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  • Why are we people with schizophrenia sometimes considered dangerous when most are not?

    Best answer: Yes, it's discrimination out of ignorance. Mostly by people who have never known someone with it.
    8 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • I love having sex but I can’t feel it... help?

    Best answer: Ok seriously don't listen to negativity. You could be with the right guy. You guys are just young and less experience from others. It's ok. And also sex is good ours never too much. At least with your partner don't go sleeping around that's bad. Lol but if you guys seriously don't have a clue watch porn together while you do it. Learn something from there if not have him eat you out slow. Let him lick only your clit first and then work it down to your snap. Just the outside if your not comfortable later on in the future you'll let him stick his tongue and finger up there lol. Also try role play. Dress up in a lingerie and dance for him. Trust me you being in control can help you get turn on. You tell him what to do. Tell him how you want it and if hes into that stuff than girl your good to go. But don't literally force him. No that's not what I'm saying Just spice up the sex you'll feel it. And then you'll love it even more. You can also get toys. Have him use them on you
    11 answers 3 days ago Women's Health
  • What exercises burn leg and buttock fat without building muscle?

    I want to burn about 5 pounds of my legs and buttocks. But I don't want to build muscle,so that they are thin . What are exercises I can do in my room?
    5 answers 5 hours ago Diet & Fitness
  • Can my therapist do this?

    Best answer: Any therapist would of course want to talk about any issues with self harm, however each therapist is different and has a different approach. This is not a generally used approached is is quite frowned upon by other therapists.

    She should be aiming to make you feel comfortable enough to show them if she feels the need to see them, not pressuring you. If she continues to do this and she continues to make you feel uncomfortable, find a different therapist who has a more understanding approach.
    5 answers 5 hours ago Mental Health
  • Is my arm broken?

    About a week ago I fell while running outside when it was wet and I put my arm down to catch myself and I hurt my wrist. There was minor swelling, but it was super painful to move or press on. I went to a walk in clinic the other day and they did x-rays and said nothing was broken and that it was just sprained. The problem is I’ve been doing some research and a scaphoid fracture can have the same symptoms and it usually doesn’t show up on an x-day at first. I have copies of my x-rays, but I’m no expert so anyone see anything bad? Should I go to a specialist? After about a week it still hurts and the pain areas are the same related to a scaphoid fracture. Thanks! Also sorry the picture isn’t very good!
    5 answers 6 hours ago Injuries
  • I have a little tight foreskin.?

    Basically I can roll down my foreskin but It is a little tight to roll down. I can roll it down using my hands but I need to apply a little pressure, It won't roll easily. What to do?
    9 answers 3 days ago Men's Health
  • Do you think I should bleach my skin o white?

    Im lightskin and I get a lot of hate comments that i have a ugly skin color do you think I should turn white instead?
    6 answers 1 day ago Skin Conditions
  • How to tell if you have appendicitis?

    I have lower right pain just near my hip bone. I am dizzy, feel sick, cold and clammy. The pain is like a radiating pain, throbbing. My doctir thought I had a hernia last week and has referred me for an ultrasound but I feel so ill and stommach has started hurting since then.
    5 answers 7 hours ago Pain & Pain Management
  • What techniques help inlarge a penis.?

    6 answers 1 day ago Men's Health
  • I’m I in danger of death?

    I’m I right or I’m I just being a massive drama queen. In my life time let’s say 80 years till I die will there be a mass extinction on earth killing every one. (Probably really over reacting now) but like will I die because I’m really scared and that, I think I’m probably just a massive hypochondriac. Ok thanks :)
    5 answers 7 hours ago Mental Health
  • Should I lose weight?

    I’m currently 5’5, 19 years old and weigh 120 pounds. I feel really insecure on my size and want to be smaller
    5 answers 7 hours ago Diet & Fitness
  • Please help me...how can I lose weight faster?

    Best answer: You can lose weight if you get yourself together, but you are not morbidly obese. In the phot you don't look fat. So this is self-investment, not remedial. Maybe a short fast would help get your eating priorities into place? Some medications will make you get fat.
    6 answers 1 day ago Diet & Fitness
  • These are my symptoms... what can i do to get rid of it??

    i cough a ton. I wheeze as i breathe in and out. also on top of that, when i breathe in, i feel like i’m not getting a full breath in. i feel like my windpipe is being blocked so i cough more and more to get something out. before, mucus would come out and now i just feel uncomfortable with the blocked feeling and the wheezing. i also have somewhat of a stuffy nose and feel my ears clog up as i blow my nose. i feel terrible.
    5 answers 8 hours ago Respiratory Diseases
  • Dad won't give me food?

    Best answer: Get a job aNd earn money, my sons 10 years old makes 150$ a week picking up dog poop for people with dogs on the block. $15 to $20 per dog depending on its size. He spends 10 minutes each yard twice a week.

    My daughter works, housecleans and also dog walks, makes a good income. She bought all her own music, computer (didn’t like the family one) and goes to movies and goes out for pizza with her friends, she gets an allowance but half is saved for school later.

    If your under age tell your father to hit food shelf or do it yourself. You can live on Raman quite a while u need protein to live healthy.

    Btw those crappy frozen dollar meals are balanced meals, may taste nasty but are vitamin fortified. Also you can get ten hotdogs and a loaf of buns for $2.00. If you had bread at home so just get the hot dogs. Catsup up and mustard can be taken from fast food places. Frozen burritos are just .33 cents. Gives you a variety so you don’t need to sit and be a marter.

    If your a minor turn your parents in for child abuse as they are required by law to provide food to you. If your an adult get a full time job and stop complaining
    9 answers 3 days ago Diet & Fitness
  • Can depression affect sexual pleasure?

    5 answers 8 hours ago Mental Health
  • I might have accidentally missed a dose of Prozac?

    Best answer: Many long term maintenance medications work by teasing out or otherwise pushing down receptors in the brain. SSRIs such as prozac work by closing the reuptake of serotonin, causing the receptive side to receive it longer than the patient's brain would normally allow. They pften say it'll take up to 6 months to see results because it takes time for it to slowly encourage it to happen. For example, if someone kept offering you crack everyday, you'd eventually give in.

    Given that, you won't feel terribly different in one day, although over time you'll withdraw and be so sick, I say firsthand. As far I'm aware there is no relation to muscle growth, although there may be some esoteric and minimal effect. From the behavioral side, if you do fall back into depression, you're unlikely to workout much. But moreover, if you take it everyday, that break in daily pasterns may make you less inclined to workout.

    Fun fact, when you take Ambien with alcohol, people tend to drive to work still alseep or otherwise do their typical morning routine on autopilot.
    6 answers 1 day ago Diet & Fitness
  • What day should I work shoulders?

    When working out I’ve always gone with the split of “chest/triceps - shoulder/back/biceps - legs/core” but lately I’ve seen that a lot of people say you should work shoulders the same day as chest and triceps. What makes the most sense?
    5 answers 9 hours ago Diet & Fitness
  • Is Boris Johnson a Turkish Moslem ?

    Is the descendant of a Turk- Pasha Boris Johnson to rule over us? Is this the end of us English? God warned us and we didn't follow the teachings of our lord Jesus Christ. http://www.bbc.co.uk/whodoyouthinkyouare...
    5 answers 9 hours ago STDs
  • What are synthoms of leukemia?

    Can any suvivor or Someone who know a leukemia patient tell me what the symptoms where that they displayed ???
    5 answers 10 hours ago Cancer
  • Should I be worried because I can *feel* my lymph nodes?

    I’m 173cm in height and weigh 60kg. I can feel some of my lymph nodes, like in my groin, and on the right side below my ear, and on the left too, just the right is a little bigger. When I press on it, it disappears and comes back, it’s also moveable. Are these just normal lymph nodes?
    6 answers 1 day ago Mental Health