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  • Why are Leftists so angry that Trump saved America from the Obama-Bush Recession? Why didn't they want 4 percent economic growth?

    11 answers 7 months ago Makassar
  • The Hudson Bay Co. has just terminated the sale of ALL Ivanka drumpf products and is discounting and destroying their stock?

    Best answer: Reminder
    The Hudson Bay Company was founded 106 years before the USA was
    7 answers 7 months ago Jakarta
  • Why have cons ranted against gay marriage and gay adoption under the guise of "family values" and "protecting kids" but support ICE?

    Best answer: Republican hypocrisy about family values is staggering. In France and Germany working moms and dads get extensive paid maternity and paternity leave, and free daycare after that. That's real family values.
    5 answers 7 months ago Jakarta
  • My ex girlfriend broke up with me without notice two weeks ago. How do I get closure and move on?

    Best answer: It doesn't sound like she's coming back. She's been planning this for quite some time. Perhaps she needed a place to stay but when you two were about to move into your own apartment together, the lie she was living was getting too big. You even said yourself, you knew something was up and so you got even more clingly because you felt in your heart you were losing her.

    I know that hurts but I think honesty is the best thing.

    You tried to see if she'd come back and she clearly has no intentions. What I would do is shock her. Cut all contact and start dating other people, fake it till you make it. Post about you doing fun things and post how life hits you but getting up and living is all one can do. Show her you are moving on.

    Find some anger in yourself instead of dread. Use anger to fight back. She lied to you, played you. So make her look like she was less than to you as well.

    Good luck, time heals all but trying is a need, nothing was ever given to someone without trying to feel better.
    4 answers 9 months ago Singles & Dating
  • My girlfriend of over 2 years left me without notice and blocked me on all social media. How do I get her back?? I'm heartbroken?

    My girlfriend of two years who I loved more then anyone I've ever loved left me without notice one day before we move into a apartment. She's 20 I'm 24 she moved all her stuff out of my room when I was at work last week told me she didnt want to move because It was to 30 minutes from our hometown. That next week she acted differently texted me less saw me less then ghosted me three days in a row... I begged and pleaded for her to make it work. She had just told me she wanted me to marry her she was my best friend and girlfriend at the same time we did everything together. Last week she didn't come see me took everything about me off her social media and wouldn't talk to me I found out three days later she already had sex with someone. She's made a tinder and has been partying. Did I get left because she wanted to party and be free? We had such a strong relationship my heart hurts so much. I truly loved her. I treated her better then anyone ever had before its like she can't see it all the sudden. She blocked my number so I can no longer text or call her. Will she come back to me? None of this makes sense to me or anyone who knows us. I would die for her and she told me she would do the same.. Why was I cut off without warning after she told me the same day she wanted to marry me? Will she come back when she sees what's she's lost? I gave that girl my entire world...
    5 answers 9 months ago Ambon
  • My ex girlfriend left me without notice and I'm heartbroken. How do I move on?

    My girlfriend of two years who I was planning on marrying left me with no notice just walked out of my life. She was my best friend girlfriend and only true love I've ever had. I'm having the hardest time going through this break up. I was left randomly she took all of her stuff out of my room she blocked me on all social media without even giving me a notice. I begged and pleaded for her it was radio silence. I have never loved someone truer then I did her. I would truly die for her. I'm so heartbroken I can't even think straight. Less then three days later I found out she already had sex with another guy has started partying again telling people she was in a bad relationship and she made a tinder. My life and heart feels so shattered.... I had bought her a engagement ring we signed a lease to an apartment then she bolted on me with no notice. How do I move on? Everyone in my circle and friends tell me this is probably the shittiest they have ever seen someone get done considering how strong our relationship was. We did stuff together every single day. She will not contact me I feel so awful I can't even eat. What do I do??
    6 answers 9 months ago Ambon
  • How to get your ex back of 2 years who walked away last week?

    How do I get my ex back of two years who just packed all her stuff up and left without explanation? She just packed all her stuff stopped coming to see me. I begged for over a week for her to tell me what's going on and she said everything was fine. Then on Tuesday I look at she took all of our pictures down on social media and blocked me on everything. I begged her again to talk to me and she wouldn't. How I get her back? I was left without a explanation? I love this girl so much.
    5 answers 9 months ago Ambon
  • Does anybody still believe in the fictional "Russian Collusion" claims anymore, now they've fallen apart due to lack of any evidence?

    12 answers 10 months ago Pekanbaru
  • What effect will the Florida shooting have on novels?

    Will writers remove firearms, especially assault weapons, from their novels and the characters only use knives, fists, etc.?
    4 answers 12 months ago Books & Authors
  • Are jokes about German sausages just the wurst?

    14 answers 1 year ago Makassar