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  • If drive is to car and fly is to plane, what is to boat?

    55 answers 3 days ago Words & Wordplay
  • Can anything bad come from having your wages garnished?

    I have student loans that ive been deferring until I get a promotion & could do a payment plan & just recently had wages garnished for it. I honestly don't mind because it saves me the trouble of filling out paper work & spending half the day on the phone with sallie mae plus it goes based off how I make week to week so it isn't overwhelming. my question is. . . .can ANYTHING bad come of it? I realize that sounds like a stupid question but I just wanted to make sure
    13 answers 1 day ago Financial Aid
  • What does the word RACIST mean to YOU?

    13 answers 16 hours ago Words & Wordplay
  • Is this sentence true? "A mother's love is intrinsic that came as naturally."?

    Accorrding to a native : " “as naturally” as what? The sentence reads incomplete, otherwise it needs to be reworded. " But I don't feel like that. Thanks.
    10 answers 3 days ago Words & Wordplay
  • Sneakers without socks healthier?

    I am a physical educator. British and Polish children wear sneakers almost all with socks. The Germans wear almost all without socks. Is that healthier?
    9 answers 13 hours ago Special Education
  • My parents are making my college search difficult?

    I’m a senior in high school trying to figure out where to go to college. My dad only wants me to go to a Christian college, which would be fine as I am a Christian, except I didn’t take my SAT’s and most near me require them. My mom wants me to take them to keep the peace in the house so that my dad won’t flip out because he can be crazy and will block me out. I have a few colleges I want to check out but I can’t because it will start problems with my family. I’m so upset because I have no one to talk to about this. I try to talk to my mom but she just cares about my dad’s reaction. I don’t have a guidance counselor so I am doing this by myself. What should I do?
    16 answers 2 days ago Higher Education (University +)
  • My masters degree was a waste of time and money, 27 and still live at home, 70k in student loans, work as a waitress?

    How am I ever going to move out and find a good job and meet a man and start a family? I feel like I’m going to be stuck at home in debt until I’m 40 and then it will be too late to have kids. I regret getting my masters degree in Japanese language. My undergrad is in Japanese and the classics double major
    12 answers 2 days ago Higher Education (University +)
  • Why have boys been doing worse and worse in education over the past few decades?

    Best answer: in 1974, the feminist group the AAUW won the Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA) which created the WEEA Center, providing funding and the authority to influence K-12 education to to focus on girls to the detriment of boys. In short, their efforts have been a success with fewer boys proportionally graduating and going onto college.

    It amazes me some people seem so puzzled that boys went from doing great to doing worse, when we passed legislation designed to have this effect.

    My answer won't show up if I post links, but if you google "Hoff Sommers NY Times war on boys", you find an article she published in the NY Times which chronicles the process by which feminists were able to win such legislation.
    61 answers 7 days ago Primary & Secondary Education
  • What's the point of attending college?

    The only subject I'm really interested in is mathematics. I'm good at  it, but I don't like being around people. I looked into entry-level careers  such as math-tutoring. Even those positions require a 4-year  bachelor's degree and only pay a few dollars above minimum-wage.  I don't get it. What I'm asking is: what is the value of  attending college if all it does is stress people out  and the pay-off is so little in return? Why are companies so demanding? Why do people think college makes  you a better person? I think it turns you into a workaholic.  Your thoughts? Discuss. 
    7 answers 5 hours ago Higher Education (University +)
  • College confusion?

    Do you still get a student refund if you miss a lot of class ?
    14 answers 2 days ago Higher Education (University +)
  • What does the term she's a black widow mean?

    7 answers 10 hours ago Words & Wordplay
  • How can I further my education without my former school knowing?

    Okay, this is the problem. I dated a girl a few years ago who worked for a community college and is in a position to see peoples records and grades. Anyway, I graduated from this college and then we broke up (she was psycho) and now I want to further my education, but she will have access to see any college I've transferred to and I don't want her to know where I'm going and my personal business. How can I avoid this?
    6 answers 14 hours ago Higher Education (University +)
  • Can some reword this?

    I wish everyone well in their studies
    6 answers 15 hours ago Words & Wordplay
  • How do I adjust to college life?

    Hello!!! I’m a freshman at a college I live about an hour away from, and I’m having a little bit of trouble adjusting to college life. It’s only the first week, but i’m having some trouble. I’m living on campus, and I have a lot of things I need to consider. Keeping on top of my school work, studying, sleep (really important to me because of health problems, but having a lot of trouble doing because of my roommate), exercise (really important to me because of health problems), going home on the weekends (I live super close), and my social life. I’m not a big partier. Are there any tips or tricks or any advice you could think of? I’m just having a really tough time right now. Thanks!
    6 answers 15 hours ago Higher Education (University +)
  • How do I raise my gpa this year?

    So I’m a highschool senior and I’m trying to achieve a 4.0 gpa by the end of the year.Right now I have a 3.6 gpa and for me I like to challenge myself and strive higher so yea I’m wanting a 4.0 gpa.I just don’t know what to do and how to raise it.All my classes are already chosen so I don’t think I have time to change it.I want to get Into a university and something that’s holding me back is my gpa.I was going to go to college but wouldn’t it be better to go to a trade school or university just to save time?I don’t know but any information would be great thanks.
    7 answers 16 hours ago Higher Education (University +)
  • What is the Term for a Road Trip but on foot?

    Is there a term for a road trip where one travels on foot?
    14 answers 3 days ago Words & Wordplay
  • Does submitting a college application before the deadline mean you get a decision sooner?

    If a deadline is February 1 but I finish and submit my application a month or two before, will I receive my decision any sooner?
    8 answers 1 day ago Higher Education (University +)
  • Can someone help me figure out my grade?

    Best answer: anytime you want to determine a percentage, you divide the smaller number by the l;larger and multiply by 100, so its 81.8%
    10 answers 2 days ago Homework Help