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  • Will my car insurance increase after heart bypass?

    8 answers 3 days ago Heart Diseases
  • Tooth coming through gum?

    I'm 17 so I don't know how long it's been there but I just notice a really small tooth kind of I didnt think it was a tooth at first until I was properly feeling it. It's at the top back of the gums. It's not painful and I can't feel it but what is it? And is it something that needs to be sorted ?
    4 answers 29 mins ago Dental
  • How to beat treatment-resistant depression and anxiety?

    I've been for years on every SSRI and SNRI, plus atypical substances like nefazodone & mirtazapine, plus other classes of substances like quetiapine & valproic acid. For large periods of time, I kept relying on Paxil, Lexapro or Cymbalta - as they were the most efficient. Problems got worse because: 1. Lately I can't fall asleep unless I double the dose of cinolazepamum; I got to being prescribed this one because I am resistant to all other sleeping pills. 2. I have daily panic attacks which I "quiet down" with lorazepam; I also have social anxiety. 3. I see no hope and I am apathetic, can't get out of bed, can't see how to cope with this or how to get out of this. I don't trust my psychiatrist any more. Though she might have already tried all the pills that came to her mind. Lately she gave me Lexapro (for prophylaxis of anxiety) +Cymbalta, on which I nervously cried for 3 weeks (in the past, Lexapro+Cymbalta was ok!). Then she tried a week of tricyclics (bad idea). Then she gave me Paxil+Effexor, which might help me not cry histerically anymore, but I still have a very low mood and I'm very anxious. She then suggested Lexapro again (for its supposed anti-anxiety effect), instead of Paxil:so,for 2 days I saw myself nervously crying again, but even worse - like a wounded wolf. [Though, this disproportionate reaction might have been this time because my severe premenstrual disorder] My doctor should have prescribed me a very careful substance change scheme, on about 4-5 days.
    7 answers 3 days ago Mental Health
  • What alternative pronunciations of the word "vegan" does your close friend group use? Foe example: "vay-jaahn?

    7 answers 3 days ago Vegetarian & Vegan
  • My 5 year old son claims to have been taught something ridicolous in school about astronomy. Have anyone any ideas?

    So he tells me about this thing called Beetle Goose, which he claims to be a known space alien which is half beetle and half goose. My son likes to joke around a lot so he surely wasn't taught that deliberately. He likes to take stuff he hears about and ridicule them for his own amusement, so what could've he possibly based that joke on?
    19 answers 7 days ago Mental Health
  • Do I have breast cancer?

    My right breast hase been secreting small amounts of blood, I have felt no pain but there is a lump, not visibly seen. If you press down and move your finger around you can feel it. It s hard.
    6 answers 1 day ago Mental Health
  • Is it okay for a eleven-year old girl to be working out a lot?

    So me, my husband, and my son are all overweight haha but my daughter is the only average weight one in our house due to her eating healthily and working out a lot. Don’t get me wrong I think this is very good but is it okay for her to be doing high intensity workouts as shown on this channel called Blogilates? She seems to love the girl working out there but I tried it and it’s some really hard stuff to do for me an adult and she’s just a kid? I’m not sure it’s probably nothing but I just want to know!
    6 answers 1 day ago Diet & Fitness
  • Am i a porn addict?

    I been masturbating every since i was 14 I'm 31 now. I try to stop but i can't i repent and still doing it i have done it to porn pastor daughters in a car in a church parking lot at school in the computer lab in the kitchen basement closet hallways living room dining room pantry bedroom other people houses while they were present and gone my cousins blood and by marriage. celebrities with oatmeal lotion saliva a condom and more I need help.
    10 answers 4 days ago Men's Health
  • Are there tips on how to grow taller?

    Best answer: Drink milk, work out, stretch after exersizing. If youre over 21 then these things probably wont matter you’ve reached your maximum height unless you go through operation.
    16 answers 5 days ago Other - Health
  • Help, I got punished for bleeding outta my girl part?

    Best answer: It's your period. It happens to every woman, its completely normal and there's nothing wrong with that.

    You'll get your period every month, although at first they might be irregular, meaning you might skip a month or get two periods in one month, that's also completely normal and as you get older they should become more regular.

    In short, your period is the lining of your uterus shedding. Your uterus builds a lining in case you become pregnant, but if you don't, your body doesn't need it so it will come out of your vagina in the form of period "blood". It's not actually blood, as I said it's the lining of your uterus.

    You'll probably want to wear a pad or tampon. For your first few periods I recommend pads over tampons as they are much easier to use. Pads stick on to your underwear, and "catch" the blood so it doesn't go on your clothes. Tampons are inserted inside your vagina. If you don't have access to these then I recommend you just stuff some toilet paper into your underwear for now. If you can't ask your mom to get you pads or tampons you could ask your doctor or school nurse to give you some.

    There's nothing wrong with you, and there is nothing immoral about having your period. Every girl gets them, its entirely normal. You won't go to hell.
    5 answers 1 day ago Women's Health
  • Is taking things negatively a disorder?

    6 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • There's a rumbly in my tumbly. Pooh Bear needs some honey but it's all gone. Oh no. What's a silly old bear to do?

    Best answer: Pooh Bear enjoys walking around with a shirt and no pants, and exposing his bear junk to Christopher Robin.
    8 answers 3 days ago Mental Health
  • Are my parents abusing me?

    Best answer: First, how old are you?


    THIRD, if you are 18 or over, you can open your own bank account and put your paycheck into it. No one has access to it but you. If you are under 18, ask your father to take you to a bank to open an account in your name. Your paycheck CANNOT be cashed without your signature. THIS IS YOUR MONEY and no one elses.

    Go back and live with your father.

    Keep track of the hours of housework you do on a weekly basis in a journal. Multiply those hours by minimum wage. this is what you're owed. Make sure your Mom and step-father know it.
    6 answers 1 day ago Mental Health
  • Bump in my nose?

    I have a wee bump in my nostrils when I pick it I can fell it has a little bit of pain with touch what is it?
    4 answers 3 hours ago Injuries
  • What do I mix with cleaning bleach not to survive downing it?

    5 answers 1 day ago Mental Health
  • Why can I not get this girl off my mind?

    5 answers 3 hours ago Mental Health
  • How can I self harm without pain?

    Alright. I've already asked this before, and no, it's not for attention. I just really have to know because I'm going to go this sometime soon. I know self harm is for pain, I've done it for three years. Recently I have cut deeper and deeper to the point to where the skin separates and you can see inside. This really gets me curious, I want to cut so deep that I see bone and the layers of skin and muscle. It looks really cool to me, but just this once I don't want to feel pain. And I really don't care about infections, I never got one when I cut and I can take care of it myself.
    6 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • Are Dem ideas of dropping Electoral College, more taxes, Free College for All and tearing down border wall good policies to win in 2020?

    OR: Are these people MAD? And why are they deluding themselves with UTTER NONSENSE that vast numbers of Americans DO NOT WANT? Oh, can Michael Avenatti really run a presidential campaign from prison? HAHAHAHAHAHA!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbhE09ut...
    12 answers 5 days ago Mental Health
  • Why do girls keep harassing me on social media?

    Best answer: Some girls are just mega bitches
    5 answers 4 hours ago Diet & Fitness
  • Currently on day 9 of my circumsicion I have a beach trip coming, i’ll be at day 13 of recovery by then. Can I swim? maybe with a condom on?

    11 answers 4 days ago Men's Health