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  • What does the word "OCTOPUS" make you immediately think of?

    Best answer: A 1940s era coal furnace.
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  • What are some good study habits?

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  • Is there a word for a person who comforts another?

    Comforter is something you cover yourself with at night...
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  • Is this sentence written correctly?

    "originally i am from belgium but mostly i lived in the netherlands"
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  • What do you think of the phrase "business as usual"?

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  • I or me? Grammar question.?

    Which one would be grammatically correct?: Would you rather I be away? Would you rather me be away?
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  • Hello english teachers, which sentence is correct?

    Best answer: Either way. "to" shows direction, while "in" shows that were inside the boundaries of the city. It might depend on context.

    Do you travel much? Yes, I've been to New York and California.
    Do you know what the Empire State Building looks like? Yes, I've been in New York and saw it.
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  • How does it feel when you kiss someone?

    Best answer: If you love the person, its amazing.
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  • What does I suppose mean?

    So here is an example.. One friend wants to go hang and says hey do you want to watch this movie and the other person says I suppose... What does that mean?
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  • Best quote ever?

    ""nothing is final" even this statement"
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  • Are Atheists smarter than Theists pound for pound?

    Best answer: Or should that be "kilogram for kilogram"?
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  • What year was 10 years before 1998?

    I know the answer just want to see if y'all know.
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  • What is a word that has gl in it?

    Best answer: Glucose
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  • WiFi cause cancer?

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  • Why is the first day of summer called midsummers day?

    Best answer: Because the technical dates that seasons begin are different than when people generally perceive the seasons. Science establishes summer as beginning on the summer solstice, but people commonly think of summer as being the warm months. For example, if I got married on June 6, most people would say I had a summer wedding, not a spring wedding. Therefore, in common understanding, by June 21, the date of the summer solstice this year, people have already been thinking it's summertime for some time.

    There are many terms like this, terms that arise out of common perceptions that don't jibe with technical definitions, which technical definitions likely came later. We call 12:00am "midnight" when it's technically the end of night as it technically starts the beginning of the morning hours, for example. Another example is we still say "the four corners of the Earth" to refer to those places on Earth farthest away from us even though we know the Earth is a sphere and has no corners and know there is only one place on Earth that is farthest from where we are, that place being the dipole of our present position on Earth's sphere. If in Denver, Colorado and planning to go to Juneau, Alaska, we would tend to say we're heading up to Juneau for the simple fact that it's north of us and so has a position further up the page on maps we generally use, never mind that Juneau, being right on the ocean and so barely above sea level, is technically lower in elevation than Denver and so "down," not "up." That's just three of many such examples, so you should not get stuck on the technicality of such things or you will drive yourself mad.
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  • Give me one reason why student athletes are more qualified for a scholarship than an AP student?

    Ik sports entertain and all that but let's be real. I'm a perfect student. I go to an advanced school and I try to make the most out of my education. I'm involved in a couple of clubs as well. Out of all the high school cliche cliques I'm most hostile towards the athletes. I'm not saying all athletes are like this but a good portion are. I watched them in school. They walk around like they're the best things to ever walk the planet just because they know how to play a complicated game of catch. They look at everyone else like they're scum. They're on every page of the yearbook while the kids that slave away all year will be lucky to see themselves on a page other than their own picture. They ask for help and answers all the time. I'm wondering, is there anything that they do while practicing or playing that puts them on a great pedestal (mentally) than an ap student (or even regular student). I work out regularly and all it has taught me is self discipline, but how do they learn self discipline when they're just taking orders form their coach? I feel like independent thinkers are more desirable than those who do what they're told.. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to reel in a good scholarship, but I'm still concerned about how these others will. They're rude and lazy.
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  • How do I report a college professor?

    I taking an online class this summer. On the syllabus it says that the quizzes are worth 250 points. I got 100's on all of the quizzes but did not do well on the midterm/final which are worth 500 points. I emailed my professor asking if I could do extra credit assignments to improve my grade since this is the last college course I need to take and he did nothing to help me. How can I report his behavior to the university? I've done all the work required to pass the course so I would like to know who I should contact?
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  • My ex won t let his own kids receive financial assistance for school from the VA. Will the VA work with our kids, without his permission?

    Best answer: I am confused why he would need to give permission for dependent VA benefits in general. Because normally dependents VA benefits would only be able to be received if the veteran parent or spouse, who you are claiming to be a dependent of, is dead, missing in action (MIA), or is 100% totally disabled from a military combat or active military duty injury.

    If they are dead or MIA, obviously, it would be impossible to have the veteran's permission, since they would not be "around" to give it. The only instance where they could be eligible for VA dependency benefits, when the veteran would be alive and/or around, is if the veteran is 100% totally disabled from an injury sustained in the military, but of course, still alive.

    So is that the case here? Because if not, perhaps it's not that he's not giving your kids "permission" to receive benefits, but just saying you can't request them, because they're not eligible, unless they lied on the VA forms, making a claim he is 100% disabled when he is not.

    But if he is 100% disabled, and if the veteran is your ex, was there ever a child support order? Or how did the court treat that situation? Were you ever informed that you could try and apply for Dependent Indemnification Compensation (DIC) payments? If there would otherwise be child support obligations, but for your husband being totally disabled from a military injury, presumably the children would have been eligible for VA DIC payments in lieu of receiving child support, right? So were your kids receiving DIC payments?

    Because if the children were entitled to DIC payments previously, I presume they would be eligible to also apply for VA dependency education assistance (DEA benefits), and I don't see how that program would be any different in that respect. (Also, FYI, I don't believe a dependent can receive both DIC and DEA education benefits at the same time, so just keep that in mind.)

    Here's a link to application FAQ's on that:


    In short, if they are eligible for the benefits, I don't see how it would be up to him. It's up to the VA. Your husband wouldn't be paying, the VA would, so the only permission you would need is from them.
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