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  • Name these friends?

    1.Boy: Cass Ted Reuben Isaac Tyler surname: Hendrix Williams Norton 2. Girl:Ursula Merida Tangerine Irena Roxy Tatum surname:Colt Laurent Quinn *ex husband: Jacob Neil Keith Edwin David *daughter:Zenobia Louise Claire Vera Olive 3.Boy: Christian Fabian Leon Romeo Gabriel surname: Fersen Duerre Roitfeld *twin sister:Noelle Grace Clementine Arabella 4.Girl: Charlotte Fiona Aurora Abigail Cecilia Anouk surname: Kinsky, Gilbert 5.Boy: Valentino Lucio Phineas Bronx London Henry surname: Conti York West Snow *wife: Sookie Lillian Delia Marie Elena Geneva *son: Andre Alaric Collin Gus Robert *son:Liam Marius Kyle Albert Remi Hector 6.Girl: Bella Millicent Giana Rowena Emmeline Ariadne surname: Gilmore Hepburn Klein
    7 answers 8 hours ago Other - Games & Recreation
  • Is it worth getting a ps4 if you already have an xbox one?

    44 answers 4 days ago Video & Online Games
  • Name This Family?

    Surname: Hickman, Tran, Sparks, Adams, Contreras, Ellison Paternal Grandpa (83): Jayden, Jace, James, Eddie, Colin, Eli Dad (61): Zachary, Samson, Javier, Asante, Cash, Hayden Mom (60): Nyla, Lillie, June, Bryony, Miley, Emma Son (38): Wyatt, Garrick, Kingston, Gilbert, Jason, Owen Wife (37): Shani, Nicole, Kendall, Evelyn, Valeria, Piper * Daughter (10): Luna, Destiny, Aurora, Diamond, Lyla, Amani * Son (7): Kobe, Jeremiah, Juan, Donald, Beau, Eric * Daughter (3): Caroline, Lucy, Gwendolyn, Mckenzie, Eleni, Aliyah Daughter (36): Payton, Rylee, Allie, Camila, Addison, Layla * Daughter (9): Katelyn, Jennifer, Kara, Allison, Brenna, Madison * Son (8): Douglas, Ethan, Clayton, Gabriel, Jack, Francisco Son (33): Raphael, Nicholas, Demetrius, Brennan, Reece, Jules Wife (30): Adriana, Megan, Sydney, Genesis, Kelsey, Imani * Son (3): Pedro, Rowan, Jose, Malachi, Henry, Josiah * Daughter (4 months): Maria, Ellen, Alicia, Callie, Zoey, Isabel
    12 answers 16 hours ago Other - Games & Recreation
  • Does poker take skill?

    I think it is funny how people watch poker on t.v. and think it is some kind of sport. Even the commercials suggest that poker takes skill. The truth is poker takes very and I do mean very little skill. People will argue and say " But so, and so has all these bracelets that proves there is skill in poker". Let me explain why this is not true. You only hear about how many times they won a tournament and not how many times they have lost. Let's say I play in a thousand tournaments through out the course of my life chances are I will win a few bracelets. But that does not mean I am a skilled poker player. I am not saying poker is stupid but it is what it is. It however, is a fun way to gamble, and nothing more there is no skill in poker, and people who believe there is needs to get a reality check.
    11 answers 23 hours ago Gambling
  • What's the game called when you jump over one another like frogs?

    16 answers 2 days ago Other - Games & Recreation
  • Why are you playing Minecraft?

    Best answer: becuz its fun as crap?
    12 answers 2 days ago Video & Online Games
  • My children beat each other. What do I do?

    My daughter (16) and my son (14) get into fist fights on a regular basis. They always make up immediatley afterwards. I'm so confused. First they beat each other up, without injury (but it looks like they will kill each other), then they play video games or go out together. The daughter is a tomboy btw. Should I do something about it?
    10 answers 1 day ago Video & Online Games
  • Is it bad that I still have a stuffed bear?

    I'm a 15 year old guy and I still sleep with a stuffed bear. I don't take it outside my bedroom or anything like that but I don't sleep well without it. Is this weird?
    21 answers 3 days ago Toys
  • How to get rid of roller coaster fear?

    Best answer: Try googling the coaster by name, people will have described them, and things like, where the big drops are, and how many...that sort of thing. It might help if you know what to anticipate.

    Or...part of being an adult is being comfortable in your preferences to say "Nope, I just don't want to do that, even if you guys all do".
    8 answers 19 hours ago Amusement Parks
  • Whats your favorite PS4 game right now?

    9 answers 2 days ago Video & Online Games
  • Ive got a nintendo switch have you?

    8 answers 1 day ago Video & Online Games
  • Good name for a stuffed fox?

    Best answer: Samantha, or Sam. (like Samantha Fox)
    25 answers 6 days ago Toys
  • What's the best gaming system?

    60 answers 1 week ago Video & Online Games
  • Im not old enough to buy sex toys!?

    i am not old enough to buy sex toys yet so any suggestions on what to shove in there that will still give me the same rush as toys.? NO STUPID ANSWERS PLZ
    19 answers 6 days ago Toys
  • I don't know if I want to be an Army 68 W (Combat Medic) or a special ops Marine?

    I've always had great respect for military and dreamt of joining since I was a child. Now im 17 and of the age to enlist into the armed forces. But theres a problem. I want to be there in the fight with my squad firing down the terrorists that want to take everything I love and believe in but also save the lives of all my brothers in arms If I were a medic I could be the reason a soldier makes it home to his family, his wife, his kids. I could be the reason a young child gets to grow up with a dad but I know its illegal for a medic to fight unless he is directly fired at only then can he defend himself but I want to fight as well I want to be right there with them fighting to defend this country I wanted to do special ops to be a raider to capture or kill major terrorist leaders and make a difference I want to be a Marine I want to be an expert rifleman an elite soldier who is a true force to be reckoned with but also saves the lives and patches up his brothers is there anything that can do both? Be a combat medic and a combatant?
    7 answers 2 days ago Video & Online Games
  • If i play magic the gathering does that mean I'm a gay?

    14 answers 4 days ago Card Games
  • Gay for pay in the military?

    5 answers 7 hours ago Other - Games & Recreation
  • Where do I buy half life 3?

    It's been almost a decade since the last game. There HAS to be a 3. How come I can't find it on amazon or anything.
    7 answers 2 days ago Video & Online Games
  • I got raped on habbo in my room and my parents saw my screen and smashed my computer with a brick they think i was having gay sex help?

    Best answer: What the actual ****.
    7 answers 2 days ago Video & Online Games