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  • Please help! I blasphemed the Holy Spirit!?

    I spoke against the Holy Spirit in my head. I called Him names i shouldn't repeat. I wish i can undo it. I want Jesus to forgive me. I blaspheme everyday. It's a habitual sin. I just feel like I'm going to hell no matter what. I ask people what God tells them (because i no longer hear from God), like if i blasphemed the Holy Spirit and i hear nothing. My family tells me that i didn't do it. I just can't stop blaspheming the Holy Spirit! I just wish i could go to heaven. I want to be right with God. Please answer, God! I need Your help! What does the Holy Spirit tell you on this? Am i beyond forgiveness? Did i commit the unforgivable sin?? I'm also under demon possession attack. They put blasphemous thoughts in my head and i give in. I JUST NEED AM ANSWER FROM GOD. I WANT TO BE FREE FROM SIN. I want to be saved an not have to deal with this! I know God is Good, but I'm under SPIRITUAL blindness. I cant see how loving and good God is, this is what lead me to blaspheme, i believe. Please help! WHAT DOES THE HOLY SPIRIT TELL YOU ON THIS? DID I COMMIT THIS SIN? IF NOT WHY DOESN'T GOD TALK TO ME? WHAF DOES GOD TELL YOU??
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  • What is a better option than plastic water bottles?

    i read an article about vendors in a park being banned from selling water in single use plastic bottles. what can they use instead? will they just use a water cooler and paper cups? require people to bring reusable bottles?
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  • What sides goes with philly cheesesteak sandwiches?

    Best answer: Potato salad, Cole Slaw, French Fries.

    Not something cheesy or too salty, you want that contrast with the cheesestake.
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  • Are you aware of how bad plastic is for the environment and sea life? Does being aware of the affects make you cut down your plastic usage?

    I am a university student collecting research for a dissertation proposal. By answering you are giving consent for your answer to be collected and used within my report only.
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  • If millennials and gen z folks are so ecologically conscious, why do they order paper towels etc. from Amazon? Isn't that a waste of fuel?

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  • Is Florida a good place to live?

    Im from Illinois and recently went to Florida for the first time and absolutely loved it! Now I would really like to move down to Orlando in the near future is it affordable to live down there, because Illinois blows with taxes and living going up and trying to get out. Last do hurricanes do much damage out in Orlando?
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  • What are ways that I can have a bigger environmental footprint?

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  • What is the point in saving water when you have city water? The water doesn't disappear after you use it and water has to be purified anyway?

    It's not like the water department is going to run out of water. The water you use just goes through the water cycle to be used again.
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  • Why is plastic dumped in the oceans instead of being recycled?

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  • What is the best substance in the world to replace plastic bag?

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  • How to make a solar panel at home?

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  • Could we mitigate the effects of climate change by changing the physical nature of the gases, Co2 and Methane? Into for example a Wave?.?

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  • Why would I make the effort to go zero waste while others use 300 cans a week?

    Best answer: WHY should we as a country try to 'go green' when India AND China don't care ??? you gotta start SOMEWHERE !!
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  • If we all went to solar power, how would the electricity company know how much to charge us for the electricity we use?

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  • Could we not just throw a bunch of tree seeds from planes into forests?

    Best answer: In some cases it might help, but the success rate (in terms of adult trees produced per seed dropped) would most likely be low.

    There are a lot of considerations in reforestation schemes which should be, but often aren't considered:

    The soil: Is it suitable for the trees? Does it contain the right minerals, sufficient organic matter etc. for the trees to grow. Once trees get established, they will often rectify some of these problems by generating leaf litter and bringing up minerals from deep underground.

    Planting: In some cases I suspect that planting seeds in prepared soil and tending them wellmay be a good alternative to planting saplings. The disturbance to the roots of the trees when they are moved, and the effect of growing trees with their roots confined in containers can reduce the survival rate of transplanted trees.

    Survival of young trees: A lot of attention is given to tree planting, it gets lots of funding and volunteers love to help with it. However, you rarely hear about schemes to water the trees for the next two years, or schemes to fence off the trees from deer and goats. I am a little sceptical when I hear about groups of volunteers attempting to break records for planting the most trees in a few days. Training volunteers to plant trees carefully is a good idea, even if fewer trees get planted. The number of trees which survive is more important than the number which get planted.

    In many dry climates (and even in seasonally dry climates), drought can devastate newly planted young trees (although self seeded trees seem to fare better in my experience). Where I lived in Bulgaria (continental climate) the success rate from tree planting was less than 10% if the trees were not watered for the next two summers.

    Goats can devastate young trees and so can deer. I heard a guy in northern China (where huge tree planting schemes have taken place with mixed success), suggest that fencing off areas and letting the vegetation regenerate naturally would be more effective than transplanting trees. This could well work in places where the necessary seeds are already present in the soil, but goats are eating young trees as soon as they appear. Dropping in the desired tree seeds could help with this. In nature forest usually develops as part of a process of succession e.g. grassland turns to scrub which turns to forest. Attempting to shortcut this process by planting trees in a desert may just result in a lot of dead trees.

    In many places, the natural vegetation is actually grassland, not trees, and regenerating healthy grassland is a more worthwhile objective than trying to turn the whole area into forest. Grassland accumulates a lot of carbon in the soil, and may actually remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than trees do, in practice, especially when the effects of forest fires are considered. Grassland is a valuable wildlife habitat. A patchwork habitat of grassland, scrub and forest is often best for people and the environment.

    People do need to be considered in all this, their cooperation is necessary. If an area is being heavily grazed by goat herders, it's probably because they have no alternative means of income. If they are required to stop grazing areas, or to keep fewer animals, they should be compensated, offered paid work tree planting etc. In many cases grazing is done badly, and allowing areas to regenerate for a year or for several years could have benefits for the herders themselves. Goats rarely graze more than 5 feet off the ground, so once trees reach this size, goats and sheep can begin to be allowed in to graze around them, if desired. Branches growing through a fence can provide food for goats, without them killing the tree itself. The herders often are aware of this, their pattern of grazing is often more influenced by local politics, disputes over land rights etc. than by what they actually feel is best for them and the land. The tragedy of the commons can come into play, if one person attempts to keep more animals than is sustainable, or monopolise grazing land by force. If herders are offered a good regional land management, to regenerate the land, which considers their interests they might well accept it and support it for the common good. If they are driven off the land, to make way for a big nature reserve which solely benefits one ecotourism businessman from out of town, don't be surprised if they tear down fences, poach, illegally log, bribe officials etc.

    Likewise, another reason why areas are deforested is often poor people gathering firewood. Young green saplings will get chopped down and burned wastefully on an open fire if there is no alternative. Providing stoves and cheap fuel (like maybe charcoal made from pinewood offcuts from timber yards in Russia), or even fossil fuel based solutions, to people living in the area would be a good idea when reforesting an area. Also planning for some of the trees to provide firewood and other products, such as fruit and animal forage to local people is a good idea too. People are much more likely to support reforestation if they know that they will get something in return. Pollarding trees (pruning them a couple of metres off the ground for firewood can be done in many cases, without endangering the trees).
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  • Hay y dont we trhow our garbidge into volcanoz??/?

    Best answer: Over all it is a very good idea. Why not make use of them? Anything we can throw in will make no difference to air pollution compared to the volcano itself. But difficult to get the garbage to the volcano. Dropping from planes very expensive.
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  • Which is the cheapest source of energy as of now?

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  • When are we getting rid of coal power?

    This stuff is just bad for the environment.
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  • How trashy would the world be if recycling never was invented?

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  • Does it matter how hot the ambient air temp is when using solar to recharge batteries, or does any bright sun do the same even when cold?

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