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  • Do you think restaurants should start giving new hires a week or two of training instead of two days like if you want to be a dishwasher?

    I been at three restaurants washing dishes, each of them only gave me two days of training, after that, they felt like they didn t need me no more. I wish they would of gave me a week of training before they decide if they want to keep me around or not. Everybody works differently, plus you have to get use to where everything goes.
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  • Anything wrong with working at a restaurant? For like a career?

    I've been working in the kitchen since I was like 16 started as dish washer an moved up an all that I'm in my 20s now but like I only make 13.50 so I'm just trying to figure out so I just keep working in the restaurant cause I do like it only thing I know how to do is cook haha but is there anything wrong with just wanting to work in a restaurant?
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  • Choosing between two jobs?

    Best answer: Let's take this apart a little bit:
    1. If you are currently "content" and doing well in your current job, there is no immediate reason to change jobs.
    2. As you know, there is no guarantee of how much you might make in tips at any restaurant. You also understand that a place that either has a faster turn over, more customers, and or a higher average meal price will likely increase your tips. You also have to consider schedules, work environment, and travel time in determining if a new job delivers a net benefit.
    3. What your boyfriend "wants" to do should not force you to change jobs. As adults, the two of you need to be honest about how much you can afford. As a married couple, you pool your finances, so if he can cover more than 50% of the rent, he can and "should" do so. If 30% of your combined income doesn't allow for $800/month, then you can't move into that place.
    4. It seems that you are on a path to get some kind of degree and training for a higher-paying job. Focus on that. The sooner you achieve those things, the sooner you can start looking for a career position that will pay better and be more fulfilling.
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  • How can I create a restaurant?

    Best answer: I'd use cardboard for the walls, some polythene for the windows, maybe you could get some wooden ice lolly sticks and make the tables and chairs
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  • Why is my co-worker so stupid?

    I am a cashier and a customer purchased strawberries. I noticed there was mold on the strawberries so I asked one of the baggers to go and find strawberries that didn't have mold on them. He brings back another box of strawberries and I asked if he inspected them and he told me yes. I checked the box of strawberries and there was mold everywhere and I got really pissed off. I opened the box and asked him what he thought was on the strawberries if it was mold and I proceeded to ask him if he even knew how to check for mold. He stuttered while trying to reply, saying he wasn't really experienced with identifying mold, so I rolled my eyes and asked if there was anybody around that knows how to check for mold. Why don't people know how to do their jobs in a grocery store? We need less morons working for us.
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  • I was accused of lying at work?

    I’ve been working at a very busy restaurant on the beach for a little over a year now. About 4 months ago I began training to work in the gift shop. It’s very overwhelming at times, and the level of multitasking was way out of my comfort zone but I haven’t made any huge mistakes. It’s hectic but I love the position because it’s very rewarding. Well for the past few months I’ve literally been kissing butt, anything they tell me to do gets done, I just want to make them happy. I felt I had built a good level of trust with these people. Just the other day I thought I was having a great day. I reorganized all the entire shop from top to bottom, so that at shift change they didn’t have much to do. Well apparently there were T-Shirts downstairs that I happen to walk right past. I was supposed to fold them, it was a complete accident. They didn’t see it that way, I was accused of lying which brought me to tears. I’ve spent months trying to build a trust with these people, now they believe I’m a liar. I tried to explain that it was an accident and that I would stay after work to fold them but my manager stormed out and called me lazy. I’m hurt by it honestly, everytime I think about it I want to cry. Not even sure how to handle it when I go back to work. Any advice on what I could do to make it up to them? I just want them to understand that they can trust me.
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  • Is it a bartender trick to complain about bad tips from some folks so other customers will leave bigger tips?

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  • I got fired from a fast food restaurant (for a dumb reason) will i be able to get another job at another fast food restaurant?

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  • Why do I receive bad tips?

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  • Can you make a millions dollars by working at subway restaurant ?

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  • What is the best thing to do about this type of job harrassment?

    Best answer: If you don't make any mistakes, nothing to pick on...

    in all honestly, who knows why this person is picking on you...or if perhaps you are overreacting. Or...somewhere in between...
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  • I don't think working at this restaurant is right for me. What do you think?

    For starters, they ALWAYS have a sign on the window stating, "Help Wanted: Food-Runners, Waitstaff, Bussers." Which in MY mind would mean they're looking for 1 of the 3, not all 3. I started about 1-week ago and the owner said he wanted to start me from the "Bottom up." Start as a busser. Next thing I know he has me waiting tables, running-food; All positions. I'm not doing so hot because I'm getting thrown into these positions so he sends me to the other location to train with his wife. She just wants me to run food/bus-tables. She'll take orders, process-checks and be the chef. A busy Saturday-night. Her, the only chef. Me, training, the only person on the floor. No dish-washer. Really no foundation. Both of the restaurants have a wide variety of negative-reviews. From the service to the food. Usually, it's just the wife: Cooking, waiting, bussing; Everything. One of the negative-reviews is from a previous employee and he said 3 other people quit in the 5 days he was there. I've only been working there for 1-week and everyday I go in I tell myself I'm going to quit. They constantly lose employees and the wife could tell I was stressed-out on the busy Saturday night. So her/her husband started talking my ear off about how "Nice I am." How "Great I am at working." Giving me a bunch of extra food. After they do all that, I tell myself I won't quit, because they're being so "nice." I'll probably end-up leaving soon, but I wanted to hear another take on this.
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  • I got a problem with constantly washing my hands?

    I work as a custodian and I'm always dealing with trash, toilets, urinals and it has made me become so worried to the point of washing my hands at least 10 times day and I feel as if I got to scrub them along time too as well. How do I stop this problem?
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  • Would you be hesitant to hire someone in their 40s with college degrees that has only worked minimum wage jobs? This is for minimum wage.?

    Best answer: I work in HR. I frequently hire Warehouse Associates who are in their 20s, 30s, even 40s who have only ever worked warehouse or minimum wage jobs. None of these people have college degrees though. I would be hesitant, and here's why. Why has a middle-aged person with a college degree not had a career? Why does he/she only work min wage jobs and never move up from these jobs? I want to hire someone who's hardworking, intelligent, capable, willing, motivated, and ambitious -- I don't want to hire someone who is content with never advancing in their career. That demonstrates no initiative or ability. Sorry to be blunt -- just giving you the truth.
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  • Im too slow at subway?

    My manager says i make the sandwiches too slow when we have a line. The reason im slow is because i like to make the sandwiches neat and not sloppy. Ive only been working for 4 days and she is telling me we have to move on from the sandwiches and the reason we cant is because she sees im still nervous making the sandwiches. I am a little but wayyy less than i was on my first day. I feel like she is getting impatient with me and i feel rushed but at the same time 4 days for be to be great at making sandwiches is too fast for me. I also need to find a balance between fast and neat and i need tips on how i can improve at this
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  • Quitting Starbucks After 2 Weeks?

    I recently got a job at starbucks and had my first shift 2 weeks ago. I’m 16 and do online school so i have been working a lot and i hate it so much. It’s not that it’s new and i’m not getting the hang of things, because i am, it’s just that this job has made me so tired and depressed and i haven’t done ANY school work since I started and am so tired and unhappy i don’t think i can. My mom tells me i should quit but i would feel extremely guilty and disappointed in myself. I cry before and after my shifts and during them i am miserable. what should i do?
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  • What's a good title for a story about a vampire and human falling in love?

    Best answer: Twilight...

    Love at first bite
    *mashup of characters names*

    Really would need to know more about the story and characters to suggest more..
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  • Proofreaders: How would you rewrite my paragraph?

    Best answer: I get the feeling from you that you have never been to a strip club.

    Also, depending on the country you're not allowed to smoke in them, so double check that for the setting you're using.
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  • How much do servers make in upper level restaurants?

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  • Can a 17 year old be a line cook in a restaurant?

    I’m 17 and in high school. I’m looking into getting a first job and found a few listings in my city for a part time line cook. I don’t have any formal work experience but I have been cooking my whole life. I plan to go to culinary school and become a chef after high school so this seemed like a good first step. Thanks in advance!
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