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  • Why is cardboard recycled?

    Best answer: Cardboard is a good source of cellulose so it's easy to recycle it.
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  • Solar Panel for Grid tie Inverter?

    Best answer: If you want to do that yourself, just keep in mind that you'll be handling deadly voltages at every part of the system.

    Ok, back to your question. You want to run a 1000W grid tie inverter. In order to deliver 1000W to the grid, such an inverter will need something like 1050 to 1100 Watts at its input. And usually (at least those that I have on my roof) the panels will be wired in series in order to give 100...300 Volts at the input of the inverter. At 18V input, you'd need to rate that cabling for 60 Amps - quite apart from the problem that, if you parallel the panels, the panels that get more sun will feed their power into the panels that get less sun instead of the inverter unless you also use decoupling diodes.
    Putting all the panels in series may give you a different problem, though - the panels and their wiring will also be rated for a maximum voltage, which will limit the amount of panels you can safely put in series. So you'll have to read the manuals for the inverter and the panels carefully.

    Of course, your inverter can be rated for a larger power than the panels can deliver. No technical problem there - but a larger inverter may also have larger (absolute) losses, so using a 50 Watt panel to power the 1000 Watt inverter could mean you'll never get any power out of it, since all the power produced by the panel is used up in the inverter itself.
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  • What are you doing to reduce your use of plastics at home?

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  • Why do some men not recycle because they think recycling is feminine and they will look gay?

    Best answer: I didn’t know it could be seen as “gay.” He’ll, I better stop recycling. I gotta go buy me a flannel shirt, grow a beard, start chewing tobacco, and scratching my balls more before people think I wanna suck a D!ck.
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  • Which one of the following is a good practice to reduce air pollution?

    a. reuse materials b. recycle materials c. car pool with neighbors d. all of these
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  • Does a solar powered house still have electric in an area outage?

    with a house with solar panels on the roof, does that house stay powered when people who have old fashioned electric lose power in the neighborhood (ie due to a storm). how much power?  can they use electric normally, or would they have to use it sparingly (ie only the fridge, minimal light)
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  • Why do old people need hip replacement or have issues with their hips?

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  • Isn;t it time to stop using oil and coal and switch to wind and solar energy?save oil,coal for emergencies?

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  • Any disadvantages to solar heating your pool?

    Best answer: Expensive set up,
    Not effective during cloudy days. or night, without further expense to store the  energy.
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  • Can ocean water be made into fresh drinking water?

    Best answer: Yes.  The Israeli's have a large scale operations using Mediterranean sea water.
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  • Is it painful to fall and break your bone?

    Best answer: I assume that it has to. But my mom broke her leg in October. She didn't cry as it swung back and forth as she tried to get back inside the house late at night as she went out to lock down the back yard. Her fingers were accidently cut off with a saw by my dad and she never cried all the way to the hospital.I cant tell that it hurt  by her. She is 86
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  • What animals or things taste good to you that others won't try?

    Best answer: Were having duck today here for supper. Just butchered & froze 6 others yesterday. Frog is good, love crock, dog I don't care for, I prefer water buffalo to beef, You should try chicken chittlings.  Wash them, string them on a skewer, coat with spice, deep fry. Great snack. Salt cured eggs & fish, to name a few. 
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  • Did outhouses really exist?

    Best answer: Yes they really exist!

    I was fortunate not to grow up with one.  Many of my rural neighbors had an outhouse.

    When I was in my early 20's I lived 2 years rurally with one.  It wasn't that bad except in foul weather or when the temperatures dove below freezing.

    My most unsavory memory is one with a hand sawed hole in unpainted wood. Why that foul memory is so deeply etched in is a mystery to me? Some come equipped with modern hinged seats and lids that would fit on standard toilets. 
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  • Why does the metal recycling center want my driver's license and take my picture each time before they give me my money.?

    Best answer: It's because occasionally people steal materials that arent theirs and if the recyler gets a claim of theft, they'll know who bought it in. People like to tear copper wiring out of vacant homes and air conditioning units or stuff from construction sites. Sometimes materials have codes on them to match them up
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  • You have home solar-panels fitted ?

    Best answer: Yes, but not to the main house. I have a summer house at the bottom of my garden approximately 50 m away which would cost an extortionate amount to lay power to so I have installed 2 panels to the roof which is sufficient to give us lighting, power the beer fridge and allow us to plug low consumtion items in such as a CD player or phone chargers.
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  • What's your thoughts on lithium sulfur batteries?

    Best answer: There is constantly battery tech that works in a lab but doesn't work in practice.
    You get stories like this that come out so often that never makes it to real world applications, I would put money on these never getting into a Tesla.
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  • Living off the grid with solar?

    Best answer: Hey Ken, lots of people do it. Our cabin is solar and wind powered, but it is also still connected to the grid. We just hardly use any utility power these days, maybe $5 a month at most.

    If you want some numbers, our solar array is 1.4 kw, made up of 12 Kyocera 120 watt panels. Those panels today are about $150 each. There is also a 40 amp charge controller and a 4000 watt sine wave inverter that not only converts our 24 volt battery power to 120 volts AC, but synchronized with the grid to feed excess power out when it’s sunny, and bring extra power in at night. We have a “net metering” arrangement where the power company meter runs both ways, then they just charge us for the difference if we used any of their power that month.

    If you want to go truly off grid, you’ll need a more robust battery bank, something that can provide for your needs for at least two full days. We have four Trojan T-105 golf cart batteries, really only enough for maybe 12 hours, but that’s all we need with both our solar array and 1 kw wind turbine and grid power available. If you bought a system like ours with a stand alone inverter instead of a grid tie like we have, and more batteries plus a small back up generator, the parts would probably cost around $6,000 or $7,000. Then you could run a small homes lights, appliances and electronics, not including heat, hot water, cook stove and clothes dryer. Virtually anyone with a solar home runs those items on propane. We do have solar hot water here, and our primary heat is from wood.

    What you need is to read more stories about people who have done it, preferably with specs on their systems. Forget Y answers, everyone loves to chime in with their expertise, even though they’ve never laid a hand on a panel or inverter. Go to home power.com and register your email address. It’s free, you can then download old magazine articles written by people who have built and lived in solar and wind powered homes, like ours. Ours was even published in one of the issues years ago, I’ll try putting a link below. If you’re still interested after doing some reading, try getting to an energy fair near you this spring, we did 19 years ago, and here we are today. Take care Ken, Rudydoo
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  • Can I just cut down any trees on my property?

    Best answer: As another poster noted, we have no idea where in the world you are located.

    If you're in the United States, for example, you can generally cut down trees on your own property if you wish without a problem. The exceptions might be if you have a Homeowners Association or something like that, or if the trees are within the city's right of way (near the street), in which case they may be city-owned. 

    On some commercial properties a certain amount of green space or trees may be required due to zoning laws.

    Check with your city hall if you're unsure. 
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  • Is burning your own pile of leaves and garbage the best to dispose of your waste?

    Best answer: I think that everybody should be required to burn their own burnable garbage and then take whatever is left and put it in the garbage can by the road. And they could use the ashes as fertilizer on their lawns.
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  • How NOT to recycle electronic waste? Am I allowed to transport it to the landfill on my own?

    Best answer: If you have two TVs three computers and a stereo bring it on down.

    If you have 15 tons you should check with the recycler.
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