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  • I got fired from my job because my mom forgot to wake me up?

    I'm 16 and just got my first job. I got scheduled an 8 am shift. I don't have a phone and we don't have an alarm clock. My mom has a phone and she promised that she would set the alarm to 6 am but she forgot. After I explained that to my manager, he didn't take me seriously and now I got fired. Is there any way to get my job back?
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  • How do you be successful on the first day of work?

    Best answer: Show up early. Better to be 15 minutes early than 10 minutes late. Give yourself plenty of time for when your shift starts, and how traffic is normally at that time, and prepare for alternate routes as needed.

    Listen. Bring a notepad if you need to write things down. They may have you shadow a co-worker for a while until you get the hang of it. Watch and learn. Ask questions on procedures, or if anything comes to mind.

    They hired you for the job. So they obviously think you are capable of doing it. Keep that in the back of your head. There's always a learning curve though when starting any new job, but it will get easier as time goes on.
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  • Salary negotiation. What should I ask?

    I'm looking to get into the casework job field. I applied for both the caseworker (I matched the education requirements, no experience was necessary) and the casework aide job. I was contacted to interview for the casework aide job, where the minimum qualification is a high school diploma, with an associate's degree being preferred. The salary is $22,995 to $29,163 annually but will commensurate with relevant degree and experience. The caseworker job pays close to double this salary. With two year's experience in this job field, as well as a bachelor's degree, would it be acceptable to negotiate for a higher salary?
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  • What's a good excuse for being a month late to an interview?

    So I had an interview scheduled but another job hired me on the spot so I've been doing that for like a month and forgot about the interview to the other place. I called them today and said I had a family emergency that took all my time and attention. If they ask I wanna have something that will help them forgive me. Ideas? PS anything is appreciated even if it's not a family emergency as an excuse. Thanks in advance.
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  • My boss keeps asking me to work overtime on my days off and now is telling me to cancel my vacation for work, should I say no?

    Best answer: If you requested the vacation and it was approved, then tell the boss that it has already been paid for and it includes other people so you can't cancel it because it would cost them too - it cannot be cancelled because you did not pay for cancellation insurance. If you did not request the vacation and get it approved, then you shouldn't be taking the vacation. When overtime is required, you work it. Unless you made it clear at the interview stage that you would not work overtime, you work when they need you. If you don't want this job, perhaps, it is time to find another job, one that meshes with your life better?
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  • Are we allowed to do this?

    I'm a cashier but my till keeps being short. Can I negotiate with my manager and ask if he can simply take the shortages from my register out of my paycheck so I won't get fired? Because I really like the Job and he's nice. But yesterday I came short 5$ bucks somehow which exceeds the limit and I think I got written up. Which is what the lady who counted till told me. Not the guy. I believe it's one more before I could get fired or something. So I'm wondering if I could just get my shortages paid off from my paycheck because I don't like making the company lose any money even if it's a small amount because I love this job.
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  • Can men with aspergers and adhd do pornography for a living and career?

    i am thinking about doing porn for a career and living now and giving up my other career choices since i worry that i will never have real sex so can men with aspergers syndrome and adhd do porno for a living and career
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  • How do I figure out what career I want?

    College is not for me but I’m having a hard time figuring out what I wanna do with my life. My only dream was to be an actor but now I wanna get a real job and I’m lost
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  • How long do you give a new employee to understand their new job?

    I own a family business but my father has now retired. I am now the manager and I hired an assistant manager to help out. He’s been here 2 weeks but doesn’t seem to be grasping his job. I’ve done quite a bit of informal training with him but I feel as if he’s asking the same questions over and over again. I’m trying to work with him and I’m wondering if I’m just not explaining things or if he’s just not getting it. It’s been cutting into a lot of my time having to train him. I was under the impression via the interview I had with him and his resume that he had a bit more experience in certain areas then he actually appears to have. Things he said he knew how to do/had done before it’s very apparent he doesn’t know how to do as I wouldn’t have to sit and explain it to him. I’m thinking of firing him however it’s only been 2 weeks. Should I give him more time?
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  • Have employers ever competed for you?

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  • How do I get a job when nobody will hire me?

    I am 19 and ever sense I was 16 I have been trying to get a job but nobody ever hires me. I don t understand why. I don t see anything on my job applications that would be an automatic rejection. The few times that I am called in for an interview I make sure I smell nice, comb my hair, shave, and dress nicely. I also prepare a lot for the interview questions. I am trying hard but not one person has hired me. I couldn t even get a part time job doing a student shift at Mcdonalds. My other brothers have had over 10 jobs sense they turned 16 and they are trouble makers who don t ever do anything to help around the house or give money to my parents to help pay bills and rent. I asked them to help me get a job before but nothing ever comes of it. My parents are very negative people and expect the worst of things so they just say "well I don t know what to tell ya.". Is there anything that you people can tell me that might help me get a job? (Please no jerks lecturing me about how i m 19 and don t have a job. I already know that and I want to change it.) Thank you for taking your time and reading this.
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  • My manager said to me “i’ll find someone else..”?

    if you don’t improve” i think that’s rude because i’m determined to improve but i don’t have experience in the job and i’m not english native speaker so sometimes it can be difficult. Also my salary is very low, 15k a year, i’m in the office 44 hours a week and we don’t have windows, sometimes i’m just tired. what do you think? should i leave the job?
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  • Jobs for teens?

    What jobs are hiring teens besides working as a cashier or at a fast food restaurant?
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  • I no showed for work because of a family emergency, will I be let go or will they understand ?

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  • Should I no call no shown at work?

    Hi, I’ve worked at chick fil a for almost 4 years now and I have found a better job, I’m not giving them a 2 weeks notice because they haven’t treated me well and the operator is a selfish piece of garbage, should I just tell them “hey I quit” or should I just no call no show?!
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  • Am I wrong for quitting 2nd month?

    Been at Starbucks for 3 weeks now I was working at a phone store before Starbucks and it was the best job I had it was easy and Super busy and I got to interact with a lot of customers and I felt super comfortable. I had to leave because I was moving and unfortunately was too far from my new place. I saw that they were hiring at Starbucks, applied , got the job 4 days later. The interview was good I felt confident and first day my coworkers never said hi to me they acted as if I wasn’t there so I was already feeling weird about working there. I got trained for 3 days and the first day I did customer support so I cleaned etc. The 2nd day I got to be on register 15 mins before my shift was over so I got trained only for 15 mins the 3rd day I got trained on bar and I was there for 30 mins until I clocked out.. I had to work the weeknd and they put me on reg I still had no idea where some drinks were and how to use the reg customers were rude and impatient with me even after I apologized and told them I’m new my coworkers didn’t help they just ignored me until I had to actually go up to them and tell them to help me on register. It’s been the hardest 2 weeks and I notice everyday how much my coworkers seem annoyed when I constantly ask what goes in the drinks or if they can help me on register.. I will be starting school in 2 months and I wanted to know if it would look bad if I Put my 2 week notice into 2 months of working there.. i feel so stupid in that job
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  • Can you work from home everyday?

    Best answer: I do, 7 days a week. My own hours, my own time. I generally do what I want, when I want, but I do not make quite as much income as I used to make when I worked for someone else, at an office five days a week.
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  • Gut is telling me to quit?

    Best answer: Don't put so much pressure on your self, no one is perfect. Humans make mistakes once in a while, learning from them makes you a better person.
    Once you leave the restaurant you put it out of your mind and concentrate on your kids. Once you leave your home it's time to concentrate on work.
    For now give it some time as your boss said. If you still don't like the job, start looking for another job.
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  • If I lied a little on my resume and was able to stay at a job for 6 months. Do you think that's pretty good?

    I said I had years of experience when I really didn't. The job pays a lot too.
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  • Why was I hired as a freelancer when I had applied for a full time position?

    About a month ago, I applied for a company that posted a full time position online. Just recently I was extended the offer and I am very happy about that. However, I received forms to fill out and I read on one of the forms that it was a freelance position? the position is for logistics. When I had applied for the job, I didn't read anything or nor it was mention about being a freelance position? please explain.
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