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  • How painful is boredom from 1-10?

    Best answer: That's an interesting question. The obvious answer is that it depends largely on how long the boredom goes on, but I think you want more.

    There's an interesting experiment that's been duplicated a number of times. A person is put in a small room and told that he or she can do a tedious, repetitious job or do nothing at all. People prefer the job to doing nothing. In fact, there's a lot of people will opt for giving themselves painful electric shocks instead of doing nothing !

    The philosopher Pascal said, “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

    People who practice meditation like to use that Pascal quote. They talk about how meditation has changed their regard for doing nothing.

    Something else that's good for boredom is taking on responsibilities. This is legitimate risk-taking.

    Information about learning meditation in my answers, also sources for finding a good volunteer job.
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  • Can somebody be close skin cancer when they are in their 20s?

    To clarify, I met a woman who was her 40s that had it and had to wear a hat when she went outside. She said she got it from teaching P.E out in the sun for 20 years. And that’s what I’m talking about is the cancer you get from being in the sun to much. So can somebody who is like 25 be close to skin cancer from being in the sun and getting sun burned too much? Or does that mostly happen when you get older?
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  • Is it okay if eat meat daily?

    Best answer: Most people eat meat daily. Though now people say try not to each too much red meat in supersized quantities. With smaller portions of meat and sometimes fish or fowl.
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  • What is the future of digital healthcare?

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  • Tips to control binge eating?

    Hey all, so growing up I didn't have a lot of food. We were broke AF. Rice, beans, ramen and Mcdonalds. Once I hit 15 and could work, I gained weight...like a lot of weight. I was 130lbs at 15 but By the time I hit my 20s i weighed 240lbs. I just always felt hungry. I would hoard canned food in my room, i would eat till i threw up and keep eating. I'm 28 now. I'm successful as an independent contractor and the situation just kept getting worse. It's like now that i have money, i don't know how/ when to stop eating. I've been diagnosed with binge eating and have finally realised that my behaviour isn't normal. I'm on the road to recovery but any tips to make it easier? Or at least how to identify triggers and ways to minimise them?
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  • Is it unhealthy to eat 104.4 grams of carbohydrates in one meal for dinner?

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  • What's the fastest way to make money?

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  • Do you think it's uncomfortable going to male doctors?

    My doctor is a man and I'm not sure what to feel if there is a case with my breasts or lower regions. Men are men after all...
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  • Is what my brother is telling me true?

    I accidentally caught my little brother j - - king off. He told me he read in the Weekly World News that each time he did that, it raised his IQ. Could that be possible or is he feeding me a line of bull? If it is true, he is going to be a genius. Could this be why he is so smart?
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  • Diet for Losing Weight?

    Best answer: Eggs and tomatoes
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  • Ice cream in my pants?

    Best answer: I was dared to put ice cubes in boxers once. It hurts your nuts and i don't know if they will shrink or stop growing. mine are rather small but that could just be me. I had the ice in for about half an hour and it really hurts by that point. so i dare you to try it longer.

    LG. Justin 10
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  • Would it be worth constantly getting injured so you can live in the hospital?

    Best answer: No.

    Unless your country has socialized medicine, you will still get hit with a large copay (deductible) on your insurance. And in the US, we have limited sick days from work.
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  • Does consuming soy milk decrease my dhetestosterone so i don't go bald?

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  • Is my size small or normal?

    Hi I know it’s a weird question but I’m 21 now so I gotta ask. My penis is about 2-3 inches flaccid and about 6 inches when erect. I was wondering if I’m still a good size? Girls don’t seem to mind it but I’m just paranoid about this
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  • What color are my eyes?

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  • Why the longest day of the year is in the beginning of summer not in the middle?

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  • Terminal cancer?

    terminal cancer
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  • When should I get help for suicidal thoughts? Or what should I do.?

    I won’t go into detail because I don’t feel like there’s much point, but every day it’s getting worse. It’s all I think about even when I’m distracted doing other things in the back of my mind it’s the one constant thing there. I feel like I’m in so much pain I bawl my eyes out every time I’m alone for more than a few minutes, I’ve lost all motivation to do anything I just sleep all day when I’m not working, I’ve become a recluse from all the people in my life because I never feel like talking to any of them, none of my old interests bring me joy anymore. I don’t feel like I can talk about things to anyone because no one i know wants to hear sad stuff or cares much more than a “hope things get better” and then go on about their days forgetting everything we talked about, and even if they did talking just seems pointless because I’ve realized no amount of words will change anything that’s happened. I can barely function at my job. And I’ve been getting told that I look act and sound like a real life zombie because apparently lately anytime someone interacts with me all they get in return as a reaction is “ahh” or “yeah” and I just don’t know what to do I’ve been on anti depressants and they’ve never worked... I have 2 little girls and they’re literally the only thing that makes me smile anymore. They’re the only light in my life and the only reason I’m here is for them. The only way I’ve made it so long is just from roughing it out every day. what should I do
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  • Why my peepee do that thing where it get bigger?

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  • I have got in the habit of masturbateing (I am aged 14) but I can't get out of the habit. It just happens and my mind is blocked out.?

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