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  • Why do democrats think they can sue trump for using his presidential power to do the job they refuse to do?

    7 answers 22 hours ago Mental Health
  • Can masturbating too much make you stupid?

    58 answers 6 days ago Men's Health
  • Are protein drinks bad for you?

    Best answer: Only if you overdo it or you drink it and you aren't even trying to build muscle. But if you're trying to get muscle and you don't have enough protein through your diet alone then protein powder will help with that and you would have to drink it once a day everyday including on rest days so your muscles can have what they need to repair themselves.
    7 answers 23 hours ago Diet & Fitness
  • Would a General Election finally see an end to this hideous Tory farce party?

    8 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • Is it ok to keep your penis in a woman’s vagina while she is squirting?

    I was having sex with my girlfriend & while I was on top she said she is about to squirt I continued to keep going & felt her squirting I then pulled out & let her finish, when she finished I put my penis back in. Is it ok & safe what I did
    13 answers 3 days ago Women's Health
  • How much did you weigh at your highest?

    I am 618 right now, the highest I've ever weighed in my life. I can get around easily though, unlike other big people, I jog around 2 blocks twice a week.
    46 answers 7 days ago Diet & Fitness
  • What are some tips when I'm jacking off in my bed at while my parents are sleeping? Like what should I *** on to and how to be quiet?

    7 answers 9 hours ago Men's Health
  • I find that life is nonsense. Life is bullshit. There is no objective in Life. I would kill myself but I can't?

    I have no help at all, instead of helping kill myself everyone just says "don't do it". But if I don't do it, then what do I do with my life? I'm in my early 20s, till I hit 80 and die by myself it will take a shitload of time. What do I do in the mean time? Should I pay prositutes to have sex with me as I wait to get older and die?
    7 answers 10 hours ago Mental Health
  • Should I resort to drinking? or marijuana?

    Best answer: I've been (past tense) depressed to the point where it was debilitating and I have felt utterly lost and have felt that my life had no meaning etc.. so although I don't know your exact situation, I can say that I do know something of what you are feeling. I'm not this way anymore and I hope that something I say will help you.
    In a nutshell, I had a nightmare of a childhood, and was left with a lot of emotional pain. I was filled with hatred - I hated the people who had hurt me, I was angry at God, but most of all I hated myself for feeling pain (for being weak). When I was a teen, I then acted out all this pain in destructive ways, making my life a whole lot worse.. I got married, had kids, had a nice home etc.. and so on the outside, my life looked great! But on the inside, I carried all that pain, heartache, anguish, self-loathing, fear - and it was destroying me. The burden of it all was just pretty much overwhelming. I carried it all day, every day. I carried it into every situation I faced. I blamed myself for everything, couldn't trust anyone, really didn't believe anyone who said they loved me, I was critical, resentful, suspicious of everyone.. and finally my mind couldn't take anymore - I sunk into a debilitating depression - for 4 solid months .. one night, I suddenly could feel that something in my mind was about to snap (a nervous breakdown? I don't know), and I was terrified. I didn't know what was happening but I knew that within seconds, something terrible was about to happen and my life was about to get even worse.. I went to my room, I sat on the bed and I prayed like you cannot imagine - I prayed "God, I am so lost, I can't handle life anymore. I'm terrified and I think I'm dying. I need help NOW, and so I ask you to come into my life and take control of it all.." and to my utter amazement, I FELT all the pain of decades leave my body and be replaced by joy and peace. No one could have been more surprised than me! I sat there stunned. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't that.. my depression (it's been years and years since then) has never returned. Here's my point - we are mind/body/spirit - but many people act like we are just mind and body, and ignore our spiritual side - we are made to know God, and I honestly believe that a LOT of depression is because we ignore God in our lives. I think God, who wants very much to be in our lives, starts to reveal to us just how empty life is without Him - so that we will seek Him.. I truly believe that this depression you are suffering, could be God's way of calling you.. In my life, since that time, I have found peace and joy, I feel LOVED, I feel whole. My life has meaning and purpose... that emptiness inside can't be filled with drugs - it won't work.. There is a God. He's not hiding. He's WAITING for you to invite him into your life, and with God, life takes on a whole new meaning! There is a spiritual realm all around us - a whole new world for us to discover.. God is the answer to every problem and every mystery. I hope you will give him a chance to show him what he can do in your life..
    Here's God's PROMISE to you (Rev. 3:20) Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I WILL come in"
    11 answers 4 days ago Mental Health
  • If I drop my earring post on the floor outside, can I clean it with saltwater?

    And is it likely to give me an infection if I put it in my ear after saltwater cleaning the earring
    7 answers 10 hours ago Infectious Diseases
  • Can you eat the feces of a carnivore if you are a vegetarian?

    12 answers 3 days ago Mental Health
  • Does Donald Trump’s ego bruise easily?

    Best answer: Very easy. Why do you think he's so obsessed with claiming his small hands aren't small? So much so that they photoshop them to make them look bigger
    9 answers 2 days ago Injuries
  • What's an alternative to a mental health professional?

    Im suffering big time with depression and I'm as lonely as can be, I've tried it all before but I can't face going back to a psychologist or psychiatrist for 1) the waiting list 2)the cost 3)wasn't effective 4) I don't want to go on medication. I don't know what else to do and I'm afraid one of these days I will say enough is enough and end it all, every night I'm alone and cry myself to sleep if u can manage to cry and I pull myself out of bed for work, recently I have been late and I hate it, I'm just so lonely and lack energy so I work and go to bed that's it. It sounds like a rant and maybe it is but I'm hoping someone has gone through this and came out the other side, I mean I can't even watch my favourite TV shows without wishing I had friends like that or a girlfriend or a life worth living.
    7 answers 14 hours ago Mental Health
  • Why isn't failure to vaccinate not considered endangering children?[if their left in a cold or hot car it is]?

    7 answers 14 hours ago Other - Health
  • Is losing 25 pounds in 100 days possible?

    Best answer: Yes. That would be about 1.9 pounds a week. Its recommended you aim for 1-2 pounds a week. Eat healthy, count calories and exercise.
    31 answers 7 days ago Diet & Fitness
  • Is it normal for men to urinate right after ejaculating?

    My boyfriend and I were having sex and I was sucking his penis as he came. All of a sudden he tells me to stop and I felt liquid come out of his penis, but it was way more than a squirt of semen. I swallowed it immediately as I’m used to before I noticed he had peed in my mouth. Is it normal for men to urinate right after ejaculating? He has told me to stop in the past as he feels he’s gonna pee but this is the first time it’s actually happened.
    8 answers 1 day ago Men's Health
  • How can I treat insomnia?

    Best answer: Go online and find websites that teach basic relaxation meditation and breathing techniques for free. Practice often. Then, later, use those techniques when you get into bed.

    Many people with insomnia get significant relief from meditation and proper breathing.
    8 answers 2 days ago Mental Health