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  • Suicidal should i kill myself?

    I'm a guy 30. Yeah i have flaws, i have faults, but i can't take the hate. I always feel that others have negative assumptions about me. I try not to worry about what others might think. But i can be happy, and minding my own business, and i feel people are annoyed and blaming me. Generally keep to myself, quiet person that i can be talkative. I do enjoy meeting people. I have dealt with anxiety and depression, and feel like a burden. Don't feel my family understands me. Dad doesn't have a relationship with me, like he does with my sister. He has always treated her better. I try and do things to be helpful. But i feel what i do isn't appreciated. I tell him how i feel, but don't feel he understands. I feel stupid if i talk to him. He cuts me off, or don't act concern about what i am talking about. He talks with others, but isn't concern about me. Feel that he pretends if he does talk to me. Sometime feel bad for thinking he hates me. But when i do, i feel i am treated like crap.I am generally a nice person, but feel others don't care how i feel. If i talk i feel others are annoyed, if i am quiet i feel people are annoyed. No matter what i do, feel like i am the bad person. My sister doesn't speak, but speak to others in the family. I think my nephew who i really care about hates me. I am generally nice, try not to offend people. Should i kill myself
    23 answers 20 hours ago Mental Health
  • Why is Paul Manafort in jail after posting bail, when Obama's friend Harvey Weinstein is set free for multiple felony counts of rape?

    Best answer: There is little Justice for associates of Trump in the Justice Department and FBI.
    23 answers 23 hours ago Mental Health
  • I hate myself so much I don't know what to do?

    I'm 17 male right now and the last time I've been this depressed was when I was 14. I'm not talented at anything, I don't get exceptional grades at school, I'm not exceptional at any sports and I always compare myself to my friends who are good at basically everything. I have quite a few friends but I don't feel like any of them really care about me, even though I KNOW they do. I have a shy, and quiet personality and I just hate myself for that. It makes it hard to make new friends and talk to this one girl I like, whom I find it difficult to start a conversation with because I have no confidence. I'm friends with her but I always assume she doesn't want to talk to me. I just feel like there's nothing good about me. I don't have good looks, good personality, smart or fit. I always feel so tired everyday, even though I do enough exercise, eat well and sleep well. I didn't think it would be depression until today. I'm trying so hard to fight it and get rid of these terrible and suicidal thoughts. I always tell myself I don't have depression and that I'm just thinking stupid but I don't think I'm strong enough anymore to do this and I always feel so empty. I feel lonely all the time and isolated, even though I'm surrounded by wonderful friends and family. I feel like I'm letting everyone down because of my depression, since my life is really good compared to many others.
    7 answers 16 hours ago Mental Health
  • Could I have ptsd from a period of my time when I self harmed?

    I've tried to search it on the internet but haven't been able to find any answers. I get flashbacks to the time I hurt myself badly and ended up in hospital. I don't know if it's normal for a person who has self harmed in the past. I don't know if it's even worth talking to someone. I don't think anyone would be able to help me really.
    6 answers 13 hours ago Mental Health
  • Christians, What is your opinion on the morality of recreational use of marijuana?

    14 answers 2 hours ago Women's Health
  • Is it true Asian men have small weenies?

    17 answers 21 hours ago Men's Health
  • What colour is pee supposed to be? Asking for a friend?

    12 answers 7 hours ago Other - Health
  • Why am I attracted to Ted Bundy?

    Best answer: He's famous, it's taboo, and who he is, is wrapped up in his looks and his crazy. People are shocked that someone normal looking could hide such feelings. Your brain bundled all this up, and made him appealing and intriguing to you.
    From fascination to fixation.
    14 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • How to help my friend?

    i am hospitalized in a mental hospital for the last year. for the first 4 month i was at the locked ward, and for the last 8 month i am at the open ward. i have at the open ward i met a wonderful person. she is the most importent person for me in the world. she has severe depression, schizoaffective disorder, trichotillomania, and she self harm. she was relesed in the middle of her treatment two month ago becase of medical error, and her condition started to get much worse. she call me three days ago at 7AM because she cut herself while sleeping. she was all covered in blood. i spoke with her father (she is 14) and convinced him to get her back to the hospital. she was admited to the locked ward. now i can't sleep at all and all i can think about i her. i don't know what to do, i only want her to feel better.
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  • Why is it selfish to kill yourself? I've worked hard for so many people and I just want to do one thing for myself?

    16 answers 22 hours ago Mental Health
  • 15 yo and going to get spanked, what shoudl i do?

    im 15 and got spsended from school becaus my friends and me were caught mooning. i didnt really want to but i didnt want to look like a pussy in front of my friends. Anyhow dads away but told me really angry on the phone taht when he gets back home from his trip hes going to spank me!!! (actually literally he said im going to warm your a$$ with my hand but i guess that means spanking). im really scared and i dont think teenages should be spanked. ive never been spanked so i dont know how it happens. I dont want to be spanked especiially not bare butt because ot sounds sooooo embarrasing, is it often bare butt? does it hurt a lot? I told my friend whose lucky his parents arent punishing him and he said i should call the police and i dont want to be spanked so i may but same time im not sure what would happen to mt dad if i do. im so nervooous
    18 answers 1 day ago Family
  • Why does my neighbor get his pink panties in a wad every time he looks up at my "Fvck Trump and Fvck you for voting for him" sticker?

    12 answers 17 hours ago Mental Health
  • Do you hate your parents?

    21 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • Uncircumcised penis grosses me out?

    Best answer: I'm a man and I agree with you on this. I'm glad I'm circumcised.
    21 answers 2 days ago Men's Health
  • Why don't doctors care about their patients?

    12 answers 18 hours ago Other - Health
  • Tooth infection question please help?

    so im 25 and im scared of the dentist ive had a tooth infection abscess since like 2015 and it causes no pain its under the molar that delayed im never in pain or anything and i have really bad health anxiety so im terrified im going to die
    11 answers 3 days ago Dental
  • Am i underweight or overweight? Please i need fast answers?

    Hey guys!! Im an 18 years old girl, im around 5'2/5'3 inches tall and i weight 47kg (103/104 pounds). My mother was diagnosed with anorexia 12 years ago (she is fine now) and is now worried that i may have it too and keeps on telling me im underweight but when i look at myself in a mirror i look completely normal. So i was wondering if that really is underweight or is she just being overprotective? Thanks!!
    15 answers 3 days ago Diet & Fitness
  • Why Is This Film Being Released?

    Best answer: The Studio and Investors that paid to have this movie made will lose a fortune if they do not go through with it's promotion and release. Many of the trailers, etc were shot well in advance of any revelations about any actors. The investors are just trying to salvage what they can and limit the damage from the bad publicity. That is why they are still promoting and releasing this film. No, I won't watch it either.
    8 answers 2 days ago Movies
  • I am 18 and had a foursome with my girl, best friend, and his girl and both women are pregnant?

    I am a 18 year old man and had a foursome with my girlfriend who is 19, best friend who is 20 and my best friends wife who is 20. Neither one of us men wore condoms and both women are pregnant. We both cummed in our girlfriends first before we switched and had sex with the other girl. What should I do?
    16 answers 2 days ago Mental Health