only learn everything about the business - but to be the BEST at it. Become THE most reliable employee, someone who is so valuable they cannot possibly continue without you.

    Then use it as a springboard for your next job. When you apply for that job next year, they'll contact your current boss for a reference. He'll verify what an awesome employee you are, and how you taught yourself the business from the ground up, and how he hates to lose you. That's an admirable quality that future employers look for. You also might find your current employer matching whatever your new job will pay - just to keep you.
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  • What does it mean when someone addresses you as chef?

    I’m working in a new kitchen and my executive addresses me as chef? Is that just a term of respect or? What’s it mean
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  • Potentially working at Arby's?

    Best answer: You'll do fine. You'll get on-the-job training your first few weeks and after a few months or so you should be fine.
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  • Quitting Dunkin' Donuts after 2 days of work. Put on "blacklist"?

    Today I quit Dunkin Donuts job after working for only 2 days realizing this is not what I wish to do in the future. I did not just walk out, I have two jobs and I did not realize how much of a toll it would take on my body. I wake up 5 in the morning for my first job, and once I finish from there I went to dunkin's from 4-9. I felt very exhausted from past 2 days. So I told the manager today I will not be able to make it in because I do not feel good and feel this is not the right place for me. I told them I would like to quit. The boss, who I did not get to meet told the manager that if I quit he would have to put my name on this so called "blacklist" where I will not be able to work for another franchise. How true is this statement? Any help on this will be helpful.
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  • Do you need a RSA to work at a pub in London? RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol)?

    Best answer: No such thing in UK. Provided you have a work visa, you just ask for a job.
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  • Missed shift on new job? Was it my fault?

    I got a job at a resturant as a line and prep cook,I'm 17 and this is the second resturant I worked at. I worked yesterday From 4-11 pm. The only thing the chef told me was to come In on Sunday,today the owner called and said I was supposed to work at 5 and said next time check the schedule. BUT I was totally new so I didn't know about it,I assumed I had to come in on Sunday. Was this my fault.
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  • Is this unrealistic?

    Hello! I'm 18 years old and I finished secondary school (high school), last year. I didn't know what I wanted to do so I just picked an arts degree which gave me a lot of options for subjects to study. I am nearly finished my first year and I hate it such a horrible feeling studying something you hate. My parents know I hate it. I know that when leave college in 2 weeks when first year is over, I won't be going back in September. I can't face it. I have no problem studying but I'm studying Spanish and law and I don't want to be a lawyer or teacher or anything related to law and Spanish. I have loved to bake since I was 14 and have recently gotten into cooking regular food too. In hindsight, I knew deep down the food industry was for me but I was always afraid because since my mom works in a restaurant, she knows how horrible work hours can be for chefs. That's why I pushed that idea away. Now I realise there are a lot for routes to take such as catering, home baking, etc. I now know that the course for me is 'baking and pastry arts management' as is covers baking, retail, starting up a business in baking, food packaging, and more. I would like to study this and open a small home bakery (work a weekend job too). I get to go abroad in year 3 (I'm planning on going to nyc), then come home, finish my degree, work in a bakery for a year or so, then move to the US (New York, LA, Chicago, etc / idk yet), and open up my own bakery/café. Do you think my goals are too unrealistic?
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  • Can I report my manager at McDonald’s for cursing at me infronf of 2 other employees and calling me a gossip girl (because I’m gay male)?

    Today my manager who is very passive aggressive got really upset with me for reasons I do not know. I was on the grill and I guess I was not moving as fast as he feel like I should be going so he would make smart remarks. I was only on the grill for 30 minutes while I was on break. When I went back to the front to run for front counter. I saw him helping another guy on the grill so I said “ hey u can help him why didn’t you help me when I was back there”. He mumbled stuff under his breath (which is normal for him when he’s talking trash about someone. I then continued to serve customers and me and another co worker began to discuss something about a customer who had complained and I was explaining to her what happened. He then decided to say what are you gossip girl ? I responded are you discriminating against me because of my sexual orientation I can report you because I take offense to that statement, he then says I don’t give a **** in the prescense of 2 other 2 co workers who are minors you are always running ur ******* mouth and more stuff but I couldn’t understand stand him because he talks very low . I was confused because I didn’t understand what the issue was so I walked away. An hour later I asked to speaks to him before he left today to see if we could mediate the issue and he said I don’t have to like to to talk to you I’m not ******* playing. When he clocked out for the day I asked the girl who was in the kitchen did she know why he was mad?
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  • Am I being “bullied” by my boss?

    (I’m 16) I work in a restaurant in Northampton. At work my boss constantly be-littles me I mean I don’t expect her to be nice to me constantly you expect bosses to be rude sometimes. Sometimes I’ll walk in in a evening and she be like look at the state of you have you just rolled out of bed? Looks like you didn’t use a brush things like that about my looks. The other at work did something (not irrelevant what it was) because someone else couldn’t and she went oh you’ve actually got something right for once unlike usual. I’ve also had a problem with my health and she took the p*ss our of me and laughed in front of other colleagues. She constantly nit picks at personal things. Oh yeah and the other week I spilt something down me either horse radish or mustard which has a lingering smell and she sprayed me in front of others telling me I need a bath. I don’t mind when she goes on at me about relevant things but this is it to far? Thank you to anyone who answers (:)
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  • I Need To Talk To My Manager About Hours But I'm New And Scared!?

    HELP. So the other day I got my first job ever at a local Dunkin Donuts. I'm still in training but I've been catching on relatively quickly and they seem to like me. However, I'm only just starting my second week now and I need help. So when I applied I said I could work Friday nights, any time on Saturdays, and Sunday mornings, but I also said I could work Tuesday and Wednesday night (I'm in high school by the way) and although I'd rather not work weekday nights (excluding Fridays) I put it down anyway because I really wanted the job. But a few nights ago I worked from 3:30 to 9:00 after school and mentally I was going crazy. If it was just like 3:00 to 5:00 or 6:00 it'd be fine but my mom was going crazy because of all the homework I had to do and being tired (and I agree) So I need to tell my manager that I really can't do that long of hours on weekday nights. And on top of all that I need to ask for a week off? I warned her briefly that I had a huge thing coming up where I'd be busy the entire week and the week is approaching fast. How do I tell her I need to change the hours and get the week off asap? Now I am still in training so technically I'm an extra who's really there to just learn so they said if I can't make a day now it's okay. There also low on staff though but I'm still scared that she may be like you can't commit to this and fire me!! Help please!!
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  • Is it legal for a manager of a wage-tip job to limit your tables for simply disliking you?

    Best answer: yes it's legal, but if you're not in a job that gets tips, your minimum wage goes up a lot. If you have tables but just not as many as you used to have, it's legal.
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  • Can I ask the dominos delivery guy to drive me home?

    I’m outside dominos and it’s really cold and late and I live about a 20 min walk away from home. Can I do a delivery order to my house and ask the driver to give me a ride as he’s delivering my pizza to my house?
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  • Poll: Is a 10:45am to 2:30pm shift long?

    Best answer: No, not really
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  • Should i rat out a Pizza Hut co worker?

    Well this guy never washes his hands. Because i will wait to use the bathroom and i never hear the water running. Just the toilet flush. I want to tell on him because that is nasty because we work with food. I care about the customers and I don’t want them to get sick. Also he makes pizza. I always wash my hands and even when i first get there. But i am afraid to tell on him because I don’t want to get into trouble or even worse and get fired. Because this is my 4th month working there.
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  • Sketchy boss, claims its impossible to have a set schedule for me?

    My current boss had me start working without filling out any paperwork and later on said I could just text her a picture of my information for the W-4 (she texts me about my schedule and often changes it up to three times claiming she only needs me when the restaurant is busy.) She did pay me but only after I asked about pay day. I have found a more steady job and in all honesty just want to know if I can simply text her a PDF of my resignation since she texted me my W-4 forms.
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  • Why the manager want me to come in at this time?

    I had asked the manager on her restaurant facebook page if she looking for servers or bussers she said I'm looking for bussers I can give you server hours as they come. I said I can be a busser so she asked what time I could start I said Thursday she didn't respond so I messaged her the next day and said anytime really. The manager said ok see you at 6. I asked her is it in the evening at 6 she said yes. Does this situation sound weird? I don't want to go up there for nothing because the people that worked there when I called looking for her awhile ago said she always be there only in the morning
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  • What does it mean if my boss is doing this?

    I'm a 17 year old boy that got employed at a Jack in the Box (fast food) about a week ago. I applied to be a cashier, and yes I understand that caahiers also have to help with other tasks but hear me out. The actual manager at my job is a guy called Jose but he's out temporarily and left another manager called Liz in charge while he's gone. I went in last tuesday for my first day. Liz asked if I was the kid Jose had hired and I said yes, but Liz wasn't told about me coming that day, so Liz just gave me a tour of the place and in the end she had me sweep, clean the tables, take out the trash, and clean the windows and told me to come again on Wednesday. Wednesday, I went in, and AGAIN Liz had me clean the whole time I was there but this time I was able to bag some orders and hand them to customers. I was told to come back again on Friday and that I'd get cashier training that day but once again on Friday Liz had me clean the whole time because she had forgotten the her supervisor wpuld visit our location. At the end of Friday Liz told me to come back again on Wednesday (2 days from now). I haven't gotten trained as a cashier and Liz is just telling me days when she wants me to come instead of assigning me a schedule and I'm afraid of telling her I can't come in on certain days because of school because i don't want her to think I'm unreliable and possibly give me less days. What do you think I should do? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  • Why do servers get so shocked when someone doesn't tip them?

    If you've chosen to do a job in which no one is legally required to help you with your salary then you should accept the fact that not everyone is going to help you with your salary, just like no one has to be nice to you or be your friend
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  • How much would I get paid a month?

    If I get paid ten bucks an hour how much would I make a month working part time????
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