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  • I might not be able to bring a bear or an elk down with my first shot. Do I need a rifle with a 30 round mag?

    Best answer: Friend I'm going to tell you a little secret about large magazines and hunting. When your life is in danger you have a tendency to tense up and freeze. As you're fumbling around with that semi-automatic weapon and that massive clip your chances of a jam dramatically increase. If I'm going to have to shoot at a bear I want a dependable weapon that's going to fire. A hunting rifle not an assault rifle. And my ideal hunting weapon includes a shotgun and rifle combination . If I miss with my bullet and there is a charging bear coming my way. I want to be able to wait. Until I cannot possibly Miss and blow the charging bear into hamburger meat.
    11 answers 1 month ago Ho Chi Minh
  • Why is Actual Llewen so proud of never being penetrated by a black man ever? Why is he not interested in blacks?

    Best answer: Why are you hiding, Phillips?
    5 answers 1 month ago Nha Trang
  • Cons/Repubs, Do you think constitution written by white founders is going to be respected in future as non-white population outnumbers?

    Best answer: “Cons/Repubs, Do you think constitution written by white founders is going to be respected in future as non-white population outnumbers?”
    - Of course, not, free speech and the right to bear arms, etc., are rights that requires a citizenry that BELIEVE in them and are responsible. If we were to enforce the Constitution in the whole world, we would have American soldiers fighting the Lord’s Chosen Army in Uganda. There’s a reason the Founders wanted a white nation, it wasn’t because they were superficial elitists, but they understood (to a degree) it was a Constitution written upon values that blacks or other populations couldn’t uphd or replicate.

    In answer, I say, that, at the time I drew that constitution, I perfectly knew that there did not then exist such a thing in the Union as a black or colored citizen, nor could I then have conceived it possible such a thing could have ever existed in it; nor, notwithstanding all that has been saiid on the subject, do I now believe one does exist in it.”-Charles Pinckney, an author of the Constitution (particularly the clause about citizenship being recognized in all States)

    “They are going to make serious changes to 2nd amendment. Possibly repeal it with an amendment.

    Electoral college will be gone after an amendment.

    This is caused by ‘LEGAL immigration’”
    - Yes, it’s just common sense to close the borders. White conservatives are at replacement fertility rate, while white liberals and ‘very liberals’ are way bellow replacement rate.

    Republicans, you don’t have to be so stubborn and blinkered, just shut the borders of ‘legal immigration.’

    1. It’s the only way right-wing ideas can stay popular and the GOP competitive.
    2. The people support lowering ‘legal immigration’ intake.
    3. Koch is dead, so stop pandering to the fücking elites and Fox News donors to make Sean Hannity tell you Hispanics are our ‘loyal allies,’ and that we ‘need’ legal immigration. Immigration is NOT ONLY A LAW ENFORCEMENT ISSUE, it requires demographic understanding and is anding the future of our society over. People are not universally equal, and different cultures will treat this place differently.
    13 answers 2 months ago Tay Nguyen
  • How come people blame my hobby and says it is the main reason why I lose friends and have legal troubles when I have disabilities?

    So everyone seems to attack my hobby and they don't understand that I have autism and so I am different from others. My friend hank last night attacked me again about my hobby of filming elevators. He says he doesn't film elevators anymore cause it is weird and stupid and he says he doesn't get why I still film elevators when I am literally 28 years old. He says it is a childish hobby and that I am acting like a kid doing it. He brought up about me having a meltdown last year when I went with pat on a trip to nashville and I had a meltdown cause he wouldn't let me film an elevator that I wanted. Hank says pat cutted me off cause he couldn't stand my immatureness and says he wants to associate with people who are mature and says that I am incredibly immature. Hank says no one should associate with you when you act like this. He told me to quit my hobby and says he thinks that I didn't learn a lesson at all by being arrested a few weeks ago. I don't get why he is so concerned about me filming elevators. He thinks that my hobby is going to get me into even more serious trouble. I am so tired of him thinking these things. I also don't get why he is so worried about what I do with my life. Why is he so worried about what I do with my life when I am 28 and can do whatever I want ?? Why does he think that I act immature by filming elevators and that it drives people away ??? Why does he think that this hobby of mine is wrecking my life ???
    5 answers 2 months ago Other - Vietnam
  • How come people think I'm an idiot for calling cops names and wanting to lower my houses sales price in order to move?

    So people have a problem with me now because I want to lower my house's sales price in order to get it sold fast to move out of my city. I hate the cops here because they are corrupted and arrested me for stupid reasons. They shouldn't have arrested me for ding dong ditching as it is a thing that I used to do as a kid. Everyone says I'm immature and says that I don't act my age at all, they say that I don't act like a 29 year old. I have called the cops here names and threatened to kill one viet cop here named hoang. He yelled at me because I called hotlines saying that I am suicidal just to get the suicide hotline people to stay on the phone with me. He almost arrested me once and handcuffed me once and then uncuffed and letted me go. People called me a jerk because I called him a witch and said that I wanted to punch him in the face. I want to lower my house sales price to $130,000 from $240,000. My family complains if we lower it we can't afford a house in houston, atlanta, LA or anywhere. Well I want to get out of here cause I am tired of these cops. Everyone says that I am immature for saying me not moving yet for my arrests. I am just so tired of people. I'm thinking about just getting an apartment in atlanta temporarily so I can avoid the cops. Everyone says that I'll get arrested if I were to try to get an apartment there when I have an court date. Why do people think I'm an idiot for all of this ? Why don't people understand that moving solves my legal problems ?
    4 answers 2 months ago Other - Vietnam
  • How come people think that I am immature for blaming my arrests on me not being able to move to a major city that's better for the disabled?

    So I recently got arrested multiple times including the door bell incident and shop lifting and etc. I have my house on the market and I told people that the reason why I got arrested is because I haven't moved away yet and that the cops hates me and is trying to pin me with everything that they can think of. I want to move to a major city like san francisco, los angeles, atlanta or houston because I feel like I will have a better life over there and that people over there are more sympathetic for people who have autism and people who have bipolar disorder and schizophrenia like me. I have strong symptoms of schizophrenia including paranoia and mood swings, hearing voices and violent outbursts. I live in a crappy trump supporter state and I hate it here so much. Any other state is better than my state even if it is republican because the south is racist and ignorant. My friends told me that I am a prick and says me not moving yet has nothing to do with my arrests and says my arrests is results from me being stupid like the doorbell prank. Well I felt depressed so I needed to do something to feel better so I did that. Everyone says I'm blaming my family for not being able to move. Well My arrests is really all because I can't move yet and the cops hate me and are coming after me with everything they can. I might go vandalize their cop cars and then go on the run. How come people think it's immature to blame my arrests on this ? Why don't believe the cops here are corrupted ??
    6 answers 2 months ago Other - Vietnam
  • The real racists are democrats. They profit from race baiting and racial discord. Instead of focusing on the economy, they focus on race?

    Best answer: You’re delusional. Seek professional psychiatric help ASAP.
    5 answers 2 months ago Phu Quoc
  • What type of fairy tale stories would you want to see turned into stage plays?

    Best answer: Even as a kid, I had a strong preference for the darker fairy tales. The Laidly Worm of Spindlestone or The Seven Swans would make fine plays.
    5 answers 2 months ago Vung Tau
  • Why has high school went by so fast?

    I remember the first day of high school. I had no idea where my classes were, had to make new friends, juggle so much homework. Now, I'll be in 11th grade. And then 12th, and graduation. Like dang, wish I could go back to the very first day.
    6 answers 2 months ago Tay Nguyen
  • Would I have problems trying to get a woman who I met through an marriage broker or by family to the united states?

    So I am 28 years old and I am having problems trying to get anyone here on my own. I get rejected by almost every woman I try to ask out. I am thinking about either going to a marriage broker in vietnam or getting my relatives in vietnam to set me up with a woman over there. I'm leaning towards more the marriage broker route as my family over there is having issues trying to find me someone over there too. I am wondering if I would have any problems trying to get a woman who I will meet through a marriage broker. Would I have any issues trying to get someone here if I met her through an marriage broker ?? What can I do to get her here successfully ??
    6 answers 3 months ago Other - Vietnam
  • Is it true without GOD libertarian freedom doesn't exist?

    Best answer: Libertarian freedom is completely unrelated to gods.
    7 answers 3 months ago Vung Tau
  • Would shining a lazer at Donald Trump's plane at night bring it down or not?

    Best answer: We can only hope

    I said that because of the morons who think the FBI cares
    11 answers 3 months ago Hue
  • Where is the safest place in the world?

    I mean with no natural disasters. No hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, flooding, wildfires, etc. Also no extreme weather conditions and low crime and violence. No diseases and no extreme poverty. And with a good population, a good community. Does such a place exist?
    12 answers 3 months ago Can Tho
  • Does gravitational waves and moon phases influence women synchronization of their periods. Does it explain why the four congresswomen?

    Went crazy on the same day and angered president Trump. Should we place the congresswomen apart in order to stop this synchronization of periods? Michio Kaku theory suggests that a standing wave pattern of gravitational waves exist in the universe. This standing wave pattern influence the vagina of the human female and readjust the timing of their periods to coincides with the troughs and bottoms of the standing gravitational wave pattern. Michio Kaku mentioned that the four congresswomen sit in the same corner of the congress for long hours exposing their vaginas to the same standing wave pattern for long hours which results in synced periods and synced PMS episodes. Michio Kaku suggested that the congress should either place the women in the four opposite corners of the congress to prevent this phenomena or give them PMS pills to stop the phenomena from re occurring. Another solution is to place a large pendulum in the congress to disturb the standing wave pattern thus enabling minority female congresswomen to enjoy sitting in the congress without having PMS episodes in the same time. AOC should demand the congress to install a pendulum to protect them from synchronization of periods. Why NASA didn't brief president Trump about this phenomena which puts the American public in danger ever 28 days? Should Michio Kaku explain this phenomena to the US public?
    4 answers 3 months ago Phu Quoc
  • I'm a guy and got raped and I don't know what to do.?

    Best answer: You will not be charged with anything. Your friend can be charged with rape no matter how old he is. Tell your parents, Even if you don't want to press charges, you need to get some counseling.
    5 answers 4 months ago Hue
  • Some potential red flags? Thoughts?

    This gentleman has a few interesting female friend cases that I find somewhat odd and he changed his story regarding one of them. One of them was a married female that he met at a local gym and he stated she "pursued a friendship with me". The husband and her do not have much in common, so this gentleman and her will often do activities on the weekends. She tends to post more outings with this guy than her husband. I tried to look at things from the perspective, of if a married man approached me and pursued a friendship with me, it would seem a bit odd. Two months before we started talking (we were friends on social media), he visited a chick out of town and made some posts. I had seen the posts and assumed he was dating someone new because of the photos and the comments from friends (hearts, etc.). When we started talking, he said this friend moved to Utah recently and plans to visit there often. However, during a previous discussion he mentioned this girl was just a friend who was dating someone, so it wasn't a big deal that he visited her. Later on, he changed his story and said, "Well she and I were both single at the time and I probably wouldn't have visited her if either one of us was dating someone. I'm very blunt, so I called him out on the change of story. He got mad and said my argument wasn't valid either way because we aren't officially dating. LOL
    4 answers 4 months ago Phan Thiet
  • Where can I find fumunda cheese?

    & what should it smell like
    5 answers 5 months ago Hue
  • Who's the soy-boy with too much time on their hands who keeps changing question categories to "mental health"?

    6 answers 5 months ago Other - Vietnam
  • I've never been stung by a bee. What is it like to be stung by one?

    6 answers 5 months ago Tay Nguyen