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  • I have accepted a budgeting loan how long will I have to Wait till the moneys is in my account?

    I have just sent the letter back to the DWP
    3 answers 2 years ago Wellington
  • Why do so many Muslims trample each other to flee Muslim countries but then seek to establish what they ran from in their new country?

    Best answer: IF those Muslims were fleeing their Country for a better life, then, they should have gone to,logically, the nearby Islamic Countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE. where they are so short of qualified manpower that they need to lure mediocre non-Muslims, paying them top dollar and giving them special privileges, housing and workplaces in Shari'a free zones, because, otherwise, the non-Muslims will not go there. The immigrants and "refugees" spend a lot of money [that they claim they do not have] to go the West and work for a pittance, instead; and once they are established there, they begin to demand Islamization of the host country.

    Why the Liberals are so bent upon supporting the people like these whom the Islamic Countries - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE are not permitting to enter, since they know exactly what they are like, is beyond me. Because the Muslims Hate Liberal Thought and will kill them all if and when they get in to power.
    7 answers 2 years ago Dunedin