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  • When will this ear infection go away?

    I'm the one who posted why my ear was hurting on very early Monday morning and asked how to treat ear infections when waiting for the doctor to open. Monday morning I saw a random doctor (my doctor doesn't work on mondays) the doctor didn't tell me what I had but I knew it was a ear infection I just didn't know if it's inner ear or middle ear but anyway. It's still not gone. I still get alot of pain every day like more than half of what it was like Sunday night every morning I wake up I have ear pain I get ear pain throughout the day too it's worse at like 5 PM then 10 am later in the day it is the worse the pain is. I probably look so stupid at school saying "what?" alot when someone talking to me even a teacher because with this infection in my right ear my right ear feels like something is in it clogging it up sometimes it's hard hearing. I'm curious when this is gonna go away. Will it be here for a long time and like never go away? Is it dangerous? After the infection is gone will my hearing be the way it was before? What if after next Thursday my last dose of the antibiotic and it's still there? I want this ear infection to go away it's screwing up my day and my life I have pain daily. At the same time I have this cold I got friday morning that I'm also trying to deal with so it's not pleasant to me at all. I'm just curious when this is gonna go away and how to make it go away faster
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  • What should i do?

    Hi, i have dandruff.Yellow stuff comes out of my headwhen i comb my hair ,i really dont know what it is whether it is dandruff or something. I tried head and shoulders but after using it my head feel a little burning sensation. What should i do guys . Please guy answer me
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  • For caregivers of alcoholic spouses. I need help!?

    My husband is an alcoholic. He's not eating. Drinking continuously. It's gotten so bad that a few days ago he was unable to get up and urinated all over himself. Anyway, flash forward to today. He finally asked if I could get him the walker we had in the closet because he can't walk without support. (Why a walker? Because we've been down the road before.) Anyway, I need to take care of myself. I want to go out with friends, have a life, but am so worried I am going to come home to him haven fallen and bleeding on the floor. Or that he's pissed himself. He already has wound to his arm that he had no idea how he got, or that it was even there until I pointed it out. I was so concerned last night that I didn't take the med to help me sleep because if he were to fall I'd not wake up right away. (I know I know not the best thing for my health). He's played the game with both medical and psychiatric professionals, he knows how to weasel his way out of the ER and get out of a pink slip. I'm concerned for his safety, while he'll play the "I have a dr appt scheduled" even though he has canceled all 4 appointments he's had this month at his GP, therapist, and psychiatrist. My hands are tied. I truly believe if I leave him he'll kill himself. We've had the conversation before if I were to die (let us say a car crash or illness) he'd be "right behind me." I try to get him to go to the doctor and he gets pissed about it. He doesn't want to hear about it.
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  • I'm severely allergic to cashews and pistachios. Since all three are in the same family, what are the chances I'll develop a mango allergy?

    I eat mango on a regular basis and I haven't had any problems yet.
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  • Can a 13yrs old female teenager eat nearly 2500calories and not gain weight?

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  • Can being anti social and having no friends cause depression?

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  • Am I fat and disgusting?

    Cuz I feel like it.
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  • Have you noticed really old people (especially men) have huge ears?.?

    Best answer: cartilage - that’s the plastic-like stuff in ears and noses - cartilage continues to grow until the day you die. Not only does cartilage grow, but the earlobes elongate from gravity. And that makes ears look even larger.
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  • I need help with creating a workout plan?

    I'm a female... roughly 5'4 and currently 120 lbs. Im mainly only looking to workout so I can get a bigger bum and build muscle on my hips to make my "hip dips" less noticeable. Now I am a beginner and I'll be doing exercises at home. What are some exercises that could help me get a bigger bum and help fill in my hips? I need exercises that don't involve equipment as I'll be doing this at home. Please leave exercise names and the number of reps and sets I should do for each exercise. Thanks
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  • Why am I still gaining weight?

    I have been exercising to two videos on Gabriella Whited s YouTube Channel (about 15 minutes of muscle building in the thighs, butt, and stomach) every day without skipping, and I ve been eating a high protein low fat diet for almost 2 weeks now and at the beginning I lost 2 lbs but since then I ve gained 4 lbs of fat and my stomach is 1.5 inches wider??? Am I doing something wrong? This is making me so depressed :(
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  • Eating healthy but gaining weight?

    Best answer: What I am going to tell you works! I had 20 lbs to lose. I lost 15 of it in 3 weeks.. so this works.
    1) Google calorie calculator, plug in your info and they will tell you how many calories you need to eat to lose weight. So, just for an example, let's say that the calculator says you need to eat only 1500 calories, in order to lose weight - you MUST stick with this number.. my point is, nuts are healthy, avocados are healthy, but if I ate tons of them, then I am exceeding the 1500 calories I need in order to lose weight - so I will be eating healthy, but gaining. So, this number is very important and keep in mind that as you lose weight, if you want to KEEP losing weight, this number will change, and go lower - when you reach your goal weight, THEN you can eat about 300 - 400 calories more/day.. Next, don't fall into the trap of thinking, 'gee, if 1500 calories is good, then 1200 would make me lose more!!!" - this doesn't work (trust me, I've done this) - what happens when you go too low, your body thinks there is a famine, and holds onto every calorie you give it.. you don't lose weight, you are constantly hungry, then you binge.. this is all your bodies way of trying to fill you up before the next 'famine' - if it says, 1500 - eat 1500 and you don't run into this problem!
    2) Sugar - you gotta kick the sugar to the curb.. Not just white sugar, but everything that is sugar to the body - that includes pasta, white rice, ALL bread, ALL grains, fruit JUICE (whole fruit is good, but once you take out the fiber, it is just water and sugar) alcohol, all simple, processed carbs - now before you think I am crazy, let me explain. I am not saying you can never eat these foods again, but if you want to lose weight - you can't really eat them.. once you are down to your goal, then have at it.. here's why all of these 'sugars' cause weight gain - our bloodstreams can only have about 1 tablespoon of sugar in it, at any given time.. drink a soda, or have some pasta, there is much more than 1 tablespoon of sugar in that, so the body sends out insulin - which is like a broom that sweeps all the sugar out of the bloodstream - where to put it? Well, these fat cells are readily available! So, all the sugar is shoved into the fat cells where they TURN TO FAT. And it gets worse - that sugar takes 5 hours to turn to fat. During those 5 hours, insulin patrols the bloodstream, keeping those fat cells locked down, so that none of that sugar comes back into the bloodstream - if it did, you would go into a diabetic coma, see? What this means is that let's say you eat a plate of rice, then feel bad and decide to 'work it off' at the gym.. you work out for 2 - 3 hours - guess what? You won't be losing any fat whatsoever - those fat cells are in lockdown until the sugar has turned to fat.. you can see then if you have juice for breakfast, pasta for lunch, bread at dinner - that your fat cells are locked down all day long - no weight loss that day at all.. simplest way to remember all of this - we eat sugar, which causes an insulin spike, and insulin stops you from burning fat.
    One last comment on this - fruit is GOOD! Never listen to people who say 'fruit is bad, it's loaded with sugar!" - fruit is loaded with nutrients we NEED. The nutrients in fruit (and veggies) feeds our cells, fights illness, keeps disease at bay - seriously, what would be the point of being skinny, if you are sick?! On a personal note, I can tell you that I eat a minimum of 3 pieces of fruit a day, and I have no trouble maintaining my goal weight - fruit, with all the fiber in it, means that the sugar gets dragged into the digestive tract, where it releases slowly, causing very little insulin to be excreted - fruit is healthy for us. Even diabetics can eat fruit. Read labels - 1 cup of milk has 11 grams of sugar - look for that hidden sugar in products.
    3) give up processed foods - which shouldn't be hard, if you have given up sugar! See, there is such a thing as toxic hunger - all the artificial sugars, and artificial ingredients INCREASE appetite - years ago, I gave up diet soda, and lost 10 lbs, doing nothing else.. if it comes in a bag, box, can, bottle - just avoid it as much as possible - there are a few exceptions - unsweetened almond milk is a good replacement for cow's milk, as it has zero sugar.. coconut water is also healthy, but get a brand with low sugar..
    4) read about intermittent fasting and give it a try - fasting is HEALTHY. Our ancestors never ate 3 meals a day, and our bodies are adapted to periods of not eating - in fact, it is when we are not busy digesting food that our bodies finally have the energy needed for healing! So, using the example of only being able to eat 1500 calories a day - you could eat 3 small meals, or you could eat 2 big, satisfying meals and just skip one.. for myself, I love breakfast, so I eat about 800 calories at 8am, then eat the rest of my calories around 2pm, fast for 17 hours, until the next morning. This isn't as hard as it sounds. Most people who try fasting, like it! Because our bodies love it! But fasting is flexible - let's say you like to eat dinner with family - then skip breakfast, have a light lunch and save most of your calories for dinner - do some reading on this - there are tons of ways to fast.
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  • Will you get sick if you are vegan and take natural vitamin-mineral supplement forever without stopping?

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  • Is Kylie Jenner from here?

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  • Is it hard to stop smoking marijuana cold turkey?

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  • Can anxiety cause heart attack like symptoms?

    Best answer: Yeah, anxiety can cause physical symptoms like that. If your heart tests are coming out OK, I would almost bet it's your anxiety behind these symptoms.
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  • Can anyone tell me health benefits of black coffee?

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  • I think I dying?!?

    After my last post I drank some milk and it tasted funny and now I nauseas and lots of cramps and vomit!!! Help!!!!!!
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  • Is this normal ?

    Best answer: Could be postpartum depression or just temporary hormonal fluctuations after childbirth. If it continues much longer you and she should consult with her doctor for best course of action going forward.

    Having a new baby in the house is very stressful, try to be calming toward her, no fights and help with the baby as much as you can.
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