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  • I need a list on all the good things Hitler did.?

    Best answer: Hitler was a maniac yes, but he got in power because the people wanted Germany to be different than it was. Hitler brought Germany out of a depression and cleaned up the cities, especially Berlin. He made it into more of a powerhouse and the economy boomed. Hitler was also half Jewish which is something a lot of people forget. He was a terrible person and did awful things but he did do wonderful things for Germany's cities and its economy.
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  • What does the phrase "normal people" mean to you?

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  • Why are we being forced to learn evolution and not creationism?

    I don't get the education system. While I am a strong believer in evolution, currently majoring in biology, shouldn't we learn about creationism as well? Evolution has obviously not been proven yet, nor has adam and eve, so if we are going to teach evolution, shouldn't we teach creationism as well in all fairness? No one knows how life began unless you time travel, but shouldn't the corrupt school system educate us with both sides? Or at least give religious students the right to opt out?
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  • Is 23 too old go back to college?

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  • What is a warmonger?

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  • Is it ok for a teacher to call a Dyslexic student stupid?

    Best answer: You reported it to the wrong person. You should ask your parents to complain to the head teacher with a view to you receiving an apology from the teacher concerned. If this is ineffective your parents should contact the chair of school governors and ask him/her to intervene.
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  • POLL: One word to describe 2017 so far?

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  • Can elementary school kids use advanced words?

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  • Have you heard the news? "WISTAR DESTROYS EVOLUTION"?

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  • Can anyone name the 2 events in somewhat recent history (within last 300 years) that has led to the degradation of human society now?

    Best answer: The Bible gives us a answer (2 Timothy 3:1-5) But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here.
    2 For men will be lovers of themselves,
    lovers of money,
    haughty, blasphemers,
    disobedient to parents,
    3 having no natural affection, not open to any agreement,
    without self-control,
    without love of goodness,
    4 betrayers,
    puffed up with pride,
    lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God,
    And the big one!
    5 having an appearance of godliness but proving false to its power; and from these turn away.
    One of the events was Satan was cast out of heaven and confined to this earth, what did Satan do? (1 John 5:19) We know that we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.
    I do not know if that is what you are looking but I would say the other was the disgusting thing standing where it ought not! (false prophet (League of/ United Nations)
    The first one 1914 and the second 1919/20
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  • What does the term P.C. mean?

    Best answer: The abbreviation stands for the phrase, "Politically Correct".

    Somehow, this country decided that in order for people to prevent the possibility of offending someone, certain terms and words are no longer "Politically Correct".

    This is why "secretary" became "administrative assistant", "janitor" became "custodial engineer".

    "Oriental" became "Asian", "Black" became "African American"

    Thus, when someone indicates that something "is not PC", they are saying that the idea or phrase in question may offend someone.

    Most of this was done because the words developed negative connotations, and so in order to help people see things differently, new phrases and nomenclature were adopted.

    I think the whole concept is a load of crap. Words aren't offensive, it's the intent behind the word which offends me.

    A rose is a rose, no matter what you call it. A piece of sh!t is a piece of sh!t. Calling it "Digestive sytem byproduct" isn't changing the stink of it.

    The funny thing is that the people who make strides to be "PC" so as not to offend others seem to be the ones who get the most offended.
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  • Will one B+ hurt my future?

    So I have just received my 1st Semester report card back with a disappointing 86 (in Science). I have made all A's ever since I started school and I would like to know if this would effect my GPA, future colleges or jobs. I am also in 7th grade and all my classes are Pre-Ap. Thank you. Have a great day.
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  • Why are we indoctrinated by Jewish religious myths like the Holocaust™ in public schools?

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  • Is it smart to major in Civil Engineering when I'm not so great at Math?

    Best answer: Mind*Soul,

    If you believe you want to be a civil engineer, then by all means go ahead! There is a lot of math involved (I had to take three semesters of calculus and one of differential equations), but you can get help with that! Once you get through the calculus classes, odds are you will rarely, if ever, use calculus as an engineer. Algebra and geometry will be important though.

    It is your decision whether or not to become a civil engineer. No one else can answer that for you. But don't let your perceived weakness in mathematics stop you from trying! You can do it!
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  • How do you improve your mind?

    By that i mean thinking faster and solving problems quicker
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  • What is the opposite of opposition?

    when debating one party agrees with a statement, one disagrees, the party that disagrees is called the opposition what is the original party called?
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  • Why is it that so many people on the internet can't spell and don't know what grammar is, anymore?

    Best answer: two reasons-- you are not allowing for the many who are not educated in so-called, first world countries--an artifact you might say of the internet globalization. Second, the education in the U.S. and U.K has significantly declined in rigor since around the end of the 1960s, due in large measure by false pronouncements from so called experts and academicians in places such as Harvard and UC Berkeley, the same who, once they discover the error of their ways, then profess to have discovered the way it truly is, which is the way it was before they messed things all up. For example, there is the notion that it only matters if a listener or reader can make some minimal sense of something stated (even if that something is fraught with confusion). Another instance of such false reasoning decries redundancy in favor or minimalizing of words--against verbosity--in which regard they failed to understand that redundancy developed as an essential element of spoken language, for the sake of assuring shared understanding. As for grammar, the fact that post graduate "achievers," are often held to very low rhetorical standards helps to explain why even doctors can come up lacking in literacy compared to their forebears even at high school level. The idea is, why bother with grammar or its sister skills, diction and syntax, so long as people manage to do without it....at their own expense.
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  • Is this sentence below correct?

    Best answer: It's great to meet someone who has the same birthday as you.
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