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  • My horse has been biting her flank and kicking alot, does anyone know what might cause this?

    My 24 year old horse has typically been in very good health but for a while (around 4 months ago) I ve noticed her biting at her flank and when I circle her on the ground she kicks with her inside back leg every time. The vet has come to check her out but didn t seem overly concerned all he said was it may be an ulcer and that the only way to be certain was to have a procedure done (which he proceeded to tell me was expensive and not very necessary)Has anyone experienced similar issues with their horse or know what it could be?
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  • What is a good show name for a horse named Lola?

    She is a bay thoroughbred. Three of her legs have socks and the other is black. She used to play polo. She has a crooked blaze.
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  • How many fence posts would I need for 3 acres of land?

    I’m fencing off 3 acres of land with barbwire. I figured out how many rolls of barbwire I need but not the amount of fence posts. How many would I need? Thanks!
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  • Is it cruel to bring your domesticated horses into the woods and leave them there? eg!?

    Best answer: Michelle, ignore all these idiots. Being left in the woods worked out fine for Hansel and Gretel. I say go for it: if your horse dies, it dies....it's sort of like natural selection except it's not. Rug it up, put a few packets of mints and a spare set of shoes into its saddle-bags, turn it loose and hope for the best.
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  • Why don't we let horses be who they want to be, instead of breaking their will so we can sit on them?

    Naturally a horse will buck a person off. It's not in their nature to be ridden.
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  • Is my riding instructor good?

    So I’ve been riding for about a year and My instructor has just recently considered to let me jump. I have a balanced canter, posting Trot with and without stirrups, I can go into two point at trot and canter, I understand my diagonals, and I can control the horse. Am I learning to slow? How long did it take you to learn to jump?
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  • Greek horse names?

    Need horse names that are greek. Could be cities/places in greece, or Greek words. Would be even better if they're longer, like show names rather than one word nicknames.
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  • Do you wear spurs when riding your horse?

    If so what spurs do you wear?
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  • How long can horses be neglected in a stable?

    Best answer: Horses grow very thick winter coats. ... This enables them to survive winter temperatures as low as −70 °C (−94 °F). So long as the coat stays dry, which allows body heat to remain trapped, the horse will stay warm.
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  • Are horse shows just for high schoolers?

    I just turned 20 and I started horseback riding lessons as a hobby after about a 12 year long break lol and i want to compete in a horse show but im awkward and don't want to be the oldest one there and im not a good enough jumper yet but i really want to be. Im in the air force so i can afford all the expenses luckily. i just don't want to be the oldest one there and the shittiest rider there
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  • Why won’t my horse canter?

    Best answer: Yes he could just be testing you because your teacher isn't there. He could also be testing you because he knows you don't know what to do when he refuses.

    It's always best to start by ruling out sources of pain. It could be anything from ill-fitting tack to a medical issue. Weird head movements like head tossing can be signs of dental disease.

    Go back and read what you wrote: "He always goes perfectly" - no he doesn't. You said yourself he has done this to you multiple times. Only once you knew it was pain. The other times...you don't know.

    What we DO know is that your teacher has failed to teach you basic foundational horsemanship. You need to learn how to handle behavior challenges or they're only going to get worse. Rewarding a crow-hopping horse by letting them get away with it is not a good plan. That being said, riding around on a crow-hopping horse that you do not know how to correct is not a good plan either.

    Assuming the tack is fine and the horse's health is fine, if my horse were crow-hopping I'd probably get down and refocus the horse with groundwork. I'd OWN that horse's feet and make him move. Once I felt his head was back in the game and he was giving me what I'm asking for, I'd reward with releasing the pressure...and then I'd get back on and try again.

    There's a difference between letting the horse get away with it and being safe by getting off and working the horse from the ground.

    If you don't know how to make your horse do all the things you want him to do (back up, turn on FQ, turn on HQ, move laterally, walk, trot, canter, etc.) from the ground as well as in the saddle, I suggest finding another teacher who includes this as part of basic horsemanship curriculum.

    I ALWAYS do groundwork with my horse before I get on. Every. Single. Time. I want to make sure the horse is focused and compliant before I get on.
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  • English horse saddles?

    Hi! Does anyone know of a good quality leather English saddle that isn’t too expensive and works well/is comfortable? I don’t have my own horse I lease now, but I show and need to get a better quality saddle than the one I have (silver fox synthetic 😂).
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  • Can you register a horse as one breed with one club and then register that same horse as another breed with another club?

    Best answer: Double registries are legal and common.

    For example, a pinto Shetland pony can be registered as a Shetland with the Shetland registry and as a pinto with the Pinto registry.

    A pinto Quarter Horse can be registered as a Paint, a Quarter Horse, or a Pinto. If he's also a palomino, he can be registered with the Palomino association.

    Color breeds are frequently cross registered. It's accepted practice, and perfectly fine.

    Ponies are another example. An Arabian is considered a horse no matter the height, but can be shown as a pony in pony shows if it's pony size.

    You can register your horse in any association that will accept it.
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  • Do you have a horse? What’s it like having one? Why do you have one? How long have you had it?

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  • Do you have horses and do you feed them hay?

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  • What papers do HAVE to receive when buying a horse?

    Best answer: If they have vaccine records so that your vet knows what vaccinations are due and when, that would be ideal. If the horse is branded, you may need a brand inspection certificate, depending on state laws. Otherwise, assuming you're in the USA, there's nothing else you should get that I can think of.
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  • Do horses have a sense of humor?

    Best answer: I don t know if horse s have a real sense of humor, but I ve known many that have cracked me up.
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  • My horse stepped on a rock and now it's limping, should I put it down?

    It happened yesterday, and he is a young mare. I can afford a doctor but this seems like the humane thing to do.
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  • Can a newborn foal born last night survive this weather?

    Best answer: You need to take the time it takes to gain your mares trust so she allows herself to be led. Just ignore the foal. S/he will follow mom. And your eyes (like a predator) upon the foal will make mom suspicious. Approach the mare with treats, food, whatever bribery it takes so she realizes your presence is a good thing. Then spend time just brushing her. Then try leading her. Be sure all your interactions are positive ones, even if she pulls back or does something you normally would be upset about. She's a mom doing what she thinks is best for her baby. Be sure the barn is empty or if that does not work put inside only her very best friend. Mares protect their foal from other horses in the herd. If there were other horses in there, she would likely not have wanted to go in.

    Cold rain is awfully hard on a young one. They need to be inside or somewhere dry.
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  • Is it true you can breathe into the nostrils of a horse and he’s “yours forever?”?

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