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  • How to let go of a car that I have had for 21 years?

    It's actually my parents car and they got the car when I was 6 months old and now I am almost 22 and they are planning on getting rid of it next month. I told them that I will keep it and pay for its insurance and the maintenance and the gas but they said no. I feel like my world has stopped and am very depressed. It is like attached to me and I can't let it go.
    5 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • What should i do?

    really dont ant to see doctor
    4 answers 14 hours ago Other - Health
  • Can you recommend/ask your psychiatrist for a certain medication to prescribe?

    5 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • Best numbing cream or product safe to use on private area?

    Im 28 shes 22 .I don't want to numb her but just something I can apply before and wash off . I'm overly sensitive probably because I'm uncircumcised but I've been with my girlfriend 6 months and no improvements I only 5 to 10 seconds b4 i blow. Sn i dont want to lose her even tho she says its ok ik its not
    6 answers 3 days ago Men's Health
  • Why do people go to the gym to do nothing?

    I see a guy walking slowly bragging how he;s been there for an hour and a half. In the hour after that I was there, he still did not lift one weight or do anything at all. And this is not uncommon.
    5 answers 2 days ago Diet & Fitness
  • Workout for complete beginner?

    I’m new to the gym, It’s my first time, so I was wondering if some of you could share website links for bodybuilding workouts for beginners.
    4 answers 14 hours ago Diet & Fitness
  • Can mixing weed and antipsychotics cause brain damage?

    Cause I did that and all of a sudden I really wanna go to prison and I'm jealous of people who go to prison
    4 answers 15 hours ago Mental Health
  • Can exercise be bad for you if you over-do it?

    I run 7-10 miles every day but I normally get so tired at around 6 miles have to basically drag myself the final miles. At some point is over doing it bad for you?
    5 answers 2 days ago Diet & Fitness
  • How can I quit masturbating?

    I am a 22 year old male, I have been struggling with watching porn multiple times a week since i was around 17. I am a Christian so I really want to stop for that reason but I m addicted. I put blockers on my computer and my phone but the problem is that now instead of masturbating to porn, I will masturbate to pictures of pretty women on Facebook and Instagram. I am completely disgusted at myself and want to stop but I have tried and tried and just can t seem to stop. PLEASE HELP!
    8 answers 4 days ago Men's Health
  • Why do only women have periods?

    13 answers 5 days ago Women's Health
  • I need a service dog but I have no money to spare to get one and I have very extreme ptsd and panic attacks what do I do?

    5 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • Weed is killing me slowly?

    Best answer: Weed is supposed to be an appetite stimulant. Maybe they are putting something else
    that's toxic into your mixture. Just stop smoking it.

    I had a next door neighbor, once, who smoked weed, and he told me that occasionally
    it's "cut" with something else(?)
    6 answers 3 days ago Respiratory Diseases
  • My grandfather just passed away today but I don’t feel much grief?

    I feel like a bad person. I did love him but he lived in Florida w/ my grandma and for the 18 years I’ve been alive I’ve grown up in IL, so the times I’ve got to see him were limited. I just got the news and my initial reaction wasn’t to cry or grieve. He was my dad’s stepdad but even though we weren’t biologically related, he actually was one of the most loving out of my grandparents. He would always ask about my brother and I, and he even did during the 24 hours they said he had to live (he had a heart attack & kidney failure). I guess I more so feel a lot of regret, and the fact that he was talking about us & was thinking of us even during his final hours of living makes me regret even more that I couldn’t see him. I feel bad because I really wanted to fly down to FL to say goodbye, but move in for my college freshman year was the next day so it wasn’t the greatest timing. The last time I saw him in person was last year. I just feel terrible because he was always so caring towards my brother and I, and i feel like a terrible person for not feeling more general grief. I feel like it might hit me later or whenever I visit next but right now it isn’t. Is this normal? Have you ever experienced the same after the loss of a grandparent?
    5 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • Can this be Zoloft side effects?

    Hello all, I started zoloft 25mg for one week and for the past 3 days it was upped to 50mg. I was given it for depression, anxiety and pure OCD. I have noticed some interesting, we shall say, things going on and I'm curious if this may be zoloft as the root cause. I have noticed emotional numbness, dizziness oddly enough when laying down and after I close my eyes. I get these "Surges" in my head whenever I'm starting to fall asleep, I'm getting muscle twitching all over and an increase in restlessness. I have heard wonderous things about this drug and want to give it an opportunity to work but it seems so far more trouble than it's worth, anyone experiencing these same things and or did they go away with time? So much of me wants to just stop the medicine but I dont want to go through withdrawal symptoms either. Looking for some advice.
    4 answers 17 hours ago Mental Health
  • Shoulder pain and paracetamol?

    Best answer: A slight ache, yeah it may help. A torn muscle, probably won't do much. Paracetemol isn't a particularly strong painkiller. If the pain is inflammatory in nature then ibuprofen may be a better bet. If the pain is from a significant injury then perhaps a prescription drug may be better. There are many factors, at the end of the day, you may as well take two paracetemol and see if it helps, there are no repercussions from taking 200-800mg of Paracetemol unless you have underlying liver problems.
    4 answers 17 hours ago Pain & Pain Management
  • Do cigarettes dampen the effects of other stimulants?

    I notice my heart rate go down and I don't feel as stimulated after I have a cigarette. Nicotine is a stimulant but might it take the place for/of other stimulants in me?
    4 answers 17 hours ago Other - Health
  • White guys, are your genitals darker than the rest of your body?

    Best answer: No most white guys penis is the same color as the rest of their body except for the glans or head which can close to their regular skin tone, pink, dark pink or sort of a red color. It's the Indian genetics that makes your penis darker. A lot of men in India have a penis that is much darker than the rest of their body, this is actually pretty common in non-white nationalities. Personally I have a boring white penis and I think it looks great when the penis is a darker shake, it's like it's highlighted and looks more special!
    8 answers 6 days ago Men's Health
  • Green Vaginal Discharge, Rancid Smell Please Help?

    9 answers 4 days ago Women's Health
  • Is EXTREME OCD one of the worst disorders to have?

    6 answers 3 days ago Mental Health
  • How can I lose weight fast?

    I am struggling with losing weight I eat junk food amd never eat enough fruits and veggies I am a 32 year old male and I weigh about 250 lbs and I would hate to get a stroke or hypertension I am on blood pressure pills and I dont like to do physical exercise I am having anxiety doctors say my BP is okay and my heart is fine but why risk it in 5 years down the road what is a way I can lose maybe even 20 lbs
    4 answers 19 hours ago Diet & Fitness