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  • Recommend me a movie where the good guys actually win at the end?

    Best answer: Tango and cash
    19 answers
  • What is the best Sci-Fi movie ever made?

    26 answers
  • What's your favorite Clint Eastwood movie(s)?

    Best answer: Dirty Harry (1971)
    Heartbreak Ridge (1986)
    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)
    Outlaw Josey Wales (1976)
    Unforgiven (1992)
    From Clint, his best cop movie, best military movie and his best westerns.
    19 answers
  • Name your #1 favorite movie from the 1960's?

    Mine is Planet of the Apes (1968)
    9 answers
  • What's your top three favorite movies from the 1960's?

    Best answer: 1. Lawrence of Arabia
    2. The Birds.
    3. The Fox
    14 answers
  • What is the best horror movie you have ever seen?

    Mine is the Blair Witch Project.
    21 answers
  • Was the movie “Forrest Gump” a slander against hippies and the Black Panthers?

    10 answers
  • Do historical movies try to be accurate?

    Best answer: Fairly, but really most of them are very loosely based on the facts and there are dozens, if not hundreds of factual errors.
    They're really just 'inspired by' the historical facts.
    If it was a perfect representation it would be a documentary, not a movie.
    And of course, the vast majority of real historical facts are almost always rather mundane, boring and uninteresting.

    And only a couple of hours ago, Sophie, you said you'd had enough and were going to leave YA. Yet again.
    Why are you still here?
    9 answers
  • What was the best movie you ever saw?

    Best answer: Ben-Hur starring the late Chuck Heston.
    9 answers
  • Would Tom Cruise make a good Superman?

    52 answers
  • Do Film Remakes of TV Series Work?

    Best answer: Such remakes do work -- in terms of revenue if nothing else. Factor in that their audience is likely less aware of the TV Series and more familiar with the modern movie cast.

    Your question caught my attention, having recently revisited the 1987 Remake of the very popular 1950s TV drama series, Dragnet. Box office hit? Not at all. But those of us that remember just how painfully serious (and now campy) the series really was, it made for some good comedic parody.
    6 answers
  • Did all the stuff in the marvel films actually happen in real life?

    Best answer: some Marvel movies could be real story, but mostly all the marvel hero's in the marvel films are not and their power like spider man shooting web out his hands. Do see anyone shooting web out their hand and same as a deadly spider bitten someone with disease from a science lab and the person will probably need to go to a doctors or something or their will be dead or worst.
    8 answers
  • Poll: Training Day or The Departed?

    I prefer Training Day. The Departed was overrated in my opinion!
    5 answers
  • What's a good title for this screenplay?

    General plot: Jenny Reed, 35, dropped out of high school in 2000 to pursue her dream of becoming a country star. She got her first number one hit in 2011, and has had singles frequently in the Top 10 ever since. When asked in an interview on a morning show if she regretted not finishing high school, she dismisses the need of a high school diploma. Her publicist insists the only way to ride out the wave of criticism, is to return to her hometown of Belmont, Kentucky and finish high school and get her diploma. Extract Jenny (J), protagonist, Dalton (D), Publicist D: Have you seen this? [tosses a tabloid in her lap.] [Closeup: National Enquirer bearing the headline: Jenny Reed, Clueless country crooner, Dumb and proud of it. "High School is a joke!". The headline is accompanied by a slightly blurred photo of J in jeans, one of her own fan t-shirts with slightly disheveled hair and a vacant expresson on her face..] J: Lord God, Almighty! I look downright stupid! [gasps in understanding.] Do I have to go back to Belmont? Lord, that place is awful. I haven't been back since Grandpa died...six, seven years ago. Can't I just get a ged instead. D: Um....Jenny. I know I'm going to regret asking this, but what is a "ged." J: And they say I'm the stupid one! A ged! You know where you go to night school with a bunch of illegals and take a test and it's just like you graduated. D: You mean G.E.D.? J: No ****, Sherlock! I know how to spell it!
    7 answers
  • What is your favorite movies from dwayne the rock johnson?

    Best answer: The Scorpion King
    15 answers
  • Tell me the name of a movie that you enjoyed, and tell me what it was that you liked about it?

    Best answer: The 5 People You Meet in Heaven.

    I enjoyed it, (sad as it was) ...........and it really makes you think who YOUR 5 people might be and WHY-

    (In the movie, it wasn't who he thought)

    It's 5 people........who either changed your life, or you changed theirs. ....perhaps even inadvertently.
    7 answers
  • Have you ever watched the movie atomic blonde?

    If you have what do you think of it? I personally haven’t watched it really
    7 answers
  • Name a Movie where there was a unexpected "Twist" in the story-line of the film which was dramatic and unforeseen?

    Best answer: the best ones are already listed, but I'll throw a few others in there:

    The Usual Suspect
    L.A. Confidential (not really known as a "twist" movie, but there is something that happens halfway through that no one I've talked to was expecting.)
    The Game
    The Prestige
    15 answers
  • What sort of house did Hermione Granger's family live in?

    4 answers