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  • I got fired from my job because my mom forgot to wake me up?

    I'm 16 and just got my first job. I got scheduled an 8 am shift. I don't have a phone and we don't have an alarm clock. My mom has a phone and she promised that she would set the alarm to 6 am but she forgot. After I explained that to my manager, he didn't take me seriously and now I got fired. Is there any way to get my job back?
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  • How do you be successful on the first day of work?

    Best answer: Show up early. Better to be 15 minutes early than 10 minutes late. Give yourself plenty of time for when your shift starts, and how traffic is normally at that time, and prepare for alternate routes as needed.

    Listen. Bring a notepad if you need to write things down. They may have you shadow a co-worker for a while until you get the hang of it. Watch and learn. Ask questions on procedures, or if anything comes to mind.

    They hired you for the job. So they obviously think you are capable of doing it. Keep that in the back of your head. There's always a learning curve though when starting any new job, but it will get easier as time goes on.
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  • Tenants want money for their renovations after moving out. What are my rights?

    I was renting out a 2 bedroom home to a young couple with a baby. Shortly after moving in they asked if they could do some renovations including, a chandelier in the dining room, painting the walls and ceiling in the bedrooms, putting carpet in their sons room and hardwood floors in the kitchen, replacing the bathroom countertop around the sink.. I did agree that it was okay as long as we can agree on their choices of colour etc. There was no agreement that I would pay them back for this upon moving. I did say they could remove the chandelier as long as they replaced it with another light fixture but they said they want me to pay for an electrician to remove it. They’ve withheld 3 months rent due to this, they had said they were having money issues and couldn’t pay it right away, I said they could pay me once their finances were in order but having a discussion they decided just to move out and now are withholding this rent as well as threatening to sue me for their “damages” what are my rights as a landlord?
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  • Can you pay for other people's property taxes?

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  • Can my landlord take my keep my pet deposits & my security deposit?

    She's claiming damage has been done to the place I was renting. She said the security deposit isn't near enough to pay for the damages, so she's also going to keep the pet deposit also. My two cats were outside all the time, so they didn't cause any damage.
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  • Salary negotiation. What should I ask?

    I'm looking to get into the casework job field. I applied for both the caseworker (I matched the education requirements, no experience was necessary) and the casework aide job. I was contacted to interview for the casework aide job, where the minimum qualification is a high school diploma, with an associate's degree being preferred. The salary is $22,995 to $29,163 annually but will commensurate with relevant degree and experience. The caseworker job pays close to double this salary. With two year's experience in this job field, as well as a bachelor's degree, would it be acceptable to negotiate for a higher salary?
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  • Tenants infant son died. They want to break the lease.?

    My current tenants moved in on April 19, 2019. As of today July 20, I have not received any rent payments. I just received an email stating that their infant son died in the unit on the 4th of July and they would like to be released from the contract (1 year) due to their association of his death with the unit. How should I handle this? Of course I feel saddened by their loss, but on the other hand I have not received any income for 4 months now, and I m scraping the bottom of the barrel to meet my own obligations. I would like to release them from the contract on the condition that the ballance due be brought current. Is there anything else I should get such as the costs associated with securing a new tenant?
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  • Can a foreclosure force an elderly couple out of their home?

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  • Why do i have low credit score when i have thousands in my account and no debt.?

    My credit score is 607 i never get out credit cards or loans and i pay all my utilities and phone bills 2 days before due date. Rent is 200 per week, and both my cars a paid off so i just pay for fuel but most of the time its on my bosses fuel card. So i have no debt whatsoever. I always have 30k sitting in my savings account and normally have 4k in my personal account for spending each month. My friend is making 40k a hear still living at his parents house but he told me his credit score is 850 so he helped me check mine and it was only 607 i was like wtf.
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  • What's a good excuse for being a month late to an interview?

    So I had an interview scheduled but another job hired me on the spot so I've been doing that for like a month and forgot about the interview to the other place. I called them today and said I had a family emergency that took all my time and attention. If they ask I wanna have something that will help them forgive me. Ideas? PS anything is appreciated even if it's not a family emergency as an excuse. Thanks in advance.
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  • How much should I deduct from my tenants security deposit. The tenants parked on the lawn. The damage is related to the lawn?

    Best answer: Hire a landscaper and charge the tenants what the landscaper bills you. Then you have proof of how much it cost.
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  • Can I break my lease?

    My landlord wants to add an utility before I even moved in and told me four days before my move in date. I haven t signed an Addendum yet and was wondering if I can just back out of the lease because of the change?
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  • My boss keeps asking me to work overtime on my days off and now is telling me to cancel my vacation for work, should I say no?

    Best answer: If you requested the vacation and it was approved, then tell the boss that it has already been paid for and it includes other people so you can't cancel it because it would cost them too - it cannot be cancelled because you did not pay for cancellation insurance. If you did not request the vacation and get it approved, then you shouldn't be taking the vacation. When overtime is required, you work it. Unless you made it clear at the interview stage that you would not work overtime, you work when they need you. If you don't want this job, perhaps, it is time to find another job, one that meshes with your life better?
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  • Can I break my lease and not pay rent? We have a massive spider infestation. They sprayed, it did nothing. My girlfriend is sick from bites.?

    Do we have to pay rent. We live in NY if that matters. The lease says the premises is supposed to be infestation free.
    16 answers 2 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Why is the IRS asking me to pay them with iTunes gift cards? They called me saying they need $4000 in iTunes gift cards for tax?

    Best answer: Whomever called is not the IRS. It is a scam.

    The real IRS would not allow you to pay them with gift cards, even if you pleaded with them to let you.

    The real IRS also doesn't call anyone to say that they need to pay.

    Anyone who calls and says you need to pay with gift cards is not the IRS.
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  • What exactly does a $500 credit limit mean? Is that per month, or individual purchases?

    9 answers 18 hours ago Credit
  • Are we allowed to do this?

    I'm a cashier but my till keeps being short. Can I negotiate with my manager and ask if he can simply take the shortages from my register out of my paycheck so I won't get fired? Because I really like the Job and he's nice. But yesterday I came short 5$ bucks somehow which exceeds the limit and I think I got written up. Which is what the lady who counted till told me. Not the guy. I believe it's one more before I could get fired or something. So I'm wondering if I could just get my shortages paid off from my paycheck because I don't like making the company lose any money even if it's a small amount because I love this job.
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  • How do I get a raise when I'm already getting paid the average?

    Best answer: The way to get a raise is to prove you are worth far more than your current paycheck. Become indispensable.

    Then the raises will take care of themselves.
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  • Smaller house vs. bigger house, which is better in the long run?

    Best answer: Depends all on you!

    Pros of smaller home-

    -Easier to clean and maintain

    -More energy and cost effective. Heat and cold air won't be spreading all over the home in unused rooms, You will have one bathroom and a kitchen sink, I'm assuming, so less money on water and lights. Plus, smaller homes heat up and cool down quicker than larger homes.

    -More intimate and cozier than a bigger home.


    -Less space to work with, so you'll have to get creative with furniture and kitchen items. Many smaller homes that have been updated seem to focus on the kitchen, so you may have more space there, but in case you don't, you can get hanging pot racks and roller carts to increase storage and space. Get rid of bulky bookcases and hang your own shelves.

    -One bathroom can suck for a family of even 3 people, but you can work around that.

    -Less space to entertain, if that's something you like to do.

    -Sometimes, depending on the area, smaller homes can be a pain to resell. All down to where the market is at the time and who's buying (if you consider selling). A lot of people, in America especially, think bigger is better. Many require/want at least 2 bathrooms.

    -If you're married and/or thinking about starting a family, it's pretty crazy how quickly you can outgrow your own home. Even if you're a collector, have certain hobbies that require lots of space, a smaller home may not be for you.

    So these are things you have to consider. I love my tiny home and don't need anything bigger than what I got.
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  • Can men with aspergers and adhd do pornography for a living and career?

    i am thinking about doing porn for a career and living now and giving up my other career choices since i worry that i will never have real sex so can men with aspergers syndrome and adhd do porno for a living and career
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