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  • Why do Republicans hate the environment? Don’t they realize we only have one planet to live on?

    Or, at least, why are they in favor of dirty energy sources like coal and gas instead of renewables like solar or hydro-electric
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  • Global Warming...It's snowing in Hawaii?

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  • Couldn't climate change be prevented or fought with technology?

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  • Is climate change one of the biggest hoaxes that were spread by the Illuminati?

    Best answer: The New World Order global government needs global funding. Climate Change is a good excuse for a global tax.

    The UN is already in place. So is the World Bank. Carbon Tax, Carbon Credits, Carbon Exchanges and things like the Paris Accord are already collecting money. Where does it all go?

    It will eventually be collected like VAT or a sales tax on energy. Initially it will be allegedly "revenue neutral" but will ramp up over time.

    Whether you believe it is the Illuminati driving the New World Order or whether it is similar people, possibly with no name or a different name, is up to you.
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  • Why are people in denial of climate change?

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  • Why do Alamists think they are the only ones that care about science?

    No one is saying CO2 isn't increasing...that's objective and measurable. No one is saying climate isn't changing...it always has long before the industrial revolution. Shutting down the world economy and giving control to the UN isn't going make a significant difference in prognosis and no one responsible debates that. It would also send hundreds of millions back into poverty and into death from some other cause. The debate is about the extent of human contribution and what to do about it. The debate is also about bad data and dire predictions not coming true. Posit a theory and observe...if observations do not support said theory, start all over, but don't ad hoc the theory with convenient explanations like "a pause". Denial cuts both ways. Denial also means being in denial that the hockey stick predictions have not come to pass and that much of the data was fabricated or fudged. Magical thinking is also a primitive defense mechanism. This includes the idea that world government or psychiatrists on committees never heard of would make any difference. For a more reasoned approach to this issue please listen to Jordan Peterson's podcast with Bjorn Lomborg as they discuss this constructively and not hysterically.
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  • If the government is wanting to do something about global warming why don’t we just turn the sun off for a few days, so the world cools?

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  • Global Warming...my religion says it is snowing in Hawaii. God says that all this warming is causing cooling?

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  • What made the 2018 Camp Fire so much more devastating than previous fires?

    Best answer: This fire started on the edge of the town in the early morning darkness. The fire and its smoke were driven by winds of 50-60 mph and the humidity was very low. The fire spread quickly through neighborhoods. I have had to evacuate my house when a wildfire was approaching it. While the smoke wasn't a problem in my case, the traffic was--it took about 1 hour to get to the freeway (and safety) when it would normally take less than 10 minutes. Now imagine waking up in the early morning darkness and trying to do that when at times you can't even see the road due to the smoke.

    I should mention that in my case, I made the choice to drive TOWARD the fire rather than away from it (I had two choices), because there was already a traffic jam heading the other way--through a narrow canyon on a two-land road with trees overhanging the road. There was no way I wanted to be stuck in a traffic jam in a place like that while my car was incinerated. I don't think the people in Paradise had a choice.
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  • AOC's crazy Green New Deal?! I think I'd stick with the Obama emissions plan(If global warming/climate heating wasn't bullshit)?

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  • Hypothetically, what would be the conservative/libertarian way of quickly switching away from fossil fuels?

    Best answer: A carbon tax that replaces other taxes so that the net increase in government is zero.

    A carbon tax is justified as an economic penalty for the widespread costs of climate change due to carbon emissions. In a functioning capitalist economy, individuals cannot be allowed to profit by damaging the welfare of the population as a whole.
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  • If global warming isn’t really a problem why do so many people act as though it is?

    Best answer: I notice you used the word problem. A teenage girl with a zit is a problem. There are lots of problems but that doesn't mean we need to drop everything, raise taxes and increase government control of our lives to solve it. Even with all the government intervention you could hope for, that girl will just get another zit. Then what?

    To expand on my point, if you asked the teenage girl, she would tell you that her zit was the greatest problem in the history of the world. That doesn't mean it is something I should lose any sleep over and it doesn't justify spending trillions of dollars on solutions that won't work.
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  • Would America as a Socialist nation contribute less to Global Warming?

    Best answer: I put my own spin on GC's comparison.
    I was a soldier in Germany before the wall came down. It was West Germany then. We had a treaty that you could enter East Berlin as long you were in uniform. We came to West Berlin because we had an urban warfare exercise where our battalion fought a divisions of Brits. We even made an Army training film called appropriately, Urban Warfare. They showed it to us afterward and I must say it made out company laugh harder than anything I can remember.

    Anyway, it was a real lesson crossing the border and walking with the East German civilians. Actually I expected to be disliked but in fact we were treated like rock stars. Crowded streets of people would all watch us and smile. It was a very strange feeling to be treated like that. They clearly hated the Russians and loved Americans. I saw a sign that said free us brother Russians (in German) or something to that effect but it was a lie. West Berlin was beautiful and clean and the people were productive and happy. The wall was a like a wall between a first world country and a very poor third world country. The difference was so stark that there is no way I can convey it with believable words. Socialism is built on lies and AGW is part of that. Socialism is making slaves of people. They are slaves to the state. Most people that advocate socialism are utterly ignorant about what they support and I didn't say "in my opinion" for a reason. It is a fact. That wall was built like a prison wall because that is exactly what it was. Scores of people died trying to gain their freedom. Of course the Communist said it was to protect them from the other side. Interesting that Democrats now say a wall doesn't work. That one did.

    Obviously non socialists are much cleaner and efficient. Totalitarian regimes like China, Venezuela and Russia don't really care about the environment just as they don't care what their citizens want. If we were to "give up" fossil fuels, it is likely IMO we would eventually end up in a state where we would be eating our pets like they do in Venezuela just to survive

    North Korea emits less than South Korea. It isn't a good goal. It is a mark of a failed state.
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  • What's driving polar bears into southern regions they don't normally inhabit?

    Best answer: The PB is primarily and ambush hunter capturing seals on sea ice while they rest or catching their pup’s, PB’s are excellent swimmers but not compared to a seal they stand little chance of catching a seal in the water. PB’s tradionlly starve over the short Arctic summer and this is the probelmthey face as Arctic summer grow longer and sea ice is slower to return PB’s have to starve for longer, while a PB while eat most anything, including humans they don’t tend to hunt us for the simple reason we don’t have the same energy content as a seal.
    The other half of the deneir story here is claiming sea ice is growing, but this is simply not true.
    The fall in sea ice continues, the average extent now about half what it was in the 1980’s
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  • Are you aware its official, Global Cooling is happening?

    Best answer: Great point: Not one environmental doomsday prediction of the past 60 years came to pass. Nobody seems to remember the fact that Time magazine was predicting a global ice age in the 1970s!

    With a perfect record like that, the miracle is anyone not being paid to promote the manmade warming hoax believes it.

    "We've got to ride this global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy." - Timothy Wirth, President of the UN Foundation

    "No matter if the science of global warming is all phony...climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world." - Christine Stewart, former Canadian Minister of the Environment

    Alarmists' predictions are based on computer models. They've already been caught faking warming data several times.

    "Wildfires produced by "manmade warming" were supposed to be raging around the world. Yet, as Forbes magazine pointed out recently, the number of wildfires has plummeted 15 percent since 1950, and according the National Academy of Sciences, that trend is likely to continue for decades.

    "On hurricanes and tornadoes, which alarmists assured were going to get more extreme and more frequent, it probably would have been hard for “experts” to be more wrong. “When the 2014 hurricane season starts it will have been 3,142 days since the last Category 3+ storm made landfall in the U.S., shattering the record for the longest stretch between U.S. intense hurricanes since 1900,” noted professor of environmental studies Roger Pielke, Jr. at the University of Colorado.

    On January 8, 2015, meanwhile, the Weather Channel reported: “In the last three years, there have never been fewer tornadoes in the United States since record-keeping began in 1950.”

    First the threat was global cooling, then global warming, now downgraded to "climate change", as if a dynamically changing climate wasn't already a thing for millions of years.
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  • Do you think children should strike over climate change?

    Best answer: I think that they need to do something but a strike wouldn't do much because they don't have much leverage over anyone. Adults these days aren't acting very much like adults in the sense that they are consuming too much of the world's resources too quickly and leaving the planet heavily polluted for coming generations. It isn't fair or wise.
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  • Are you calamity howlers ready to concede that the maldives are not under water as predicted?

    Best answer: Not only are they not ready to admit, they seem to double down on dumb. Even as they redraw their lines in the sand, they repeat the same old tired predictions that were shown to be wrong. You aren t supposed to judge them on their record. You are supposed to judge them on by their belief and because they are saving the planet.
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  • How, exactly, is trying to prevent people from being harmed by global warming - anti human? - anti freedom?

    Best answer: to prevent people from being "harmed" by global warming- harming is anti human..
    As for anti freedom, you are continuing to be a SLAVE to BIG OIL..so giving up you rights for developing an alternative to oil.

    We are not certain what will happen with global warming and it is better to be prepared for the worst and hope it does not happen that way. As Big Oil supplies fertilizer to the farms, so they control the prices. If a warming does occur, the weather will change and areas that used to get yearly rainfalls at the right time of the year may turn into deserts. That is the breadbasket area of the U.S....the midlands so growing crops become nonexistent. California will be hotter than it is now so much of that will become unusable land. We still need food. The whole world is affected and right now we just barely can feed everybody. Have you been in a desert? Lots of sun and no water. Or vice versa . Too much rain and no sun. Lands that have been growing food for centuries now are unusable and maybe new farm land has to be in the mountains.? Or in the ocean because that is where the rain is falling at the right time of the year.? Or there are double the hurricanes the U.S, normally gets in a year and they are double the strength. There are going to be rapid changes as computer modeling can show us. We have a dozen years to change how we do things...because there is no other rock in orbit that is the right distance from the sun to have life. We are stuck on this one.
    . It is not impossible to fix. Big oil just wants to sell oil until year 13. They don't care. It is time for INVENTIONS THAT ACTUALLY WORK. New Billionaires can be made.
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  • Do you believe in global warming?

    Best answer: I come from the era of the 60s. I can tell you as a fact that it has gotten hotter in my state during the summer and colder during the winter. We used to have lots of flowers with bees going from flower to flower pollinating now all the flowers are dead there's no more growing. The summers are baking hot and the winters are getting freezing cold. Something darn sure is happening
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  • What do ice core samples really prove?

    Best answer: ice cores show what earths past climate was like with records of Co2 and other atmospheric gases are recorded.
    From the deneir point of view they play up long defunct deneir nonsense like the lag theory. In as far as the record of past natural climate change goes there was indeed a lag this has always been mentioned in the science, but in a fine example of how denial works they take part of the science and leave out the parts they don’t like.
    The ice core data refers to the glacial cycles which is not started by Co2 it is started by changes in the Earth long term orbit and tile to the sun, after 600-1000 years Co2 starts to add to this natural effect and the the planet warms. What is happening now is not being started by long term orbital shifts but by mhuman actions.
    This of course is one of very many theories deneirs have invented over the years, to try and explain away current climate change, all have long since been shown to be wrong.
    Here is a listing of many of those excuses deneirs have tried over the years, it numbers well over 100 many actually conflict with each other but deneir tend to ignore this.
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