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  • I hate my fat body.?

    I hate my ugly, wide, fat body. I'm 13 years old and fat. I'm 5'0 tall, 107 lbs, and my waist is 24.75 inches and my hips are 29.75 inches. My thighs look like whales, and they are 15.5 inches in the middle top. I'm ugly, wide and don't know what to do. How can I lose weight and look more attractive?
    24 answers 1 day ago Mental Health
  • Should I just kill myself?

    I’m just very miserable and unhappy and things aren’t getting any better... should I just let go and die?
    14 answers 24 hours ago Mental Health
  • Taking a day off due to depression?

    This morning, I literally could not get out of bed. I had a terrible nights sleep because I felt extremely emotionally uncomfortable. I work for a small retail store in the UK and on Saturdays there always seem to only be two staff members to save costs. This morning I knew that If I went in I would have had a nervous breakdown and felt terrible. I hate Saturdays because I always feel like I am micromanaged and we are understaffed. I don't feel appreciated there in general and it has ruined my self esteem along with other issues and problems in my life. So I told my manager that I was ill and could not come in. I feel guilty but on the other side, other staff members that work weekdays have complained that sick days are inevitable and it is that managers problem if someone is sick and and he only employs 2 people for the day. He replied, how am I suppose to manage on my own on saturdays? I have not replied, I don't have the energy to even think about it. I feel bad for not having the courage to go in but my depression has literally destroyed me recently.
    15 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • Do you cry when they screw up your order at a restaurant?

    Best answer: Internally yes, because they’re probably going to spit in it after I send it back.
    103 answers 4 days ago Mental Health
  • I'm 14 years old and very insecure about my penis size, will it get any bigger?

    I'm 14 years old and have a 5.7 inch penis -- I'm not sure whether this is a good size or not, I am constantly insecure about it and, at times, think and end up upset about it. And so I really, really want to know: will it get bigger? when? and approximetely how big, a inch or two?
    15 answers 1 day ago Men's Health
  • I had sex with a boy and now he is telling his friends that I have an ugly vagina?

    I know I should not worry about him, I am not in love but i am so insecure, my labias are so gross, they are beef curtains, I wanted a labiaplasty but I listened to comments on the internet saying I should love myself, I don't want to go through this experience again, I even want to cut them myself, I am 18 and still living with my parents how do i tell my mom i want desperately a labiaplasty? i have no money and i must tell her, please no comments about self love, im so done with those
    25 answers 2 days ago Women's Health
  • Is your chest hair silver?

    Best answer: Yes it is, it used to be ginger. Those were the days Stan, THEY SURE WERE. ;-)
    36 answers 4 days ago Men's Health
  • How do I convince my girlfriend to wax her arms?

    Best answer: You don't. Your girlfriend's body is not yours to control, you cannot make her do anything. Nor should you try to convince her that she should be ashamed of her body as it naturally is. As it happens, shaving is a pain and time consuming. She would have to wax.
    18 answers 1 day ago Mental Health
  • I'm really crazy, how about you?

    26 answers 3 days ago Mental Health
  • Is it ok to masturbate more than twice a day? I m 16. I've been jerking off about 3-4 times a day lately. Morning, day, and night. Am I ok?

    13 answers 2 days ago Men's Health
  • I'm working now?

    14 answers 2 days ago Diet & Fitness
  • Scared of seizures ???

    okay hello I’m a 17 year old girl , I have no past of seizures and epilepsy does not run in my family on either side. But my anxiety has got me convinced that I’m going to have a SEZIURE ?!?? I have severe health anxiety. Anyways , I was put on Prozac , buspar and kolonopin but ever since they put my dosage up on buspar I’ve been having muscle twitches , spasms , and jerks . They are worse when trying to sleep/when falling asleep. And I keep thinking I’m going to have a SEZIURE because I feel out of it ( sometimes a bit disoriented ) and my muscle are acting weird. Last night I would wake up off and on confused and disoriented. I would hear random noises while falling asleep and thumping in my ears . My teeth also would shiver as if I was cold. And I keep seeing floaters .I’m not sure if this is like SEZIURE related or it’s my stress and anxiety getting bad to me/ my medication side effects !!! I’m rlly looking for some peace. I cant leave my moms side because I fear I’ll have a SEZIURE and I follow her everywhere. I just want to be a normal teenage girls. I also feel like I get auras ???? Like I feel disconnected from reality :( but pls !!! Someone help. My life is being consumed .....
    5 answers 1 day ago Mental Health
  • Is Eating McDonalds at 2am bad?

    Best answer: No man eat tf do you want it’s your life man
    14 answers 23 hours ago Diet & Fitness
  • If you don't like being the center of attention, what can you do?

    i have never liked being the center of attention and it enrages me when the attention is on me, because the way i think is ' i am nothing and no one' so resent being given any attention. so given this and if somebody tries to put the attention on me or make me the center of attention, how should i react to it? i think' who are they to put the attention on me?' without losing my temper whats the best way to react?
    5 answers 1 day ago Mental Health
  • How can a man be a liberal?

    A man has high testosterone, which makes you logical. It makes you protective, you defend your family, your community, your nation & your values. It makes you less emotional and more rational, so you can make correct decisions regardless of how people "feel" about it. It gives you a sense of morality; Honor, justice, truth, bravery, valor, masculine qualities. You're not tolerant of evil, you protect the vulnerable from it. But liberalism is the exact opposite. It's based on emotion instead of logic. It's amoral, it's weak & cowardly, you refuse to take a stand on true principle, you just conform to popular opinions without thinking them through for yourself. You're politically correct instead of honest. You have no protective instinct over family, nation, or the values thereof. You seek novelty and change instead of wisdom & principle. You hate truth because you don't like how it makes you feel. You think like a woman or a child, not a man. You don't process information rationally, you turn your brain off & just repeat what celebrities and the TV says. You use "tolerance" as an excuse to be amoral and not call evil evil, because you're a coward who wants to play it safe. I can understand gay men being liberals but not normal men. Is this really a product of soy milk lowering testosterone and mimicking the estrogen hormone?
    18 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • Do you know the signs of having a stroke and when you should call for help?

    Best answer: yes it is called FAST
    F- Face numbness or face turning to side
    A- Arm not moving or numbness
    S= Speech affected
    T -Time
    If you have any of the above and feel different then call the emergency
    19 answers 4 days ago Other - General Health Care
  • Do losers hate everything?

    Best answer: I'm a looser and yes, I do hate just about everything. So yes, you're on to something.
    21 answers 3 days ago Mental Health
  • Why are mental health professionals called "shrink"?

    Best answer: It comes from the word "headshrinker," which was applied to them long ago. It became a slang term for them in the 1950s, since they were treating the "head".
    5 answers 1 day ago Mental Health
  • Can I have two surgeries at once if I ask the drs and they agree?

    I have an acl tear and need my tonsils out could I do both surgeries at once?
    10 answers 12 hours ago Other - Health
  • Is it true that some doctors kill patients instead of getting them better with their many treatments?

    Best answer: Yes, but they only ever kill people by accident. Healthcare practitioners generally don't purposefully neglect people to death.
    9 answers 10 hours ago Other - Health