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  • Bookkeeping Accounting Support Teacher?

    I am a bookkeeper. My company does have an accountant but he only does the taxes at years end. Sometimes I wish I had someone who I could ask an accounting question. QuickBooks used to have a network of local experts that you could ask for help for what seemed like a reasonable amount of money (I'm not talking about tech support) But that seems to be no more. I would like to have a relationship with a smart talented patient accountant who is skilled in QuickBooks that I could pay on a subscription basis to ask an occasional question. What do you think my best options are? Thanks
    5 answers 20 hours ago Other - Business & Finance
  • I'm middle class. Trump's tax cuts saves me a lot of money. Why did Democrats votes against these tax cuts?

    Best answer: Democrats think its their money
    29 answers 2 days ago United States
  • Poll & Survey: Did you do your taxes online?

    I did mine online. I'm not smart enough to do taxes myself. Plus I don't wont the IRS after me. Since I'm......"make'n dat dough".
    13 answers 19 hours ago Other - Taxes
  • Do you get your picture taken a lot?

    19 answers 22 hours ago Corporations
  • Why do people buy life insurances when they don't have children?

    What happens to the money they paid for after they die? Is it automatic for funeral expenses? Even though they don't have children?
    12 answers 1 day ago Insurance
  • What was the reason why you left your last job?

    Best answer: Journeyman painter getting $11 per hour in 2011. Left with the best man they had. Today he still works with me, he makes $15 perhour. I make $18 per hour. I put a lot of money back into the business. I also have an IRA account for my retiremeng and Bronze level Obamacare for both of us. Wouldnlt have that today. If we were at the old job, we'd be lucky to make $12 per hour today and absolutely no benefits at all!
    33 answers 3 days ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • My lease dosent have a time frame. Does that mean that my landlord can kick me out whenever if he wants to sell?

    15 answers 16 hours ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Whats chances of being audited by irs?

    Okay so i asked a tax professional if i would be able to add my kids father to my tax return with his w2’s even though we are not legally married but lived in the same household all year. I was told i could and that theyd be more then happy to help me file but aanted to charge me almost 400$ to go through them. So instead i went on turbo tax and filed myself as head of household. I added him as a non dependent and our two children as dependents and included his w2’s along with my own... im just realizing that his name and Ssn is no where on the final tax return form but his income is... whats the odds i will be audited by the ira for it??? Im 36weeks pregnant and depending on this return to get what we need for our baby and cant afford to wait on a amendment.
    18 answers 1 day ago United States
  • Damage to another apartment - no insurance cover?

    I caused some flood damage to the apartment below mine, I did not have my own renters insurance coverage. From what I’ve been told, the tenant renting the apartment below and the land lady who owns it, can claim on their own insurance to repair the damage I caused. Though after paying out, I’ve also been told that their insurance companies will still hold the other party liable and they sue them to recover what they have paid out. With them being an insurance company, I’m told they will use lawyers who are experts in suing a responsible party (me) not only for the damage caused but also for full court costs and all other expenses which they will recover through a wages garnishment to ensure full payments and all expenses are paid. To add to that, I was told that the girl renting the apartment and the land lady who owns it will both have deductibles which they will also sue me to recover that money, making all of this extremely expensive payments. Is this correct and they will all be suing me for this?
    15 answers 20 hours ago Insurance
  • Do I let my roommate, who has moved out early, keep the keys during the lease?

    He said he will pay the remaining months. But he wants the keys. I m not sure why since he s going back home to his moms. But to me it s a power move, and my ego says there s no need for him to have them. Yet legally he is still paying for rented space that he "deserves access" to. What should I do?
    15 answers 22 hours ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Does graduating high school at 21 look bad to employers?

    13 answers 12 hours ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • WHat is the best way to grow my money?

    I am 18 yo, entering the Air Force this summer (slated for August but could be pushed forward or back). Right now I'm a server at restaurant and I don't even have a checking account. Most of my pay is in cash tips, which I just keep and spend. But I also have a pay card that is loaded with my hourly wage and any credit card tips. I also have a Walmart card, that I pay off each month in store. I want to save at least half of my income when I get in the AIr Force. I know nothing about finance. My dad just tlls me to work hard and save my money. Should I just be looking at a simple savings account, CDs? Bonds? I'm a little leery on investing since it's a dice roll. I know there are investment strategies but I have no idea what they are or how to apply them.
    18 answers 3 days ago Personal Finance
  • Is it bad for a 17 y/o to not know anything about banking?

    I feel kind of incompetent. I've never really gotten involved with banking but wanted to set up a student account. The lady asked me what kind of an account I already had. I literally had no idea. I have a card but don't even know what type of card it is. I'm not even sure how to deposit money into an account. I realise that when my friends talk about overdrafts and stuff I have no clue what it means. Is this bad?
    21 answers 3 days ago Personal Finance
  • I’m a male working towards becoming an RN. Am I making a mistake?

    17 answers 1 day ago Health Care
  • Can the owner of a business take any money from a tip jar?

    I’m not talking about a waiters tips. Just a normal tip jar amongst everyone. Can the business owner take any percentage of that?
    17 answers 1 day ago Small Business
  • Is it legal for hr to tell the boss someone's medical diagnosis?

    13 answers 16 hours ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • I really messed up but I felt almost threatened to say what I said because of the officers please help me help us DV and now child welfare?

    OK as short as possible.. Got into a verbal arguement with my hubby called the police he was arrested. Four officers crowded me as I told them he did not hit me then they started almost threating me all four surrounding me saying we wasted our resources in this... You know we can take your child ect ect. Now Im frightening scared to lose my son I said what do you want me to say he hit me they said yes idk why I said he hit me when he never did.. My amazing hubby arrested for no reason! District attorney dropped the case insufficient evidence and now child welfare services calling! We are so scared to lose our precious baby boy.. We have a very clean house both have great jobs what can we do we never ever ever argue always happy and everyone around us sees that! I made a stupid mistake by calling the police when there was no need scared by four officers basically making me say false things.. Idk me and hubby have been crying together we love each other so much what can we do to get this all to stop.. Thank you so much for your help.. Please no negitive comments as we've been threw so much already
    6 answers 1 day ago Law & Legal
  • Recent College Grad Seeking Advice?

    I recently graduated college last December. I worked part-time as a shipping clerk while finishing my last semester. Since graduating I have moved on to full-time in the same position where I have already been for about two months. The job I have isn't very high paying and doesn't require a degree; I am getting very sick of it. I have been applying to other jobs but it's been pretty difficult to follow up with them and also do some research into other potential opportunities since I work from 9-5 and the offices are closed on the weekends. I am currently living at home. Based on your life experience and wisdom.. would it be wise for me to quit my current job and search for something else full-time and put all my effort towards that?
    6 answers 1 day ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • Life insurance?

    hypothetically... if i have life insurance and i kill myself, will my mother get whatever money? to do whatever she needs to
    15 answers 2 days ago Insurance
  • Is it possible to live off 500 dollars a month in my parents home?

    8 answers 2 days ago Other - Business & Finance