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  • Jesus was olive/brown yall, why then are all dem fancy renaissance paintings of him as a white guy?

    Best answer: It's because the painters where white. This is a similar phenomenon where buddha is depicted as tibetan and japanese, when he was an indian.
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  • Would you read this book?

    Okay so I wrote a little book thing I guess and I'm considering doing something with but I don't know. Here's a description: Marrying Ben was the best thing Jeanie Banks ever did. Marrying Ben may have been the only significant thing Jeanie Banks ever did. 19 years after being pregnant, kicked out by her super religious parents, and dropping out of high school, Jeanie is a rich housewife, a class room mom, a member of a book club filled with bitches and questioning her own sanity. When a tragic car accordant causes Ben to fall into a coma, Jeanie's life is flipped upside down. As all evidence points to foul play, the police lead a full on investigation for the perpetrator, leaving Jeanie in a mess of a situation, questioning every decision she's ever made, and facing the hardest decision of her life. I'm sorry it's so long but thanks so much to anyone who answers
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  • Is "the hunger games" based on a tru story?

    my daughter wants to kno
    46 answers 7 days ago Jokes & Riddles
  • Would it be worth sacrificing a human life to save the Mona Lisa?

    30 answers 7 days ago Painting
  • Is it bad to use flashbacks in a story?

    39 answers 7 days ago Books & Authors
  • Would you have liked to live in England at the time of its Industrial Revolution?

    Best answer: No way I'd want to live in England during the Industrial Revolution. It was a time when the emphasis was on investment not consumption, so the workers had to work long hours for minimal pay. Many of the workers were children, who were severely abused, while women hauled loads of coal like mules. Also, back then, from about 1820--1860, sanitary conditions in urban areas tended to be appalling.
    Those who fared best were the usual upper class like the landed gentry. Rich businessmen did OK--although even they would do better AFTER the industrial revolution, not during it. Not until after all the factories, railroads etc were built could they really make profits.
    11 answers 7 days ago History
  • Why is it ILLEGAL to deny the HOLOCAUST?

    Why is the holocaust the only historical event to be protected by the law? It seems suspicious, surely they should have nothing to hide.
    28 answers 7 days ago History
  • Why do Americans get all the cool products and applications first?

    I always find something cool whether it's a product or application ably to find out because I'm British, I have to wait several months. I just want to know why Americans have to hog everything for several months before releasing it globally. Why can't you just release it globally in the first place?
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  • What would be the best thing that could happen to you tomorrow?

    Best answer: it would be nice to get a full eight hours sleep
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  • White People- Why did you kill Dr. Martin Luther King?

    27 answers 7 days ago History
  • Why do philosophers confuse themselves and the world?

    Best answer: Why do philosophers confuse themselves and the world ?

    To join-in with the spirit of your question* R, it could be-to-do-with 2 things
    (at least)...
    1. Rampant philosophical subjectivity and relativity, now joined with "historicism" - which as some of you may know is written philosophy which treats history as some-sort-of-game and Not truth, nor as best that we can report such true historical situations.^
    And its worth noting here that NOT JUST North American philosophy but
    other western academic philosophy is STILL infected with the subjective
    and relative and historic viruses. I mean those fictional and usually wrote
    learned philosophy half-truths which purport and pass-for "academic study.
    "hegelian-ism" is still laughably taught, along with half-lies of those (C.Paglia
    ....passive-worm-social-philosophers well known as Husserl and Heidegger).
    And that's just for "starters" (see also logic philosophers who understand
    the unproved, uncritical numbers-from-nowhere, see Y.t. Zhang and all)

    2. See also the social philosophical work of Camille Paglia, who recently
    has "broken cover" (=whistle-blown in academia) stating the obvious
    highly confusing and startling confession that passive-worm-philosopher
    teachers have been responsible FOR IMPLYING THAT MEN HAVE BEEN
    have been responsible for degrading and controlling females, in colleges
    and in the greater world too.
    And that we all should thus blame Men generally if we want to change
    This is the confusion-philosophic and real- which this respected scholastic
    writer has revealed and it could be "telling" not just for Gender-and-social
    science, but for philosophy in general.
    For if you believe that philosophy as taught in our western schools and
    our western colleges is....critically and rationally truthful or reasonable
    then you ought to really "think again".
    It is nothing-of-the-sort....even high level university philosophy is just
    an excuse for some historical teaching, usually of half-facts and
    fairy-land confused, historical half-theories.
    And this is why it MUST be Insisted-yes insisted- that few of such
    teachers can even spell the likes of..."skeptical", "critical" or even
    "bad subjective,relativistic and inbred, rote philosophy" !

    * such as pinpointed,.... apparent "confused philosophers" and a resultant, "(confused) world".

    ^ a classic case is made where non-critical philosophers quietly but
    knowingly try-to-brainwash us with false facts like the real intentions of
    the European Renaissance writers (was) to find and write about rational
    critical philosophy.That THEY enlightened us then, and since.
    Of course they didn't....the Enlightenment-movement-writers
    did, to their great credit.
    21 answers 7 days ago Philosophy
  • Where any black slaves happy with there lives?

    19 answers 7 days ago History
  • What would the world be like after World War 3?

    21 answers 1 week ago History
  • Hmm! Those Roman galleys with chained slave oarsmen. What if the galley sank, did they have lifeboats?

    17 answers 7 days ago History
  • What should I draw?

    I'm not that good at drawing living things
    28 answers 7 days ago Drawing & Illustration
  • Nobody is answering my question :( somebody please answer?

    Best answer: Since its former inhabitants had their own language, the city's name would have been in that language. Since I don't know that language, and no one else here does, I would say that you can use any name you made up.

    Your list leans towards Spanish or North African ("Moorish") sounding names. If the magical inhabitants of the city spoke a dialect of southern Spain, or a Moorish dialect (an Arabic language?) your inspiration might be in a map or two of those areas.
    17 answers 6 days ago Books & Authors
  • Vietnam war or ww2?

    13 answers 7 days ago History
  • Why do white people deny that slavery was the state right they were fighting to keep when they started the civil war?

    Best answer: It's easy enough for white people to deny anything BECAUSE THEY WEREN'T SLAVES!

    Oh sure, it's a "state's rights" issue that they have every right to engage in an international crime.

    And if you're going to foist such tripe as "96% of Southern Whites did not own slaves
    Not one soldier fought to save slavery, they fought with their neighbors / friends to protect their homes. That's why ' they ' fought." . . . then those 96% fought for the upper 4% who owned slaves . . . they were dupes.

    Slavery is the stain that damns the USA as a hypocritical nation that purports it was founded on the basis of egalitarian ideals. Your type of revisionist excuses only exemplifies how debased the country has become.
    15 answers 6 days ago Politics
  • I Need to write a short story about travelling in time in English class, but I m struggling for ideas, Any suggestions?

    So it has to be a story where the character goes back into history (e.g: the world wars), changes something (e.g: kills hitler) Which effects the future. I was going to do prehistoric times but now I m not so sure. Needing answers quick >,<
    11 answers 7 days ago Books & Authors
  • What are some good names for a fictional high school?

    Best answer: Maybe one of these names.

    Tri-Valley High
    Lowell High
    Village High School
    Ocean Park High School
    Kalumpang High
    Vauxhall Cross High
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