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  • What did they use for clocks and time in the middle ages?

    what was a way they calculated the time in the middle ages in england?
    25 answers 1 day ago History
  • How did England rule the US, back when there was nothing but slow ships?

    23 answers 2 days ago History
  • What is life?

    55 answers 3 days ago Philosophy
  • Poll: If we did indeed land on the moon in 1969, why have we never gone back?

    With all the technology in the last 50 years man has never been back to the moon. And many people think the 1969 landing was staged. Makes sense really. Thoughts?
    31 answers 3 days ago History
  • Was Adolf Hitler a good paintist?

    65 answers 4 days ago History
  • I'm writing a YA book, can I include these things?

    There's a scene in the YA book I'm currently working on where the protagonist believes she's been drugged, and is hallucinating. She also mentions LSD by name. It's revealed that she isn't drugged though. There is another scene where a character gets drunk. This character is over the legal drinking age. The protagonist also swears a good bit when she gets angry, or experiences immense pain. By that I mean, she drops a few F-bombs over the course of the book. My book is a young adult fantasy with a romantic subplot directed towards older teenagers. Would these more mature scenes prevent me from getting traditionally published? I know that some YA books have sex scenes, (A Court Of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Maas, The Wicked King by Holly Black) but those books are by already established writers and this novel would be my debut.
    7 answers 20 hours ago Books & Authors
  • Why do some people think life has no meaning?

    57 answers 4 days ago Philosophy
  • What do you do with the book after you finished reading it?

    15 answers 18 hours ago Books & Authors
  • Why do the British hate the Argentine so much, isn't it time to turn the page?

    Best answer: It's silly to claim that all Britons hate the Argentines. But they did go to war with them, and there are still some pretty strong feelings held by SOME Britons about that. It's important to note that Argentina didn't invade the Falklands because they really and truly felt compelled to claim them for themselves - they went in because Argentina was going through a very difficult time economically, and the sitting government thought that going to war would distract from that situation. They were very wrong in thinking so.

    Secondly, the Argentine government mistakenly believed that Britain would not opt to defend the islands with full force, which was obviously not the case. Many Britons died defending the islands and many died in the fight to reclaim them. Public opinion on the war in Argentina was divided with some people - mostly ultra-nationalists supporting the invasion, but many Argentines never wanted to go to war with Britain, and the issues that led to the fighting were only exacerbated by the invasion and subsequent conflict, so in the end, the few Argentines who were for it began to see things differently.

    Though located much closer to Argentina than to Britain, the islands have never belonged to Argentina. The Argentines never had a legitimate claim to them, and even if the islands had belonged to Argentina at some point in the past, the vast majority of the population consider themselves to be British and feel very strongly about remaining part of the UK, so what Argentines might think is irrelevant. Going to war with Argentina was mostly seen as righteous in the UK as Britain was defending its territory and its people, and as happens with any war, the enemy aggressor was viewed unfavorably and a lot of that has yet to disappear. Perhaps in the decades to come the animosity that some Britons hold for Argentina will fade until it completely disappears, but because the war occurred relatively recently, many people in both countries continue to have strong feelings about it.
    9 answers 1 day ago History
  • Do you wish the UK could return to the 50s?

    Best answer: We can never return without a time machine, but we can embrace morality based on wholesome family values and discipline and National Service would provide the youth with a sense of purpose which they lack and that's why so many self-harm.
    Of course, something will have to be done about the ethnic population which has destroyed British values and integrity, while escalating our crime figures, and I suggest weeding out the undesirable factions and sending them to Isles of Wight and Isle of Mann. That action will clean up society at a stroke. However, as I've said repeatedly, only a National Socialist regime will implement these changes. Not possible while liberals run the country.
    12 answers 7 hours ago History
  • How to be a vampire...?

    Best answer: The Dewey decimal classification for Library of Congress Subject heading "Vampires" is 398.45 ("Ghouls and ogres" are in the same range since they are considered part of Mythology.) This is for non-fiction books about vampires I'll give you my library catalogue's link (I had to narrow the focus to non-fiction because I came up with over 600 entries. Both fiction and non fiction was over 2,000 entries.

    See if your library has books in that Dewey class or with the subject headings in any of the records that interest you. Perhaps your library can get titles you want through interlibrary loan.
    20 answers 3 days ago Books & Authors
  • Is having a flesch score of 90 bad for general fiction?

    Best answer: It's not bad, but it's too simplistic for a general readership. You're effectively dealing with "Basic English" at that level. The idea behind Basic English is that you can communicate effectively in English using 850 base words (nouns, verbs and adjectives) and about 150 "specialist" words for the subject matter.

    You should be aiming for about a score of 60 to 70, which would mean a readership who have some 10,000 to 15,000 words in their normal vocabulary, rather than 1000.
    4 answers 1 day ago Books & Authors
  • Who’s your favorite President of United States ever in history??

    JFK or Richard Nixon here. I don’t care about watergate—He was cool guy.
    10 answers 58 mins ago History
  • What would you do if a random guy came up you and...?

    He said, "Follow me. We can do this the easy way or hard way." What would you do?
    12 answers 9 hours ago Books & Authors
  • Which Allied country played the most important part in defeating Nazi Germany, the UK, USA or USSR?

    Best answer: Anyone who lived in 1945 would have said the USSR.

    Nowadays after years of propganda, it's ''America''
    10 answers 3 hours ago History
  • Should the Nazis be praised for the moon landing?

    Best answer: You are on to something here: As soon as the human race learns that we can accomplish great things together instead of spending all our time trying to steal credit for any clever ideas we will be able to move on to true greatness.
    13 answers 1 day ago History
  • Historically, Britain usually had a weaker army than some of its neighbours, such as France and Germany. Do you agree or not?

    Historically, Britain as an Island nation have tended to prioritized and relied on its naval supremacy to defend itself from foreign invasion, whereas the Continental nations such as France have always prioritized and relied on their armies to defend themselves. Consequently, there is a marked disparity between the relative size and strength of those armies and navies. Due to the differential priorities between the nations of Europe. True or false?
    10 answers 8 hours ago History
  • What happened to the people of roanoke colony?

    10 answers 8 hours ago History
  • Why is the United States the only former British colony that declared its independence?

    Only former anglo-saxon country. Were Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders given more rights than Americans were and thus Americans had to revolt agains the British crown?
    13 answers 1 day ago History
  • The term "racist"was coined by an antiwhite genocidalist as a tool to browbeat whites into demographic genocide. Are you guilty of its use?

    Best answer: its a shaming tactic used by the media to keep whites down.
    10 answers 11 hours ago History