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  • True or false squats are the best ?

    I do squats with dumbbells, not a lot of weight but it's more intense and really makes tones you up all around.
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  • My boss is making life difficult because his wife once "relieved" me back in high school. What can I do about it?

    I know, it sounds juvenile, and I didn't think for a second he'd hold against me an encounter from over 20 years ago. Then, my colleagues starting backing me up, yes, he is sabotaging my efforts in the office, deliberately excluding me from meetings and lunches, making up excuses to reprimand me. Finally, I spoke to his wife (with whom I'm still friendly from a distance) in the wee hours of the morning on Facebook, and she admitted that he despises me for what happened all those years ago, that he has to kiss where I've been, etc. Obviously HR aren't going to entertain the idea that my boss is reprimanding me because his wife gave me a "favour" in the late 90s. So what can I do about it? I don't want to leave the company, as I have (or had) a great reputation and "upward mobility" here. Thanks for any answers.
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  • Why do those wanting to donate bone marrow need to shave their head?

    I was watching a television show where a relative was going to donate bone marrow to another relative with cancer. What surprised me was when the person donating said they needed to shave their head, not because they wanted to support their relative who had lost their hair due to treatments like a lot of people do, but because they said it was required to donate their bone marrow. Why would donating bone marrow require the donor to shave their head? I could understand shaving the area where the incision would be made because that's standard for surgical procedures for sanitation among other things. Why do bone marrow donors need to shave their head?
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  • Has anyone ever woke up each day with pain in 2 fingers on their hand that last for about 10 minutes, but that causes pins & needles all day?

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  • Marijuana is a right to smoke it calms the nerves .I am not saying wrong have clean smoke no hydron is its treated with posions?

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  • Does lemon juice in hot water help in digestion of food?

    I've been drinking hot lemon after every meal. Are there benefits to this? Isn't lemon acidic? Does it help in digesting my meal? Should I stop or just continue?
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  • What’s wrong with my penis?

    Last weekend I had sex with my girlfriend something like 7 times. After I had gone home, my penis was cut up and was bruised. She bent my penis a lot too. Now it’s been 3 days without sex. My penis won’t get hard, and is hurting around the middle shaft area. What is happening? This has drove me to almost suicide
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  • My head keeps growing, and my forehead keeps getting taller, is my head going to explode?

    3 answers 1 day ago Mental Health
  • Is ordering a Happy Meal as an adult weird ?

    Best answer: Adults have the right to be happy. Can I have your toy?
    17 answers 7 days ago Diet & Fitness
  • What are examples of "Healthy carbs"? if you just ate potatoes every day, would need to eat rice or bread? why or why not?

    Best answer: Healthy carbohydrates are “not” man-made. Vegetables count as healthy carbs.

    Man-made carbohydrates are unhealthy. They contain a lot of added sugar and preservatives. Packaged items can sit on a shelf for a long time without spoiling.

    Unhealthy carbs include things like potato chips, waffles, pancakes, crackers, pizza, pasta, cookies, pastries, etc.

    You can eat rice and bread every now and then. Just don’t go overboard. Brown rice is a tad bit healthier. Avoid white bread; whole wheat is a better option. Personally, I prefer quinoa and steel cut oats as far as grains are concerned.
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  • Should I take my mom to the dentist ER or doctor ER?

    My mom was complaining about a toothache yesterday and half of her face swelled up. She didn't want to go to the doctor but today she's still really swollen and around her eye is red. So I'm not sure where to take her, dentist or doctor?
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  • Sore on perineum ?

    So I have this sore in between vagina and anus. Yesterday it was white but looked indented not sticking up like a pimple. Looked just like a canker sore. Today it’s very light pink, like layers of skin is missing. It burns if pee gets on it. I’ve been cleaning it with peroxide and going commando.  Another thing is I’ve been with my husband for 5 years and he gets cold sores about 4 times a year his whole life. He’s been checked and they called it impetigo... well I’ve never had any issues like this before and I’m 25 weeks pregnant with our 3rd baby.  The thing is when the cold sore starts you can’t really see it. Just looks like a red dot but he hates them so he’s always touching it to much..  not thinking about it he did oral on me, we usually don’t when he’s got one going on but for some reason it happened. I can’t find anything online that looks like it.  All I know is it hurts to sit, walk, pee, wipe, water, soap, everything. It’s just a small spot so I don’t get it. There’s only one, no discharge, no smell.  I don’t have dr appointment till Wednesday 
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  • Are you overweight?

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  • Is it sexual to shake a mans hand?  He uses it for masterbation a lot....?

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  • Is my weight ok?

    I’m 19 and 102 lbs at 5’3. I’m not sure what would be considered normal or acceptable for my age and height due to having an eating disorder. I keep thinking of losing a few more pounds, really scared and hesitant to gain any. My parents tell me I look unhealthy though I haven't heard that from other people.
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  • Bullied? And harassed?

    Usually im bullied a lot im always told to grow up. And ive been harassed sexually and physically and ive been abused. And taken advantage of i come home and cry everyday from the pain. I try to kove forward but it feels like im going back. Im always there when people need it but they are never there when i need it. People always call me crazy. But im not.  I feel so sad..  even when i ask for help no one believes me. I feel alone?
    6 answers 3 days ago Mental Health
  • I ate a tub of Mayo in 8 minutes, will I get sick?

    I was really hungry and I had a pretty intense craving but nothing much at home. I’m not feeling any side effects right now but I am afraid that I may feel it later. I feel like a fat piece of crap please help.
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  • Can you die from smoking weed?

    I've been a heavy weed smoker since I was 17 years old. Im not 25 and yesterday I smoked before going to the dentist because the dentist gives me anxiety really bad. Well about 5 mins after smoking while i was in the waiting room my heart began beating REALLY fast. Like faster than it ever beated from me doing the most physically demanding exercises. I didn't have any chest pain but it was just beating really fast and it made me freak out ehich I am sure leaded up to me having a anxiety attack. So now Im scared to smoke again. Mind you that was less than a gram that I rolled and i smoked a lil more than half the blunt and put it out. I smoked the rest when I got home to see if it would have the same effect and it made it speed up a little but not as fast as it was while I was at the dentist. So now Im wondering can weed cause you to have a heart attack or something? Or is it all in my head?
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  • Is there a daily supplement that is safe for raising potassium levels to help muscle cramps?

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  • I believe I need to be locked up inside a phyward hospital ?

    here what I found in my notes from last year  Notes :Life is useless dear brother it plays and ignore your feelings and, nothing can fix what broken of mine I tried to find it but I end up hurting other people emotions, I’m still in denial that I’m sad and depressed, I’m very lonely dear brother I feel like we are strangers, please end my suffering so I don’t feel bad about myself being sad when there people around the world who going through worst then me ,so please let me die so no one has a reason to be sad about me I’m spoiled and bad, I can’t be fix the world around me pulling on my heart strings and I bring a bad image to Asians   So pity me , so pity me,  If I didn’t exist then are parents would stop blaming you for my sensitive feelings, I am a sinner and a liar, I do not need to be in a phyward hospital, cause my emotions will disappear and make everyone believe I’m a sad manipulator who trying to waste money and to try to get my way Oh brother, oh brother, My anti anxiety pills do not work ,  All I feel is loneliness and depression my anxiety was just a phase my pills make m sleepy but not happy 
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