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  • Are sea levels rising or is the ocean floor falling?

    Best answer: Great! Now we can spend a whole lot of taxpayer's money investigating the altitude of the bottom of the sea. Maybe we should send Bill Nye and Al Gore down there to investigate it.
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  • Why is Greenland & Antarctic ice melting faster than the models predict?

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  • Why doesn't Trump implement a carbon tax on imports & exports instead of tariffs as that would encourage business to stay?

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  • Why are the Carolinas getting snow with global warming?

    I thought global warming was warming up the planet.
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  • Why is Chicago so cold? Its June and its in the 50's. Maybe there is less CO2 in Chicago?

    Best answer: Forget about CO2. You've been duped.


    . “I have yet to see credible proof of carbon dioxide driving climate change, yet alone man-made CO2 driving it."

    --Dr. G LeBlanc Smith, a retired Principal Research Scientist (geology) with Australia’s CSIRO

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  • If man made nuclear weapons can destroy the earth then why do stupid people refuse to believe mankind can affect climate?

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  • What will the world be like in 2000 years?

    Best answer: It will still be flat.


    The world from space will look much the same as it does now. But down on the surface, most of the ruins of the collapse of civilization would have crumbed back to the soil and become covered with either shifting sands or dense growth.

    Tribes of humans will still live an early industrial age existence with simple machines to grind grains, print books, make clothing, and even send analog messages over wireless. The global human population may number a few million people tops. In most jungles, forests and grasslands, other species will have returned to an existence similar to what they enjoyed before humans swarmed all over the planet.

    There will still be books, movies, printed pictures, and maybe even a few highly prized robust computers around so people then can see how we the ancients lived. I am sure they will be appalled.
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  • Is climate change happening and is it because to human activities?

    Best answer: Climates have always changed, even before man roamed the Earth. So is man the cause for climate change now? First of all, you would have to point out a definite climate change. I was born in South Dakota in the 40s. There has been no climate change in that area. Farmers are still farming the same way that they were back then. The technology has changed but not the climate. Many many years ago that same land that I was born on was under a massive glacier. It now is very productive farmland. Yes, there definitely was a climate change, but it was for the better and it wasn't caused by man.

    No one can specifically point out a recent climate change that was brought about by man. Here is one of the U. S.'s top scientists.

    Quote by Will Happer, Princeton University physicist, former Director of Energy Research at the Department of Energy: “I had the privilege of being fired by Al Gore, since I refused to go along with his alarmism....I have spent a long research career studying physics that is closely related to the greenhouse effect....Fears about man-made global warming are unwarranted and are not based on good science. The earth's climate is changing now, as it always has. There is no evidence that the changes differ in any qualitative way from those of the past.”
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  • Is it possible for humans to alter the climate of the Earth?

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  • If global warming is real, how can it be a threat when our species experienced far more drastic changes--and thrived--after the Ice Age?

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  • How's the earth doing?

    So I've been kinda sad... Okay alo t sad about the earth and global warming. I've done almost all I can to help stop that (I live with my family I'm 13 so I have to follow their rules but i compost and I recycle) anyways is global warming atleast... Decreasing?
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  • Is global warming skepticism in its death throes?

    Best answer: Yes it will die with Trump next year, it only really exists in the dark corners of the internet now and they are fast running out of half reasonable sounding lies. This is also emphasized by the recent question moving/deleting and all the insults from paid Republican trolls like the Yahoo Joker.
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  • Have you ever heard anyone on the left of politics display even just a moderate understanding about the environment or climate?

    Best answer: Lefty people, yes, but lefty politicians, not so much.

    I suppose Al Gore must be the most famous. He made his big Powerpoint presentation called An Inconvenient Truth. A court in the UK confirmed many errors in that.

    Then we have Obama propagating the "97% of Scientists" meme. Clearly, he had never examined the underlying data on which that paper was based in which only 0.3% of the data they found supported the claim that man was mainly responsible.

    Then we have the IPCC members and EPA members who are not scientists but support the alarmist view. For instance, Ottmar Edenhofer of the IPCC said: "Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection." He also said: "But one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world's wealth by climate policy."

    The Christina Figueres also of the IPCC: "This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history."

    In the general sense, scientists make models of reality and use those models (not necessarily computer models) to make predictions. My model for climate alarmism would be Subversion 101.

    When you want to interfere with a country you could invade but you could also be more devious. Getting them to limit their own energy use is one way to do that. First you indoctrinate the children with the idea that energy cause pollution and pollution is bad. Then, when they grow up, they become activists who want to hamper the energy industry wherever they can.

    I suspect all the above know less about science than I do but, nevertheless, are happy to push their political agenda while paying lip service to science.

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  • What do you think of this theory of global warming?

    The earth will slightly rotate off its access shifting closer to the sun due to gravitational pull. The heat will create all sorts of natural disasters starting with sun heating the earth too quickly causing the earth and everything on it to bake. Then, the tectonic plates will heat up too quick due to the heat causing more earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. Tornadoes will happen more frequent because the heat will fight the cool across certain areas of the world. In the Arctic, the sun will heat the ice caps and they will melt causing most of the world to be to be submerged in mostly water and the water will evaporate quick due to the suns heat, creating a dead planet.
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  • What is the definition of climate?

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  • What do scientists and the average person gain by perpetrating the global warming "hoax"?

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  • Can we trust those Liberals to cleanup the Earth when they can't even clean up LA, San Francisco and other cities they rule?

    Best answer: No we can't and I would also mention those bastions of cleanliness, Beijing and Moscow. I think we can trust them to bankrupt us to the point where we can't afford clean air and clean water. Clean air and water is far down on their list of priorities, far below their quest for power and other people's money.

    If you want to find a place that is dirty and dangerous, go to a city run by Democrats, Detroit, DC, ... I won't list them because they are too numerous. These are the last clowns on earth a sane person would come to to learn what to do to make their planet clean and safe.

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  • Is climate control real?

    Best answer: Like your thermostat in your car, there are probably some climate control mechanisms in Earth's atmosphere as well. I rented a ford on my recent vacation to Florida. It claimed to have a climate control but I think it may have been a hoax because it didn't control the climate in the car. My wife kept fiddling with it the entire trip. She's a climate control denier now too.
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