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  • I need advice saving money?????

    My name is Adrian and I'm 22 years old. have $6,555 saved in the bank right now, but I feel like everyone my age has way more money saved up. I pay for my car insurance, I help parents with rent. Am I broke for my age??????? Any advice please??????
    11 answers 3 days ago Personal Finance
  • Qualify for chapter 7?

    Do you think I would qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy - I owe $50,000 in credit cards alone, if you add my car loan , student loans and IRS it's almost $100,000. I incurred the cc debt in 2016 and got my car loan same year , student loans Iv had and IRS is a newer debt from claiming exempt on my pay checks because I was broke I mean duh I racked up debt . This happened in year 2016 , I ultimately couldn't get a loan or afford one and so I stopped paying dec 2016 . At that time I was making I think 30-35,000 a year . Since then my income has gone up because I picked up some self employment on the side ( in may of 2017) and got a promotion at work ( april 2018) so my income is now maybe 70-80 k as of recently but I am dropping off the self employment and so it will be just work which is 54k . I just got sued by one credit card company and will be filing bankruptcy but I'm worried I won't qualify for chapter 7 since my income is over the median which for my state is 54,000k. I don't understand the whole median thing because how can they make you do chapter 13 if your income is over 54k yet your debts are double ? I don't own anything, I am very young and am ashamed to be doing bankruptcy . I just would like an opinion on if you think I qualify for chapter 7
    11 answers 3 days ago Personal Finance
  • Any benefit to convert a traditional IRA to ROTH for 80 yo with 1M$ balance?

    6 answers 9 hours ago Personal Finance
  • I live in North Carolina and went to pay my landlord rent in cash this morning as I have done for the last six months and she refused it?

    Can my landlord refuse my cash and tell me I have to use a debit card without notice a friend told me that since rent was refused this month i shouldn’t have to pay this month can someone tell me if this is true
    19 answers 1 day ago Renting & Real Estate
  • I lost my job and am losing my mind?

    I’m 20 years old and have no money in my bank account. I was just fired from my job and can’t pay my rent, can’t afford to eat, and I’m now $3000 in debt. My car will probably be repossessed in the next month. My rent is paid for this month but I put it on a credit card and obviously can’t afford to pay the credit card. I feel depressed too and like I am stuck in a rut. I’ve never been a depressed person until now. So I’ll probably end up homeless until I find another job and no my parents will not help me out. Has anyone else struggled like I have? How do I survive without food and shelter?
    77 answers 5 days ago Personal Finance
  • I inherited my mom s house in PA. My neighbor wants to buy it as an investment property. Do I need a real estate agent?

    If we can agree on a sales price, can not use a real estate agent (and avoid paying commission) and hire a real estate attorney to handle all aspects of the transactions?
    13 answers 7 hours ago Renting & Real Estate
  • How long can I stay after landlord send me an eviction notice?

    My lease is due end of this month. My landlord wants me to sign a new lease. I don't wantto sign it because I bought a house and ready to move in, in 3 months from now. Ther landlord is not giving me the option to pay month to month for the next few months. What's the consequences of I stay and not sign lease. He probably goingto send me an eviction notice. How much time can i stall? Do u still have to pay rent after the eviction notice?
    17 answers 1 day ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Can I break a lease in Texas if the apartment isn’t what was expected?

    My roommate and I were shown a model apartment before signing a one year lease. The problem is that the actual apartment looks nothing like the model we were shown. The apt is smaller, there’s no carpet in the bedrooms, the dishwasher is outdated and it looks like whoever lived there before didn’t take care of it. Is there any to get out of this lease for this reason?
    16 answers 1 day ago Renting & Real Estate
  • I just bought a house have a parapaligic in my guest house how do i get him out when lease is up?

    16 answers 1 day ago Renting & Real Estate
  • How much money do you need to livr off the stock market?

    If i live in the cheapest place in the us, what would be money i need to retire of off putting my money in the stoxk market?
    15 answers 23 hours ago Investing
  • How do you get a job at marshalls?

    I applied in person but didn't get a call back for an interview I have 6months work experience
    6 answers 2 days ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • Am I just being an ungrateful biarch or do I have good reason to be angry ?

    Hubby and I designed a house which is 240 sq meters. Four beds 2 bathrooms and all the rest of it. It cost $12000 for the plans to be drawn up and we were ready to build. At the stage before the build, before we had broken any ground I had a change of heart about the big house big mortgage and asked my hubby if we could please amend the plans to make our house smaller and cheaper. He said no. I begged him to change the house to a smaller more economic one but he said we've already spent to much on the plans so he will not change anything. Now we are building a great big house with a $300000 dollar mortgage. We will be in debt for 20 more years. Were both over 40 and I am miserable and unable to be really happy about it because I wish we had off just built a smaller less expensive house. When I remind him that I didn't want this big house he blames me for wanting the house big in the first place. Am I being negative and ungrateful ?
    18 answers 2 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Do you have to pay income taxes at 75?

    16 answers 2 days ago United States
  • Quit or ask for a raise and/or ask for a promotion?

    I work at a restaurant(Bob Evans) and am employed currently as a dishwasher, I've had this position about a year and a half and am still making minimum wage, my job morale has slowly diminished to the point where I don't even want to work and when I do my job performance is extremely sluggish, I'd be behind, I'd be more lazy compared to what I used to be, I'd start taking a lot of vacation days(especially on the weekends, the days I know I hate working the most). My sluggishness would be tripled on days where we're already backed way up on like holidays and such. Handling management has been a chore(I used to like all but one manager, now I only like one). Do you think a raise and/or promotion might help or that it might be time to get a new job?
    10 answers 7 hours ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • My previous employer never gave me copies of licenses I earned while working for them if my new job requires them they can just call right?

    13 answers 2 days ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • How can you continue buying houses to rent out?

    I'm 25, and I'm wanting out of the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. I need help understand how you can get multiple properties to rent out? From my understanding banks dont just hand out money over and over. I am a homeowner of a 140k$ house, I am thinking about renting out to maybe get another. But If I am working hourly at the moment how will I get another house when im technically 130k+ in dept from my home. Lets say I have 5 houses. at 100k each Now im 500k in dept, even though i might be makin a profit every month from renters, it isnt gauranteed money, the tenant can leave at any given moment. So how is it people obtain 100's even 1000's of houses?
    14 answers 3 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Why are welfare recipients allowed to abuse the system?

    I think that in order for a pregnant woman to be eligible for welfare, she needs to bring either proof that she was raped (aka police report) OR proof that she got laid or fired off from her job.
    16 answers 2 days ago Corporations
  • I have an HSA from a previous employer. New employer offers to pay premiums and 80/20. Banked over deductable. Should I opt out of HSA?

    4 answers 2 days ago Insurance
  • Which of the following statements is true of business ethics?

    1All business actions deemed unethical by society are necessarily illegal. 2Business ethics and personal ethics are synonymous. 3The acceptability of behavior in business is determined by not only an organization but also its stakeholders. 4Business ethics is independent of an organizational culture. 5Profit in business is the only glue that holds relationships together.
    4 answers 2 days ago Other - Business & Finance
  • How should I respond when my boss put a folder on my desk & says here's the folder from John Smith & quickly walks away. And I have no idea?

    what to do with John Smiths folder. Then a few hours later my boss will usually ask me if why I didn't call John Smith to do a certain thing. Today my boss did this and I asked him why did you tell me that you put John Smiths folder on my desk. My boss said I need you to enter a certain thing into the computer. I said in an annoyed tone of voice next time please ask me to enter this info into the computer. Instead of just telling me that you put his folder on my desk. Because I have no idea why you put that folder on my desk.
    10 answers 17 hours ago Other - Careers & Employment