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  • Why don't some minimum wage workers move up the ladder?

    I don't get how some people stay working as a cashier for 10 years in a row. You're supposed to move up, to supervisor to assistant manager and then finally, manager.
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  • Will a gumball machine make at least $5 a month in sales in an autoparts store break room?

    Best answer: Children buy gumballs, adults don't.  Are there going to be children hanging out in this break room?  
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  • Should it be a crime that some states still only pay carpenters 8.75 an hour minimum wage for skilled labor?

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  • What does it mean if the manager forgot about the interview?

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  • Am I in the wrong or are my managers gaslighting me?

    I work at Walmart. I recently ignored an order out of frustration and extreme stress. I went to my car to eat and to try to calm down. I was later coached for 'insubordination'. I was asked to explain why I disobeyed the orders.         1. I told my bosses that the tasks they were giving me were not part of my job title.    2. I told my bosses that I was given extra tasks that caused me to fall back on my job.    3. I told my bosses that I was not being paid enough for all the extra work they made me do.   4. A lot of associates need me to help them out with things they cannot do. It also causes me stress as I fall behind on my tasks.     My managers just told me that everyone was stressed out, and to have consideration for everyone else. Every concern or frustration of mine was ignored. They told me to speak to them if I ever felt like this again. They ignored everything I said and they want me to speak to them again? 
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  • Ex employer wants me to come back because old company is doing very bad without me?

    How do I stop feeling guilty that I quit my old job which, honestly made me not want to go to work sometimes? Ex boss is begging me to come back or work part time, should I work one day a week for them? My replacement is not doing a good job and they have to send me texts or calls every day.
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  • What did my hours get reduced at work? ( I only have one shift)?

    I argued with two coworkers at work, and received my new schedule for next week. My hours got reduced, and I only have one shift. I noticed my manager did not schedule with those two people. Is she punishing me? Is this a test? Is she encouraging me to quit? Does anyone have any ideas as to why this happened?
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  • Can Coffee-Bean be a life-time career?

    Best answer: Yes. There are people who started at McDs when they were 16, at 40 they owned a couple franchises. It does happen if you focus.
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  • I need help finding a job?

    I'm a 19 year old, high school drop out who just recently got their GED. I'm trying to fill out a resume and find my first job, but I have no academic accomplishments, no references, and no experience. Help??? 
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  • What happens if I get a new job and they don't give me 2 weeks notice for my current job?

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  • Is my manager being bias?

    So my gf got hired at Cole haan. they were still hiring and she Told me I should apply too. I got called in for an interview. In the interview the manager looked at my resume and asked if I had any customer service experience.. I told him I did and said that it was all on my resume and gave him a little more depth of what experience I had working in retail and he told me that he was going to trust my girlfriend and take a Chance with me.  After the interview, my gf later that day told me that the manager came up to her and told her that I didn’t have much experience and that if I didn’t do a good job on the floor that he was going to move me to the back to stock boxes.  I was annoyed when she told me that because I felt like he only hired me because she referred me instead of hiring me because he felt like I was a good fit for the job. I filled out the offer letter and 2 weeks went by without him saying anything to me and we he finally did, he told me that there’s a delay on background checks in California and that they’re system is down and he would get back to me.  I felt like he was just giving me the run around so I told him that I wasn’t going to take it and he never acknowledged or responded to my email and it’s been 4 days already.  I just felt like if he didn’t think I was fit for the job then he should’ve just said that and shouldn’t have hired me.  I reported it to corporate because I didn’t like that and now my gf is really pissed off at me. Am I wrong? 
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  • Why would a manager who was doing a group interview stare at a woman?

    Best answer: At least he was looking at her eyes.
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  • How can I stop taking my boss so personally?

    My boss yells at me all the time. And I do mean YELL and he yells loudly. It's to the point where I get a migraine headache most of the time. He even likes to interrupt me all day asking me one off questions and expects me to answer things off the top of my head and when I don't do so, he bangs on his desk in anger. Our computers could be glitching that can cause us a delay in looking up something for him instantaneously and he would get so upset and throw tantrums. He even makes me work so late everyday, gives me so much work with very tight deadlines and then get so mad at me when things are not 100 percent perfect. He even likes to email me late at night or when I'm on vacation and get upset at me over many different little things that pop into his head. He treats everyone who works under him the same way (which is why there has been a huge turnover in our department over the past couple of years) but I feel I get the worst of it as he seems to depend on me the most. When I tell my family of my situation with my boss, they keep telling me that I have to stop taking things so personally and that bosses get upset due to pressure. But I don't know how I can not take it personally. The constant pressure my boss gives me makes me feel like I'm going to get a heart attack and the way my boss yells, it gives me a migraine all the time. It's impacting both my health and the performance of my work. So how can I stop taking my boss so personally?
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  • I want to run away from home and quit my apprenticeship what should I do?

    So I recently started a business admin apprenticeship but it’s so boring and depressing and I want to cry every time I go in. All I do is the same thing day after day. I was just gonna go to my nans instead of work and say I want to quit over the phone. My mum will not let me quit as she loses child benefits and also doesn’t get rent from me because I don’t have a backup. What should I do?
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  • If all jobs require experience, how am i suppose to gain "experience"?

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  • Can you get along with any type of people in your office?

    Best answer: Yes I can get along with anyone in the office.   It's called being professional (in other words, exercising some self-control).   I may not like them and I may loathe being around them, but it's really not difficult to control my own behavior in most circumstances.
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  • I regret dropping out of high school. Now what?

    I dropped out at the end of grade 11 and I regret it so much. I will be 20 in a couple of months and the last couple of years have been a waste... how do I get rid of this horrible feeling like I have thrown my life away. I have gained 50lbs since high school. I work meaningless jobs a couple of times a week just to get by. I still live at home and have no saving.There isn’t anything that I want to do (such as a specific degree or career path) and I just feel stuck like I have no purpose.
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  • What should I do if I see my boss blatantly being unfair to my coworkers?

    The boss is blatantly being unfair. She just tells everybody else that my coworker doesn't deserve to be treated with respect and that he's stupid. She straight out calls him stu pid. In front of his coworkers, in front of his family, every and anybody. Sometimes I am just perplexed why or how he takes it. I've seen the boss actually physically hit him sometimes. At this point I'm just wondering if he actually is stu pid. He doesn't stand up for himself at all. Its kind of sick tbh. I don't know why it affects me so much but I can't go to work anymore. It physically makes me want to vomit when I think about it. I'm pissed at how he can't stand up for himself and how he keeps letting her hit him and push him around. I don't know if he is worth my time to protect. I feel like he's baiting his coworkers and then when we come to save him he uses that against us too. He actually PROTECTS the boss from any of our allegations.
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  • I am 17 years old and got fired...Need advice for new job?

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  • Is massage-therapy a decent career?

    I'm considering this career because it has a lot  of things going for it. It pays well. I get to be  around candles/healing-stones and I may only  have to work 25 to 30 hours/week. I guess my  only concern is: I get tired easily so I have to  build up my endurance.  How can I increase my stamina? Advice Please. 
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