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  • Will my old Wii sell for $300?

    Favorite answer: While it depends on the condition of the Wii, it's highly unlikely you'll get $300 for the system itself.  You're more likely to receive around $50 for the system in a fair market.

    Please be aware that complete system will include the following:

    * Wii Console
    * Sensor Bar (wired)
    * Composite A/V cable
    * Power brick
    * 1 Wiimote (or Wiimote Plus) w/ strap & protective jacket
    * 1 Nunchuck add-on
    * All protective covers

    IF any of the above items are missing, you will expect a serious dip in offer prices as you do NOT have a complete system.

    Optional items that may be included with the system, which will not heavily affect selling price are:
    * Wii Vertical Stand (included w/ model RVL-001 ONLY)
    * Wii Motion Plus (only for the original Wiimotes)
    * Component A/V cable

    All other items (like games, extra Wiimotes, Classic Console controllers, ect.) may be sold separately, which when combined with the system could push it up to the $300 asking price, but it's uncertain as there's no other information that can be obtained.

    You can check what the current "fair market" pricing at https://www.vgpc.com at your leisure.  The site compiles it's market prices based on purchase prices & final bids on closed auctions as well as a few other sites that sells the console & games.  Please be aware that this more of a guideline than a definitive rule.
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  • Best camera for beginners suggestions? ?

    Hi there, I’m taking a trip to Washington DC in May and want to take nice pictures. Many websites i have checked have suggested a cannon. I wouldn’t mind to get one with the different lenses to play around with. I believe i could learn fairly quickly. I think the cameras The websites recommend are the rebel model(?)perhaps I should buy a used one as they are not that expensive. If anyone has any suggestions please get back with me. I would like to take nice pictures of my beautiful girlfriend and scenery to document our first trip together. 
    12 answers 4 days ago Cameras
  • What is the best brand of TV overall?

    17 answers 3 days ago TVs
  • What would happen if I use a 110v hot glue gun in a 220v outlet? (just being safe)?

    8 answers 2 days ago Other - Electronics
  • Will my old Wii still work?

    Ok so here's the thing, My dad wants to put the old Wii in my room, but I'm worried it might not work because it hasn't been used in years. We first got it during Christmas of 2007. Will it still work?
    7 answers 2 days ago Nintendo Wii
  • I want to get a CD from the USA but will it play in the UK?

    I want to get NOW 73 in the USA to add to my NOW collection But it a USA CD but will it play in the UK?
    6 answers 1 day ago Music & Music Players
  • Can I perform a colonoscopy at home? ?

    I recently purchased a 1080P snake camera with a light off of amazon, now a friend of mine is having some heath issues relate to the colon. So I am wondering how feasible would it be to run the camera up and find out the problem. We are thinking of using a speculum to spread the anus, then few the camera up. - Any tips would be helpful and the reason where doing it is do to medical costs. 
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  • How do I fix this?

    11 answers 5 days ago Other - Electronics
  • Hifi Question?

    Favorite answer: Don't know about MP3. It is a file compression method that I do not use. CD players and the compact disc format do not compress the music. If you extract files from a CD, you can save them as wav files, which are not compressed. As long as your receiver has RCA inputs, CD players will work. You can in fact plug a CD into any input (except the phono input) such as those labeled tuner, tape, CD, TV, or aux.,  and the receiver will handle them the same way. The signals going in are the same format. Harman Kardon traditionally makes good amplifiers and receivers. They are able to handle the infinity RS speakers I own that have an impedance of 2 ohms. Most Japanese amps and receivers cannot handle such low impedance inputs and they get damaged easily. Japanese amps are designed to handle 8 ohms, so that their power ratings look good without needing to spend money beefing up the power supply to handle the high current demands of low impedance speakers. My speakers destroyed a couple of Japanese made amps (an Akai and a Sony) before I figured out I need better amps for my speakers. They shut themselves down if I turned up the volume to protect themselves from being short-circuited due to the low impedance of my speakers. After many of these shutdowns over time, the amplifiers simply died.
    4 answers 2 days ago Music & Music Players
  • Is it immoral to use electronic gadgets for a long time?

    Favorite answer: Yeah. It's one of the Ten Commandments: "Thou shalt trade in thy iPod every two years."
    4 answers 2 days ago Other - Electronics
  • My paper shredder isn't working. Pulled out the pieces in the gears. It makes a soft click when I put paper in but nothing else. Any ideas?

    4 answers 2 days ago Other - Electronics
  • Does a gaming PC windows 10 play Blu Rays?

    6 answers 4 days ago PC
  • Blu Ray Players?

    1. Does a Blu Ray player accept standard normal DVDs? 2. Do Blu Rays require internet to watch films ?
    5 answers 5 days ago Home Theater
  • Help fixing tv?

    I plugged my tv into a socket meant for a AC unit I think this may have overpowered the Tv and blew it out. It wont turn on anymore. i dont want to get rid of it or buy a new one so I would like to attempt to fix it. Ive never fixed a tv before but im familiar with fixing computers. I did a little research and was wondering if I replaced the motherboard or power supply if the tv would work again. Any advice is appreciated.
    6 answers 6 days ago TVs
  • For cleaning electrical contacts & shovelhead connectors, is there any household fluid that'll do the job?

    You know, swab it on with Q-tips...
    5 answers 4 days ago Other - Electronics
  • Can the Canon EOS m6 take photos and videos with only the body? (No attachment/accesorry lens)?

    8 answers 7 days ago Cameras
  • What apps do I need on my mobile besides these?

    So far I have: Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, Shazam
    4 answers 5 days ago Cell Phones & Plans
  • Do some iPhone cameras need a itunes card to work?

    Start talking to a woman on Facebook she told me she couldn’t send photos because her iPhone camera isn’t working right now and asked if I would buy her a itunes card so she could activate the camera, I didn’t because it seems suspicious 
    6 answers 7 days ago Cell Phones & Plans
  • TV picture not working but sound is. Is there a simple fix? This is what the screen looks like.?

    5 answers 5 days ago TVs
  • Is there anyway to get rid of this notification on IPhone?

    "IPhone Backup Failed You do not have enough space in iCloud to back up this phone."  It constantly goes off on my phone.
    5 answers 1 week ago Cell Phones & Plans