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  • Are my parents charging me to much rent?

    Alright, so I m 20 & my fiance and I are living with my Mom and my step-dad. They are charging us $400 a month for rent. We sleep in a freezing basement, not finished & bug infested, I pay for my own food, I pay my phone bill, I have my own transportation. But their bills are the same amount as my rent when they have 3 kids and them 2 opposed to just my fiance and i. Just wanna know if this seems right or not, i feel ive been being jipped when i could just rent my own house in this city for rent of $400.
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  • I signed a lease and the landlord says he made a typo and the rent is $1650 not $650. I told him I can't afford it but he's being a jerk?

    My last apartment was in a small town and was $700/mo.  This apartment is in the city and he says I should have known the rate was wrong, but how could I have known?  It is smaller than my last place so the rent seemed fair.  I've never lived in the city. I moved in this month.  I told him I could move out if he wants but he insists I must pay an extra thousand dollars for this month and for next month and then if I move out, every month until he gets someone else to rent it.  I didn't and never would sign a lease for that much because I can't afford it. Can I hold him to the lease or at least pay the amount the lease says for november and december and then terminate without having to pay for months after?
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  • How can I make real and easy money on internet?

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  • How can I break my lease without paying a penalty?

    I have an ant problem in my apartment and pest control was assigned to come. They can some days but for like weeks in a row they forgot. Can I use this as grounds? Also, Can I claim I have anxiety? I read if I have a mental illness and have to move back home for care then I just have to get 30 days and break the lease without penalty. I need legit answers. Please give me ideas and do not be mean.
    18 answers 16 hours ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Property Taxes ?

    Should homeowners who don't have children enrolled in public schools be subject to paying property taxes dedicated to public education funding?
    19 answers 1 day ago United States
  • If a boss changes your schedule do you have to do it?

    Best answer: you need to remind your boss that hey i got responsibilities outside of work that i mentioned before. if they don't seem to care i'd leave. LOTS of employers are like that sad to see it is so damn common. people need to understand that employers are replaceable and that workers are assets not liabilities meaning despite you are new you could be a very valuable worker in the future but because they refuse to even listen they lose out and possiblity you end up working for a competitor which is not good for them. 

    if you say you have "OPEN AVAILABILITY" like i do they can schedule you as they please at any hours. to avoid this i tell them 1-2 weeks in advance for certain days off if i need to go to a function or w.e. they usually are okay with it and if goin on vacation i tell them 1 month in advance then i remind them 2 weeks before i leave. they tell me no? fk um i tell um good luck. with that amount of time given in advance they should be more then capable of filling in my shifts. 

    i work in the culinary field btw but yes it happens a LOT.. almost weekly my schedule changes days and times and days off i set open availability though but even when i say i cant work i tell my boss a 2nd time and he changes it. usually they don't tell me no but in your case if you can't make the times/hours and you already told him once tell him again face to face if nothing changes i'd leave. literally shows a lack of understanding/caring for employee's as a manager/boss and THAT is someone you don't want to work for tbh. 
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  • Is there a way to terminate the lease without penalty?

    I am currently attending college and live in apartment located off campus.  This is my second year of lease, but my roommate and I had many issues since our move in.  First, the day we moved in, carpet wasn't cleaned, molds were in bathroom, dishwashers had stains, sprayed paint marks on wall to cover up stains.. Went to leasing office and complained many times. But nothing has been done.  However, the bigger problem was rodents. I opened the kitchen drawer one day and I found mice feces all over.  My roommate and I went to office and notified them and all they told us was they were going to send pest control.  Upon setting a traps our self, we caught many mice all in different days. So obviously, it is coming from somewhere in the sink drawer.  I requested to leasing office and all they told me was "we are not doing major construction for just a mice".  Our unit isn't the only unit having issues with rodents.  On top of that, we are having a bad roach problem in kitchen area.  We don't really cook in our home nor stay home often.  Is there anything I can do to correct this? Rather than constantly arguing with leasing office about pest control?  There are many reviews on this apartment on rodent and insect problems. 
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  • How do I get a refund if i am a negative company ?

    I remember running into someone that had a negative company and they received a refund from the treasury. I am in the same situation and can really use that $5,000 that the check said of that person I’m talking about.  I make around $50k but my expenses exceed what I make to keep running my businesses. I called h and r block but they usually don’t deal with these situations a lot.  I’m thinking about calling in a bussiness cpa for this matter but if anybody knows how to do what I said please let. Me know.  If you have a regular job then you might not know of the ways businesses get refunds especially when they are in the red.  Thanks a lot 
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  • What do I do if I am not getting the amount I am suppose to on my direct deposit?

    Hello, I just turned 17 and I have a job a JCPenney. Please don’t make comments about how the are about to shut down. I never realize I was not getting that amount of work I put in until today. 10.25 an hour, I worked 29.5 hours within 2 weeks but only received 117 and some change. I tried talking to my guardians about it but they are busy and all counselors don’t seem to be helpful at all so maybe you all will be. What should I do, who should I contact, does this have anything to do with W-2 forms?
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  • Should I be worried about landlord charging me for this?

    I'm moving in decembet..I'm worried about a fracture in the wall underneath the window that I did not catch at move in, but I know I did not create the damage. In the original pictures, the wall is hidden behind a couch and the windows are covered by a black cloth. The blinds were horrible but I replaced them, i did mention the windows too. He did not provide a checklist or copy of lease. Should i be worried? In texas
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  • Boyfriend and I are moving into his new house. How much should my contribution be?

    Best answer: He makes 25% more than you. You earn 75% of what he does.

    Splitting 50-50 would be $625 each.
    75% of $625 is $156.25
    So if you wanted to split it evenly based on your incomes, then his contribution would be roughly $780 and yours would be roughly $470.

    He already suggested you contribute $500-600 so why don't you agree to $500 and then figure out how you'll divide the utilities as well.

    Good luck!
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  • Why don't some minimum wage workers move up the ladder?

    I don't get how some people stay working as a cashier for 10 years in a row. You're supposed to move up, to supervisor to assistant manager and then finally, manager.
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  • Would it be more profitable to open a bowling alley or a movie theatre?

    16 answers 3 days ago Other - Business & Finance
  • How much do you pay a house painter for interior painting?

    Best answer: The size of the condo is the square foot footprint. You have to figure walls at their height times width times length. Usually if they use less paint they will not charge you for it. If you have gotten more than one bid and they are essentially the same then that is the going rate in the area.
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  • I am turning 28 what is the quickest I can retire?

    I have 85k in my 401k and 30k in cash/ emergency funds. I am a mechanical engineer working in HAVC industry.  I can’t handle this **** much longer.  I am just going to start living in a van or tiny house no kids/relationships.  
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  • Can my landlord dictate how much I can travel in and out of my rental as long as the rent is paid?

    12 answers 2 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Do fast food chains not value customer service?

    I dine out often. At least twice a week. On several occasions, I have witnessed fast food workers who have poor work ethics and customer service skills. I have observed hickeys and love marks on worker's necks. Cell phone usage, horseplay, and use of foul language. I think all of this looks unprofessional in front of the presence of customers. Are jobs like these considered low-end, where customer service is not valued? Are jobs like these , for "trashy" people who cannot really better themselves? Is there any opportunity for job growth or career advancement for workers like these who behave like this in front of customers?
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  • How would it disadvantage a mother to co-sign an apartment lease for her son?

    If a mother Co signed a one year lease for her adult son , in what ways would this hurt her credit ? Or in what other ways would this hinder her?
    26 answers 4 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Can someone view a house for sale with out your consent?

    So me and my husband just rented a house. We have been here for a week now. We were told the house was for sale for investment purposes (for someone to rent it out) but his year contract would still be honored if there were to be a new owner. We got a call someone was coming to view the house. On his lunch break they came and I took the dogs somewhere for awhile so they wouldn't be a bother. We were under the impression an owner would be there. He wasn't and neither was the real estate person. Basically, the people were talking about purchasing the house to live in. My husband was confused as this was not communicated to him. He was pissed having to show the house when we don't wanna move out and just finally got settled in (barely, its been a week). So basically my question is 1) Is this okay for him to be asked by the owner to show a house that he does not want to move out of?? 2) Can they actually choose to make us move out if they purchase? Also, it was just a coincidence that he was able to show the house because he was on his lunch break. I would NOT have chosen to show the house to strangers without my husband there so that would not have been possible if he wasn't off work. thanks guys!
    22 answers 4 days ago Renting & Real Estate