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  • SHOULD DONALD TRUMP delete ALL TAXES EXCEPT INCOME and EVERYBODY PAY 50 PERCENT income tax across the board.?

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  • Shouldn't our landlords lower our rent by taking away the garage?

    Recently we have had moisture & water get into our garage at the house we are renting. The landlords have now told us the garage can not be used anymore because a new foundation has to be put in to stop the problem. Meanwhile it sounds like they may even be knocking the garage down, and perhaps building another one, but also adding on a bedroom and bath next to the new garage. We have a lot of stuff, and also have a storage shed. The storage shed is filled to the brim & the garage is filled to the brim. We have no place now to put our stuff. PLUS, there hasn't been one mention of the landlords saying they would lower the rent now that we won't have a garage. How fair is that? Shouldn't they legally be made to lower the rent while we have to put a lot of our stuff in storage, or go buy another storage shed? If all this work starts, I have a feeling we will be asked to move, because I can't see how they could do it with us living here. Advise please!!!! We have to deal with a management place, and it's very difficult to get them to return calls. They have pretty much actually told us there is nothing we can do but move our stuff from the garage.
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  • What are the real estate rules for rejected first offers on a house?

    We submitted a first offer on a house for $15K less than asking price, much to the dislike of our "buyers agent" who suggested that we offer closer to asking price. The offer wsa submitted at 10pm, by 8am the following morning, we found out that it was not accepted and that we needed to submit another offer at the price our agent originally said. There is nothing in writing showing that it was rejected? Is there real estate laws / rules that if an offer is submitted in writing, it must be rejected in writing? Or were we just scamemd by our money hungry agent? (in Massachusetts)
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  • My mother died leaving me as executor of her estate. I need to sell her house to settle her debts but my brother won the move out.?

    Best answer: You are in a touch spot. First off your brother has no choice in the matter. If your mother left a will naming you as executor of her estate and the will names both of you to split all proceeds less her depts. In other words you both pay her depts or sell the home to pay those depts. Now since he would be half owner of the estate he is also half owner of those depts. Here he can buy the home out right for fair market value. You then split the balance between the 2 of you or you sell the home and split the estate. No other choices. Or he has a choice of being evicted and that will stay on his record for 10 years. No other choice in the matter. Please copy this and hand it to your brother.
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  • Is it stupid to live way below your mean?

    I am just curious if a person makes 50k a year is a single parent but lives wayy below his or her means is it looked down upon. I have a friend who is 29 makes about 50k and is the mother of 1 child who is 6. Although she makes good money she purposely lives in low cost areas. When I say low cost I don't mean crime ridden, I mean apartments that don't necessarily have all the bells whistles, such as a pool or fireplace. She drives a used car and shops at Aldi's which is a bargain grocery store. People I know look down on her because she does not travel or go out to eat much or spend a lot of her money. Mostly all her clothes and child child's clothes are second hand. She does not have cable or anything. She is 30 and works in the government and wants to retire early. So she works and rents a low cost apartment but is saving to move to the country and buy a mobile home where she doesn't have payments. Is this considered a stupid lifestyle? As I said she does not care for travel or anything and just saves all her money. She has over 14k in the bank and no debt.
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  • Can you land a job with fake id nowadays and or fake resume?

    Best answer: Fake Res, yes
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  • Is it normal for a land lord to wait 4 days after lease signing and payment (1st/last/security) to give the keys?

    I'm supposed to sign a lease on feb 25 with a move in date of march 1st. He wants to sign , as well as take the payment on the 25th, and then meet again 4 days later to give the keys. Is this odd at all? Why wouldn't he arrange for the signing on the same day as giving the key over? This is my first time leasing so I'm asking for opinions.
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  • My dad stealing money from me?

    Hey. I'm 17 and my bank account has to be connected to my dad's name. I work 2 times a week trying to save money to move out. He doesn't want me to move out so he takes all my money and never gives it back. What can I do?
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  • Can my landlord charge me for violating the Apartment Wide No Pet Policy but allow another tenant (her daughter) to keep a non service dog?

    I live in South Carolina and My landlord charged me $200 for having a dog in my apartment when my lease says no pets. The dog was visiting with a friend but she says I'm still charged. I would be totally fine paying the charge because I did violate the lease, however my issue is with her not applying it to everyone. Her daughter (our horrible property manager) lives in the same complex where there is a rule applying to all stating no pets, but she has two dogs who run around the property and bark a lot. I wouldn't have allowed my friend to bring the dog if I had not seen these two dogs running around multiple times and continue to see them around. She has charged me for violating it but let's her daughter keep dogs. I live in South Carolina and I can't really understand the legal talk on the tenant rights pages so I wanted input. Does the no pets rule apply to every tenant legally because it's in all leases, can she charge one tenant for violating and allow another to keep pets, is there any way I can dispute this charge because it's unfair or do I have to suck it up and pay it because that's life and her daugher can have special treatment?
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  • Will donald trump make me give my apartment up to a Russian family once he turns control of the Country over to them?

    23 answers 1 day ago Renting & Real Estate
  • What are some places that hire without previous work experience?

    I'm 18 years old and already graduated high school. I'm looking for a job and have applied to many places like Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Claire's, JCPenney, Barnes and Noble, and even Target and Walmart but was not hired by any. What are other places I can apply? (I do not want to work at McDonalds, or fast food places).
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  • Can the mortgage underwriter reject loan merely out of a suspicion ?

    for example, they don't believe a gift is actually a gift because of the amount and the relationship of the donor .. and are they even allowed to reject on that basis ?
    14 answers 14 hours ago Renting & Real Estate
  • How is a widow supposed to survive with no benefits until age 60 - 62.?

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  • If the cops come to a house, is the landlord called?

    I'm trying to evict a crazy roommate, only she isn't on the lease and isn't supposed to be there. She has a lot of my expensive clothes and owes me 120$ so i'm holding some of her **** as caladrol for getting my stuff back. Idc if the cops get called, but do they call the landlord? If so then i'm gonna have to figure out something else.
    47 answers 3 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Who, generally, is responsible for paying mandatory Homeowner's Association dues - renter or landlord?

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  • If you sign a one-year lease, at the end of one year, can the landlord force you to sign another year's lease or else leave?

    Best answer: exact laws can vary by location...

    generally speaking, when you have a term (e...g..., one year) lease, you're on notice when it's going to end as soon as you sign it... it's not some ongoing month-to-month arrangement that either of you can give notice to end at any time...

    at the end of your term, you need the landlord's permission to stay longer... most commonly a landlord shall let you stay month-to-month after the first year... but they don't have to... and some indeed shall say if you want to stay longer you need to sign another lease for a whole year...

    the landlord cannot force you to sign another year's lease... they can force you to leave as soon as your first lease is done, if they have not agreed to other arrangements...
    33 answers 3 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Is it my fault that his laptop broke?

    At school I came into a class room and I wasn't looking at the floor. And I tripped over a students laptop cord and it went flying and broke. Am I liable for it?
    17 answers 2 days ago Law & Legal
  • Legally can I get out of my apartment lease in this situation?

    My boyfriend and I broke up. We were living together however, I was the only one on the lease. My boyfriend attempted to rape me and became very abusive and said he wanted to hurt me as much as he possibly could emotionally. I went home to my family 13 hours away and I'm staying with them however, I have to go back to my apartment at some point. I found out he has restraining orders against him from previous relationships. I tried to get one but because I had no bruising, and the rape was "attempted" and he has not attempted to contact me since Sunday I can't get a restraining order. I'm terrified to go back to my apartment. I'm scared he is looking for me, I'm scared he could show up at any time. I have TWO friends in town that's it. Im terrified to be alone in the apartment. I have until July until this lease officially ends. It would cost me the exact same to break my lease now as it would to just continue paying on it until July. Financially, I don't have the money to pay off 5 months of a lease up front. I've been talking to a psychologist as I'm very very shook up and he's suggested writing a note saying for my mental well being I shouldn't live there. Can I legally get out of my lease?
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  • My landlord said I can't have xanax in the house?

    I rent a house and we have the standard "no drugs" and "no immoral behavior" in the lease. My landlord was over for an inspection and noticed a prescription bottle of xanax out on my dresser. Now he's saying I have to get rid of my xanax because it's a "drug" and he doesn't want a "druggie" in the house. He said the only real reason to have xanax is to get high. He also pointed out I have alcohol too and people use xanax and alcohol to get wasted. I'm of legal drinking age and I don't get drunk. He said I have to get rid of the xanax or he's going to evict me. I offered to leave voluntarily but he said I had to agree to a ridiculously short timeframe (under 1 week) or he'd throw me out.
    25 answers 2 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • If I go on holiday do you still have to pay rent?

    I have never rented or owned a house before..... but if I was to go on holiday to go visit my girlfriends family in Spain would I still have to pay rent even though I am not there
    16 answers 1 day ago Renting & Real Estate