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  • I don’t want to work late?

    Hi So my boss has put me on the late shift all week and i hate that shift because it’s scary and I live so far away I hate getting home that late.  What’s a good excuse to ask for an earlier shift?
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  • My job screwed me over?

    So I was working a full time job with benefits. I needed dayshift though and while I thought they were going to offer it to me, they were unable to at the time. So I got a new job. The new job offered me a full time position with benefits with the hours I needed. So I put my 2 weeks in and when the time came I started the new place. They told me it would take a week or 2 to fit me into the schedule for full time, which I understood. Then after about a week and a half I get pulled aside and told they just don't have the hours to give me for my availability so I would have to change my availability if I want full time. I was so upset as I have kids and I wouldn't of left my other position had I known this would happen. I explained that to my boss and she just shrugged and said there was nothing she could do. I've gone to HR and was told they'd call me back but essentially until then I'd be off for a full week before I could get another shift unless I was willing to take the other opening(which with my kids wasn't possible with what they were trying to offer me). So I went home and applied to a couple of places just in case. 3 days later I get a call from another place and they offered me a job with the hours I need with higher pay and benefits. On the 4th day my current job called and left a message saying they had good news. Which at this point I'm unsure of what to do. Part of me wants to stay but they screwed me over once already..whose to say they won't again. Any advice?
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  • My brothers wife died suddenly and my boss won’t let me have off ?

    I got a phone call Wednesday night that my brothers wife died just a week after giving birth to their daughter. She started hemorrhaging suddenly at home. She was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately did not make it. (There’s more to this story but for reading sake I’ll leave it at that.) My brother and his wife live in Texas and my grandmother and I are actually in New York. My grandmother can’t really fly alone she’s 96. I  explained to my boss that I need to go to back Texas to be with my family. (I just returned back to work Monday from being in Texas the week my niece was born.)  He is refusing to allow me to go because it is not “immediate family” he says he’s very short staffed with 2 people in our department out. They are still making arrangements for her funeral What do I do?!? My grandmother unfortunately won’t be able to attend the funeral either as she’s old and doesn’t like to fly alone. Do I skip out on my brothers wife’s funeral? Can anyone offer me any advice? Do employers not realize that “real life” happens? 
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  • Do they 'win' if I leave?

    Work in a terrible, toxic workplace. If they like you it's fine, if they don't you will never fit in and everyone will be turned against you. This is my situation at work now. If i leave and get another job - doesn't that mean they win?? they get rid of you and are happy you are not around the building day to day anymore....how can I make it feel like I win if i leave - I feel like I'm giving them what THEY want.
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  • Should I tell my manager that my co-worker is planning to quit?

    My co-worker told me he was planning to quit. He has been less hrs lately and I have seen it. Our manager can be very condescending but I think that's just how she is. Me and my co-worker had our interview on the same day practically at the same time. We were both hired at the same time. I feel bad for him. We don't talk outside of work, but I think it's just courteous to be nice to him.
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  • What’s a good answer to, “how well do you work under stress”?

    When you’re being asked this during a job interview
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  • Starting new jon on the 17th when will i get paid?

    Best answer: Feb will be the most likely month
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  • Is it bad to reapply to a job?

    I applied for a job a like a month/month and a half ago. They called me, scheduled an interview and scheduled me to start 4 days later. Unfortunately my brother was sick (i had to take him to treatments/he was in the hospital) so I wasn’t going to be able to do the job. I emailed them 2 days prior to my start date explaining what the situation was but I never got a response back. Now I’m in a better situation and saw that they are still hiring. Would it be dumb to apply again or should I just look for something else? 
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  • Why do Americans frown on starting businesses?

    Since seeking employment has become  a terrible challenge; wouldn't it be better to start your own business? Your thoughts? 
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  • Hiw can I handle the pressure at work?

    My job requires us to met a 15 per day quota. Had I known that we have to met a quota, I wouldn't have accepted the offer. All of us that work in the Referrals dept are like robots. We constantly have to work. Even during our breaks and lunches people stay at their desks and work because we have to met our quota but all we don't want referrals to pile up because processing a referral is time consuming. How can I simmer down the pressure?
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  • Help getting an Ohio State Id for interview?

    I have a job interview on wednesday(its saturday) and i need a state id. I just moved to this state a week ago, and I still only have my old state id, and i dont have all the documents to get an ohio state id yet. I have my Birth Certificate and SSN/Card, but i have no bills for proof of residency, and i can t get a bank statement without being registered at a bank, which i need a state id for. I feel like im stuck needing a state id to GET a state id, and im unsure of what to do. I only moved from one state over, and i know people work from across the river from Kentucky to work here, so would my old id be sufficient? Any advice would be appreciated, i'm new to this.
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  • Job hunting causing me anxiety?

    I’m only 21 and I’m looking for my first job. I quickly realized that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. I haven’t been able to get an interview, so I’m trying to build some network. I’ve already had a little bit social anxiety prior to this but I’m not diagnosed. The fact of stepping out of my comfort zone to talk to people i don’t know and possibly meeting up with them to make connections makes me physically sick.. I know this is what I have to do and I don’t want to be afraid anymore. I really do want to find my first job. Does anyone have any advice or coping methods for this? Is this normal to be as anxious as I am?
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  • Discrimination or ??

    So at my job I was talking to my manger that I would like a raise and so she spoke to the regional manager and her excuse is no bc I have another job !! Mind you I’ve been working for the company for over 5 years and I’m NEVER late and call out and always flexiable. Does it even matter that I have another job ?? 
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  • Should I give my employee another chance? ?

    I have an employee who has been working for me for 2 years. I own a small company with 5 employees total. She’s a good worker she does take a little bit more time off then my other employees but I’ve never had a real issue until now. 2  weeks ago she took 3 personal days off. Then, on Monday her father passed away so he was given 3 days bereavement. (Understandable) On Friday her husband left her and Sunday night her dog passed away. The poor girl has been through a lot. She came in Monday but was not productive. She  took of Tuesday. She came in today but was inconsolable and I couldn’t have that in the office. I told her to go home and get some rest. Now she’s not going to be in tomorrow either. Morally I feel like I can’t let her go right now but my business is really suffering and myself and my other 4 employees are having to pick up all of her work on top of their own. I don’t know if mentally or emotionally she’s able to perform her job at this point I’m concerned. I feel very bad but I do have a business to run and it’s suffering. What should I do in this situation? Does anyone have any input?  Thanks. Don. 
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  • Why can't I get a job offer for something I've been doing for 20+ years?

    Best answer: I reading the answers you have gotten and your comments in response, I think the issue may be in the fact that it sounds like the majority of your career you have been freelance or an independent contractor. If you represent on paper (and maybe in interviews) as someone who has worked independently and as their own boss for 20+ years, there may be concern about how you would integrate into an office setting. Especially in a more senior level position where you could be expected to manage or at least lead others. People who are used to setting their own schedules and being their own boss can struggle to work under someone else’s constrictions or requirements. Not saying that you would, as I don’t know you, but that may be the perception.
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  • What should I do at my work when it isn’t busy?

    Yeah you know I had that down time at work and decided to play a little Rayman 3 on my n gage and you know my boss came in and got all mad at me for that. There wasn’t any work to do so I work hard I play hard and I decided to play hard. What should I tell him next time do that I can play that rayman in peace?
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  • What do you think 40 years old person work for entry lever position ?

    The position is different field from her past experience. She wants to learn something new and keen to work for a company. 
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  • Should I quit my new job to take care of a friend in need even though I just barely started my new job? My new job I need an income.?

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  • Is changing jobs worth it?

    I have been working for my company for around 3 years doing a Customer Services role. I am happy here, and my working hours are 8-4 (Mon -Fri) 30m lunch.This is a big International company that does offer stability, but there is not much room for progression. I have recently been offered a job as an Admin Team Leader at a much smaller company that has been around for about 7 years.They are very stable and profitable, but I am not sure whether I want to risk loosing my current job that offers me stability.They are offering me £3,000 extra to start with,and the working hours are 8-5 (Mon-Fri) 30m for lunch, and there is much more progression and possibility of becoming a manager.This job is also closer to home.I have already handed in my notice, but my manger has told me that they would be happy to offer me an increase, and now my head is all over the place.What would you do if you were me? (I am 22 years old btw)
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  • How to satisfy warehouse supervisors in a minimum wage job interview when u just dont have the redneck or illiterate look?

    First of all im 40 but have a baby face and always get seen as a "Student "one of the supervisors asks me "what is your education level"? well if i tell him im a college graduate, hell not hire me cause his wrong thinking will be "oh he gonna just leave when he gets higher paying job" and thus not hire me, so this time i answered "im a college dropout" lol the look on their faces. what answer do you want from me? it seems neither answer will do as they only want to hire based on looks of who they think is stupid. I really want the damn job, i dont care if its minimum wage, i can make it work on minimum wage but he whole damn warehousing industry just wants to hire aged looking high school dropouts.
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