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  • Why do servers deserve 20 percent or more tips but a delivery driver often gets less than 10?

    A delivery driver drives their own car around town spending money on their own gas.. a server walks back and forth from a kitchen.. a bartender stands there and pulls a handle.. it's like the more work you do and more expense you bear the less you deserve in return.. and the less you do the more you deserve..
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  • How to apply for chick-fil-A?my son is14 years old and he would like to get a job there .?

    Their website is not helpful.
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  • Should i quit my job and focus on school?

    Hi im 22 and in college and im a transfer student who recently got into a university. I go to school 5 days a week, however i also work a fast food job on weekends not much money (I know) however it’s enough to buy food and stuff. I live at home so I have no bills but realized my classes are kinda challenging I’m doing math French chemistry and writing class all in the same day I’m falling asleep on my homework assignments and I’m currently struggling in chemistry I failed the first quiz. I haven’t had a math or chemistry class in over 5 years so it’s to be expect. So my grandma offered to pay me $100 a week to quit my job for school but my mom said I should be independent and get my own money and not to rely on her. On top of that my job is short staffed so me leaving would hurt them, but at the same time would give me more study time? Should I leave my fast food job and take the $100 a week or should I just drop a class and keep my job?
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  • What do you feel when your writing resume?

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  • Is your work place GHETTO?

    My mine is , I mean my coworkers are fine but the customers.. woo chile
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  • Have you ever gotten to the point where you were tired of your job?

    Best answer: yup worked at this one restaurant for 3 years i was getting tired of it not so much the work it was easy so i planned to stay at least 1 more year but the people is what made me quit earlier. the people were very toxic.
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  • Whats it like to work as a chef/kitchen assistent in a care home.?

    Best answer: It completely depends on the facility. For the most part the menu is limited from day to day thus most of the cooking is done before the meals are even served like at a school or summer camp, thus low to no stress involved. And the highest level of stress would be to make a sandwich upon demand. Meals are served early thus even clean up ends early.
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  • If a customer orders food and wants to cancel the order and get his money back because we were out of the soda he wants, should we allow it?

    I'm a manager at a fast food burger joint. The other day we had a guy come in and order a burger, fries and a soda but when he goes to fill his cup for soda he discovers that the soda was flat which we didn't realize until then either. He got slightly disappointed because he wanted that particular soda only and wanted to cancel his order and get his money back. At first we hesitated to do that and try to figure out other solutions because we would lose money but in the end we gave him a refund. For future reference, is it a good enough reason to request a refund for a food order that was already taken just because the customer wanted a soda to drink with it that was flat or out of stock?
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  • Will earls the restaurant except a 14 yr old for hire?

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  • Does anyone know how much a food runner makes in casinos?

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  • Im currently taking a class to be certified for culinary. Im a senior with a 2.5 GPA. Is there still culinary that'll accept me?

    Best answer: yes. went to culinary school my senior year in highschool my gpa was 2.0 i believe or 2.5 at least. im not stupid i just chose not to go to classes over the year thus my gpa went down. ended up passing 2 grades in 1 year due to falling behind.

    went to culinary school the best in my state no issues accepting me and graduated about 3/4 years ago with 3.0 gpa, with honors and on the deans list as well. this field is about 2 -3 things 2 of which are self taught eventually. 1. skills ( self taught as after culinary school it is up to you if you want to further your skills and how ) 2. willingness to learn this is a KEY thing in this field nobody gives a fk if you have no degree people are willing to train from scratch thus it can lead to better jobs in the end. it's easier to find a job if you have schooling but i've worked with many line cooks who had no schooling at all and some who did they got promoted to managers eventually but again it's companies they worked at for years now. 3. talent, this comes with experience and skill eventually you will build your own talent.

    2.0 is USUALLY the borderline of which colleges will accept you depending which one you go to 2.5 is good enough though unless your going to a prestigious school which idk if their really is any for culinary 2.0 is usually borderline to be accepted. my culinary school offers free schooling it's not like an intense schooling it's just to earn your certificate if you want an AS or BS degree you have to actually go to college for those and do the regular courses.
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  • Will pizza hut see that i ran a stop sign?

    So i just got a job at pizza hut. Manager told me that i got the job as long as the background check and all that goes through. But just yesterday i "ran" a stop sign and got a ticket. Will pizza hut see this? Will this be reason to not hire me?
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  • Please help?

    So I started a bartending job and I have experience prior to this job. There is a policy that requires I train for 3 weeks. Because I have experience there really isn’t much I’m unaware of; I’m basically capable of doing everything except the specific restaurant factors. I’m being taken advtantage of by other bartenders who are supposed to be “training me” today I took more than 10 tables; did everything myself and did the whole service bar myself; one table alone tipped me 60 dollars. Because I’m “training” I’m not allowed to keep tips so all my hard work is given to those who are not even doing the work for it. I think it’s unfair; and I feel very exploited; it’s not the management that’s the issue it’s the other bartender who is literally taking advantage of me. Today he went on a “lunch break” for an hour leaving me to handle the bar for myself and he pockets all the tips. I came home crying tonight and I’ve decided I want to speak with the manager and quit because of how ridiculous this whole situation is; how do I go about this? I’ve been “training” for more than 2 weeks now; enough is enough. I can barely afford my rent and spend more money ubering to that place than my less than minimum wage makes me. I rely on tips; so it’s been really tough.
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  • Why are McDonalds workers majority black in America?

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  • Is it bad to actually enjoy working in fast food?

    I always hear people saying that retail is better than fast food. And I'm sure it's great and some people like it but I actually like working in fast food I'm the cashier in the front and I love taking people's orders and getting to talk to them. I don't mind working in fast food.
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  • How’s hard is it to work at red mango?

    I went to an interview yesterday and will be doing some training tomorrow to see how I fit in. Will it be difficult to catch on?
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  • Was this employer up to no good?

    Best answer: If they serve until 10, it's unlikely that the last customer leaves much before 11. If it's a busy restaurant, it wouldn't be unusual for the dishwasher and cleaning up to go to midnight. They probably have a hard time filling those hours.
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  • What do casinos look when hiring cocktail servers?

    Hello! I am considering looking for new jobs this coming January. I have always wanted to work in a casino as a cocktail waitress. By the time January is here, I'll have 5 years experience in the restaurant industry and 4 years experience as a server. I've cashiered, barbacked, bussed, ran food, and hosted, however, my main experience is in serving. I haven't bartended. I live near casinos in Southern California and my parents and I would frequent them when I was growing up. I loved the atmosphere and the pools. I am considering applying as a cocktail server but I was wondering what qualities employers look for when hiring cocktail severs at a casino. Any information helps.
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  • Terrible 2nd day of work at fast food job?

    My first day at BK was ok. I was trained and watched over while on the register for about the first two and a half hours. The last hour I was left by myself and was fine because it wasn't a busy day. My second day was on a Sunday evening and it was extremely busy. I was left alone and I messed up A LOT of orders. I also overheard the manager complain about my numerous mistakes. I thought the second day was supposed to be easier but it wasn't and now I feel really discouraged. I really want to quit but I desperately need the money for at least the next month. If any of you have ever worked on the register, how long did it take you to be comfortable with the register? Any advice?
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  • Why do Republicans think most fast food workers make $11.25/hour? are they unaware that most fast food workers make closer to $8/hour?

    Best answer: If we're talking about the ones here then it's because they spend all day on the computer, never leaving their parents' houses, and the only way they acquire information is through sites like 4chan and the daily stormer. This leads to a very perverse view of the outside world.
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