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  • Who would you rather hire? Someone who quit 3 jobs in 3 months, or someone who's been fired from 3 jobs in 3 months?

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  • What’s the best way to tell someone they can’t stay over ?

    I have a fake friend who is 8 months pregnant who asked me if it was okay for her and her mother to stay at my house while she has her doctors appointment... I think that it’s super inappropriate being that I have a one bedroom, work overnight and have never met her mother before.... and when I was staying at her home before I had an apartment she was charging me 800 dollars rent to split a room. Her rent was 1700 and she split it half half with her boyfriend at the time (so I was basically paying her half while she was living rent free) she doesn’t text me to ask how I am or anything she only texts me when she needs to stay over... what’s the best way to cut her off and let her know my home isn’t a hotel for her to stay when she’s in town ? 
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  • Moving in my boyfriend’s apartment, do I need a security deposit?

    My boyfriend has been in his apartment for a few months now. I’m now home and ready to move in with him and trying to add myself onto his lease. He claims that I will also need to pay a $500 security deposit and rent for the rest of the month if i needed to be added. This sounds strange since he’s already paid the security deposit when moving.. does this sound right to you ? 
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  • If you get married and do not change your last name will this have any effect on your income tax and social security?

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  • Is this a federal law with banks?

    If I wanted to put say 60,000 CASH into a bank account would the IRS have to be notified? Is it true you can only deposit a certain amount of cash into an account? Is this a federal law?
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  • If i make $26 and hour and my bf makes $20 an hour and our house payment is $971 a month can we afford a truck payment?

    Favorite answer: On that income, you would qualify for a much larger mortgage. You are using less than 13% of your gross monthly income. On the same income, you would still qualify if other debt was no more than 8% of GMI, and for you, that would be $637. As long as there was no student loans, credit cards and other debt, you could afford $637 a month for a vehicle and the house, quite easily.
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  • If you had no job and needed money would you work at a fast food restraunt for $11.65 an hour?

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  • Why do people buy mobile homes when they know they go down in value?

    Favorite answer: They think for 'now' not plan for the future
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  • How much money should I save up before moving out of my parent's house?

    Favorite answer: Enough for the move itself, a startup of a new residence, and continued income without using your savings after settled in.
    You also need to have proven income level, credit rating, and acceptable background check good enough to meet or exceed the requirements of where you are planning to move into.
    You will need to know how to budget money and estimate all expenses.
    There is a huge difference from living on a friend's sofa to having your own apartment or owning a home.
    To share a place, you need to find someone you can trust about many things including the financials of a lease and household expenses. There are often huge issues in finding a place.

    To get your credit rating up, you need to be able to get your own credit card, and that can be a problem, or if a parent has an account in good standing that they use, get added as an authorized user even if never using it.

    Generally, gross income needs to be at least 3X rent and sometimes higher to get your own apartment.

    Suppose renting an apartment is $600 per month. That is usually low.
    You need to gross no less than $1800 a month, $21,600 per year, $10.80 an hour full time 40 hours with a few months proof. There are exceptions such as having your parents co-sign, or renting a room that they are not as particular. In an apartment rental, it is often a one year lease and you will be responsible for the full year's rent.
    Move in list: $50 application fee is common, $600 security deposit, $600 first month rent, may have $250 utilities deposit and fees, often $300 minimum moving cost, $500 in initial minimal furnishing, $200 in initial cleaning and kitchen and grocery supplies. These numbers vary a lot, and I show $2500. You don't want to empty your account, or be surprised, so $3000 in this. 

    Consider transportation to and from a job, food, clothing, shelter, medical, maintenance, personal supplies, entertainment, utilities.
    You may own a car and residence change affecting insurance.
    When you move into an apartment, pots and pans, dishes, a bed, television, seating, and even toilet paper and toothpaste. Maybe you'll want an electric steamer for cooking or a crock pot. What about storing leftovers? Even if an apartment has a dishwasher, it uses detergent. Laundry?

    The keys here are income, credit rating, investigating options of places to live, learning to budget, understanding how much is involved. For example, somebody has to clean the toilet. And there are cleaning supplies to do it.
    When you live in your parents home, you often don't realize expenses and labor involved. 
    If you cannot meet your expenses without dipping into savings, eventually you have to move back to your parents, and may have lease breaking issues. Income level is more critical a set amount of money.
    Here in Las Vegas, I can rent a furnished weekly for $250 a week, minimum requirements. They can legally lock you out if an hour late on rent due.
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  • How do I Get my adult stepson to move out?

    Favorite answer: You give him a timespan to get out and enforce it. 2 to 4 months is the norm.
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  • Why do apartments allow someone to stay longer than a year if the lease is only 12 months? Or does that depend on the department?

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  • How do I evict my non-Christian tenants?

    We are a strong Christian apartment community. One of my tenants disrespects President Donald Trump, our most moral leader yet. How can I evict him?
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  • Self-Employed, how to show income for a new car/house ?

    Hi I am self employed as a tattoo artist and I get paid cash mostly. I save my cash at home and don’t use a bank account. How do I show my income if I wanted to get a loan for a new car ?
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  • Are property tax assessments based on purchase price or fair market price?

    If I buy a foreclosed home at a steep discount, will my property tax assessment be based on the purchasing price or will the assessment raise the value to the market price, thus taxing me on the fair market price instead of the discount purchasing price?
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  • Is there a way to keep a home if your partner passes?

    My boyfriend and I have lived together for 6 years and have children together. He bought a home, and I was not able to be pu