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  • Suicide is running through my mind..?

    So, I've had a pretty ****** up life. My mom and dad and aunt are all drug addicts, and I've been raised by my grandparents.. I have no one here for me, life is hell. I was already set up for failure with having both of my parents gone, and I just feel like I have nothing to live for. On top of that I'm gay, so I get constantly made fun of for that. Nobody at my school likes me, and I smoke everyday just to try to make things a little better. My UA came back and it was 1753, which I guess is a high UA. I feel like all I do is **** up, I went from having a 4.0 to straight F's after smoking weed, now all these thoughts race through my mind and I feel like I'm never going to be anything. I've been clean from cutting for months now, but things are getting bad again.. And with self harm thoughts, come suicidal thoughts. I feel like I would just be better off dead..
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  • Is it too late to speak up about my rape?

    Best answer: Not too late. This does not mean something will happen to the rapist but limitations have not run out. What ran out is DNA evidence it seems unless you have same clothes that were not washed. It could help you to tell about it.

    I'm male. I was molested ages 8-12 every two weekends! It went on a long time so it was hundreds of times. I was terrified to tell at the time. I thought I would get in trouble or it was my fault. I told at 16. I had no proof at the time but adults believed me. I kept getting asked why I didn't tell at the time which drove me crazy to keep hearing that. I had panic attacks so bad 16 to 18 but I did get past it all and it worked out better than had I not said something.

    I'd suggest you do say something. Have facts of truth and details in case asked. Do not add to anything or take away from what you remember.
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  • How long do you think I have? I got diagnosed with alcoholic hepatitis? I just left after I heard. This is a death sentence.?

    Best answer: I'm sorry this is happening. My brother died of alcoholic hepatitis in October.

    He was unable to stop drinking. (And really good at hiding it. I had no idea.) Are you? Some amount of liver damage can be reversed, if it's not too late.

    Step one is to get yourself into an intensive recovery program. Step two is a follow-up with a doctor to learn the prognosis in detail, and what you must do to extend your life, if that is possible.
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  • Should I kill myself if I'm disabled?

    I have no friends, no job, agoraphobia, no hobbies. I'm completely useless.
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  • College student. Depressed. Suicidal. I don't know what to do?

    Best answer: You really ought to talk with a therapist to make sense of your life. Given what you'e been through, it sounds like you've focused all your energy on trying to please others (such as by going to business college) or running away from your emotions (such as by doing well enough to go to a great school). You deserve better, and should begin to love the girl who was so badly hurt, and find healthy ways of self-expression. See a therapist, preferably a female one, and maybe get involved in some sort of woman's group or something like Planned Parenthood. That girl in you deserves to be loved, and at the very least loved by you.
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  • Was this wrong ?

    Me and my wife just got married yesterday. Me and her were together 3 months before we were married but we've been friends for a long time. She has a daughter from a previous relationship she's 3. Me and her are having another daughter in May. The only thing is I'm 29 she's only 15 almost 16. She'll be 16 next month. I really love her and I want to stay with her. Age doesn't really matter to me if your in love. Do you think it's wrong ?
    52 answers 6 days ago Mental Health
  • I'm on a diet, would it be okay if i broke my diet for a day with pizza?

    Hi, I'm on a 500 calorie diet, which is where i eat 500 calories, or less. (no meat or dairy either) So I mainly just eat a lot of fruit and some vegtables :) And fast here and there. But my birthday is on march 16th, and i really wanted to eat pizza for my birthday. But i dont know if its bad to go from 500 calories to eating a ton of pizza, will i be in pain ? Please answer lmao.
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  • Is my penis size okay?

    Best answer: Hey! Are the guys who are giving you a hard (no pun intended) bigger than you when erect? My guess is that they are not. At fifteen years of age, you and your peers have several years of growing yet to complete. Your statue of 5'6" and a 6" erect penis must make you look huge! In any case, you are slightly above average for an adult white male. The fact that your flaccid penis in 3" just shows that you are a "grower" not a "shower." You have nothing to be ashamed about your size and you should just tell those guys who are trying to humiliate you to go away. Say something like this: "Why are you looking at me d_ _k? Do you like what you see?" That might stop them from further harassment? Good luck.
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  • Do I look like I need to lose weight?

    Y'all can be honest, tbh because my mom is always harassing me that I'm fat or that I need to lose weight. I already do daily walks and I'm trying to eat healthier as well. Other tips would be helpful. I haven't weighed myself in a while so I don't know the exact number, but I'm 5'4. https://www.flickr.com/photos/151010959@... https://www.flickr.com/photos/151010959@...
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  • Do I look chubby, honestly(pic)?

    dont lie i eat 4000+ calories of milkshakes, cookies, burritos, and chocolate bars every day i love food too much......
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  • Hi I'm Rachael and I'm new here??

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  • How to cure Atheism?

    Best answer: Think about the definition: “Sometimes atheism refers simply to the practical rejection or ignoring of God,” notes The Encyclopedia Americana. For this reason, The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary gives the following second definition of “atheist”: “A person who denies God morally; a godless person.”—Italics ours.
    Yes, atheism may entail a denial either of God’s existence or of his authority or of both. Therefore. there is no cure of Atheism.
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  • Can I eat my own semen if I eat chocolate custard powder first?

    Best answer: Yes
    33 answers 5 days ago Men's Health
  • Bulge Issue?

    So Im 14 and i have a very obvious bulge whenever i wear anything. I think its because i have a slightly big flaccid at 6inches. Ive tried wearing all forms of tight briefs and boxer briefs but it doesnt work. The girls at my school are crotch watchers and im kinda shy around girls cuz im a virgin so that isnt helping matters, even my older brother makes fun of me. So what can i do o hide it or shoud just let it be?
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  • At what age will I stop mastubating?

    Best answer: Healthy male that masturbates in puberty like most of us will masturbate into old age. Male fact of life, guys masturbate, all ages.
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  • Why does your stomach growl when you're hungry?

    21 answers 3 days ago Diet & Fitness

    Best answer: Don't like to make diagnoses on YA, maybe he should go see a doc, but the fact that your brother got sick too suggests it was something they ate, i.e. food poisoning. If that's the case, they'll feel miserable for a few days, then gradually start feeling better.
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  • Someone please help. I cut too deep, almost to the bone. I'm so scared. My anxiety is so bad. Please don't let me die. I'm so scared?

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