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  • Should communities start recycling old produce to make organic soil?

    I have been interested in this topic for a while. The reason that I ask this question is because I believe that the climate change issue is mainly a pollution issue. I think that within 30 plus more years, there will have to be civilization changes. I believe that the first steps to make are to inform members of the community about the problems within our world. One of the many issues is obviously climate change. I think that communities are going to have to start coming up with some solutions for a healthier world, and I think that humans need to prepare for that new world. Planting is going to be a major thing for that new world order. In order to do that, people should start recycling rotten vegetables, fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells, etc. I think that people should start those drives in community centers. What do you think?
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  • Why do you believe in Global Warming?

    Best answer: Anthropogenic global warming is a myth based on junk political science. 
    The Sun, galactic cosmic influences, solar and planetary orbital variations and Nature govern the Earth's climate.CO2 is plant food and vital for all life on this planet. The recognized CO2 level of 400 ppm is just above the plant starvation level of 200 ppm and @150ppm all life on Earth ceases. Back in the days of the dinosaurs the world was naturally warmer, the CO2 level @ over 5000 ppm life flourished.At to-days level dinos could not live and 97% of the plant life from back then could not survive @ 400 ppm.
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  • On a 1-10 scale, can you please rate your peeping tom skills?

    Best answer: I’d say an 8. My arms get tired from being in the tree too long.
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  • Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something?

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  • What is the weather condition in your place of stay for the last six months.Do you agree that global warming is a fact of life now?

    Best answer: Six months is waaaay too short a period of time to describe climate.  That's just describing weather.  I live near one of the UK's older botanic gardens where they have regular scientific weather records going back to the 1850 and less rigorous records going back almost another hundred years.  That's long enough to talk about climate.

    So, having said that, even someone who doesn't believe in anthropogenic climate change has to concede that the climate has changed.  I've said it here and elsewhere numerous times that my local climate has changed markedly over the last 15 - 20 years.  When I first moved to the area I went to the library and get piles of gardening books to figure out what grows here, when to plant, etc.  The oldest books I looked at were from the 1920s and they agreed with books from the 70s and 90s.  Now none of them match the seasons.  It's not just gardeners.  In my pre-recession career I travelled a lot for work and spent most of my time outside.  I talked to A LOT of farmers, foresters, estate managers, and other outdoorsy types and still have contacts.  When farmers take big financial risks and invest in new crop varieties in order to move their planting/harvesting schedules and new machinery specifically to deal with heavy rain now coming at a different time of year you know that the change is real.  They really don't like change for the sake of it.

    The biggest changes locally are a shift in seasons giving a longer, warmer autumn, the coldest part of winter comes later and so does spring.  Unfortunately this doesn't fit well with available sunlight (I'm quite far north) so it's resulted in a shorter growing season.  Heavy rain now also coincides with the grain harvest which is about 6 weeks before the heavy rain season used to come.  Nobody who doesn't live in a cellar could claim that there's been no change over the last two decades.
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  • Is altitude the same as attitude?

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  • What is the right age to start teaching my dog about sex?

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  • Do u like to smoke weed? Why or why not? Have you smoked more because it's no longer illegal in many states? Why is the government dictating?

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  • Can someone tell me some good news about the climate im scared?

    Best answer: It will be much longer than 12 years before there will be anything to worry about.
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  • Is the Global Warming section a good place to learn about other things of importance?

    Best answer: I got some good info on WWII, Ball lightning, Black Hat, butter, cloud types and the History of the AGW scam.
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  • What is the temperature where you are right now?

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  • Do you think the term "ball lightning" is funny?

    Best answer: I'd ball her in a flash
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  • What can I do to make the climate warmer?

    Best answer: Nothing!! 
    Humans have no control over the climate of the Earth. The anthropogenic green house theory is just that an unproven theory that has morphed into a trillion dollar scam.There is absolutely no experimental proof that shows such an animal exists.
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  • Why is Donald Trump more popular then ever now?

    Best answer: You have the gnome that wants to get the Democratic Gnomination, Bloomingboringberg.  You have Quid Pro Quo Joe.  You have Pocahontas, aka Chief Sitting Bolshevik, then the Bootie Gig, Crazy Weekend at Bernies, Pencil neck Shiff for brains, Nadler who is Newman on Seinfeld except less likable, etc.  The competition is really so pathetic and anti-American it would be funny if it wasn't for the fact that we have idiots that support these clowns.  I wasn't a Trump supporter until he proved he was a man of his word.  He won me over and has done an amazing job.  I also appreciate he calls a witch a witch so he is pretty easy to understand.   
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  • Why is Yahoo Global Warming filled with nothing but fake questions?

    Best answer: If you are trying to cover up the truth, flood the issue with outright lies and outright nonsense. Then accentuate it with LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, or some inane thing like that. 

    Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming, Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change, an impending Ice Age, and all the other rebrands of climate crises are proven total scams. These scams are bilking the world out of over $1.5 TRILLION a year. So naturally, the proponents can spend all kinds of money to pay useful idiots, as Stalin called these types, to gum up the works. 

    Goebbels said it best, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” 

    Another powerful weapon that these mental midgets use is Alinsky's (Alinsky worshipped Satan) favorite, insulting. 

    People who abuse this site are not wholesome people. They are the dregs of society. They are so low on the scale of humanity that they constantly take money from George Soros, an admitted Nazi collaborator. That, you have to admit, is pretty low.
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  • Would you watch the Oscars if Ricky Gervais hosted it?

    Best answer: I refuse to even watch. I'm not going to pay my electric company and my cable company for the 'privilege' of listening to Leftist propaganda, and on my own time, too. I just won't.
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  • Why are deniers still denying that global warming is a fact when January 2020 is the warmest January on record?

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  • Leftists used to control the global warming category. What happened?

    Best answer: Basically, 2 things happened:

    1. Their bot was dismantled.  They can no longer use an automated script to move all opposing questions to category Abuse & Spam. 

    2. They got exposed.  Most of that was Dirac running his mouth like a girl.  Also, Here's Georgie used black hat accounts to post the most fake questions imaginable. 


    It was also revealed that they are paid to post here, and simply try to use Yahoo as a PR board to promote their cause.

    I'm guessing their employer is DeSmog Blog from Vancouver. 
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  • Arsonists have been responsible for a mere 1 pc of the area burned in Australia, so why do so many insist this is the primary cause?

    Best answer: republican brainwashing is boundless...
    republicans will believe ANYTHING no matter how ridiculous
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  • I live in St. Augustine, Florida, the water level has been the same for the past 400 years near the fort, where is global warming at?

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