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  • What happens to a parents debt when they pass away?

    So my Mom passed away a month ago. Prior to her passing, she had signed away her vehicle over to myself, as well as her home. The car has been already been titled in my name, same goes for the deed to the house. She evidently had credit card bills when she passed away, and collection agencies keep calling me and sending me letters attempting to reach the ''executor'' of my Mom's will, which is me. From my understanding, I am not responsible for my Mom's debt since I had no knowledge she even had credit cards, and secondly I now own her assets. I was trying to look up how it works when collectors try to recoup money from someone who has died, and it all says ''to be paid from the deceased estate''. Question being, since everything was left to me and had already been signed over prior to passing, that in my mind tells me there is no ''estate'', correct or incorrect? The only things that are left are the items in the home which was all left to me. She also gave me a check for the entire amount of money she had in her bank account and she closed it. So, what can a collection agency do and am I responsible for anything?
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  • Have you ever cried about finances?

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  • Just quit my job due to being bullied..?

    Hi I'm 22 and unfortunately have just left my job due to being badly bullied by a co worker, and management doing absolutely nothing about it. I am currently looking for a new role in the same industry. However, my mind has now conjured up a new worry. The co worker that was bullying me was also looking to leave and find a new job doing the same thing (we both did the same job). The problem is, where I live there are only really 40-50 places you can work doing what I do, so the chances of running into someone you already know is reasonably high. I'm worrying now that me and my ex co-worker will unknowingly apply at the same company and become co-workers again. This co worker was throwing food at me, so I'd really like to avoid them if possible, as I'd probably end up leaving again, is this my anxiety creating these worries. The thing is, they are perfectly fine out of work, I.e. Work night outs, so I guess I could message them on Facebook and see what they're up to before I accept a new job offer. I know there is a small possibility of this happening, but am I over thinking/exaggerating it all?
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  • Is the head chef called the Seuss chef?

    19 answers 2 days ago Food Service
  • Customer bought a bunch of visa gift cards?

    He bought about ten 25 dollar gift cards. Along with the activation fee for each one. Then he turns around and uses them to pay for a ton of groceries. What s the point of this?
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  • Not agreeing on buying a house?

    My fiance found a house she really likes, but it was built in 1930. I liked the house as well, but she is highly worried about asbestos in older homes. The house fits our needs, and is in our budget. I told her it should be fine, but she won't stop worrying about it, and if we choose to get the house she wants to have extra testing done on it. I think it's a waste of time, and money. She is extra worried about living in a house that contains any sort of asbestos is because her mom passed away of lung cancer, as her uncle. Her mom died in her early 60s and apparently her uncle died in his early ot middle 40s. I tired to tell her she will be fine, and it has to be air bone, but she doesn't care. She doesn't want to put her self as the "extra risk" I don't think it's that big of a deal, but she just seems to get upset with me, and thinks I'm being insensitive
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  • 18 years old and looking to rent an apartment in a couple months. Can someone help me through the process a little?

    I am expecting a baby, so my boyfriend and I want to move into a place to help our relationship and to have a nice place to raise our child. I currently don't have credit and I don't really have enough income to show for, so my mother would have to cosign. I have a part time job, but my boyfriend is the main source of income for us. But that doesn't really matter because he works under the table and his name won't be on the lease (he has a record). So does the fact that I don't have credit or a sufficient amount of income matter if I have a cosigner? Also what should we make sure is accomplished before applying? I'm assuming just making sure we have enough money saved for one time expenses (such as security deposit, first months rent, furniture, etc)? And then just making sure we are earning a stable income? I would really like to make this happen asap, especially being 32 weeks pregnant. We both don't have ideal living situations at home, so moving out would be a huge solution.
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  • Will my credit be better after bankruptcy?

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  • My apartment said I need to give them 60 day notice which is in 2 weeks if I am going to renew my lease which ends jan 31st 2017.?

    I am not planning on renewing it, so I can still stay as normal till my lease ends Jan 31st 2017 and I won't get any fees / fines?
    19 answers 2 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Cant find a job in retail?

    I've been working in hospitality just a bit over 1 year and plan to change job roles. I've applied to numerous place (200+ places) these are mainly big retail stores like coles, woolworths, clothing stores etc. I've had 0 luck since then and they just redirect some computer based email saying "unfortunately blah blah blah you did not get this role" I honestly dont know what i'm doing wrong? is it because i dont have experience in retail? (how am i going to get experience if no one hires me???) and my availability is super good.. like 24/7 free
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  • I want to Drop out of school. Should I?

    You don't need a degree for real estate. I went to Community college because I was pressured into it and I didn't have many friends so I wanted to make friends. I only have one friend and a few acquaintances. I don't even hang out with my friend outside of school. Only Once we did I have gotten straight c's last semester . I'm probably not going to pass One of my classes. I feel like I'm wasting my parents money taking bull classes that don't even teach me About real estate. I can start making money in a year or so Instead of waiting three years.
    16 answers 2 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Should I take the job if the boss dont accept human errors?

    Best answer: All human errors. He's living in a dream world. Tell him to hire a bunch of flawless robots.
    19 answers 3 days ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • How to tell tenant to conserve energy?

    My husband and I rent our studio basement to a female professional. A few months ago in the summer, we noticed that she would go to work in the morning leaving the AC running the whole day in full blast (cold air would come through our utility room up to the staircase). We communicated to her our concern in saving energy and that instead of having the AC on the whole day, we would set up the temperature automatically at a level that would be comfortable for her. She was fine and we had no issues after that. Today, she informed me that she was having having a fan installed in the studio. That 's fine with us. My only concern is her leaving the fan on again the whole day. Do we just tell her straight that the ceiling fan must be turned off when she is not home? Utilities are already included in the rent amount.
    17 answers 1 day ago Renting & Real Estate
  • What happens if owner of the house I rent is charging me $10,000 repair bill for clogged drain/pipes and I don't have that kind of money?

    Drain/pipes are clogged and owner says it is my fault. She has called a plumbing company to come and dig and cut pipes to remove clog issue. According to her it could cost $10, 000 and she says I might have to pay for it. I don't have that type of money nor credit cards? What happens next? I still have one year left on the lease.
    20 answers 2 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Can I hand write a resume?

    I'm in desire need of a job because I'm low on money, and I'm out of school. Ever since I was in highschool, I have always hand written my resumes. And I still do. Is that a bad thing?
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  • I m 14 years old, but I ve gotten a credit card offer? My family and I are very confused and I just want to know if it s serious or not?

    12 answers 9 hours ago Credit
  • Do I have to claim $400 per month on my tax returns?

    I am a stay at home mom. I do not have a steady job. However, I recently started delivering for an app that essentially is favors for people in your community. As a result I get delivery fees and tips. My husband and I file married joint tax returns but I have never had an income of any kind. My question is, if I make $400 per month, do I have to list that on our tax returns?
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  • Question about late utility payment?

    I never got a bill for my gas, finally looked online, and realized the bill was due 6 days ago. Had a 0.16 "interest" charge. I immediately paid the bill. My question is, will this affect my credit? If so, how much?
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  • What type of car can I get approved for? I make about 5,000 a month after taxes, my credit score is at 600, I'm thinking of putting 2k down.?

    13 answers 3 days ago Credit
  • Have you ever worked in a warehouse/ factory?

    Best answer: Yes I have...
    Levi's Factory & Frito's Lays..also a Publishing Warehouse.
    28 answers 3 days ago Other - Careers & Employment