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  • What should I tell my teacher and friends about why I missed school? PLEASE HELP?

    I am a high school student. Today, Tuesday, I missed school, but I was in school Monday. I ran out of time to finish all of my homework the night before. I stayed up until the morning finishing an essay, and still had more homework to do. I did not want to go to school with no sleep. So i chose to skip school and sleep. I know that my friends and teachers will ask why I had missed school, and I'm not sure what I should tell them... Is it not enough to just say "I wasn't feeling well"?? I'm a good student, and I really don't want them to get mad. Should i be honest? keep in mind that: I've already missed school (for 5 days) two weeks ago for having the flu
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  • What's the best high school advice you know?

    I'm a freshman in high school, and honestly, I'm quite stressed out about the years to come. You guys got any good advice? Thanks!
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  • If I take 4 years of Spanish in high school, can I put on a resume I speak Spanish?

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  • Do you think a hour 45 minute detention is too long ?

    i have just got home from serving a 1 hour 45 minute detention, if i am honest it was awfull, the first thing we had to do was stand up in a line in outside the detention room, we were then given a FULL school uniform inspection, we had to do up our top buttons and make sure our navy blue blazers were also buttoned up after this we were then told to enter the detention classroom in TOTAL silence and stand behind our desks, then the detention teacher took the register and gave out the punishment work set by the teacher that had put us in detention, some had to write lines and some had to write a punishment essay, i had to write a 4 page essay on why its so important to to behave in class, ONLY then did the 1 hour 45 minute detention begin, i got out of school 2 hours late, i then got a lecture from my mum, then homework so my evening was ruined, i know detention is a punishment but do you think it has to that long and dull ?
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  • What are the ways to make money when the person is in high school some one please give a suggestion on his or her to help the youth ?

    What are the ways to make money when the person is in high school some one please give a suggestion on his or her to help the youth 
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  • Why is school so hard?

    Im in vet technical school and i thought i was doing great i have been studying and putting my time into school yet i still do bad on the tests i dont know what im doing wrong what should i do???
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  • Teen son struggling academically ?

    My son is 14 & in 8th grade and he constantly struggles academically. In the past I've hired a tutor for reading & although he needed one for math I couldn't find one for in my area and he struggles with comprehending big words so when he's in science he has a very difficult time understanding his teacher. He's told me he's STUPID and honestly I've seen where some of his so called friends have even called him stupid. Its truly sad and I have limited his friends too. Tonight was the last straw for me because I told him to look at an assignment that's missing from Feb 7th in his school portal and he replied WHAT MONTH IS THAT? I honestly felt like he was just trying to be difficult but my daughter said MOM he probably doesn't know it and she reminded me of a conversation we had a last year regarding this exact issue. I just don't  understand whats going on with him. And I don't know what to do for him. What to ask the school for or even his doctor. I'm worried about him. I've been worried for a long time now and I still don't feel like I have anyone to reach out to about this. I just don't know what to do for him. Any CONSTRUCTIVE advice would be appreciated. Any sort of testing to help us understand whats happening to him? He use to bring me stacks of books when he was a little boy, he loved reading and now he hates it. He was always so advanced in everything he did but the last few years he has changed and his academics has seriously declined. I may homeschool.
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  • Was I out of line in this situation?

    Best answer: He should've kept quiet in the first place.
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  • How to get over the regret of not having the best high school experience?

    I’m a freshman in college who is currently having lots of regrets about high school. It wasn’t too bad but it was not great either. I remember before high school, I dreamed of having it as it would look like in famous movies or TV shows and having the time of my life but it wasn’t like that at all. I was severely depressed and anxious in high school and I feel like I missed out on so many things, especially in freshman and senior year. There were also a lot of distressing memories in high school when I was suffering from depression and I remember feeling so lonely and desperate in my freshman and senior year. My sophomore and junior year was good because I was always doing things with friends and hanging out with them. I remember graduating, I felt sad inside with all the things that I missed out in high school. So far in college, it’s been good, I made some new friends but not close ones yet because I was commuting the first semester and I recently moved in on campus for second semester. I’m not suffering from depression anymore and I’m happier but I’m still having lots of regrets about high school and I’m worried that people will judge me about my high school experience. How can I get over high school and my experience? How can I have a better college experience than high school? 
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  • I have just got home from serving a hour saturday detention, i think i was punished unfairly, what do you think ?

    As i said i have just got home from serving a 3 hour saturday detention, this was my punishment for skipping a normal 1 hour and 45 minute detention, it says in the school rules that any student missing a normal detention will automatically go into a FULL saturday detention, the thing i dont agree with is you still have to serve the origianal detention, my head of year said that the saturday detention was a punishment for missing the original detention, but the original detention MUST be served, as this is a punishment for poor behavour at school, WHAT DO YOU THINK ?
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  • Do school rooms have windows to the corridor? And only in/behind the door or in the whole wall?

    Please enter country, and school type (elementary, high school) in your answer. Thanks,
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  • Is it bullying if students in a class are making all sorts of noises to intimidate a student who is trying to ask a question in class?

    Best answer: Are they a gang of criminals?  That's not right.  It's disrespectful and demonstrates a lack of maturity on the other's part.  Huge turn off.

    I envision the person they're trying to intimidate as one of those people who is constantly raising their hand and answering every question.  Sorta like the teacher and that person are just having a discussion amongst themselves.  Teacher's pet kinda situation.  I know how they feel.  It can get annoying but they should still be respectful of others.  Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it without putting other people down.
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  • How can I pass geometry?

    I’m a sophomore in geometry and I’m really struggling. Geometry is literally the hardest subject I’ve ever done. I already failed the first course so i didn’t earn credit, now I’m in the second and final course and i really need to pass!! No matter how hard i try I just can’t do it. I don’t want to repeat this garbage in my junior year!! If any of you struggled and geometry and still passed, can you please tell me the strategies you used to help yourself?
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  • If I take 4 years of a foreign language in high school will I be fluent by graduation?

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  • Why do school teachers ignore bullying?

    Best answer: About a quarter of teachers see absolutely nothing wrong with bullying. When some of them witness it, they think it's conflict; they may not realize that it's serious enough to warrant their attention. Sometimes they just don't want to get involved. It could be that they're too busy. Based on my experience, how the bullies are bullying isn't against the rules. For example, it's written in the student handbook that assault is prohibited but spreading rumors isn't against the rules. I think they'd blame the targets if they defend themselves because it's noticeable.
    I was bullied in school and the type I experienced was impossible to fight back against on my own altho I was hammered for not *fighting back*
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  • Should I drop out of high school and just get my GED instead ?

    I’m 16 and want to get my GED when I’m 17.
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  • As an office manager would you view this wrong ?

    Best answer: Probably, but since I don't know the terms of your internship, I don't know what you should have done. Schools may close when there's 3 inches of snow, but businesses rarely do, especially ones that can be described as clinics.
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  • How do you deal with bullying?!?

    Best answer: well, first, get him to exit the group chat. What he needs is new friends, not old jerks
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  • I feel like I deserve a better grade?

    I am taking a Spanish course online that is offered at my school. Reports came out last week and I was quite shocked with what I got as I feel like the marks I have received thus far from my assessments did not reflect my final score.  To put in perspective, I had an overall percentage score of 86% this semester and managed to get a grade below my friend who had an 82%. Because it is an online course, my only interaction with my online teacher is when she grades my work, so I assume that she bases our scores solely off of our assessments, which is even more evidence to why I feel that I deserve a better score because the only side she sees of me is when I do decently well on tests. Even in our last unit I was able to receive full marks for all the assessments given, yet my grade did not align with the scores I have received. My friends also thought that I was the stronger Spanish speaker and were shocked when they heard I got a lower grade.  I know for a fact that I wouldn't be as sad if I did not do well throughout the course and my grade reflected that, but I can't help feel that I did not deserve my final grade and it's been putting me down a lot recently. Am I being whiny, or should I go talk to my school counselor to understand why I received the grade?
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  • What can I do if my 14 year old daughter isn't enrolled in school and refuses to go to school?

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