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  • I was conceived by rape and I’m struggling to come to terms with it, I feel like an abomination. What should I do?

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  • What is the reason why he couldn't get erect during intercourse?

    But he could get erect during oral and erect when masturbating looking at my naked body and ejaculate for both scenarios but he had a hard time ejaculating during intercourse. What does this mean?
    10 answers 3 days ago Men's Health
  • What is good for itching?

    Best answer: Get the anti-itch cream from dollar store for a buck and keep it handy and does work....
    7 answers 2 days ago Skin Conditions
  • Any tips for happiness?

    Best answer: Talk to friends (or just like minded people) on facebook. There are groups there for most medical conditions, & they can be most helpful, so there's surely groups for depression, it's such a common condition.

    Listen to comedy programmes on the radio. Radio 4 Extra (in the UK) is good for these.

    Getting out in the sunshine can help. Sunshine gives you vitamin D, which cheers you up. If you're lucky enough to have a garden working in that in the sun can be good therapy for depression.

    Make lists of jobs, & tick them off as you do them. The sense of achievement of doing this works for me.

    Watch good films. Netflix (in the UK, but probably international) is good for this, but there's a subscription fee. But it's not too bad, it starts at about £8 a month. Or just buy old videos & CDs from charity shops, these cost from around 50p to £1 each, which is cheap enough to just throw away (or re-donate) if they're no good, but you can get many good films this way.

    Make sure you get enough sleep & rest. And also make sure you eat properly. These two things can make a big difference if you're depressed. Even eat out once in a while if you can afford it. Wetherspoons do cheap food. Or the little cafes that do a full English breakfast for about £6, they're good value too.

    Doing voluntary work helped me a lot with my depression when I was unemployed. It got me out the house & meeting people. I worked on the till in a charity shop. This also helped me because the manager was lovely, & agreed to write me references when I applied for jobs.

    Sharing any hobbies with others also helped me when I was depressed. I play violin. So playing in orchestras & bands was another way to get me out of the house, & away from feeling sorry for myself. I also did some busking (in Southwold, Suffolk, which is where lots of very rich people live!) so I could earn a bit of dosh that way too!
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  • Does drinking three glasses of milk really help you grow taller?

    18 answers 5 days ago Other - Health
  • How do I talk to a friend in the hospital dying from cancer?

    7 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • Is cancer actually saving you?

    My friend and I were discussing this. He was saying that cancer is actually trying to save your body. He said That when the body is beyond toxic, the immune system cannot handle the amount of toxins and then the last back up plan is the body starts producing cancer cells to attack these toxins in the body. It makes so much sense when you think about it. When somebody stops smoking from a long time of doing it. They suddenly develop lung conditions or even cancer after they stopped? If that body is that full of toxins it might even have cancer cells starting when they still smoke. I see it a lot after somebody stops smoking. They get worse, coughing etc. Anyways. My friend was like "why would the body attack itself and kill you?" which also makes sense. Because the brain wants to survive sooo? He said if you get cancer it's actually a good thing and you should leave it there until it detoxes you then it shrinks and goes away. Chemo and radiation is actually killing you because it kills your good and bad cells including the cancer trying to save you. So you have no chance if you have extended amounts of chemo and you die from the effects of chemo. What do you make of this? of course it's not been proving but it makes so much sense why people get cancer if there body is full of toxins from whatever is in the body. What are you thoughts on this? is my friend deluded lol or could he be right?
    6 answers 10 hours ago Special Education
  • High or low blood pressure?

    My doc said its 14 over 62.. High or low?
    9 answers 2 days ago Heart Diseases
  • Healthy ways to cope with stress?

    Best answer: The best stress management is personal. Deal with the things that are stressing you.

    A really simple but effective thing - the habit of responding to moments of stress by slowing your breath.

    Psychiatrists Brown and Gerbarg, who have published 6 papers on breathing and mental health, recommend a 3-part program of mind-body methods - breathing, meditation, and slow body movement. Incorporate these into your daily life. Be aware of changes in mood and respond mindfully, aware of your breathing. Details here -


    There's a variety of things you can do. Some are time consuming and some take no time.

    5 answers 11 hours ago Mental Health
  • Will this diet work?

    Best answer: Absolutely not! You must not cut your calories down so low. In the long run, you will be doing yourself a lot of harm.
    Calculate. To maintain your weight, you need 115 calories per pound, to lose weight, you can drop to 10 calories per pound. So-- you should eat about 1850 calories a day. Make sure that they are well balanced. Eat four fruit and four vegetable servings a day. Protein...eggs, some cheese, some meat...about 3-4 servings a day.. Be sure to drink enough water because if you are dehydrated, you may feel hungry. Walking sounds like a great idea for you and for your dog. Try to walk about 1/2 hour before meals.. Other exercises a good idea, probably need to put in a little strength training to build muscle. Push ups, etc or weights. Don't start with too much, start small, build the habit, and then increase. It will do you no good to start with a large agenda and then become so exhausted or injured to continue... Please, remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so you may not lose pounds as rapidly as you wish, but you are actually getting stronger and healthier and thinner. Use you clothes as a measure, gradually you will feel them becoming a little larger. If you make too drastic changes at the start, you will become fatigued and discouraged and quit. Slow and steady wins the race, and you will build good habits for a lifetime to keep the weight off.
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  • Everything around me is shaking? Please help !!?

    I’m laying down right now and i feel like my head is spinning .. but i don’t feel dizzy i feel just fine .. As i’m looking at my phone everything is normal , until i looked up at my tv and it was shaking .. everything i look at is shaking , moving side to side .. i looked it up and i don’t think it’s the benign vertigo thing ... or vertigo at all because it only happens when i lay down and for some reason only at night .. i’m not sleepy i feel just fine and it goes away when i move my body then comes back when i’m still again . What is this ?
    10 answers 5 days ago Other - Diseases
  • Whats the chance of a 14 year old teen boy masturbating?

    7 answers 1 day ago Men's Health
  • How many calories are in perfume. Like once you’ve sprayed yourself down with it how many calories do you absorb?

    6 answers 12 hours ago Diet & Fitness
  • What would happen to a man's body if he never masturbated or had sex?

    Best answer: wet dreams

    depends on what he does with this mind and does he feed his temptation.

    I think it could go two ways he could feed his lust and then that would turn to anger and frustration on self pity

    or he could use his suffer to transform himself with Gods help into a better more patient person.

    You can only do a life of celibacy if you are called to it and with Gods help.
    7 answers 1 day ago Men's Health
  • If you could whiten your teeth would you?

    7 answers 1 day ago Dental
  • Is it possible for me (f15) to have diabetes?

    I can’t tell if I genuinely might have diabetes or if I’m just being paranoid. I’ve been having a couple symptoms often connected to type 2 diabetes (frequent urination, excess thirst, fruity-taste in mouth, numb/tingly toes). I’m a 15 year old girl, I weight about 145 pounds and I’m 5’4. I don’t eat an extraordinary amount of sugar on a daily basis, but I’m a baker and when I bake, I often eat much more sugar than I should (I’m working on this, I know it’s not the healthiest, mentally or physically). I do track at my school, but practices just ended so I’m unfortunately not getting too much physical activity. To my knowledge, there are no diabetics in my family, but my 60 yo dad is prediabetic. I’m a bit afraid to bring this up with my family, especially if it’s not really possible for me to have the disease, so a second opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
    6 answers 13 hours ago Diabetes
  • Why am I so sensitive to people's words? I'm afraid of going out because someone might say something rude about me, and I won't get over it?

    I've been a depressed girl for a long time, I gave up on things because I wanted to get rid of people who didn't make me feel good. I take things very personally, especially in person. What can I do to not care about what a stranger has to say? I'm tired of looking for validation from people, I want to be self-assured.
    6 answers 1 day ago Mental Health
  • What does this mean in some ones instagram bio -?

    "I used to be bossed around by supervisors and managers now I answer to no one. Anyone say anything out of line I'll bankrupt a whole company and make everyone redundant."
    6 answers 14 hours ago Mental Health
  • Is it normal that I wash my penis in the sink?

    Do most guys do this
    20 answers 5 days ago Men's Health